After Al-Kazemi refused the electrical call, the Ministry of Interior announces the cause of Ibn Al-Khatib’s fire

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{Umniah: Al-Furat News} The Ministry of Interior revealed the cause of the Ibn Al-Khatib Hospital fire in Baghdad, which killed 82 martyrs yesterday evening, Saturday.

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“Regardless of the expert’s opinion and his disclosure of the main reason behind the Ibn al-Khatib Hospital fire accident, the ministry’s spokesman, Major General Khaled Al-Muhanna, told Al-Furat News. Civil Defense”.

He pointed out, “An order to form a higher committee headed by the Minister of Interior will study various aspects of the issue and come up with recommendations and the issue of neglect.”

“The strict measures taken by the prime minister were a lesson for not repeating these unfortunate incidents in the future,” Al-Muhanna added.

He stressed, “approaching the Ministry of the Interior to all institutions and ministries of the state of the necessity to follow the wills of the civil defense and take measures regarding their statements that are submitted to it on an ongoing and periodic basis.”

Concerning the police procedures, I clarify the ordeals, “There is an investigative call under the supervision of the investigating judge, and there are forensic experts who submit their reports in the usual manner about the accident and include the direct main cause behind the accident.”

A fire broke out in the intensive care unit at Ibn Al-Khatib Hospital, southeast of the capital, Baghdad, yesterday evening, and the accident resulted in the death of 82 people and wounding 110 others, according to the Ministry of Interior.

The Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, commented on the incident and said: “What complacency we will hold him accountable strongly. Today, as a result of complacency, innocent martyrs have fallen. Tomorrow if we fail, others will fall. “A public or hospital, and any department invoking an electrical request, I will hold everyone accountable.  

Al-Kazemi stressed that negligence is a crime that cannot be tolerated and for which the law will be held accountable.”

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An Iraqi finance book that puts into effect the decision to impose taxes on cigarettes and alcohol



Ministry of Finance

Taxes and Fees

2021 budget

2021-04-25 13:31



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Shafaq News / On Sunday, the Federal Ministry of Finance directed the Governmental Ports Authority to implement the decision to impose taxes on cigarettes and alcohol.

A book by the ministry obligated the Border Ports Authority to implement the decision, based on Paragraph Three of Article 18 of the Federal Budget Law for 2021, which includes the imposition of taxes on cigarettes by 100% and alcoholic beverages by 200%, entering Iraq.

In its book, which Shafaq News Agency obtained a copy of, the Ministry of Finance called on the border ports to inform importers to review the General Tax Authority, to apply these fees.

And the Iraqi government imposed taxes on some goods and services in the budget bill, which was approved by Parliament on March 31.

The budget included imposing a 15% tax on imported fuel, imposing a 20% tax on mobile packing service and internet networks, imposing a 100% tax on tobacco and cigarettes, imposing a 200% tax on alcoholic beverages, in addition to imposing a tax stamp of 25,000 dinars per person for travel. Airport exterior.

Saleh calls for the activation of Law 22, which allows the transfer of public companies to public joint stock

Financial Adviser to the Prime Minister, Dr. Mazhar Muhammad Salih «Economy News»

money and business

Economy News – Baghdad

The Prime Minister’s Economic Adviser, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, called for the activation of the Companies Law No. 22 of 1997, which allows the transfer of public companies to public joint-stock companies.

In an interview with Al-Sabah, Saleh said: “The application of the Public Companies Law No. 22 of 1997 allows giving workers in these companies an opportunity to be shareholders in their shares, and thus the workers will work with their shares, which will contribute to increasing the quantity of production and improving its quality.”

He stressed “the importance of legislating the partnership law between the public and private sectors, as it is a model of joint ownership to raise the efficiency of production, which is a joint cooperation between the government and the private sector, and about 27% of the productive activity in the world is based on this form of partnership, which is in the interest of Iraq.” And the best method for employment and development, in addition to its extensions, to reduce unemployment. ”

Saleh added, “There are strategic sovereign projects whose completion is in the interest of Iraq in general, such as the port of Faw. They do not belong to a specific conservative economy, but rather constitute Iraqi strategic projects par excellence, and provide their services and benefits for the growth and welfare of the country, and the efforts of the government and the state in general must focus on such These projects. ”

A Kurdish parliamentarian calls on Baghdad to impose a condition on the region before sending money

19:10 – 04/25/2021


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On Sunday, a member of the Kurdistan Regional Parliament for the movement of the new generation, Diyari Anwar, called on the federal government to impose a condition on the Kurdistan Regional Government before sending the funds agreed upon in the budget law.

