The Council of Ministers issues a number of decisions to implement the commitments contained in the 2021 budget

The Council of Ministers issued a number of decisions regarding the implementation of the obligations set forth in the Federal General Budget Law for Iraq for the fiscal year 2021 .According to a statement by the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers; That the Council decided to form a committee of representatives of the Ministries of Finance and Planning, and the Federal Public Service Council, to agree on starting procedures for disengaging and restructuring departments and sections in ministries and entities not affiliated with a ministry that exercise, under its laws, tasks identical or similar to the tasks stipulated in the Federal Public Service Council Law. 4 of 2009) amended; To activate the role of the Council in the public service file, based on the provisions of Article (12/Second/B) of the Federal General Budget Law of the Republic of Iraq for the fiscal year/2021 .The statement added; It was also decided that the ministries of (Finance and Trade) would automate the tax and customs system and import licenses, link all taxable units and customs with an electronic system, and collect customs duties for imported goods on the basis of what was sold in foreign currency through the currency sale window and documentary credits to importers of goods, provided that the differences are settled after Entry of imported and audited goods from the concerned authorities, based on the provisions of Article (16/4) of the Federal General Budget Law of the Republic of Iraq for the fiscal year 2021 .He added that the decision stipulated that the Ministry of Finance allocate an additional amount of (500) billion dinars to support the ration card allocations and improve its vocabulary and provide it throughout the year, based on the provisions of Article (50/b) of the General Budget Law/2021 .He pointed out that the decision adds to activating the work of the General Authority to monitor the allocation of federal revenues stipulated in Article (106) of the Constitution and approved in Law (55 of 2017) and entrusting the task of chairing the aforementioned authority to the Minister of State (Hiyam Nemat Mahmoud), based on the provisions of Article ( 54) of the General Budget Law/2021 .on the other hand; The Council decided that the relevant authorities should prepare programs that are responsive to gender and empower women, based on the provisions of Article (28/sixth) of the General Budget Law for the fiscal year 2021, according to the statement .He pointed out that the Ministry of Oil undertakes to provide the appropriate study regarding the review of all oil contracts (signed with foreign companies for the exploration and transportation of oil and gas) throughout Iraq and in line with the principles of the constitution, based on the provisions of Article (56 / second) of the Federal Budget Law for the fiscal year / 2021, while the Ministry of Agriculture presents a study on the payment of compensation to farmers due to floods in Maysan governorate for the year 2018 and Abu Ghraib district for the year 2014, based on the provisions of Article (68-c) of the Federal General Budget Law of the Republic of Iraq for the fiscal year / 2021Regarding job grades, the Council decided that the relevant authorities should take appropriate measures to create job grades, in accordance with the paragraphs approved in the general budget, provided that the concerned authorities bear the costs of implementing them from their allocations approved in the budget law, based on the provisions of Article (61) of the Federal General Budget Law for the year. Finance/2021, according to the statement.


Security source: Al-Kadhimiya explosion was caused by a “military” explosive device

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Shafaq News/ A security source said, on Thursday, that the explosion that took place in the city of Kadhimiya, north of the capital in Baghdad, was caused by an explosive device.

The source told Shafaq News Agency, that the explosion occurred near Bab Al-Murad in Al-Kadhimiya through a package of 57 mm war ammunition operated by remote control through a mobile device.

Earlier, a security source told Shafaq News Agency, that Al-Kazemi’s explosion caused four casualties and 20 wounded, “noting that 10 wounded have left hospitals after receiving treatment and the others are still receiving treatment.”

The explosion occurred near a restaurant in Bab Al-Murad in Kadhimiya

Al-Kazemi’s advisor: The rise in oil prices is a golden opportunity to bridge the budget deficit

06/03/2021 20:51

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Baghdad / Obelisk: Adviser to the Prime Minister for Financial Affairs, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, said, Thursday, June 3, 2021, that the rise in oil prices is a cash grant and a golden opportunity to bridge the fiscal deficit in the budget.

