Trump threatens sanctions on Baghdad after lawmakers call on U.S. troops to leave



ABOARD AIR FORCE ONE (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump threatened sanctions against Baghdad on Sunday after Iraq’s parliament called on U.S. troops to leave the country, and the president said if troops did leave, Baghdad would have to pay Washington for the cost of the air base there.

“We have a very extraordinarily expensive air base that’s there. It cost billions of dollars to build, long before my time. We’re not leaving unless they pay us back for it,” Trump told reporters on Air Force One.

Trump said that if Iraq asked U.S. forces to leave and it was not done on a friendly basis, “we will charge them sanctions like they’ve never seen before ever. It’ll make Iranian sanctions look somewhat tame.”

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Saleh: We are experiencing great strife .. and Rouhani: The decision to remove foreign forces from Iraq will enhance the security of the region

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Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Sunday that the Iraqi parliament’s vote to remove American forces from the country is an important step that will contribute to strengthening security and stability in the region.

Rouhani stressed, during a phone call with the President of the Republic, Barham Salih, that Tehran and Baghdad should stand up to the American hostile measures and Washington’s interference.

The Iranian President stressed that the blood of the commander of the “Quds Force” Qassem Soleimani and Abu Al Mahdi Al Muhandis will lead to new developments in the region and will lead to the strengthening of relations between the Iraqi and Iranian peoples.

He added that Qassem Soleimani made great efforts to ensure the security of Iraq, Iran and the region, and continued: “Without him, Erbil would have fallen on that painful night of the ISIS attack on the city.”

For his part, Saleh said, according to the statement of the Iranian presidency, that Iraq and Iran face difficult conditions and great strife that we hope to get out of with their heads held high thanks to the wise management of the officials of the Islamic Republic so that we can establish security and stability in the region, stressing that the unity and friendship of the Iraqi and Iranian peoples enhance security and stability in the region.

Photo .. penetration of the office’s website chest

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Baghdad today – Baghdad

The website of the office of the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, was hacked on Monday, January 6, 2020.

The penetrator released a picture of the American and Iraqi flags on the website of the Sadr office.–%D8%A7%D8%AE%D8%AA%D8%B1%D8%A7%D9%82-%D9%85%D9%88%D9%82%D8%B9-%D8%A7%D9%84%D9%85

The US State Department: We are disappointed by the decision of the Iraqi parliament to withdraw foreign forces

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Baghdad today – Baghdad

On Sunday, the US State Department expressed its disappointment with the decision of the Iraqi parliament today.

The US State Department said in a statement, “The United States is disappointed at the decision of the Iraqi parliament on the withdrawal of foreign forces, and urges to take into account the importance of relations with Washington and the coalition.”


An Iraqi lawmaker asks Abdul-Mahdi for guarantees and asks: Are our neighbors our friends or our masters?

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An Iraqi lawmaker asks Abdul-Mahdi for guarantees and asks: Are our neighbors our friends or our masters?

Iraqi deputy

The Iraqi MP, Ahmed Muddoul al-Jarba, today, Sunday, during a parliament session, asked questions of Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi after the end of his speech in which he recommended ending the American presence in the country.

The Iraqi MP said: Are our neighbors our friends or our masters? .. Will we hand over the capabilities of Iraq to the hands of the neighboring countries?

He added: “Is there a guarantee and ability of the government and security services to maintain security and that criminal gangs will not return to the country’s provinces?”

He continued, “Will we respect and support the security services, or will some parties work to strengthen some factions and make them stronger than the state?”, Noting that these words are directed to all provinces in Iraq and demanded the withdrawal of any faction trying to blackmail the provinces and replace them with military sectors.

He also called for keeping Iraq away from all conflicts and not making it an arena for conflicts and settling international accounts.

He concluded by saying that he wanted guarantees in what was mentioned, and that all decisions that will be issued are for the benefit of all Iraqis in all governorates and not a province without another.

