Talabani announces his recovery from the Corona virus

Kurdistan Region

Qubad Talabani


2021-01-23 15:39

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Shafaq News / The Vice President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Qubad Talabani, announced, on Saturday, that he had completely recovered from Corona virus, and while he thanked all those who asked about him, he called on everyone to continue to adhere to health instructions.

And he said in a tweet to Talabani on Twitter, that after conducting the necessary tests, it was found that he was no longer carrying the Corona virus, directing his thanks to all those who asked about his health and wished him recovery.

Talabani called on everyone again to adhere to health instructions and protect themselves and their loved ones from this virus.

Qubad Talabani


سڵاو ئازیزان، پاش پشکنینم ئەمرۆ دەرکەوت کە چیتر هەڵگری ڤایرۆسی کۆرۆنا نیم. لێرەوە سوپاسی هەموو ئەو خۆشەویستانە دەکەم کە هەواڵیان پرسیوم و هیوای زوو چاك بوونەوەیان بۆ دە‌خواستم. جارێكیتر تكا دەكەم پابەند بن بە رێنماییە تەندروستییەکان و خۆتان و ئازیزانتان لەم ڤایرۆسە بپارێزن.

12:18 PM · Jan 23, 2021


Al-Kaabi calls for activating the role of investment and the private sector in the budget



Baghdad / Al-Mawred News

The First Deputy Speaker, Hassan Karim Al-Kaabi, called on Saturday to activate the role of investment and the private sector, both industrial and agricultural, in the draft federal budget law for 2021, stressing the need to accelerate the drawing up of a common vision between the executive authority and the private sector, considering that the latter is the real partner to activate Economy and overcome the current financial crisis.

During his presidency of a meeting of the Parliamentary Finance Committee and with the participation of the Investment and Economy Committees, Oil and Energy, and the Agriculture Committee, Al-Kaabi stated during the discussion of the draft Federal Budget Law 2021 in the presence of members of the private sector and a group of academics and specialists, and according to a statement, “The financial and banking sectors have a greater role in the process. Activating the private sector and in a way that contributes to overcoming the current economic crisis, “noting” the importance of forming a direct channel between the government, the private sector and investors to exchange ideas and develop plans, programs and common visions in a way that contributes to supporting the wheel of development in the country. ”

He added, “The House of Representatives will be strongly and supportive by issuing legislation that contributes to revitalizing the private sector as it is the main partner for building and developing the state,” stressing that ”


Source: A delegation from the region will visit Baghdad tomorrow

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{Kurdistan: Al Furat News} An informed source said, on Saturday, that a delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government, tomorrow, Sunday, will head to the federal capital, Baghdad, to discuss the issue of fixing the Kurdistan region’s share of the draft federal budget law for 2021.

The source said in a press statement, “A delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government will go tomorrow, Sunday, to the federal capital, Baghdad, to discuss the issue of fixing the Kurdistan Region’s share of the draft federal budget law for 2021, which the House of Representatives will vote on in the near future. 

Forgiveness Al-Khalidi


Parliamentary Finance discusses the draft budget with the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers



Baghdad / Al-Mawred News

Today, Saturday, the Parliamentary Finance Committee hosted the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers, Hamid Al-Ghazi and his accompanying delegation, as part of its series of meetings to discuss the draft federal budget bill for 2021. 

The media department of the House of Representatives stated in a statement, that “the Parliamentary Finance Committee discussed at the beginning of the meeting with the Cabinet Secretariat a number of files related to the 2021 budget, the legal notes that the committee recorded about it, as well as the file for building schools and explaining the reason for referring it to the General Secretariat and the compensation file for the regions. Liberated. ” 

He added, “The interventions of the committee members focused on the secretariat programs and follow-up with the Communication Group to support the Iraqi economy, which includes the European Union, Group of Seven, International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, in conjunction with the Finance Committee, which held many meetings and reached agreements regarding support for Iraq.” 

The statement indicated that “the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers provided an explanation regarding the secretariat’s budget allocations and projects and the problems that hinder a number of projects, in addition to the administrative and financial obstacles and the solutions it will take in this regard.”


