Al-Kazemi announces a major US withdrawal from Iraq .. and affirms: The state’s decision will not be in the hands of the adventurers

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{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The Prime Minister, Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, announced a close withdrawal of US forces from Iraq.

In his speech on the centenary of the founding of the Iraqi army, Al-Kazemi said, “On the centenary of the founding of our brave Iraqi army, the scion of virility and high positions, we stand proudly and proudly to greet the great Iraqi army, leaders, officers and ranks, and we salute their heroism and sacrifices in defending the land of Iraq and protecting its dignity, and we also salute the heroics of our army.” And his sacrifices in defense of beloved Palestine, Jenin, and the Golan. ”

He added, “The extraordinary journey of our army, which began with the regiment of Imam Musa al-Kadhim (peace be upon him), on January 6, 1921, developed the features of the state, outlined its identity and preserved its principles and values, and whatever the options, political conflicts and absurd wars affected this trip, but the Iraqi army remained loyal to the homeland and the state. The homeland’s army culminated in its march alongside our security forces in all their forms in defeating the terrorist organization ISIS and expelling it from the holy land of Iraq.

And between “our army rose victorious from the plague of ISIS, from a wound called ISIS, the army emerged victorious in trying to break its prestige and presence and obliterate its identity, and it has done so repeatedly throughout modern history. A nation does not rise with a stabbed and wounded army that is plotted against and thrown into political mistakes, as happened in the era of dictatorship.” Saddamism. ”

Al-Kazemi continued, “We have a historic and Mubarak duty to place our army in the position it deserves and to restore confidence to the army officers and its ranks that you, O heroes, are our symbol and the title of our prestige and sovereignty, and Iraq in you will rise as a state that represents a necessity for human civilization and a necessity for international balances, and you are a message of hope and safety for our people throughout the entire homeland.”

He stressed, “We have faced since the first day of the formation of this government big and complex challenges that have not passed in the contemporary history of Iraq, preceded by the challenge of the Corona epidemic and the economic crisis that resulted from the collapse of oil prices, in addition to the repercussions of the severe social crisis that the October 2019 demonstrations represented, and what followed and the consequence thereof. consequences”.

He pointed out, “It was truly regrettable that Iraq, which is the descendant of civilization and the portal of history, turned into an arena for liquidations and challenges of a global and regional war on its soil, and we had a duty to protect our country from the repercussions of this dangerous conflict, and therefore we have worked since the first day on clear paths in restoring balance to our relations file.” International and the launch of a strategic dialogue with the United States of America with the aim of withdrawing its forces, which was announced by the US President during our recent visit to Washington.

The Prime Minister declared that “as a result of this continuous strategic dialogue, batches of American forces have been withdrawn within technical times during the past months, and more than half of those forces will be withdrawn in the coming days, and only hundreds of them will remain, for cooperation in the fields of training, rehabilitation, armament and technical support. “Their redeployment outside Iraq is being scheduled entirely within agreements between the two countries.”

He explained, “This development was established in light of the readiness of our heroic armed forces and security forces of all kinds, to protect the land of Iraq and preserve the dignity of its people, and today we renew our pledge to the Iraqi people that we will not allow the hijacking of the Iraqi national decision from any party and will not be subject to political and electoral auctions.” Our decisions are based on our national responsibility. ”

Al-Kazemi pointed out, “Preserving the sovereignty, security and integrity of Iraq is an Iraqi decision par excellence, imposed by the necessities and interests of Iraq, first and foremost, and Iraq will not be a playground for regional or international conflicts after today, and it will not allow its lands to be used to settle scores between countries.”

He said, “The Iraqi army is ready to do its duty to put all these entitlements into effect. We have faced campaigns of stabbing and skepticism and trying to break our will to restore the state’s prestige with the patience of the brave, not the noise of bidders and opportunists.”

“We will not pay attention to those who try to terrorize us with a loud voice. The decision of Iraq will not be in the hands of the adventurers. We are satisfied with a history of the madmen who led us to useless wars and blood and break the prestige of the state. We have a duty to bring Iraq and the people of Iraq to safety, and we will act no matter what the illusionists think that screaming can be done.” Intimidating those whose love for the nation is rooted in their hearts.

He added, “We stand on the day of our brave army, to announce that 2021 will be the year of Iraqi achievement at all levels, and that the phase of depleting Iraq’s wealth and potential has ended forever with the will of the Iraqis, Iraq’s sovereignty over every inch of its land will not be a mere slogan for political deliberation, but rather a tangible act.” We stand on the feast of our heroic army and before our great people to say: Your great sacrifices lay the foundation for a future befitting Iraq and Iraqis, and that your amazing steadfastness in the face of adversity is a new lesson that will be added to the lessons that you have provided humanity with throughout history.

He noted, “Recently, we witnessed convulsive statements from all parties. I call upon all to adhere to the national interest, adopt the language of dialogue and spread the spirit of hope to our people. Iraq and Iraqis deserve sacrifice, patience and wisdom.”

Ammar Al-Masoudi


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