Sources talk about American delegations discussing with Kurdish leaders the establishment of 4 military bases in Kurdistan

Baghdad / Obelisk: In the past two days, American officials have visited the Kurdistan region on a group of axes, most notably, the file of the American forces.

Political sources, familiar with the scenes of those meetings, said on Friday, January 17, 2020, that “American military and political delegations met with the President of the Territory, Negervan Barzani, and the Prime Minister, Masroor Barzani, and his deputy, to discuss the file of the American presence inside Iraq and the region as well.” .

She added, “The process of continuing Kurdish support for the survival of the American forces was discussed, refusing to withdraw them or canceling the security agreement and cooperation in the field of establishing 4 military bases, including the silk base in the Kurdistan region.”

The US Secretary of State had said earlier that he discussed with 50 Iraqi figures the fate of his country’s forces in Iraq and the possibility of keeping them in “safe” places.

According to the sources, “diplomatic relations were strengthened, as well as cooperation in the political and economic field, and the speedy opening of the largest American consulate in the world in the city of Erbil.”

The President of the Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani, said earlier today, Friday, that the decision of the Iraqi parliament to remove American forces from Iraq was not a good decision, as it was made by the Shiite bloc, only without consulting with the other major components in the country, according to what came In an interview, with Al-Monitor, published by Al-Masalla.


Newspaper: Al-Halbousi and Saleh warned Abdul Mahdi not to remove American forces … fearing sanctions and militias


Baghdad – news

An Arab newspaper revealed today, Friday, that there are major differences between the three presidencies represented in Parliament, the resigned government and the Republic, regarding the issue of removing American forces from Iraq these days.

The newspaper said, in a report, quoting a high-ranking official source at the Presidency Court: The issue of removing the American military forces is strongly insisted upon by the resigned Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi and other political forces loyal to Iran, indicating that Parliament Speaker Muhammad Al-Halbousi and Republic Barham Saleh told Abed Al-Mahdi rejected them as a step to remove American forces from Iraq.

She explained: Parliament and Republican Presidents cautioned Abdul Mahdi that the decision would drag the country into major problems, which may not end when the United States or Western countries lift their support for Iraq, or unilateral sanctions by Washington, as US President Donald Trump has threatened.

She noted that “Washington has become aware that the Presidents of Parliament and the Republic reject the project, especially since Al-Halbousi and Saleh have made phone calls to American officials, and the position of Iraqi officials represents, in the end, for the Americans a Sunni Arab and Kurdish position.”

While she stressed, according to the responsible source: “There is a Sunni-Kurdish fear that the departure of the American forces will be at the expense of a greater Iranian influence and an outreach to the militias in Iraq, considering that the American presence is a current equilibrium factor, even if not significantly”, indicating that “this matter Al-Halbousi informed him and Saleh Prime Minister Abdel-Mahdi during the meeting of the three presidencies, which was held last Tuesday.

Barzani: The presence of the American forces is necessary for Iraq and the parliament’s decision set a bad precedent

Time: 1/17/20 12:05 PM

(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The President of the Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani, stressed that the decision of the Iraqi parliament to remove the American forces from Iraq was not a good decision, as it was taken by the Shiite bloc only without consulting with the other major components in the country.

Stating that “it is better now is the serious participation and dialogue between Iraq and the United States on the future form of the deployment of the United States because the presence of American and coalition forces is necessary for all of Iraq.” 

In this interview with Al-Monitor, Nechirvan Barzani said about the impact of the killing of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Commander Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis in a US drone air raid on Iraq and the Kurdistan Region: “This event triggered a flood of emotions in Iraq and the United States, including the reaction of Parliament The Iraqi and the Iraqi Prime Minister, by the same token, the response of Washington to the American forces will remain in Iraq, regardless of what the parliament or the government and the like say, in my opinion it was also expressed with enthusiasm at the present moment, and the priority should be to put emotions aside, because we We need now Z contain the situation, to control it. ”

He added, “Our opinion is that the decision taken by the Iraqi parliament was not a good decision and the Kurds and Sunnis did not participate in this decision, moreover, it sets a bad precedent, as the decision was taken by the Shiite bloc without consulting any of the main components of this country, the Kurds And the Sunnis (the Arabs) were a very decisive step that was taken without seeking consensus and thus violating the spirit of the Iraqi constitution. This is not good for Iraq, now or for the future.

