Gulf federations officially vote for Gulf 25 in Iraq

Sportswear | 09:55 – 26/04/2021

BAGHDAD – Mawazine News

The Gulf federations voted, Monday evening, for the Gulf 25 organization in Basra Governorate.

The Director General of the Physical Department at the Ministry of Sports, Ahmed Al-Mousawi, said, “The Gulf federations voted Monday evening to organize Gulf 25 in Basra Governorate.” Ended 29 / A 87


Advisor to Al-Kazemi: Iraq’s debts payable range from 23-25 billion dollars

Political | 09:12 – 26/04/2021

Follow-up – Mawazine News

, the financial advisor to the Prime Minister, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, revealed today, Monday, that the total of Iraq’s foreign debts payable ranges between 23-25 billion dollars.

Saleh explained, “Iraq’s payable debts are those that were reduced by the Paris Club agreement and are called pre-1999 debts, and debts achieved during the financial crisis and the war on ISIS terrorist gangs, including remnants of Kuwait’s compensation, all ranging between 23-25 billion dollars.”

He added, “The remnants of Iraq’s compensation to Kuwait did not exceed two billion dollars.”

With regard to debt interest, Saleh said, “The number related to the so-called debt service allocations, ie the annual interest and payable installments, was estimated in the federal budget for the year 2021 at about 9 trillion dinars, which represents 7% of the total spending in the aforementioned general budget.”

Saleh stressed that, “This percentage is not allocated to foreign debts only, but most of it is allocated to internal debts, which amount to about 70 trillion dinars,” noting that “these debts represent the debt of the government banking system to the Ministry of Finance.”

He pointed out, “These quotas allocated to public debt are taken over by internal debts at a rate of more than 60% of the total allocations for public or government debt service in the 2021 general budget, and that they are payments from the government to the government.” Ended 29 / A 87

In Asmaa .. Al-Kazemi appoints 22 new directors of Iraqi customs



Border ports


2021-04-26 14:40

Shafaq News / On Monday, the Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi decided to appoint 22 new directors of the Customs Authority.

Shafaq News Agency publishes a document issued by the Customs Authority of the Ministry of Finance, clarifying the new names who have been appointed.

Against the background of the audio leaks, the media close to the Revolutionary Guard attacks Zarif

Editing date: 4/26/2021 20:46


The Iranian news agency, Fars, which is close to the Revolutionary Guards, responded to the recent statements of Iranian Foreign Minister Muhammad Javad Zarif through a number of articles.

In one of these articles, the agency said, “It was not hidden from one of the positions and Zarif’s differences with the general orientation of the Iranian revolution, and of course it became clearer with this audio leak.”

He wrote the agency “Knight” in this article that “Zarif in this infusion through the face champion field, ie , Qassem Soleimani, reached the limits of political destruction”,

and added that “thieves and publishers of this audio file sought behind the first two goals to blame the field, ie the role of the Guard “In the event of the failure of the nuclear agreement negotiations, the second is to show that the presidency of the republic has no role in running the country, and that the problems cannot be solved by changing the president.”

The agency said that the ultimate goal of the leak is “to dissuade citizens from voting in elections.”

In turn, the “Tasnim” news agency, which is affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards, wrote that according to Zarif’s assertion repeatedly in the interview, this conversation was not supposed to be published at the present time, or at least he was told so. But the question is, how was such an interview of such importance and content that could disturb the political atmosphere in the country was leaked?

Is Mr. Hussam Eddin Ashna, one of the security figures in Hassan Rouhani’s government, not aware of the importance of this audio file and ignoring its protection, or is the leakage of this file unofficially planned to affect the upcoming presidential elections?

It is noteworthy that the Center for Strategic Studies that conducted the meeting is managed by Hosam Eddin Ashna, the advisor to the Iranian President.

And Jamal Arf, head of the electoral commission in Iran, said earlier today that the government and the Ministry of Interior have no plans to postpone the presidential elections, stressing that they will take place on June 18th.