An Iraqi representative delegation headed by Al-Halbousi will visit Kuwait tomorrow


Mohammed Al-Halbousi

2021-01-23 10:59

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Shafaq News / An Iraqi representative delegation headed by Parliament Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi will head to Kuwait tomorrow, Sunday, according to a parliamentary source.

The source told Shafaq News, “The delegation includes deputies from different political blocs, most notably Adnan Al-Zarfi, Ala Talabani, Muhammad Al-Karbouli, Rami Al-Skiny and Laith Al-Dulaimi.”

It was not immediately clear the purpose of the visit.


A storm of changes strikes the 2021 budget days before its approval: What happened to the dollar exchange rates, salary deductions, and the rest of the files?


Yes Iraq: Baghdad

The statements issued from within Parliament, especially the Parliamentary Finance Committee, indicate that the budget has reached advanced stages of amendments, while the amendments included most of the controversial chapters that directly concern the citizen with regard to deductions from salaries as well as the amount of spending and the price of a barrel of oil, while the exchange rate remained The dollar is steady, unchanged.


The Finance Committee intends to finish drafting the 2021 budget and put it to the vote at the end of this week or early next week, while the Parliament Presidency called for the need to increase allocations to the security services in light of the current security situation.


A member of the Finance Committee, Jamal Cougar, said in a statement to the official newspaper, “The Finance Committee continues its discussions on the budget, which has become almost finished and has begun to finalize it, so it is possible that the budget will be presented to a vote at the end of this week or early next week.”


Cougar added, “The biggest budget dilemma is the region’s share, which may be resolved today with the arrival of a delegation from the region to Baghdad to settle their share of the budget and reach a semi-final agreement on it,” adding that “the committee will host today a delegation of economists, and it will host tomorrow, Sunday.” For the conservatives to find the budget for the development of the regions and governorates and listen to their views, and thus the committee ends hosting them for the budget.


Couger stated that “the committee made many changes, including changing the emergency budget from 500 billion dinars to 150 billion, in addition to the deductions clause from employees. The committee turned to the income tax option, which came with the majority of votes based on Law 113,” noting that “the government’s choice of deductions “It saves 4 trillion dinars, and the income tax option saves 2 trillion and 600 million dinars.”


He pointed out that “the committee has tended to raise the price of a barrel of oil from 42 dollars to 45 dollars, and this will lead to more than 5 trillion dinars for the state,” stressing that “the only thing that has remained constant in the budget is the exchange rate of the dollar against the dinar.”




Modifications included 10 doors

For his part, a member of Parliament, Mudar Al-Karawi, confirmed that the amendments included more than 10 chapters in the 2021 budget, indicating that the committee is continuing to make changes.


Al-Karawi said in a press statement, that “the Parliamentary Finance Committee continues to conduct its evaluation of the contents of the doors of the 2021 budget by holding extensive meetings with ministries and government agencies.”

Al-Karawi added, “10 chapters in the 2021 budget have been modified so far in terms of spending and perhaps other adjustments will be made in the coming days, stressing that the budget file has been decided largely by studying its details and sections.” He expected that “the reduction in spending will be large and may reach 40 trillion.” Dinar”.

He continued, “The file of deduction from the salaries of employees there is a rejection of it, but with flexibility regarding the file of deduction for the higher ranks and the three presidencies,” stressing that “there are different proposals about the matter, but in general there is a refusal about the deduction of the salaries of simple employees.”


In his bag, the numbers of employees and quantities of oil … a political source determines the date of the arrival of the Kurdistan delegation

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Baghdad today – Kurdistan

Today, Saturday (January 23, 2021), a Kurdish political source confirmed that the Kurdistan Regional Government delegation will arrive in Baghdad next Monday, to discuss a number of issues with the federal government.

In an interview with (Baghdad Today), the source said, “So far, it has not been decided who will lead the delegation, but it is most likely that the Deputy Prime Minister, Qubad Talabani, accompanied by Finance Minister Awa Sheikh Janab, will be at the head of the delegation.”

