Pictures … a wounded man was killed in a missile attack on an American base at Baghdad Airport (update)



Baghdad airport

Missile attack

2021-04-22 16:32



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Shafaq News / A security source stated that a missile attack had been launched Thursday evening on the American military base inside Baghdad International Airport.

The source told Shafaq News, “Unidentified people fired three missiles at the US military base at Baghdad International Airport, one of which landed near the airfield of the US forces.” 

He continued, “The other two rockets landed near the caravans of the central prison protection at the military airport near the US military base, causing injury to a prison protection officer, an Iraqi,.

The source pointed out that preliminary information indicated that there were no casualties in the attack, adding that the “C-RAM” anti-battery system did not work to repel the attack.

And the source added that the Iraqi forces found a missile launcher within the approaches to the Al-Jihad neighborhood, near the airport, to the east.


Harb: The judicial acceptance of appealing a paragraph or article from the budget does not mean stopping it

13:37 – 22/04/2021


The information / Baghdad ..

Legal expert Tariq Harb confirmed, on Thursday, that accepting any appeal with the provisions of the budget paragraphs or articles approved for this year does not mean stopping work with the rest of the articles or other paragraphs of the law, indicating that accepting the appeal with one or two paragraphs of a specific article will not stop the rest of the paragraphs with the same legal article.

Harb said in a statement to “the information”, that “when the government announced through its official spokesperson that it will file appeals in some paragraphs, especially in the field of electricity sector, to the Federal Court, it is not necessary for the rest of the articles to stop in the Federal Budget Law.”

He added, “If the court accepts the appeal with an article or paragraph of the federal budget, the law will not be stopped in its entirety, or even acceptance of the appeal with one or two paragraphs of one article does not apply to the rest of the other paragraphs, and it will be active and effective.”

It is noteworthy that the government spokesman, Hassan Nazim, announced during his weekly press conference, His Holiness, (Al-Maaloumah), that the government will file an appeal on some paragraphs of the budget with the Federal Supreme Court.

Decline in sales of the Central Bank of Iraq of dollars


U.S. dollar

Currency sale auction

The Central Bank of Iraq

2021-04-22 05:56



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Shafaq News / The hard currency sales of the Central Bank of Iraq decreased today, Thursday, to $ 198 million.

The Shafaq News Agency correspondent stated, “The Central Bank of Iraq witnessed during its auction for the sale and purchase of foreign currencies today a decrease in its sales to reach 198 million and 321 thousand dollars, which the bank covered at a basic exchange rate of 1460 dinars per dollar, compared to Wednesday, where sales reached 208 million 244 thousand dollars.

The purchases amounting to 191 million and 111 thousand dollars went to strengthen the funds abroad in the form of transfers and appropriations, while the remaining 7 million and 210 thousand dollars went in cash.

Our correspondent indicated that 31 banks fulfilled the requests to enhance the assets abroad, 14 banks to fulfill the cash requests, and 7 participating exchange companies.

Deputy: Al-Kazemi will visit Washington next July

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{Politics: Al-Furat News} A member of the Future Bloc in Parliament, Sarkut Shams al-Din, revealed, on Thursday, that Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi’s visit to the United States will be scheduled for next July.

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According to a statement by Shams al-Din, the Euphrates News received a copy of it, “Al-Kazemi will visit Washington next July to discuss relations, especially the withdrawal of American forces, and what the American side requires to provide to Iraq after this stage and how relations will be with it.”

“The Iraqi-American dialogue focused on shifting the tasks of the American army and coalition forces from combat to training, in addition to the responsibility of the camps in which these forces are present to the Iraqi side after completing the task of training them to maintain their security and protect the foreign forces present in them, so that the camp is a pure Iraqi with the presence of Few American coaches. ”

 The Iraqi side also pledged to protect American forces before the complete withdrawal and diplomatic missions, and the dialogue also focused on the two issues of investment and the economy.

And if the visit is achieved, according to the deputy’s words, it will be the second for Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, who previously visited Washington during the era of former US President Donald Trump last August.

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