Al-Kazemi resolves the debate: I will not participate in the elections and will not support any party

2021.04.26 – 20:23

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BAGHDAD – People

A source close to Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi denied the latter’s intention to participate in the early parliamentary elections, which are scheduled to take place on October 10.  


The “people” channel on Telegram … our last updates, always  


The source informed “People” (April 26, 2021) that “Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi will not participate in the upcoming elections, nor will any of his team members or those close to him participate under any name, address, or party, and they will not support any party, party or political entity on the Other parties account. ”  


He added, “Al-Kazemi and his team have devoted themselves to serving the people of Iraq in a difficult transitional phase, and their role is to bring the country to safety and protect it from political and security adventures, economic and health challenges, leading to fair early elections in which the government is a carer of everyone’s interests and not a political competitor.”  


He continued, “The current government is the product of a social crisis and is not an electoral competitor, and that the prime minister will always be faithful to the people’s demands for free, fair and fair elections that will return things to normal, with what our people deserve and as they please.”  


And he indicated that “the dialogues that the government team conducted with the political parties aimed to bring the different points of view closer together, with the aim of calming the atmosphere and ensuring electoral security.”  

The source concluded that “the decision not to participate had been taken since the beginning of Al-Kazemi’s assumption of this task, and that this clarification comes after the escalation of rumors and misinformation about the intention of Al-Kazemi or his team to participate in the elections.”

Human Rights diagnoses the cause of the Ibn al-Khatib fire and reveals a terrifying toll of victims



High Commission for Human Rights

Ibn Al-Khatib Hospital

2021-04-26 13:23



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Shafaq News / Shafaq News / The High Commission for Human Rights in Iraq revealed, on Monday, the “real” causes of the fire that broke out in Ibn Al-Khatib Hospital, which is designated for Corona patients in Baghdad, and the fall of this large number of victims, blaming the hospital administration and the Ministry of Health and Civil Defense responsible .

In a statement received by Shafaq News, the Commission said that its observational fact-finding teams, and after field verification, concluded that the fire was due to an oxygen bottle explosion inside the lung resuscitation hall.

She indicated that the corridors are overcrowded with the number of visitors with the patients in the hospital, again this is evidence of the hospital administration’s failure to abide by the Ministry’s instructions regarding the entry of companions to the recovery and isolation wards.

She indicated that the hospital does not have an early warning system to warn and notify citizens of the fire or danger, noting that most of the rescue operation during the fire was carried out by the patients’ companions and families.

She added that the existing fire extinguishing supplies were not used due to lack of attention by the citizens, which indicates a failure to perform duties by the hospital administration and the civil defense team that arrived an hour after the outbreak of the fire.

The Commission quoted eyewitnesses as confirming that the middle floor of the hospital was completely burnt, and it includes four halls, each containing more than 30 patients, in addition to the impact of the other floors of the hospital and the occurrence of suffocation among the patients and their companions due to the shutdown of the oxygen system, since most of the patients are infected with the virus. Corona and critical cases.

According to testimonies obtained by the UNHCR team, those who were killed in the accident may reach 130 victims of the patients and their companions, in addition to the lack of identification of a number of victims due to the intensity of the fire that disfigured their bodies.

The Commission indicated a “clear inaction” by the hospital’s management and the lack of rapid action to rescue the patients, in addition to the delay in the response of the hospital’s civil defense teams, considering this evidence of the insufficient number of specialized night staff trained to monitor emergency cases, and the lack of commitment of the civil defense cadres in the hospital. Their duties, and the late arrival of the civil defense teams of the Ministry of Interior.

The Commission warned that presenting these facts to the concerned authorities and public opinion comes in implementation of the principle of the right to obtain information, stressing at the same time that there is a clear deficiency in the level of providing health services to citizens and a flagrant violation of human rights, especially the “right to health” by government agencies represented At the Ministry of Health and Hospital Administration.

The Commission called for referring anyone who is proven to have willfulness, negligence or negligence, directly or indirectly, in all that was mentioned in the above paragraphs in the ministries of health and the interior to the judiciary, according to the law.

