Parliament sessions .. The council raises its session to next Wednesday

01/26/2021 19:00

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Baghdad / Obelisk:

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Council of Representatives lifted its  to  next Wednesday

Parliament ends the first reading of the draft law on social security and retirement for workers

Parliament votes on a bill to amend the Veterinary Medical Graduation Act


During his meeting with the Kurdistan delegation … Al-Kaabi calls for the budget to be removed from politics


Hassan Al Kaabi

Kurdistan Region delegation

2021 budget

2021-01-27 07:42

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Shafaq News / The First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Hassan Karim Al-Kaabi called on Wednesday for the need to keep the arena of conflict and political disagreement away from all ongoing discussions regarding the draft federal budget bill 2021.

A statement by Al-Kaabi’s office received by Shafaq News said, “Al-Kaabi received in his office, in the presence of the Deputy Speaker of Parliament Bashir Haddad, the Kurdistan Regional Government delegation headed by Deputy Prime Minister Qabad Talabani, where an expanded meeting was held to discuss the draft federal budget bill for 2021 And discussion of ways to find a common vision on the contentious points in the budget law. ”

Al-Kaabi pointed to “the importance of continuing to hold sessions and consultations between the region’s delegation, the Parliamentary Finance Committee and the various political forces regarding the budget law, far from differences, in a way that guarantees its output in a” fair and equitable “manner for all the sons of the Iraqi people, stressing that” the budget affects the people’s strength and we must be trusted To ensure fair distribution of financial allocations to all cities of the country. ”

He pointed out that “the members of the House of Representatives are serious about the necessity of organizing the financial relationship between Baghdad and the Kurdistan region and finding radical solutions to remove the existing problems regarding the budget.”

In turn, the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Bashir Al-Haddad, said, “The Presidency of the Council with the concerned Finance Committee is determined to remove the technical problems and obstacles facing the Federal Budget Law for 2021 and approve it as a realistic, fair and equitable budget that meets the needs of citizens in all governorates and Kurdistan Region, stressing the Council’s keenness to reduce expenditures commensurate with With the volume of imports to reduce the fiscal deficit within the budget.

For its part, the delegation headed by Talabani expressed its complete keenness to provide the Iraqi Parliament and the Finance Committee with all data, financial details and accounting tables related to oil and non-oil imports for the region in a way that serves the interests of all spectrums of the Iraqi people and to reach a permanent and radical solution to all existing disputes.

Another Arab country joins the club of normalization with Israel

Arab and international




2021-01-27 06:55

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Shafaq News / Israeli Intelligence Minister Eli Cohen said on Wednesday that Israel and Sudan will finalize a diplomatic agreement to normalize relations between them during a ceremony in Washington within the next three months.

There was no immediate comment from Sudanese officials or the US embassy in Israel.

The civilian government in Sudan had said that the agreement to normalize relations with Israel could not enter into force until it was approved by a transitional legislative council that has not yet been formed.

Sudan joined the UAE, Bahrain and Morocco last year in moving toward normalizing relations with Israel.

The new US administration said it wanted to build on those agreements.

“The draft peace agreement is making progress, and a signing ceremony between Israel and Sudan is expected to take place in Washington during the next three months,” Cohen told Israeli Ynet TV.

Cohen was heading an Israeli delegation that visited Sudan on Monday to discuss pushing forward the normalization agreement.

He told Israeli television that officials discussed three economic plans and border security.

Cohen said he provided his hosts with oil and fruit from the Holy Land and received an M16 rifle as a gift to bid him farewell.

qubad talabani meets al-kaabi at the house of representatives

Author: Ahad6 On 01/27/2021 – 2:40 PM 10

Qubad Talabani, Vice President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, met on Wednesday, at the House of Representatives building, with Hassan Al Kaabi, First Deputy Speaker of Parliament

Representative Hussein Nermo, from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan bloc in the House of Representatives, said that Talabani met today with Al-Kaabi to discuss solving financial problems between Baghdad and Erbil, explaining that Talabani also met with the Parliamentary Finance Committee.