“Baghdad should impose a condition on the regional government, which is to distribute the salaries of employees in full, without saving or deduction,” Anwar told Al-Maaloumah.

He added that “the regional government continues to distribute the salaries of employees according to the deduction system, despite the approval of the budget and the improvement of the oil price, which is a clear and overt theft, and we must stand up against it.”

And the Ministry of Finance in the Kurdistan Regional Government announced that it will start distributing the salaries of its employees today according to a deduction rate of 21.%. End / 25 p

Iran threatens to withdraw from the Vienna negotiations

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Iranian nuclear program

Vienna negotiations

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Shafaq News / The Iranian Assistant Foreign Minister, Abbas Araghji confirmed, on Sunday, that his country will withdraw from the nuclear talks in the Austrian capital Vienna, if the aim is to consume time.

Araghchi said, after a testimony he gave to the National Security Committee in the Iranian parliament about the Vienna negotiations, “We will withdraw from these negotiations if we do not see the seriousness of the other party,” according to Iranian media.

“We have some challenges before us, and I cannot predict from now whether we will overcome them,” noting that “Tehran’s position is very clear and explicit, which is the need to lift sanctions first, and make sure of this before returning to our obligations stipulated in the framework of the nuclear deal.”

Araghchi pointed out that “Iran has officially rejected the proposal to lift the sanctions on it gradually and step by step, and this issue is no longer on the table in Vienna,” stressing that “some understandings have been reached regarding the lifting of sanctions related to oil, banking, financial and petrochemical dealings.”

And he indicated that “there are still complex cases they are working on, related to lifting penalties for persons, which are more than 1500 penalties.”

Al-Kaabi chairs a meeting of the Finance Committee to discuss the provincial budget

Political | 03:28 – 25/04/2021

Baghdad – Mawazine News

The First Deputy Speaker, Hassan Karim Al-Kaabi, chaired, on Sunday, a meeting of the Finance Committee and the governors to discuss the provincial budget.

“Al-Kaabi chairs a meeting of the Finance Committee and the governors to discuss the provincial budget,” the media office of Al-Kaabi said, “Mawazine News” received a copy of it.

The Presidency of Parliament had set today, Sunday, the date to hold an expanded meeting with all governors in cooperation with the Finance Committee and under the auspices of the First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Hassan Karim Al-Kaabi, to approve the provincial budget by members of the Finance Committee and to complement the previous meeting related to discussing the implementation of the budget.

Al-Kazemi decides to withdraw the hand of three senior officials, including the Minister of Health







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Shafaq News / On Sunday, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi decided to withdraw the hand of three senior officials, including Minister of Health and Environment, Hassan Al-Tamimi, due to the fire that broke out in the “Ibn Al-Khatib” hospital for isolating those infected with Corona virus, and its impact fell among dozens of victims and wounded.

During the extraordinary session, Al-Kazemi decided to conduct an investigation headed by Minister of Interior Othman Al-Ghanimi, the membership of each of: the Minister of Planning, the Minister of Justice, the Head of the Integrity Commission, the President of the Federal Financial Supervision Bureau, and a representative of the House of Representatives / an observer member.

A statement issued by the government received by Shafaq News indicated that the investigation will take place into the fire at Ibn Al-Khatib Hospital, identifying the negligent persons and holding them accountable.

It also decided to withdraw the hand of the Minister of Health, the Governor of Baghdad, and the Director General of the Rusafa Health Department, and refer them to investigation.

The statement noted that the above investigation is completed within five days, and the report is submitted to the Council of Ministers, and experts in the field of interior and health can be sought.

The Ministry of Finance invites all ministries’ spending units to review them to receive instructions for implementing the budget

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{Economical: Al Furat News} The Ministry of Finance called on, on Sunday, all ministries’ spending units to review them to receive instructions for implementing the budget / 2021.

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In a statement, the Euphrates News received a copy of it, the ministry said, “The instructions for implementing the federal budget law for 2021, approved by the Presidency of the Republic, have been completed.”  

She added that, “due to the legislation and publication of Law No. 23 of 2021, the federal state budget of the Republic of Iraq for the fiscal year 2021 in the official Iraqi newspaper, issue number 4625 on April 12, 2021,” calling for “all spending units of ministries, governorates, bodies and entities not associated with the Ministry of Attendance to the Ministry of Finance.” / Budget Department on Monday corresponding to 4/26/2021 for the purpose of receiving instructions for implementing the general budget for the fiscal year 2021 and instructions for implementing the planning budget for the public sector and self-financed bodies and companies.  

The Finance confirmed “the completion of the federal budget instructions for the year 2021 after a final audit by the Ministries of Finance and Planning,” stressing that “appeals to the budget will not delay its implementation.”  

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