Trump clarifies his position on the wars of the Middle East and the involvement of his country’s forces in them

Political | 10:55 – 14/01/2021

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The White House released a statement in which outgoing President Donald Trump spoke about his country’s position on the wars in the Middle East and Afghanistan, and the participation of US forces in them.

Trump said, “US forces in Afghanistan are at their lowest level in 19 years. Likewise, our forces in Iraq and Syria are at their lowest point for many years.”

He added, “I will always be committed to stopping the never-ending wars.”

He continued, “I have had a great honor in rebuilding our army and supporting our brave military men and women.”

Trump stressed that “$ 2.5 trillion has been invested, which also included the purchase of new military equipment manufactured in the United States.”

Last December, the US Department of Defense stated, “No new orders have been issued affecting the continued withdrawal of forces … and it is expected to reduce them by 2,500 personnel by January 15, 2021.”

She added, “The number of soldiers in Iraq will be reduced from 3000 to 2500 soldiers by 2021.” Ended 29 / A43


Oil Is Settling Above $ 56 A Barrel

On January 14, 2021


The Independent / – Oil prices ended higher trading Thursday, supported by the stability of oil demand.

The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) kept its estimates of oil demand in the current year unchanged, so that the estimates point to a growth in demand for crude by about 5.9 million barrels per day, to record 95.91 million barrels.

The price of futures contracts for “Brent” crude, benchmark for delivery in March, rose 0.6%, or 36 cents, to record $ 56.42 a barrel upon settlement.

The price of the US “Nymex” crude contract for delivery in February rose by 1.3%, equivalent to 66 cents, to reach $ 53.57 a barrel.

To Combat Terrorism, The Kuwaiti Central Bank Issues An Urgent Statement To All Banks

Last updated Jan 14, 2021


The Independent / -Ahmed Abdullah / The Central Bank of Kuwait issued a circular including the names of 37 entities and individuals that were distributed to all local banks and exchange companies to provide it with any information available on them.

The circular issued by the Central Bank of Kuwait stated that this comes in implementation of United Nations resolutions related to combating terrorism and preventing the spread of weapons of mass destruction.

The Kuwaiti Central stated in its circular that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Committee for the Implementation of Security Council Resolutions had received from the United Nations the Targeting Terrorism Financing Center (TFTC) a letter regarding the inclusion of a number of individuals, entities and ships linked to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard – the Quds Force and Hezbollah – on the list of terrorism. He pointed out that the listing will be in a consensual manner, with the consensus of the member states.

The United Nations had stated in a previous statement that the names belong to 19 individuals, 13 entities, and 5 oil tankers that have a relationship with the aforementioned authorities, indicating that the sources of funding for the Revolutionary Guard and Hezbollah are still among the priorities of the committee worldwide.

The committee requested that it provide it with all the names of individuals and entities dealing with the required names, and they are:

1 – Ismail Qaani

2 – Muhammad Hegazy

3 – Rustam Qasimi

4 – Morteza Qasimi

5 – Ali Kassir

6 – Sun God Asadi

7 – Company «Africo 1 Off-Shore SAL»

8 – Muhammad Reza Ali Akbari

9 – KISH P&I Club

10 – Muhammad Qasir

11 – Muhammad Qasim Al-Bazzal

12 – Company «Hokoul SAL Offshore»

13 – The Talaqi Group

14 – Company «Alumix»

15 – The Tone of Life

16 – Company «Tawafuk

Washington and Baghdad agree on Iraqi independence in the energy field





2021-01-14 16:23

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Shafaq News / The governments of Iraq and the United States of America confirmed, on Thursday, their joint cooperation in the fields of oil production and export, natural gas, electricity and clean energy in order for Iraq to become independent in the field of energy. 

This came during the third meeting of the joint coordination committee on energy, according to a statement distributed by the US embassy in Iraq.

“Both sides are looking forward to energy independence in Iraq and to the day when all Iraqis will have twenty-four-hour stable electricity from a world-class electrical infrastructure,” the statement said.

Both sides also reaffirmed the importance of partnerships with American companies, as the two sides intend to work together to ensure the durability of the effectiveness and benefit of these partnerships for all parties.

The meeting was chaired by representatives of the Iraqi government with the principal deputy assistant to the US Secretary of Energy Matthew Zeiss as well as representatives of the United States of America in Iraq, Matthew Toller, as well as representatives of the Kurdistan Regional Government.

The two sides stressed, during the meeting, the importance of Iraq’s future independence in the field of energy and its contribution to maximizing its economic prosperity. 

The two sides also referred to the valuable role that Iraq is currently playing in providing oil resources to the global markets and its ability to be a regional leader in the production of natural gas.

Delegations also discussed the importance of supporting Iraq’s efforts to harness its large natural gas resources. They reviewed Iraq’s work processes related to the seizure of burning natural gas in order to reduce its dependence on imports while contributing to improving environmental quality. 

Delegations also discussed developments related to Iraq’s infrastructure for generating and transmitting electricity and how it could better integrate with its regional neighbors.

For its part, the United States expressed its continuous support for the energy sector in Iraq and looks forward to holding workshops and technical support related to the success of previous programs. The United States has encouraged Iraq to work with the International Energy Agency, pointing to the resources available to assist the agency’s work in Iraq, according to the statement.

It is noteworthy that the joint coordination committee on energy emerged from the strategic framework agreement between Iraq and the United States in 2008 to strengthen the strategic partnership between the two countries regarding a set of initiatives. 

The Republic of Iraq and the United States of America committed themselves to holding the next meeting of the Joint Coordination Committee on Energy in Washington, DC, at a date to be decided later, according to the statement.