It called for the formation of oversight committees with a high level of professionalism to monitor the work of hospitals in Baghdad and the governorates day and night to preserve the lives of citizens, and to review the implementation of safety and security conditions in health and medical institutions and their projects.

She indicated that the report of the Financial Supervision Bureau on the policy of the Ministry of Health emphasized the provision of the requirements for prevention and occupational safety in health institutions in Iraq for the year 2017.

The Commission continued that it submitted a report in its book number (3504) dated 17/5/2018 to the Ministry of Health and Environment, to provide self-extinguishing systems, early warning of fire and water cannons for fire extinguishing, and to increase the number of members of civil defense committees trained in safety and rescue procedures, in addition to engineering cadres. Specialized in medical devices, generators and fuel tanks in all hospitals.

The Commission stressed the formation of a professional committee to investigate the cause of the persistence and increase of fires for years in the official and unofficial departments, and to take the necessary measures to address this and to emphasize the rapid response by the concerned government agencies towards such incidents to reduce the damage while tightening punitive measures for negligent in these incidents.

And it stressed the achievement of reparation for the damage caused to the families following the death or injury of their relatives in the fire of Ibn al-Khatib, and a fair remedy for the perpetrators, the culprits, and the negligent in performing their legal and functional duties.

She concluded by saying that she will complete its investigation and monitor the work of the ministerial investigation committee formed by the Council of Ministers, and hopes that the recommendations of the committee will be of the size of the responsibility and the damage achieved in a way that will contribute to preventing such incidents in the future.

88 people were killed and 110 others injured in a fire at the Ibn Al-Khatib Hospital, which is designated for those infected with the Coronavirus, southeast of the capital, Baghdad.

As a result, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi decided to withdraw the hand of Health Minister Hassan Al-Tamimi, the Governor of Baghdad, and the Director of Al-Rusafa Health, following the fire incident.

While the Supreme Judicial Council in Iraq announced the arrest of the director of Ibn Al-Khatib Hospital, Salman Al-Shammari, and a number of hospital employees, also due to the fire.

Experts warn of neglect in all Iraqi hospitals

Political | 06:22 – 26/04/2021

Follow-up – Mawazine News

On the same day that the Ibn Al-Khatib bloody hospital fire in Baghdad witnessed, which has killed 82 people so far, the Medical Clinics Street in Tikrit, Salah al-Din Governorate, witnessed another big fire.

A civil defense statement stated that a “spark” caught fire in one of the stations (mobile shops used by street vendors), and its ignition caused the fire to spread to other stations and shops.

The fire resulted in material damage, and while it did not cause any human losses, it raised great concern in the governorate due to its coincidence with the fire of Ibn al-Khatib Hospital in Baghdad, especially since the clinic street in Tikrit is visited by the province’s patients and doctors.

Frequent incidents

, the Iraqi journalist, Ahmed Jasim, from Tikrit, says to the “Al-Hurra” website:

“Hundreds of patients pass through here every day,” said the Iraqi doctor, Othman al-Jubouri, who owns a clinic on the same street, adding, “If it were not night time, the calculation of losses would have been different.”

Al-Jubouri added to Al-Hurra website that “some clinics contain flammable chemicals, and all of them do not contain a central or automatic fire extinguishing system, and most of them are generators that are used to generate energy by burning oil, and this is a great danger.”

Ibn al-Khatib’s fire and

Sunday, a statement by the Iraqi Doctors Syndicate said that doctors “will not accept, in future, to work in similar conditions, and this is a threat to the poor, including doctors.”

The Syndicate called on “all government agencies to secure complete safety requirements according to the requirements of civil defense and to secure personal protection requirements at the highest level, otherwise we will not accept work in the future.”

She said the Health and Environment Committee in Parliament on Monday, said that there is “great negligence accident fire Ibn al – Khatib Hospital, as pointed out that the number of deaths of the accident weak patients who are , according to remarks carried by the official Iraqi news agency.

The agency quoted Chairman of the Committee, Qutaiba al – Jubouri, the” default Unintentional, “after his committee conducted a” field visit to the accident “and his meeting with officials.