He added: Qubad Talabani’s efforts are continuing to overcome the obstacles to reach an agreement on the dues of the Kurdistan region, expressing optimism that the two sides will reach good results.

Saleh reveals the mechanism for obtaining loans from the International Monetary Fund



Baghdad / Al-Mawred News

The Prime Minister’s Advisor for Financial Affairs, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, revealed today, Wednesday, the mechanism for obtaining loans from the International Monetary Fund.

Saleh said in a press statement, that “part of the loan that Iraq gets from the International Monetary Fund is called the accelerated financing method, pointing out that” when the fund sees any country that has a large deficit in the current account in the balance of payments, it provides a soft loan. ”

He added that “the loans that he will receive were two billion dollars, and there are four billion more, stressing that these loans come to reform the Iraqi economy.”

And that “the white paper is consistent with any reform program, this depends on the  money that comes from the IMF, pointing out that the funds are called precautionary, that is, when Iraq needs to withdraw from it according to its need.”

He pointed out that “Iraq has conducted about five agreements with the International Monetary Fund after 2003, three of which are credit readiness, one after conflicts and another called the Staff Monitor, stressing that they were successful agreements.”

He continued, “There is continuous cooperation between Iraq and the International Monetary Fund, as Iraq is a founding country of the Fund since 1945 and it is an active and important member in the Middle East region.”

“A positive atmosphere” … revealed the latest developments in the Baghdad-Erbil talks



Kurdistan Region delegation

2021-01-27 06:18

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Shafaq News / The head of the Kurdistan Regional Government’s representation in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, Faris Issa revealed, on Wednesday, the latest developments in the negotiations of the Kurdistan Regional Government’s delegation with officials in the federal government and the Iraqi parliament.

Issa said, to Shafaq News Agency, that “the meetings are continuing and in a positive atmosphere, and we have confirmed that the regional government is committed to the texts listed regarding the Kurdistan Region’s share in the federal budget, and to the request of the deputies of the Finance Committee.”

And he stated that “the Finance Committee and other parties were provided with all the data, and we provided a detailed explanation about oil and non-oil imports, and we also confirmed that the financial control in the Kurdistan region is ready for all cooperation and coordination on the federal supervisory side.”

The regional government delegation arrived in Baghdad on Monday, and included Minister of Finance Awat Sheikh Janab, Minister of Planning Dara Rashid, Minister of the Region Khaled Shawani, and Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers of the region Omid Sabah. 

The new round of talks comes to ensure that the various parties agree to the provisions of the draft budget related to the Kurdistan Region before submitting it to a vote in Parliament. As political blocs seek to make adjustments to the budget items related to the region’s share, so that they mortgage their spending on handing over the entire oil management file to the federal government.

For his part, the deputy from the Kurdistan Democratic Bloc in the Iraqi parliament, Diyar Barwari, said, on Wednesday, that the talks had reached positive results.

Berwari explained to Shafaq News, “The Kurdistan Regional Government delegation provided the Finance Committee with real numbers and data in order to reach positive results, and include them in the General Budget Law for 2021.”

He added that “extracting a barrel of oil from the fields of the Kurdistan Region costs the government 10 dollars,” noting that “the cost of extraction and transporting the region’s oil through Turkey has not yet been decided by the budget law.”

Berwari continued, “The Parliamentary Finance Committee will present next week the final version of the draft budget law on the political blocs and members of Parliament for the purpose of voting on the law.”

According to the agreement concluded between the governments of Baghdad and Erbil and contained in the draft budget law, the region’s share is about 12.6 percent of the budget, in addition to paying the salaries of the Peshmerga, in return for handing over the region’s revenues from the sale of 250 thousand barrels per day of oil extracted from the fields of the region.

The Kurdistan Region has been suffering from a stifling financial crisis, as Baghdad has cut the salaries of the region’s employees since last April.—%D8%B1%D8%A8%D9%8A%D9%84