Parliamentary warnings .. Delay in approving the budget will affect the payment of salaries of employees

Sunday 17 January 2021 | 07:32 pm

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The Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed, on Sunday, that the delay in approving the general budget for 2021 will affect the payment of employees’ salaries .

Committee member Naji Al-Saeedi said that “obstructing the sending of the budget by the government to parliament during the previous period and not passing it until now will affect the salaries of employees for the coming months,” noting that “the budget was supposed to arrive in parliament before the end of last year .”

He added that “the House of Representatives does not have solutions to the salary crisis except for passing the budget,” indicating that “the government threw the ball to disbursement of salaries at the House of Representatives stadium through its delay in sending the federal budget for the current year

Decision of the Parliamentary Finance Committee: The amendments will include most of the items in the 2021 budget





The reporter of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Ahmed Al-Saffar, confirmed, on Sunday, that the amendments will include most of the items of the 2021 budget.

He said in a statement that “the amendments will include most of the items in the 2021 budget,” adding that “administrative and legal violations in the 2021 budget due to the delay in sending it and the deficit percentage.”

He pointed out that “the citizens’ income decreased by 23% by raising the exchange rate for the dollar, “noting that” the budget contradicts reality. ”

Zain Cash offers an exclusive offer for its permanent wallet customers

Local | 08:44 – 01/17/2021

Baghdad – Mawazine News

The Iraq Wallet Company “Zain Cash” launched its electronic wallet for the first time in 2014 through the mobile phone, with the aim of developing electronic payment solutions using mobile phones and the Internet. Payment online when purchasing goods over the Internet and withdraw money from ATMs inside and outside Iraq. Zain Cash also provides money transfer services, recharging the phone balance, buying electronic cards and paying via the QR code, as an

encouragement for its new and existing customers, specifically for owners of permanent wallets.

3_ Cashback upon recharging the mobile phone line.

This step comes within the framework of Zain Cash’s commitment to providing the latest digital solutions and promotional offers to its subscribers in all parts of Iraq to enhance the trend towards the digital economy and electronic payment.

 Zain Cash, CEO of Zain Cash, Mr. Yazan Al-Tamimi commented on the importance of developing electronic payment systems in Iraq, saying, “Zain Cash aspires to contribute to the transformation towards a cashless economy and the growth of the digital economy in Iraq and to open new horizons by providing safe services at reasonable prices and offers. For its customers and providing various electronic payment methods that facilitate the customers to benefit from these services and exclusive offers in the easiest, fastest and most secure way.

Banks Are Reluctant To Buy Dollars In Cash From The Central Bank

  • Banks are reluctant to buy dollars in cash from the central bank


The independent … Central Bank data on the foreign currency sale window showed the continued reluctance of banks to participate in the cash sale of dollars

While the total cash sale amounted to “zero”

This comes after raising the selling price to (1460) dinars per dollar. While the price is still not stable in the unofficial markets.

The Central Bank’s decision to reduce the price of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar is met with great objections from politicians and economists, while everyone is waiting for the approval of the 2021 budget and the results of it in this regard.

After unsuspecting news … the dollar jumps against the dinar in the Iraqi market – urgent

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Baghdad today – Baghdad Today, Baghdad

publishes the latest update of the exchange rate of the US dollar against the Iraqi dinar this afternoon, Sunday 17-1-2021, which clearly highlighted its rise after news of Parliament’s intention not to change the exchange rate in the 2021 budget or to address the government to amend it.

Baghdad / Al-Kifah Stock Exchange

Selling to citizens 1450

Buying 1440

Exchanging Karrada and Al-Harithiya

Selling 1460

Buying 1440

Diyala / Market Price

Selling 1460

Buy 144,500

Erbil / Bursa

Sale 145.750

Buy 143.750

Sulaymaniyah / Stock Exchange

Sale 145,500

Buy 143,500

Kirkuk / Wholesale Market


Mosul / Wholesale Market

Sale 144,800

Saladin / Wholesale Market

Sale 1450

Anbar / al-Rutba

Sale 1450

Najaf / Bursa

Sale 144.750

Karbala / Bursa

Sale 144.700

Basra / Bursa

Sale 144.700 The

rest of the southern cities

Sale 145,500

Buy 143,500

The Commission proposes to the Council of Ministers October as a date for early elections in Iraq

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Shafaq News / The Independent High Electoral Commission in Iraq proposed today, Sunday, to the Council of Ministers a new date for early elections in the country.

According to an official letter issued by the commission and received by Shafaq News Agency, the Independent High Electoral Commission proposes to the Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, the date of the sixteenth of October of this year, the date for holding early elections.

The Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, announced that the parliamentary elections will take place on June 6, 2021, pledging to provide international monitoring of the electoral process.

 Al-Kazemi’s announcement of the election date was welcomed by the United Nations and pledged to support and work on its success, but the positions of the political blocs are still vague and divided about the date and the mechanisms for holding the elections.

However, the Independent High Electoral Commission in Iraq informed, last Thursday, the three presidencies and political blocs of their inability to hold early elections scheduled for June, according to what a responsible source said.

Determine when to pass the budget law

Political | 04:49 – 01/17/2021

Baghdad – Mawazine News

The Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed, on Sunday, the date of passing the draft federal budget law for 2021.

A member of the committee, Representative Sherwan Mirza, said, “The committee is holding a meeting today to continue discussing the draft federal budget law for the current year 2021.”

Mirza added, “The committee has several options on the issue of cutting employees’ salaries, the first of which is the government’s option in the budget and the option to raise the ceiling for deduction from the amount that starts with it, as it currently starts from the amount of 550 thousand and we are going to raise this ceiling to more than a million, likely to be applied. The committee has made its third choice, which is to implement Income Tax Law No. 113.

Mirza pointed out that “the last option is to completely reject the deduction, noting that the committee is making efforts in order not to harm the employees significantly,” and it is likely at the same time that “the draft budget law will be approved next week.”

A parliamentary committee reveals the size of internal and external borrowing in the budget

Today, 13:25



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Baghdad –  IQ

The Legal Committee in the House of Representatives revealed, on Sunday (January 17, 2021), the volume of external and internal borrowing stipulated in the 2021 budget, saying that borrowing “contradicts the principles of Islamic law.”

A member of the committee, MP Salim Hamza, told IQNEWS , “The government continues to borrow for every project that belongs to the state,” indicating, “legally, borrowing violates Article Two first of the Constitution.”

He pointed out that “the borrowing law contradicts the established provisions of Islamic law that do not allow usurious borrowing, and this is forbidden by the texts of Sharia.”

He added, “The financial budget for 2021 includes borrowing 63 trillion dinars from internal banks, and 23 trillion from external banks.”

Yesterday, Saturday (January 16, 2021), the House of Representatives announced the completion of the reading of the draft fiscal budget for 2021.–.html