Al-Jubouri attributed the accident to the existence of a” clear failure to follow up on the actual needs of Baghdad hospitals, especially in Rusafa, which are 27 hospitals, including Ibn al-Khatib.

” Dilapidated and designated for health isolation to treat Corona, and it includes more than 200 patients, as for the corridor in which the accident occurred, it contains 32 patients with an enormous amount of oxygen. ”

He explained that”One of the citizens used an electric heater or used oil with oxygen bottles, and this reaction led to a big explosion, as it is rumored. ”

In the blast, 82 people were killed, most of them patients, their companions, and medical personnel present in the hospital.

Al-Jubouri accused “the Ministry of Finance also of failing to allocate funds to the Rusafa Health Department, which he demanded within three years, to purchase fire extinguishing and protection systems for the hospital, but the Ministry of Finance did not meet the requests.”

An inspection campaign,

and the Iraqi Civil Defense Directorate launched “a major campaign that includes conducting inspections and following up the preventive measures for safety that must be followed in various state institutions”, following the fire of Ibn Al-Khatib.

The Iraqi civil defense teams conducted inspection tours to a number of hospitals and other centers in separate Iraqi governorates, but no report of the results of these tours has yet been published.

“All Iraqi hospitals”

But safety and fire equipment expert in Baghdad, Ali Ghazi, says, “All Iraqi hospitals are exposed to a risk similar, if not greater, to Ibn al-Khatib Hospital.”

Ghazi, who worked to establish fire alarm lines in a hospital in Babel Governorate, told Al-Hurra that “contracts are sometimes given suspiciously.”

Ghazi says that “in one of the governorates, he asked the supplying companies a commission of up to 33 percent of the contract value, which led to the withdrawal of sober companies so that they would not be exposed to loss.”

“The bad companies entered the line, and implemented a warning line and a fire made up of a poorly manufactured system,” he added.

The “Alhurra” site was unable to After obtaining a permit from the Ministry of Health in this regard, the Ministry withdrew the hand of a number of its officials after the hospital fire and referred them for investigation.

Field hospitals

The engineer, Mortada Al-Alusi, who is a consultant for institutional safety and civil defense in Baghdad, says that “the biggest problem is in the field hospitals that have been prepared to receive and isolate Corona patients.”

He added, “These hospitals are built from very flammable mobile rooms, and they are not equipped with any safety measures except for a number of firefighters.”

Al-Alusi added, “In light of the presence of gas bottles, the auditors, the patients, and the weak commitment to safety procedures, these mobile hospitals may be death traps.”

The Iraqi Ministry of Health established several field isolation hospitals to quarantine Corona patients after the spread of the virus in the country, and other bodies such as the Popular Mobilization Forces, thresholds and endowments have established similar isolation centers.

On Monday, the Iraqi Civil Defense announced that “fires broke out in a factory in Mosul, and a cafeteria in Wasit, in addition to the Tikrit blazes and Ibn Al-Khatib Hospital.”

With the exception of Ibn al-Khatib, the other three fires did not result in casualties. Ended 6/29 n

The Central Bank launches an initiative to mitigate the damages of the Ibn Al-Khatib Hospital accident .. It was granted to the families of the victims

2021/04/26 09:15

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Section : Iraq

Baghdad / Obelisk: The Central Bank announced, on Monday April 26, 2021, the launch of an initiative to mitigate the damage of the Ibn Al-Khatib Hospital fire accident, indicating that the initiative includes three things.

The media office of the bank said in a statement received by “Al-Masala”, that the Central Bank of Iraq shares with our people the grief of the painful incident that took place at Ibn Al-Khatib Hospital on Saturday 4/24/2021, in which a number of martyrs and wounded were killed, calling on God Almighty to include The martyrs abound in his mercy and make their resting place in Paradise, and that the wounded be filled with health, wellness, and a speedy recovery.