The presidencies of Iraq recommend dissolving parliament




Early elections

Presidencies of Iraq

2021-01-14 16:14

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Shafaq News / On Thursday, a meeting that included the presidencies of Iraq and the “UNAMI” mission came out with a recommendation to dissolve the House of Representatives itself, as well as legislate the Federal Court law and provide full support for the Electoral Commission to hold early elections at the scheduled time.

The meeting was held in the presence of the President of the Republic, Barham Salih, the Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, the Speaker of Parliament, Muhammad Al-Halbousi, and the President of the Supreme Judicial Council, Faiq Zeidan.

The meeting hosted the Chairman and members of the Board of Commissioners of the Independent High Electoral Commission, and the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Jenin Hennes Blasshardt, to discuss the upcoming early elections file, according to a statement issued by the Presidency of the Republic received by Shafaq News.

During the meeting, the Electoral Commission presented the schedule of technical operations and timings for conducting early elections, as well as its commitments to conduct fair and fair elections, intensify its efforts to complete the biometric registration of all voters, and coordinate to ensure effective international monitoring.

The commission confirmed that it would give sufficient time for candidates, political alliances, new political forces and youth to complete the legal registration procedures and submit candidate lists.

In order to enable it to complete its work, the meeting recommended providing full support to the Independent High Electoral Commission to accomplish its tasks and complete the constitutional and legal requirements for holding early elections, and in particular the need for Parliament to legislate the Federal Court law, as well as apply Article 64 of the constitution related to the dissolution of the House of Representatives in preparation for itself. To conduct early elections.

It is scheduled to hold early elections on the sixth of next June. 

Earlier Thursday, an informed source told Shafaq News Agency, that “the Election Commission informed the three presidencies and political forces during its last meeting that it was not ready to hold early elections in June,” indicating that the commission stressed that it “will not be ready until next September. This is supported by some political parties. ”

The source explained, “In the coming days, new meetings will take place between the Election Commission and the three presidencies and political forces to agree on a new date for holding early elections, instead of the date set for next June.”

The Iraqi parliament moves to change the price of oil in the budget


2021 budget

2021-01-14 10:17

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Shafaq News / Today, Thursday, the Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed a parliamentary move to change the price of a barrel of oil in the Iraqi state budget bill in 2021.

Committee member Shirwan Mirza told Shafaq News, “The price of a barrel of oil specified in the draft budget law is $ 42 and has not changed yet, at the same time global prices exceed $ 55 per barrel of oil.

He added that “there is a move by the Parliamentary Finance Committee to change the price of oil in a way that helps reduce the fiscal deficit in the draft budget.”

On December 21, 2020, the Iraqi Council of Ministers approved the country’s fiscal budget for 2021 and sent it to Parliament for discussion and voting.

According to the draft budget, the value of the budget amounts to 91 trillion and 790 billion, 155 million and 429 dinars, with a deficit of more than 58 trillion.

The budget estimated, according to the draft, the price of a barrel of oil on the basis of the price of 42 dollars a barrel, and an export rate of 3 million and 250 thousand barrels per day, including 250 thousand barrels exported from the Kurdistan region.

The budget also estimated the exchange rate of the dinar at 1450 per dollar, according to what was announced by the Central Bank, while the region’s share of it was determined at about 12 percent.

Barzani prepares for an “important” meeting at the level of Kurdistan and Iraq

Kurdistan Region

Nechirvan Barzani

2021-01-14 09:52

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Shafaq News / The President of Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani is preparing to hold an “important” meeting that brings together all Kurdish political forces.

A member of the Culture and Media Foundation of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Kazran Sabah Hawrami, wrote on his page on the social networking site posted on Thursday, followed by Shafaq News Agency, that Barzani “is preparing for an important meeting between all political forces in Kurdistan and drafting a new road map for the future of Kurdistan and Iraq.”

He indicated that an “important” decision was to be issued by the region’s presidency. 

Hawrami said, “The decision will be to send a delegation to Baghdad and end the course of the talks, so that the people and the public opinion are informed of the results of the talks.”

He added, “The second decision that is scheduled to be issued by the meeting is a final decision regarding the Iraqi elections and the Kurdistan Alliance.”

Parliament keeps the debate on the draft budget open and sets a date for its holding

173 Policy 2021/01/14 14:57 ha

Baghdad today – Baghdad

The Iraqi Council of Representatives announced, Thursday (January 14, 2021), the continuation of the session to discuss the draft budget law for 2021.

The media department of the council said in a brief statement received (Baghdad Today): “The session to discuss the federal budget 2021 will continue on Saturday 1/16/2021, at three in the afternoon.”

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Al-Halbousi stresses to Allawi the importance of limiting the repercussions of the financial situation on the country’s economy

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(Baghdad: Al Furat News) Speaker of Parliament Muhammad al-Halbousi received Finance Minister Ali Abdul-Amir Allawi.

A statement by his office, the Euphrates News Agency received a copy of it, stated that “the meeting discussed the financial challenges facing the country at the current stage, and the draft federal budget law for the fiscal year 2021.”

Al-Halbousi stressed to the Minister of Finance, according to the statement, “the importance of limiting the repercussions of the current financial situation on the economic situation in the country, and working on developing plans and procedures required to confront the current financial crisis, overcome its repercussions and protect citizens’ rights.”

The Minister of Finance, Ali Allawi, said yesterday that “the ministry will take a package of measures within two weeks that mitigate the effects of devaluation,” calling for “concerted efforts to overcome the current stage and its repercussions on public life.”

It is noteworthy that the House of Representatives has continued, since the beginning of this week, to read and discuss the draft federal budget bill for 2021.

“Parliament intends to return the budget to the government to squeeze expenditures to 100 trillion dinars instead of now 163 trillion dinars,” said the MP for the Sadikoun bloc, Ahmed al-Kanani.

Ammar Al-Masoudi

Al Halbousi