Source: RT

Urgent Pompeo: The Iraqis want us to stay, and Abdul Mahdi is just a resigned prime minister


{International: Al Furat News} US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo expressed Washington’s full confidence that the people of Iraq want American forces to remain on their soil, regardless of the assassination of General Qassem Soleimani.

Pompeo said, via “Fox News” channel today, Sunday, that the Iraqi caretaker head, Adel Abdul Mahdi, who asked the House of Representatives to set a timetable for removing all foreign forces from the country, is just “a resigned prime minister” and “acting prime minister.” And “faces massive threats from the leadership of Iran,” he said.

He added: “We are convinced that the Iraqi people want the United States to remain to continue its campaign against terrorism, and we will continue to do everything necessary to ensure America’s security.”

Pompeo declined to respond to a question whether Washington would do it if Iraq, as a sovereign state, asks it to withdraw its forces from its lands, saying: “The American people should know that we will take the right decision, and we will take steps that the previous administration refused to take.”

Minutes after Pompeo’s statement, the House of Representatives approved the government’s mandate to end the presence of foreign forces on the country’s territory. It ended

Head of the Victory Bloc, following the parliament’s decision: We lost a useful ally and won an enemy that everyone feared

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Baghdad today – Baghdad

The head of the Al-Nasr bloc, Adnan Al-Zorfi, Sunday (January 05, 2020), considered that Iraq would lose a useful ally, after the parliament voted on a decision obliging the government to remove foreign forces from Iraq.

Al-Zrafi said in a tweet on his platform on Twitter, that “the removal of (all) foreign forces is a necessity imposed by (the peoples) themselves if the pillars of the state are integrated.”

He added: “An angry people, an independent government and a penetrated political system that does not mean integration, we have not only lost a beneficial ally, but have won an enemy that everyone fears.”

Earlier, the House of Representatives, on Sunday (January 05, 2020), lifted its special session on canceling the security agreement with Washington until next Saturday .

Al-Halbousi said during the session, “The session will be adjourned to next Saturday .”

The House of Representatives voted on the exit of all foreign and American forces from Iraq, the cancellation of the role of the international coalition in Iraq, in addition to canceling the security agreement with America by the Iraqi government

Parliament also voted on the necessity to confine arms to the state .

For his part, the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, stressed in a message addressed to the parliament on Sunday (January 5, 2020) to cancel the security agreement and immediately close the Washington embassy and bases .

Al-Sadr’s message, which was read by one of the deputies of the Alliance Alliance from within the extraordinary session held in Parliament: And his declaration of hostility to religion and doctrine . ”

He continued: So I announce that the following is not done :

First: Immediately cancel the security agreement and not abide by its prejudicial and humiliating terms

Second: The US embassy of evil is closed immediately

Third: To shut down and expel US bases in a humiliating manner

Fourth: Criminalizing and punishing communication with the US government

Fifth: Supporting the Iraqi army and security forces with a disciplined national resistance to protect the sovereignty, borders, and reputation of Iraq .

What replied to me about the parliament’s decisions was against the American presence .

Sixth: To protect other embassies in Iraq .

Seventh: boycotting American products in Iraq, even more comprehensive than that .

Finally: I invite the Iraqi resistance factions in particular and the factions outside Iraq to an immediate meeting to announce the formation of (international resistance regiments)

Al-Sadr concluded by saying, “If Parliament does not do this, then we have greater behavior .

[Where] she publishes the text of Abdul Mahdi’s speech in the House of Representatives