He added that it is a contribution from the Central Bank of Iraq, banks and non-banking financial institutions to alleviate the damages that befall the families of the martyrs and the wounded, to rehabilitate the hospital, and to support the government’s efforts to deal with the effects of this painful incident. He launched an initiative that includes the following:

1- Allocating a grant for the families of the martyrs of the accident.

2- Allocating a grant for each of those injured in the accident.

3- Supporting the government’s efforts to rehabilitate the hospital according to what is being coordinated with the Prime Minister

He expressed his hope that this incident will pass and our people are more insistent on their national unity to enrich their participants and build their prosperous future.

A fire broke out in Ibn Al-Khatib Hospital, southeast of the capital, Baghdad, last Saturday, and broke out in the hospital’s intensive care unit, killing 82 people and wounding 110.

Zarif from Baghdad: We respect the sovereignty of Iraq and hope that Washington will return to the nuclear agreement

Political | 12:23 – 26/04/2021

BAGHDAD – Mawazine News

, Iranian Foreign Minister Muhammad Javad Zarif confirmed, on Monday, that his country respects the sovereignty of Iraq and does not interfere in its affairs, indicating that Tehran hopes that the US administration will return to the nuclear agreement.

“We live together in this region and others come and leave,” Zarif said in a joint press conference with the Iraqi Foreign Minister, Fuad Hussein, after his arrival in the capital, Baghdad, indicating that he had good dialogues with the Iraqi Foreign Minister, and we appreciate the pivotal role of Iraq in the region.

Zarif pointed out that “his country respects good neighborliness and sovereignty and does not interfere in the internal affairs of Iraq,” stressing that “our relations with Iraq are strong and we look forward to strengthening them, and we look forward to strengthening energy, railways and combating drugs.”

He explained, “We hope that the US administration will return to the nuclear agreement and abide by its commitments.” Ended 29 / p4

Finance Kurdistan Parliament: A Kurdish delegation will visit Baghdad within two days to discuss 3 files

159 Policy 2021/04/26 14:35 am

Baghdad today – Kurdistan

The Deputy Chairman of the Finance Committee in the Kurdistan Regional Parliament, Hvidar Ahmed, confirmed today, Monday (April 26, 2021) that a delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government is supposed to arrive in Baghdad within the next two days.

Ahmed said in an interview with (Baghdad Today), “The delegation will be a technical and include a group of ministers in the Kurdistan Regional Government in order to understand the provisions of the budget and the mechanisms of sending funds, as well as the delivery of the agreed share of oil.”

He added, “The visit was not canceled or postponed, but because of the recent situation in Baghdad and the preoccupation of the federal government and parliament, so the visit was postponed for several days.”

He pointed out that “the regional government is still up to its promise, as it is ready to fully commit to water in the terms and paragraphs of the budget regarding the delivery of oil, and there is no truth to any news about the region’s retreat from the agreement as a result of the high price of oil or any other reasons.”

On Wednesday (April 21, 2021), the Chief of the Cabinet of the Council of Ministers of Kurdistan announced a new round of talks between Baghdad and the region, while indicating that Barzani sent a message to Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi regarding the implementation of commitments.

The Chief of the Court, Omid Sabah, told reporters, on the sidelines of a council meeting, that “the regional government is preparing for new discussions with the federal government to implement the provisions of the general budget for the year 2021,” stressing that “Erbil is committed to the resulting agreement on the budget.”

He added, “There is a willingness for the region’s delegation to visit Baghdad again to continue the dialogues,” noting that “this time the talks with Baghdad will come within the framework of implementation, and we in the Kurdistan region have shown our full readiness to implement the agreement between Erbil and Baghdad related to the budget.” “.

Sabah explained, “The Prime Minister of the region, Masrour Barzani, sent a letter to the Prime Minister of the Federal Government, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, in which the first expressed full readiness to implement any obligations arising from Kurdistan.”

He pointed out, “This delegation will be a specialist and composed of the Minister of Natural Resources, the Minister of Finance, Economy, and the Chief of the Board of Financial Supervision in the region, as they will hold discussions with the Minister of Oil, the Minister of Finance, and the President of the Federal Financial Supervision Bureau.