Pointing out that “the question that must first be addressed is: Why are American forces present here? They are here at the invitation of the Iraqi government in 2014 and in consultation with the United Nations Security Council when ISIS was on the outskirts of Baghdad, and the second: Does the current situation in Iraq justify The withdrawal of US and coalition forces, given their mission, which is to help defeat ISIS? As much as we are the Kurdistan Regional Government, we are concerned that the answer is not clear, as all intelligence indicates that ISIS has regrouped and that they carry out attacks against Iraqi targets on a daily basis. Here, the interest of Kurdistan Iraq charges for US forces as they are in the interest of Iraq as a whole. ”

On the pressures that Iran is under to remove American forces from Iraq, Nechirvan Barzani added that “during the visit of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi here a few days ago, the impression we reached was that he was looking to solve this issue through dialogue rather than confrontation, it will be The idea is to come up with a new formula, to reshape, if you will, the future presence of American and coalition forces in Iraq. ”

Noting that “the presence of American and coalition forces is necessary for all of Iraq,” stressing that “the Iraqi Prime Minister is a pragmatic man looking to reformulate and redefine the future presence of these forces in Iraq, I do not think that relations between Iraq and the United States should be legislated through the media This is not useful. ”

Regarding the statements of the Iraqi Prime Minister that the American forces should leave the country, he said: “The Prime Minister of Iraq has the right to submit his complaint and the fact that such a major operation was conducted on Iraqi soil near the airport without his knowledge would have provoked a negative response from Baghdad.”

Noting that “it is better now is the serious participation and dialogue between Iraq and the United States on the future form of the deployment of the United States. 

On assessing the Iranian missile attack on the Americans, which also targeted Erbil, Barzani said: “The Iraqi leadership must maintain the interests, security and stability of the country, the Iraqi people, above all. The missile launch was a very clear message to everyone that Iran has the will and the ability to strike inside Any part of Iraq. ”

He stressed that “we do not want Iraq to become a battleground between Iran and America, and at the same time, Iran is our old neighbor, and the Iraqi Prime Minister since he took office has worked to avoid falling into the conflict between Iran and the United States.”

Regarding the transfer of US Vice President Mike Pines in November, an invitation from US President Donald Trump to attend the President of the Kurdistan Region at a meeting in the White House, he explained that “there is a permanent invitation, but no date has been set yet. Abdul-Mahdi resigned on November 29. The United States sees us as part of Iraq and they treat us that way. ”

On the possibility of meeting with US President Donald Trump in Davos, Negervan Barzani said: “I have to ask the foreign minister, it is not clear whether Trump will come to Davos, but I will meet Vice President Pence in Davos.”

Regarding the relations between Washington and the Kurdistan Region after the death of Qassem Soleimani, the President of the Kurdistan Region pointed out that “the Kurdistan Regional Government enjoys its legal and constitutional status of special importance within the Iraqi equation, and American policy towards Iraq, that is, one Iraqi policy.”

And on the possibility that the Kurdistan Region could be a potential mediator between Washington and Baghdad, between that “we certainly do and will do our part in this regard. We believe that it is really in the interest of Iraq to do that and that the relations between Washington and Baghdad remain stable, and we are ready to do our best within the limits of our capabilities.” Humble to contribute to stability and peace in this region. ”

The President of the Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani, noted about the role of Russia in Iraq after he had been active in Syria and Libya, saying: “It is clear that Russia has an important role in this region.”