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The resigned Prime Minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi, sent a letter to the House of Representatives regarding the cancellation of the US military presence in Iraq.
Following is the text of Abdel Mahdi’s speech: –
In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, the
Honorable Speaker of the House of Representatives .. Dear Representatives, Brothers and Sisters, Honorable Members of the Assembly,
Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you
. The martyrs who fell during the past few days after the wrongful aggression they were subjected to. I belong to God, and to Him we shall return.
I will try to summarize to summarize your esteemed council the recent events and repercussions that we have come to and the position to take. In the first part, I will deal with a quick sequence of events, and in the second the legal basis for the presence of American forces, and in the third part the decision required to be taken and its repercussions, with recommendations and conclusion
first: About the development of events
1- It is not a secret that the relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the United States of America are tense and its implications on the Iraqi scene. I do not speak before 2003, but I speak only after 2003. Despite that, there were periods when the two parties supported the positions of the Iraqi government, as in the period of the constitution approval, legislative elections, support for the political process, and so on. Rather, the two parties fought – each of its position – against terrorism, ISIS, and support for the Iraqi armed forces to achieve a final victory in 2017.
2- In April 2018, the exit of the United States from the nuclear agreement increased tension between the two parties .. In November 2018, almost 10 days after the formation The current Iraqi government has started the first package of sanctions against Iran.
3- This government declared that it is not part of the sanctions regime as it is not part of any system hostile to the United States or other friendly countries. The government also announced that the popular crowd that was born out of the war against ISIS and whose beginning was the famous reference fatwa, which consists of 100% of Iraqi elements, is part of the Iraqi security system. Orders were issued to start a broad organizational process. Whoever wants to become a political force must give up arms. And whoever wants to be part of the armed forces, he must give up his loyalties to any partisan and political party other than abide by the official military establishment and the commander-in-chief of the armed forces.
4- We did not assume that the order would be implemented immediately and by everyone, but the overwhelming majority complied with the matter and we continued to try with the protesters. And for history, I say that the martyr Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis played on a number of occasions a positive role in controlling some of them and not committing violations that are not acceptable to the law.
5- After what happened to the nuclear agreement, the United States increased with Iran, and began to propose to us and others with us a policy (either with me or against me) and there is no other matter between them. To be sure, this is a difficult situation for Iraq to adopt. Despite explaining our position repeatedly to American officials for months, in all candor, clarity, and at the highest levels, all of this only led to an increase in doubts and suspicions. The United States’ view of Iraq has become, in many things, part of its policies towards Iran, and is increasingly dealing with Iraq’s files from the point of view of its conflict with Iran, although we have started to strengthen our relations with all neighboring countries not only with Iran but also with countries far from Iran and friendly to the United States Like Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Kuwait, Turkey, Emirates, Qatar and other countries as well.
6- The suspicion and attempts to doubt have increased with every news of a missile falling or an aggression against an Iraqi military base in which members of the coalition forces are present. Despite this, the security in the country was constantly improving, as did the battle against ISIS, the barriers were raised, the green was opened, and American diplomats and officials went to public places and restaurants in full security and freedom, and the government maintained its full obligations. But with heightened tension and a series of bombings in the crowd’s warehouses in the summer of 2019, the American side told us that some of them were carried out by Israel. Political, security and psychological shipment also increased with the start of the demonstrations on October 1, 2019, which are the events that led to the submission of the government’s resignation on November 29 2019.
7- The US government issued several warnings that endangering its forces would lead to a direct reaction to the act and whoever is behind it .. After the incident of missile strikes in the vicinity of Baghdad airport and the number of wounded Iraqis on December 27, 2019, then the incident (K1) ( 27/12/2019), and the death of an American contractor and the fall of a number of wounded Iraqis, American planes coming from outside Iraq carried out an attack on the 29th and 46th Brigades on December 29, 2009, which resulted in the death of a large number of martyrs and wounded. The Iraqi government refused to attack after being informed by the US Secretary of Defense of the US unilateral decision minutes before the bombing was carried out, and we warned that such actions would have violent and uncontrollable reactions, which was explained in the official statements that denounced all these actions, regardless of The party that did it.
8- On Tuesday 31/12/2019, during the funeral of the martyrs in Al-Jadiriya, quite a few mourners went to the Green Zone through the gate of the suspended bridge, and their declared goal was to perform the funeral prayer for the martyrs whose funerals are in the headquarters of the crowd in the green while some of them went to the embassy American. The government or the security authorities did not give any approval to enter the Green Zone, and an official statement rejected this action immediately and asked the demonstrators to leave the place. On Tuesday and Wednesday, 6 military regiments were called, including two counter-terrorist forces. The demonstrators repeatedly burned the tires or tried to cross into the embassy campus, threw rocks and fire at the walls and external offices and tried to break their windows. But the security forces prevented them every time, and the government even sent the Minister of the Interior with other leaders to supervise on the ground the operation of protecting the American embassy to prevent it from storming it and stopping at one of its gates. The government refused to give a government cover to the demonstrations. Therefore, the head of the crowd, Mr. Faleh al-Fayyad, appeared at noon on Wednesday, threatening to resign if the demonstrators did not withdraw. To withdraw from the embassy in a few hours and the crisis ends. Also, for the history, the martyr Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis played a pivotal role in persuading the demonstrators to withdraw after they brought their tents and their numbers and began to prepare them to increase.
