The Kurdistan Region Presidency calls for confronting “chaos groups” in coordination between Erbil, Baghdad and the international coalition

Kurdistan Region

Kurdistan Region


Erbil attack


2021-04-14 18:42



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Shafaq News / On Thursday, the Kurdistan Region Presidency strongly condemned the “terrorist” attacks that targeted Erbil International Airport and a Turkish military base in Bashiqa in Nineveh Governorate.

The presidency said in a statement that these attacks have no justification other than damaging and destroying stability, and further destabilizing the situation in Iraq.

According to the statement, the repetition of such attacks requires a serious stance, and the Kurdistan Region and the Iraqi Federal Government, with the support of the international coalition and with joint coordination and cooperation between them, must address these groups and groups behind these attacks, and put a final end to them in order not to endanger the security and stability of the country. And not to destabilize the situation further.

And the Kurdistan Region Interior announced the targeting of an International Coalition Center at Erbil International Airport, via a drone carrying high-explosive TNT.

Also, missile strikes targeted the Bashiqa camp in the Nineveh governorate, where the Turkish forces are present, causing the death of a Turkish soldier, according to a statement by the Turkish Ministry of Defense.

The region’s interior issues a statement about the bombing of Erbil airport

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{Umniah: Al Furat News} The Ministry of Interior in the Kurdistan region issued a statement about the missile strikes that targeted the vicinity of Erbil International Airport this evening.

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“An explosion was heard in the vicinity of Erbil International Airport, and the concerned authorities have been directed to investigate the accident, and we will provide you with the circumstances of the explosion and the results of the investigation later,” she said in her statement.

It is noteworthy that this bombing was the second of its kind targeting the airport, as rocket shells fell inside and near Erbil airport, on February 15, killing a civilian contractor and wounding 8 others and an American soldier, according to a statement by the International Coalition at the time.

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Rocket attack targeting a camp where Turkish soldiers are present in Nineveh Governorate



Turkish army


Missile bombing

2021-04-14 14:10



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Shafaq News / A high-ranking security source in Nineveh Governorate stated, on Wednesday, that a camp where the Turkish army is present was subjected to missile strikes, indicating that the bombing resulted in the injury of a civilian.

The source told Shafaq News that two missiles targeted Zelikan camp in Bashiqa district, north of Nineveh, where the Turkish forces are present, one of the two missiles fell inside the camp and the losses it caused were not known yet.

He added that the second missile landed in the village of Zelikan, close to the camp, wounding a young woman moderately, noting that the source of the missiles is still unknown.

While a security source indicated, in a statement to Shafaq News, that the camp was attacked by three missiles fired from the Shalalat area in Nineveh, indicating that the camp in which the Turkish army and Iraqi forces are located.

The source confirmed that one of the rockets hit the village of Kudat, near the camp, wounding a woman.

The Minister of Immigration and the representative of the World Bank delegation in Iraq discuss the file of liberated areas

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The Minister of Immigration and Displacement, Ivan Faiq Jabro, discussed today, Wednesday, with the representative of the World Bank delegation in Iraq, Ramzi Numan, the file of the liberated areas.

The Ministry of Immigration stated in a statement that “Minister Evan Faeq Jabro received the representative of the World Bank delegation in Iraq, Ramzi Numan, at the ministry’s headquarters in the capital, Baghdad, to introduce the most important works, programs and projects of the World Bank and the possibility of benefiting from the World Bank to support the returnees. The displaced, as well as discussing the economic conditions in the areas of return, and working to revive these areas economically through projects and reconstruction in light of an unstable economic and financial situation, whether in the country or the world, imposed by the Corona pandemic.

The minister emphasized that “the ministry is working to encourage the displaced to return and to close displacement camps, so the ministry’s projects will expand to support returning families in the areas of return.”

She added, “All countries of the world are under great pressure under the weight of the worst economic crisis they have witnessed with the outbreak of the Corona virus.”

For his part, Numan affirmed that “the World Bank stands with the Ministry and supports its projects to promote its care categories.”

Al-Halbousi discusses with the US ambassador strengthening the continuation of security cooperation to combat terrorism

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Parliament Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi received, on Wednesday, the US ambassador to Iraq, Matthew Tueller.

Al-Halbousi’s office said in a statement, “During the meeting, bilateral relations between Iraq and the United States were discussed, and the strengthening of continued security cooperation to combat terrorism.”

He added, “The meeting touched on the strategic dialogue between the two countries, and the importance of continuing to support Iraq in all fields, in a way that contributes to achieving development and stability, as well as discussing a number of issues of common interest.”

Document .. The Central Bank of Iraq increases the sale of foreign currency to cover demand



the bank

2021-04-14 05:21



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Shafaq News / The Central Bank of Iraq decided to increase the amount of cash sales in foreign currency. A document obtained by Shafaq News Agency, today, Wednesday, issued by the Central Bank and directed to banks, exchange companies and brokerage firms to buy and sell all foreign currency, stated that “for the purposes of meeting demands for foreign currency and for the purpose of achieving monetary policy objectives and ensuring the stability of the exchange rate, the central bank decided The Iraqi increased the amount of cash sales in foreign currency, to the above bodies and fully meet them, as shown below:

The bank’s share is $ 200,000 a week

The share of the Class A exchange company is $ 1,500,000 per week

– Class B exchange company’s share of $ 500,000 per week –

The C-Class exchange firm’s share of $ 50,000 a week

In the context, the Central Bank of Iraq’s hard currency sales increased, on Wednesday, to more than $ 199 million.

The correspondent of Shafaq News Agency stated that the Central Bank of Iraq witnessed during its auction for the sale and purchase of foreign currencies today a rise in its sales by up to 199 million 619 thousand dollars, which the bank covered at a basic exchange rate of 1460 dinars per dollar, compared to yesterday, Tuesday, where sales reached 187 One million 290 thousand dollars.

The purchases amounting to 186 million and 5698 thousand dollars went to strengthen the funds abroad in the form of transfers and appropriations, while the rest of the 13 million and 50 thousand dollars went in cash.

Our correspondent indicated that 25 banks have fulfilled the requests to enhance the assets abroad, and 16 banks have bought cash.