And between the appearance of Saleh for Obelisk, usually such opportunities in Iraq do not plan for them and go to invest directly, but rather to fill the doors of the budget deficit and it is known that Iraq’s budget is more than 75% operational.

He added that his initial estimates that the rise will cover about 80% of the borrowing mentioned in the 2021 budget, but rather reach 100% as an economy, and the reason is that the efficiency of the exchange in the budget is not 100%, and that the efficiency of the exchange in the Iraqi budget in general, operational and investment does not exceed 85% and that there is no 100% exchange.

He described the current situation as comfortable, and the budget may come out at the end of the year, a surplus, which he described as simple and good, and carried over to the 2022 budget.

The financial advisor to the Prime Minister, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, expected, on Thursday, that the federal general budget for the fiscal year 2022 will be different from the current year’s budget by two paragraphs.

Mazhar Saleh said, “The draft federal budget for the year 2022 will, in my opinion, differ slightly from the budget for the current year 2021 in two paragraphs. The global economy is a stage (after the Corona pandemic), especially the high degrees of international economic openness, the flourishing of trade and investment exchange between the countries of the world, and the high overall growth rates in the global economy.

He added, “There is a strong link between the escalation of economic growth in the world and the escalating demand for crude oil, the boom in energy markets and the rise in oil prices.”

He continued: “As for the second paragraph, it is that the draft general budget for the coming year will reduce the borrowing space at the lowest point, while the area of ​​investment projects and their allocations will expand significantly and according to development priorities, which will lead to better growth and overall employment in the national economy, especially the high contribution The market is in the movement of the economy due to the high state of certainty that will be available to market makers,” explaining that “this is due to the market’s dependence on the recovery indicators in the government economy.”

And he added: “Despite the foregoing, the issue of submitting the draft federal budget to take its legislative path will remain a primary concern and according to its constitutional timings, subject to the speedy formation of Parliament after the elections of the tenth month. The budget bill prepared by the government is the first law that should be approved in Parliament. New Elect.

He explained, “Otherwise, entering the year 2022, without legislating the general budget law, will make the public finance resort to the application of the effective financial management law, through disbursement of 12/1 of the actual ongoing expenditures in the 2021 budget without new investment projects.”


Adviser to the President of the Republic: The money recovery law is implemented retroactively and an examination of suspicious wealth

06/03/2021 21:05

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Baghdad / Obelisk: Abdullah Al-Zaidi, Advisor to the President of the Republic, explained, Thursday, June 3, 2021, the reasons behind the introduction of the “Stolen Funds Recovery” law.

Al-Zaidi said in a press statement, “Some provisions of the law are scattered here and there, but they were collected in one paper to achieve benefit from them, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will benefit from them and even intelligence.”  

He added: “Whoever has wealth or accumulates and raises suspicion, he must show identification papers, and this does not start with the adoption of the law, but rather from taking office, such as special grades.”  

And he continued, “The law gave the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the opportunity, and even obligated it, to conclude some agreements with other countries, and this power of attorney will be given to the government by the law, meaning that there will be a power of attorney to pursue funds outside or inside Iraq.”  

And he went on: “It is our role to legislate the law and send it to the House of Representatives, as the President of the Republic is the protector of the constitution, and this allows him to follow up on the implementation of laws, and the prime ministers and representatives are the ones who have the authority to implement or follow up on laws.”

And the Presidency of the Republic announced, earlier, the full text of the bill to recover Iraqi funds from abroad.   

The President of the Republic, Barham Salih, said that “the draft law includes subsequent steps to recover corruption funds, and includes supporting financial and supervisory institutions and activating their tools.”      

He added: “Iraq has lost a lot of money because of corruption, with a value of one thousand billion dollars since 2003 due to corruption.”      

He continued, “150 billion dollars have been smuggled from corruption deals abroad since 2003,” noting that “corruption cannot be dealt with locally.”