9- The Prime Minister received calls from the highest American official authorities, thanking the position of the Iraqi government, and this was culminated in a constructive call from US President Donald Trump calling on Iraq to play a mediating role for the truce with Iran, given that the parties state that they do not want war. On the other hand, the American helicopters and the march began to roam the airspace of Baghdad without the permission of the Iraqi government and the government began receiving requests to bring more American soldiers to protect the American bases and embassy and to enter the no-fly zones and provide the American side with frequencies and air signals, which the Iraqi government refused to give approvals. And I reiterated to the American military and political leaders that Iraq will only agree on the basis for which the forces came and on the joint actions and does not accept any decision or unilateral action.
10- On the evening of Thursday 2/1/2020 and before the last airport strike, and with the accumulation of these events, I contacted the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Mr. Hassan Al-Kaabi (due to Mr. Speaker’s travel) to discuss an extraordinary meeting of the distinguished parliament, but at dawn on Friday 3/1/2019 The American airplanes launched an aerial bombardment targeting the two martyrs Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis, General Soleimani and other Iraqi and Iranian martyrs, which added new complications to the scene and made the holding of this meeting an unavoidable necessity. To date, I also remember that I was on a date with the martyr Soleimani at eight thirty in the morning of his martyrdom and he was scheduled to carry a message to me from the Iranian side in response to the Saudi message that we brought to the Iranian side to reach important agreements and breakthroughs in the situation in Iraq and the region.
Second: The legal basis for the presence of the forces: The presence of the American forces in Iraq, and therefore the coalition forces, is based on two letters from the Iraqi Foreign Ministry to the United Nations Security Council, which outlined the mission of the forces, by fighting ISIS, by training Iraqi forces, providing technological assistance, and drying up its sources inside and outside Iraq, and did not specify any Other tasks. There is no other legal basis after Iraq and the United States agreed to schedule the withdrawal of the forces that entered Iraq in an earlier period and which was completed, that is, the withdrawal, in December 2011.
1- The message of the former Foreign Minister, Mr. Hoshyar Zebari, on June 25, 2014 addressed to the Secretary-General and submitted by the Permanent Representative of Iraq to the United Nations, in which the difficult circumstances experienced by Iraq due to the terrorist operations of ISIS and Iraq were demanded to help “defeat ISIS and protect our lands and our people, In particular, we call on member states to provide assistance in military training, advanced technology, and necessary weapons, and as required by the situation, to deny terrorists the benefit of launching bases and safe havens. “And the message continued that” at this critical moment, we face a serious threat. Of international terrorist organizations and therefore ask for urgent help from the international community.
2- The message of the former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ibrahim Ibrahim Al-Jaafari, on 20 September 2014, supplementing the previous message that the Permanent Representative of Iraq to the United Nations carried to the President of the Security Council, which stipulated, among other things, that: “The international community recognized at the Paris conference on September 15, 2014 that ISIS It constitutes a threat to Iraq, and we welcome the commitment of 26 countries to support the new Iraqi government in its war against ISIS by all necessary means including appropriate military assistance in securing the air cover, in coordination with the Iraqi armed forces and in accordance with international law and without exposure to civilian security, and in order to avoid hitting the populated areas by Residents take into account Iraqi sovereignty “..” Iraq appreciates the military support it receives, including military support from the United States of America in response to Iraq’s specific requests, with which we have the Strategic Framework Agreement, which enables such support to achieve significant progress in our war against ISIS, that Iraq, even if it needs help Brothers and friends in the fight against what he faces of black terrorism, but the preservation of his sovereignty and independence of his decision is extremely important, and this must be taken care of in all cases. For these reasons and in accordance with international law and in accordance with bilateral and multilateral agreements and full respect for national sovereignty and the constitution, we asked the United States of America to lead international efforts with our specific agreement to strike ISIS sites and their military incubators that would end ongoing threats to Iraq and protect Iraqi citizens and ultimately enable and equip Iraqi forces To fulfill its mission to regain control of the Iraqi borders. “
Third: The decision required to be taken and its repercussions: It was possible, according to the explanation of the Iraqi Minister of Foreign Affairs and the jurists at the meeting of the Ministerial Council for National Security held on 3/1/2020 that the aforementioned Council take the decision that the Iraqi government deems necessary for the interests of Iraq without referring to the distinguished parliament. Members of the Council unanimously agreed at the aforementioned meeting that it is in the interest of Iraq and the United States under these circumstances to end this presence after the recent developments and strive to maintain friendly relations between the two parties and prevent it from being an arena of conflict or war, which he sought to distance himself from. The legal basis for the presence of foreign forces was established by the aforementioned letters issued by the Iraqi government, which were signed by the foreign ministers and were not issued by a decision of the House of Representatives. But the current reality of the government and the situation in the country, and because this is a matter of great importance for what is going on in Iraq and the region and the expected repercussions after the martyrdom of two great leaders such as the engineer and Solomon, and because the government is keen to crystallize and adopt a clear and sustainable national position based on a broad base towards this dangerous strategic file, therefore We offer your distinguished council to think seriously and study the options and the consequences of each of them before making the decision that carries the interests of the country and protects its sovereignty and prevents the violation of its security and interference in its affairs and from any party or leads to endanger its citizens or any foreign citizen who lives on its soil is threatened and threatened or threatening Our national fabric, our foreign relations, or the security and safety of diplomatic and consular missions and national and foreign interests operating in Iraq.