Regarding his opinion on concluding an agreement between the Kurds in Syria and the Syrian government, Nechirvan Barzani said: “In principle we believe that the issue of the Kurds in Syria should be resolved within the borders of Syria. I think that the Syrian government should be more prepared than it is now. The Kurds in Syria are Part of Syria, and the Russians can make a difference, but when I interviewed Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov specifically asked him to help offer a deal between the Kurds and the regime I think President Putin should do more in this regard. ”

He added, “Our advice in the past, present and future is that the Syrian Kurds find a way to reach an agreement with the regime, as I have repeatedly told them to cut their ties with the PKK in Qandil.”

“I have always said that they did their best to provoke Turkey by placing the flags of the Kurdistan Workers Party and huge pictures of the leader of the Kurdistan Workers Party, Abdullah Ocalan, on the Turkish border directly, and for years we have been asking them to separate from the PKK and try to understand Turkey’s fears to avoid this outcome.” That we have today. ”

On the relationship of the Kurdistan Region with Turkey, Nechirvan Barzani said: “Our relations with Turkey have always been important and good, and the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region, Masrour Barzani, held a good meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and we will continue in this way.”

Stressing that: “We cannot allow Iraqi Kurdistan to become a launching pad for attacks against any of our neighbors, and this problem must be solved in Turkey by peaceful means, whenever I meet Turkish officials, I remind them of this, that this problem needs to be resolved through dialogue, not from Through military means, this is in the interest of both sides. ”

Stressing that “the Kurdistan Region has a constitutional legal status inside Iraq. This is a recognized fact inside Iraq and internationally, so it makes sense in this regard to draw similarities between Iraqi Kurdistan and Rojava. For us in Iraqi Kurdistan, whenever we feel an opportunity to help our brothers and sisters in Rojava and the Kurds in places Other than to solve their problems peacefully within the countries in which they live, we are always happy to do so. I would also like to take this opportunity to salute my brothers and sisters in Rojava for their great sacrifices on the frontline in the war against ISIS, for their courage and dedication. I did not Be only to defend themselves and Syria, but to defend humanity and for this we owe them a big thanks, and it must be, there is a constitutional protection for all their rights within the framework of a united Syria, they must be equal citizens and express themselves freely as a Kurd. ”

The Kurdistan Region President talked about the agreement with Baghdad about the budget, revenue sharing and oil, saying: “After long discussions and many trips to Baghdad, we have already reached an agreement. We almost finished the deal at the end of September, we were supposed to deliver more than 250,000 barrels of oil. To the Iraqi National Oil Company SOMO at the export terminals in the Turkish port of Ceyhan overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, they will market it and the revenues will go to the Iraqi treasury from which the Kurdistan Regional Government will obtain its share. ”

On Turkey’s share he said: “They have nothing to do with it. So what will happen mainly is that we have to pay transit fees to the Turkish side and this is Iraqi oil, regardless of where it is extracted. We have the remaining 200,000 barrels we have that cover payments to oil companies for their services. Some of our debts are to them. But this deal is now forgotten and this uncertainty is clearly not good. However, as I mentioned, since March of last year, part of the salaries of public officials has been paid by the central government in Baghdad regularly About 55% We are talking about 380 million dollars a month It does not cover all salaries Our salary is for government employees, and social security is $ 700 million a month; 1.2 million people get government salaries, of whom 700,000 are employees working directly by the government, peshmerga, civil servants, etc. ”

“If you look at the performance of the previous government, we were often in a crisis management situation, with the budget dispute with Baghdad, and then ISIS, a lot has been achieved in the past ten years, but mistakes have been made as well. The government has started,” Barzani said. Al-Jadida has a better relationship with Baghdad and the regional defeat of the Islamic State, and it has embraced the power of the reform process and the implementation of reforms and is trying to do a better job. I think the prime minister is doing a good job. He has achieved a good balance in the cabinet, he is doing a good job. ”

President of the Kurdistan Region Nechirvan Barzani concluded the interview by talking about the PUK conference, saying: “They held a party conference and it was successful despite all speculation. They formed a committee to solve all their internal issues, until now it is still not clear who will actually head the party, but I think the president will be The Iraqi Barham Salih “finished