Prime Minister Masrour Barzani Meets with KRG Delegation to Baghdad

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Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq (GOV.KRD) – Prime Minister Masrour Barzani today met with the Kurdistan Regional Government’s high-level delegation to Baghdad.

In the meeting, the negotiation process between Erbil and Baghdad for the implementation of the 2021 budget law was discussed, along with the results of the delegation’s recent visit to Baghdad.

During their recent visit, the KRG’s delegation to Baghdad had struck an agreement with concerned Iraqi ministries and authorities on the mechanisms of implementing the budget law.

Today’s meeting reiterated the Kurdistan Region’s compliance to the budget law in exchange for the Iraqi government’s sending of the region’s financial rights, and addressed the KRG’s duties within the framework of the budget law regarding its oil and non-oil revenues.

03 Jun 2021Press Releases

Parliament Finance: There is no justification for Baghdad to suspend the payment of Kurdistan dues

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Shafaq News / The Finance Committee of the Iraqi Parliament saw, on Thursday, that the federal government has no justification for suspending the payment of the dues of the Kurdistan Region, especially after Erbil provided the required data to Baghdad.

Committee member Ikhlas al-Dulaimi told Shafak News Agency, “The Kurdistan Regional Government submitted all the required data to the federal government at the request of the latter,” noting that “the region took the initiative to vote on the budget law, and also to implement it, and the federal government is waiting for a step towards the region to enhance confidence.” between the two sides.”

Al-Dulaimi added, “The head of the Federal Financial Supervision Bureau and the head of the Board of Supervision in the region, met and discussed the data in the oil and non-oil revenues,” noting that “the region is waiting for a position from the Federal to implement the agreement and spend Kurdistan’s share.”

A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed, “there is no justification or legal justification for the federal government to suspend the payment of the region’s share and dues, but it is determined not to pay those dues.”

On (March 31, 2021), the Iraqi parliament voted on Article 11 of the general budget law relating to the share of the Kurdistan Region, after months of tug-of-war.

Parliamentary Finance sets the date for the agreement between Baghdad and Erbil on the budget

political| 06:16 – 03/06/2021


Baghdad – Mawazine News
, a member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed, on Thursday, the convergence of views in the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Federal Government to agree on the mechanism for implementing the federal budget law.
A member of the committee from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan bloc, Shirwan Mirza, said that the delegation of the Kurdistan region, headed by Qubad Talabani, Deputy Prime Minister of the Regional Government, returned to Erbil, noting that, according to what Qubad Talabani announced, there is a convergence of views between the two sides and close to the agreement between them.
He added, “He expects to reach the agreement within the next week,” noting that the committee has no information about any further visit of the Kurdistan delegation to Baghdad in the coming days.

Qubad Talabani: Erbil delegation will visit 3 provinces to “exchange visions and find national solutions”

06.03.2021 – 08:35
Qubad Talabani: Erbil delegation will visit 3 provinces to "exchange visions and find national solutions"

Baghdad – people  

The Deputy Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Qubad Talabani, stressed that the repeated visits to Baghdad aim to find a radical and real solution to get rid of the outstanding problems with Baghdad, which we consider the strategic depth of the region, declaring full commitment to implementing the provisions of the federal budget for the year 2021 and preparing for cooperation and filling the gaps in the lines of contact between the federal forces and the forces of The Peshmerga, which the “terrorists” take as a launching point for their attacks.  

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Talabani said in an interview with the official newspaper, followed by “Nas” (June 3, 2021), that “our last visit to Baghdad witnessed accusations of a political nature, that the region’s special interests were obtained within the discussions of approving the federal budget, but the truth is exactly the opposite. Baghdad The depth of the strategic region.  

He added, “Mutual visits prove that Iraq is our country and that we are part of its concerns and seek to solve its problems. From this point of view, we will visit Basra, Dhi Qar, Anbar and the rest of the provinces in order to exchange visions and dialogue to find common national solutions.”  