Therefore, we are faced with two main options:
1- End the presence of the forces with urgent measures and make arrangements for that.
2- Or return to a draft resolution that was before the esteemed parliament before the advent of this government stating, “The conditions for the presence of any foreign forces in Iraq are in turn limited to training Iraqi security forces and helping Iraq to pursue ISIS terrorist cells under the supervision and approval of the Iraqi government, whether in the movement of these forces.” Or the use of Iraqi airspace. It is not permissible to have foreign forces in charge of combat missions on Iraqi soil. Since it has been more than two years since the end of the State of the ISIS superstition, the Iraqi government must establish a timetable obligated to reduce the numbers of these forces towards ending their presence entirely on the ground. Z Iraqiya and to achieve the Iraqi interest and national sovereignty. “
Certainly, the parliament will put through the blocs and representatives proposals for legislative texts that achieve the right choice.
But before the esteemed council decides to choose it, I will present the following facts with you:
1- The conflict between the priorities of Iraq and the United States of America has increased, which has undermined confidence between the two parties fueled by the fire of various protests by the United States on the popular crowd or on the relations of Iraq with one of its largest neighbors, the increasing pressure in the sanctions regime and the repeated overtaking of practices related to Iraqi sovereignty and taking unilateral and criminal decisions. On Iraqi personalities and even launching deadly aggressive operations against official camps and official Iraqi and foreign personalities and giving priority to protecting foreign forces from Iraqis, which supposedly came to protect the Iraqis, etc. .. With this inconsistency, it will be difficult to enter To (2 option) .. If the argument is that the camps were attacked by uncontrolled elements of it is the duty of the Iraqi forces and not the duty of any foreign party to act alone. What happened on Friday from the assassination of the two martyrs, Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis, the team, Soleimani, and their Iraqi and Iranian comrades, is a political assassination that has wide legal controversy today even in the United States itself. How can Iraq accept it and consider it an act that serves Iraq. Rather, I assure that before the assassination we had the tools of pressure and control in many cases, and that we lost an important part of it now.
2- Going to option (1) even with the possibility of immediate complications is the best option in the end, in practice, mentally, in interest, wisdom and sovereignty, and to prevent deviations from fighting terrorism and ISIS, as it is the only practical option possible to protect all those present on Iraqi soil, as it will be difficult for foreign forces to protect Itself from strikes that come from inside or outside Iraq, and it will be difficult for the Iraqi forces to protect them after what happened recently and the language of exclusivity prevailed with decisions to respond and not to resort to peaceful and political solutions, despite that the distinguished parliament should take into account, and make it clear to all the Iraqi people that – if it goes the operation Sadamia and some saw her aggressively and not corrective and corrective – there may be political Colva, economic, monetary and security and in international relations, not only with the United States, but with many of the international coalition countries. The past years have accumulated many arrangements that have become part of many Iraqi military, economic and political institutions, which requires the highest levels of national unity and the management of a policy that takes care of the interest of Iraq first based on friendship, especially with countries that stood with us against ISIS and on good neighborhood and observance of international covenants and non-interference In our affairs, or to interfere in anyone’s affairs, to protect our sovereignty, our independence, and our highest interests, to change the political forces of many security, administrative, economic, and political behaviors, to replace the logic of non-state with the logic of the state, and the logic of asking everything without assuming responsibilities, i.e. Joel and the logic of laziness and dependence on oil resources and replace it develops methods of gross national product and fights unemployment is not only, but through appointments mainly by activating the real sectors and providing real rights, not things are corrupting and prosthetics.
Fourth: Conclusion and recommendations: The recommendation that I recommend as Prime Minister and Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces is to go to option (1) despite some internal and external difficulties that may face us, but it remains the best for Iraq in principle and in practice, but it is better to reorganize healthy and healthy relations with the United States The rest of the countries establish a solid fundamentalist friendship based on respect for sovereignty, non-interference in internal affairs, and the promotion of common interests. Iraq lived without foreign forces for the period from 2011 to 2014 and its relations with neither the United States nor any other party have deteriorated, even though the current conditions in the struggle against ISIS are better than they were then .. The House of Representatives must take whatever decision it deems appropriate.
In conclusion, I take this opportunity to emphasize your esteemed parliament to resolve the issue of forming the next government that exceeds its constitutional period, and to end the state of daily affairs, especially in such dangerous circumstances that require full powers and stability in the policies of the executive authority, despite my appreciation for the difficult challenges facing your esteemed council, This is something that I had warned against before resigning, when I announced several letters and letters that the government was ready to submit its resignation, provided that the alternative was presented in order to avoid falling into this void that we are suffering now.
And our last prayer is, praise be to God, Lord of the worlds, and may God’s peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you.

