America withdraws “Patriot” batteries from Iraq and other countries ودول

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Shafaq News/ The American newspaper “The Wall Street Journal”, quoting officials in the US administration, reported that the latter has “sharply” reduced the number of anti-missile air defense systems that it deploys in the Middle East.

According to the newspaper, the US Department of Defense has begun withdrawing nearly eight Patriot batteries from countries including Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

The officials told the newspaper that the ministry is also withdrawing the THAAD anti-missile system from Saudi Arabia, and reducing the number of combat aircraft squadrons covering the area there.

The redeployment includes hundreds of soldiers in units that operate or support these systems. This step comes at a time when the US military is planning a complete withdrawal from Afghanistan, and after the United States has reduced the number of its forces in Iraq.

Officials told the newspaper that the changes began earlier this month, after a June 2 call in which Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin informed Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of their course.

Officials indicated that most of the military equipment being withdrawn was in Saudi Arabia.

The newspaper pointed out that the Biden administration decided to reduce its anti-missile capabilities in the Middle East to focus on Russia and China.

She added that the Pentagon believes that the US-Iranian escalation has diminished with the renewed nuclear talks, and that the Iranian-backed forces still represent a threat to US forces.

The newspaper said that Iranian-backed forces have attacked Saudi Arabia more than 100 times since the beginning of this year.


Al-Kazemi’s advisor: The Central Bank is able to control the exchange rate of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar

2021/06/18 14:58

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Baghdad / Obelisk: Adviser to the Prime Minister for Financial Affairs, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, said on Friday, June 18, 2021, that the Central Bank is able to control the stability of the dollar exchange rate against the Iraqi dinar.

Saleh said in a press interview, that the monetary policy of the Central Bank of Iraq and its sufficient foreign reserves has the ability to intervene in the exchange market by meeting the legitimate demands for foreign currency, both in terms of cash dollars and foreign transfers in foreign exchange and for the account of bank customers from private sector traders seeking to finance their foreign trade from Various goods, services and benefits.

He pointed out that this policy also has the ability to meet small commercial requests in the same foreign currency, which is being met additionally, which is also one of the important windows in the stability of the exchange rate at its official borders, all of which leads to the stability of the general level of prices.

He added that controlling local liquidity levels by sustaining operations of sterilizing surplus local liquidity to achieve balance in the exchange market and in accordance with the objectives specified in the amended Central Bank of Iraq Law No. 56 of 2004 will remain the practical course in correcting emergency price deviations and controlling and sustaining stability.

The Central Bank of Iraq, had confirmed earlier, the stability of the dollar exchange rate and the absence of any intentions to change it.

A statement by the Central Bank stated that what is being circulated is not true, as the price chosen at the end of the year 2020 for the dollar exchange was based on in-depth studies of the requirements of the economic and financial situation and the objectives of monetary policy. 

The bank indicated that its foreign currency sales are based on the stability of its foreign reserves at excellent levels, as those sales have been increased to meet all legitimate requests, stressing that the price will stabilize as a result of the measures taken by the Central Bank recently and that it will take.

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