The Three Presidencies: Reaching Radical Solutions Between the Federal Government and the Kurdistan Regional Government {expanded}

Time: 01/2021/12 18:41:57 Read: 3,744 times

{Baghdad: Al Furat News} Today, Tuesday, January 12, 2021, a meeting was held at the Baghdad Palace, the President of the Republic, Barham Salih, the Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, Parliament Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi, and the President of the Supreme Judicial Council, Faiq Zaidan, in which they discussed developments in the political, security and economic situation in The country as well as the next elections file.

The meeting stressed “the necessity to consolidate stability in the country, preserve the security and safety of citizens, protect the right to peaceful protest, and strengthen the authority of the security services and law enforcement in order to achieve peace and community security.” 

“Emphasis was placed on national efforts in support of strengthening the authority of the competent and capable state that is able to protect the rights and security of citizens, prevent outlaw actions and control fugitive weapons,” he said. 

He added, “The meeting dealt with the importance of the upcoming elections as it is the democratic and constitutional path of the country, especially as it comes after a popular movement and a broad national public opinion looking towards reform and change, which calls for the upcoming elections to be a true response to the aspirations of the people and the requirements of political and service life that the Iraqis deserve, to be the peaceful path.” In achieving the desired reforms and ensuring broad participation.

“In this regard, the meeting stressed the need for all authorities in the country, political forces and all social actors to work in support of the measures necessary for the success of the electoral process, by preventing fraud and manipulating the will of the Iraqis in choosing their representatives away from the power of arms. The meeting also indicated that integrity must be observed. And transparency in the various stages of its conduct, and international observers are seriously invited in coordination with the competent department in the United Nations mission. ”

He concluded that, “At the meeting, the importance of passing the draft general budget law for the year 2021 was emphasized, in a manner that protects the rights of citizens, and prevents the repercussions of the current financial situation on the economic conditions in the country, especially the low-income social strata, and to reach radical solutions between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government. On the outstanding financial issues in a manner that guarantees the rights and salaries of all employees and does not involve them in political disputes. ”

Raghad Daham


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