In pictures … Baghdad students flock to liberation … and Diwaniya continues its demonstrations



Groups of Technology University students arrived today, Sunday, to Tahrir Square, in the center of the capital, Baghdad.

A local source said that groups of students from the University of Technology began arriving in Tahrir Square, in the center of the capital, Baghdad.

While hundreds of students from Diwaniyah governorate went out to protests and renewal of student marches to restore the spirit to the Tishreen uprising and emphasize the strike until the fulfillment of the demands.

And protests continue in the southern and central provinces that have risen since last October, in order to change the political process and extract it from the hegemony of the parties and choose a national government away from external dictates.

look at the pictures..

Sheikh Ali comments on the parliament session: You are my!


uary 5, 2020 | 06:47 pm
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Baghdad / .. Deputy Fayek Sheikh Ali, today, Sunday, described the special session of the House of Representatives on the expulsion of foreign forces as “Teh Bahy.”

Sheikh Ali said in a tweet on Twitter: “The parliament session is now in Iraqi colloquial: So, so!”

And he added, “By legal standards: it means nothing and has no legal or political effect.”

And he explained, “In the political sense: an empty show and empty threats for excited people who call themselves to the world.”

“The humiliating and abusive presence of this important institution continued, to some of the male and female deputies: Baba, thank him!”