Talabani stressed that “the country needs a real renaissance and finding exceptional solutions and ideas for its accumulated problems, and what helps in this is its possession of abundant capabilities, wealth and bounties, but they all need successful management and hard work, and this will not be achieved in a tense political atmosphere.”  

He noted that “the regional government has opened a new page to resolve outstanding problems with the federal government, and our strict commitment to what is stated in the 2021 General Budget Law has been repeatedly announced, and within this principle we have held meetings with the Prime Minister, the ministries of finance, oil and the Bank of Commerce and Financial Control to find out what the consequences of The region has obligations under the budget law implementation instructions in order to fulfill them.  

Talabani added that “one of the priorities of this visit is to inform the partners and the executive and legislative bodies that the Kurdistan region is ready to implement its legal obligations stipulated in the Federal Budget Law, and thus we will not be a reason to sabotage the agreement between Baghdad and the region, and our position stems from our keenness to sustain the relationship, According to the Iraqi constitution.  

With regard to the upcoming general elections, the region’s vice president considered that “it constitutes an important and crucial stage in the political process, as we support efforts to conduct them in terms of creating the political atmosphere and technical requirements, and we strongly support the removal of weapons from them and giving the contestants an adequate opportunity to present their programs to the voters and to participate in the midst of this entitlement.” The constitutional democratic which has no alternative.  

He stated that “the region supports the government’s efforts to establish security and defeat the remnants of terrorism, as it is a common enemy for all components of Iraq,” expressing “the readiness to exchange experiences and contribute to filling the gaps, especially in the lines of contact of the Peshmerga forces and the federal forces that the militants take as a starting point for their terrorist attacks.”

Al-Halbousi discusses with the Jordanian ambassador the Baghdad tripartite summit

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Baghdad – Mawazine News
, Parliament Speaker, Muhammad Al-Halbousi, discussed, on Thursday, with Jordanian Ambassador Montaser Al-Zoubi, the tripartite Baghdad summit.
A statement by Al-Halbousi’s office, a copy of which was received by Mawazine News, stated that the latter “received, today, the Jordanian ambassador to Iraq, Montaser Al-Zoubi.”
The statement added, “The meeting discussed bilateral relations, the importance of activating and implementing memoranda of understanding and commercial, industrial and investment agreements concluded between the two countries, and the continuation of coordination and strategic cooperation to serve the interests of the two brotherly peoples.”
He continued, “The meeting also touched on the tripartite Iraqi-Jordanian-Egyptian cooperation, and the expected tripartite summit in Baghdad.” Ended 29/A43

Demands for the Ministry of Finance to expedite the financing of investment projects and the implementation of economic reform clauses



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Shafaq News/ The Chairman of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Haitham al-Jubouri, revealed on Thursday the details of the parliamentary meeting with Minister of Finance Ali Allawi, indicating that expediting the financing of investment projects and the development of the regions is the source of the discussions.

Al-Jubouri said in a statement received by Shafaq News Agency, that his committee discussed with the Minister of Finance “accelerating the financing of investment projects, and the allocations for the development of regions and governorates with the amounts of money that enable ministries and governorates to carry out their duties and initiate referral of projects approved in them.”

He added that the meeting also discussed “the amendment of the law of government banks and the rules of procedure for those banks,” noting that “communication took place between the Parliamentary Finance Committee and the Ministry of Finance to implement the paragraphs of financial and economic reform that were contained in the Federal Budget Law.”

The session of the House of Representatives was scheduled to be held at one o’clock this Thursday, but the lack of a quorum prompted the Presidency of the House of Representatives to convert the parliamentary session into a deliberative after the lack of a quorum prevented it from convening.

A parliamentary source told Shafak News Agency, that the House of Representatives converts its session into a deliberative session, due to the failure to achieve a quorum to hold the session, as the number of attendees did not exceed 65 deputies.

He pointed out that the deliberative session was held under the chairmanship of the Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Bashir Al-Haddad, in the absence of Parliament Speaker Muhammad Al-Halbousi and his first deputy, Hassan Al-Kaabi.