He added, “The delegation will discuss the issue of the region’s share in the budget and the obstacles put in place to approval by Parliament. During the meetings, it will present a detailed report in numbers on the salaries of employees in the region and their numbers, and those entitled to social protection and the numbers of retirees and the Peshmerga.”

He pointed out that “the delegation will clarify the quantities of oil exports in numbers and the revenues that go to the oil companies, as well as the quantities that go to domestic consumption, which is a final attempt to persuade the government to vote on the share of Kurdistan in the budget.”

On the other hand, another political delegation headed by the President of the Kurdistan region, Nechirvan Barzani, will visit Baghdad, and he will have with him a group of representatives of the National Union and the Change Movement to meet with the leaders of political blocs, in order to try to persuade them before voting in Parliament on the budget.

And a member of the Finance Committee in the Parliament of the Kurdistan Region, Bahjat Ali, confirmed, on Monday (January 18, 2021), that the region’s share of the current budget is less than the percentage of its population.

Ali said in an interview with (Baghdad Today), “The Ministry of Planning did not conduct any population census, but there are approximate cases, and it is in most cases inaccurate, and the percentage of the population in the region exceeds 13%, while the region’s share was calculated 12.67.”

He added, “Despite the great injustice and calculating this share at less than the percentage of the population, there are objections by MPs and political blocs and calls to reduce this share, and this is a great injustice and an attempt to harm the region.”

He pointed out that “the region’s share in the draft budget is investment and operational, and includes the salaries of employees, the Peshmerga and the rest of the other social strata, and any attempt to reduce the region’s share is totally rejected.”

And he indicated, “The region has a legal obligation with international oil companies, and the remainder of the oil is used for domestic consumption as fuel for citizens. There are also obligations related to the health and other sectors, and the region’s share in the federal budget cannot fulfill them.”

He pointed out that “the rejection of the region’s share is more political than technical and administrative, and most of the refusers have not been informed of the progress of the talks and negotiations between the two governments, and are trying to break the region’s thorn again, after they voted on the law on financing the fiscal deficit without the participation of the Kurds.”

It is hoped


The Kurdistan Democrat reveals the “scenes” of the discussions on the region’s share of the budget


Public budget

2021-01-23 07:20

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Shafaq News / The Kurdistan Democratic Party revealed, on Saturday, the “scenes” of the discussions of approving the general budget of the Iraqi state and the Kurdistan Region’s share in it.

The deputy of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Muhammad Shaker, told Shafaq News, “We are currently waiting for the final version of the draft general budget bill,” indicating that “Parliament has completed the first and second reading.”

Shaker added, “Political moves are continuing to reach an agreement regarding Kurdistan’s share,” explaining that “there is a general tendency among MPs from other blocs that the region hand over the oil file completely to the federal government while the region agrees with the federal government proposal that was included in the budget law, which is handing over 250 thousand barrels. ”

Shaker explained that “the Kurdistan Parliament is awaiting the final version of the Finance Committee and its time, discussions will begin again between members and the blocs before the final vote on the law.”

A Kurdish delegation headed by Awat Sheikh Janab, Minister of Finance in the Kurdistan Regional Government, will leave for Baghdad to hold discussions with the Finance Committee and the Federal Ministry of Finance regarding the budget law and financial dues for the region.

According to informed sources, the Kurdish delegation will hold its first meeting with the Parliamentary Finance Committee.

On December 21, 2020, the Iraqi Council of Ministers approved the country’s financial budget for the next year 2021 in preparation for sending it to Parliament for a vote.


America allocates $ 20 million to support securing the Green Zone

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The United States of America has allocated about twenty million dollars to support the Iraqi government in securing the Green Zone in the center of the capital, Baghdad.

A statement by the US embassy confirmed that this support includes funding a team of civil engineers to conduct a comprehensive survey of the current points of entry into the international zone, and develop plans for new gates, confirming that the chief defense affairs official at the US embassy will submit the final report from the survey team to the area security official Major General Hamid Mahdi Al-Zuhairi.

Noting that this handover is an important achievement to confirm the cooperative project currently underway to enhance the security of the international zone of Baghdad and secure the headquarters of the Iraqi government.