After Al-Kazemi refused the electrical call, the Ministry of Interior announces the cause of Ibn Al-Khatib’s fire

Time: 04/25/2021 22:30:48 Read: 5,577 times

{Umniah: Al-Furat News} The Ministry of Interior revealed the cause of the Ibn Al-Khatib Hospital fire in Baghdad, which killed 82 martyrs yesterday evening, Saturday.

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“Regardless of the expert’s opinion and his disclosure of the main reason behind the Ibn al-Khatib Hospital fire accident, the ministry’s spokesman, Major General Khaled Al-Muhanna, told Al-Furat News. Civil Defense”.

He pointed out, “An order to form a higher committee headed by the Minister of Interior will study various aspects of the issue and come up with recommendations and the issue of neglect.”

“The strict measures taken by the prime minister were a lesson for not repeating these unfortunate incidents in the future,” Al-Muhanna added.

He stressed, “approaching the Ministry of the Interior to all institutions and ministries of the state of the necessity to follow the wills of the civil defense and take measures regarding their statements that are submitted to it on an ongoing and periodic basis.”

Concerning the police procedures, I clarify the ordeals, “There is an investigative call under the supervision of the investigating judge, and there are forensic experts who submit their reports in the usual manner about the accident and include the direct main cause behind the accident.”

A fire broke out in the intensive care unit at Ibn Al-Khatib Hospital, southeast of the capital, Baghdad, yesterday evening, and the accident resulted in the death of 82 people and wounding 110 others, according to the Ministry of Interior.

The Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, commented on the incident and said: “What complacency we will hold him accountable strongly. Today, as a result of complacency, innocent martyrs have fallen. Tomorrow if we fail, others will fall. “A public or hospital, and any department invoking an electrical request, I will hold everyone accountable.  

Al-Kazemi stressed that negligence is a crime that cannot be tolerated and for which the law will be held accountable.”

Wafa Al-Fatlawi



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