Close The Central Bank of Iraq opens 4 accounts with the US Federal Bank for the purpose of starting to implement the Chinese agreement

by Othman Abu Khadra

Iraq news

5 Hours ago

The Department of Investments and Foreign Remittances of the Central Bank of Iraq announced the completion of the opening of four accounts with the American Federal Bank for the purpose of starting implementing the framework agreement with the Chinese Government’s Export and Credit Guarantee Agency.

The Central Bank of Iraq confirmed in a letter addressed to the Prime Minister’s Office, to inform it of depositing the amounts of oil shipments issued under the above agreement by the Sumo Oil Marketing Company in the accounts of the Central Bank of Iraq, which amounted to four hundred and eighteen million and ten thousand eight hundred and sixty-seven American countries and twenty-four cents for the month of October The first and the second of October.

The Central Bank of Iraq called on the Prime Minister’s Office to inform him of the start of implementing the agreement for the purpose of completing the contract with an investment company to monitor the accounts.

وثيقة | البنك المركزي العراقي يفتح 4 حسابات لدى البنك الفيدرالي الأميركي لغرض البدء بتنفيذ الاتفاقية الصينية

Unidentified people set fire to the headquarters of the Badr Organization in Karbala Governorate

Security | 10:49 – 12/01/2020

Baghdad – Mawazine News 

Unidentified persons set fire, Sunday, to the Badr Organization headquarters in Karbala Governorate.

The source told Mawazine News that “the clashes were renewed between demonstrators and security forces in Zaid Square in Karbala Governorate. The

source added that” the headquarters of the Badr Organization and a store containing tents and chairs in the governorate were burned, which resulted in material damage, “noting that” the demonstrators are trying to Storming the governorate building and the security forces are trying to drive them away. ”

is over

Deputy: Abdul-Mahdi’s stay is not realistic and there is a real desire to get out of the crisis

Time: 12/1/20 11:35 PM

{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The former MP, Faisal al-Issawi, counted the survival of Adel Abdul Mahdi as prime minister “unrealistic”, while stressing the existence of a real desire in parliament to get out of the crisis.

Al-Issawi told Al-Hadath program broadcast on Al-Furat satellite channel tonight, “Today there is no doubt that the demonstrations that lasted for three months were pressing for reform operations, but what happened today is unfortunate images of burning schools and colleges outside the general framework of reforms advocated by the Iraqi people.”

He added that “the map of the demonstrations is to change the commission and the election law and then form a government capable of creating an atmosphere for early elections.”

Al-Issawi pointed out that “the accumulated political deviation in 3 consecutive sessions of the House of Representatives produced the problem of the largest bloc, and the wrong interpretation leads us to closed ways and the blocs want the Prime Minister to get away from them without assuming responsibility.”  

“There is a real desire among a large percentage of parliamentarians to get out of the crisis, but we need objective conditions to achieve early elections,” he said.

Al-Issawi commented about the meeting of the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, with the head of the Construction Alliance, Hadi al-Amiri, in Qom, by saying, “The information of Mr. Sadr and al-Amiri’s meeting is confidential, and his decisions have not yet come out to their closest relatives.” A second term for Abdul Mahdi.

He continued, “But the two sides may have agreed to nominate a new personality to put him on the political blocs,” noting that “the other leaders are the largest bloc and bear the responsibility for choosing the prime minister.”

Al-Issawi said, “The United States is still the largest ally and supporter of Iraq and the China agreement, as an opportunity to advance the Iraqi economy and infrastructure.

He continued, “Therefore, to keep Abdul Mahdi as realistic as possible until the elections are held, but politically it cannot be sustained, because he cannot face the great challenges that the country is going through, and he has no background or tools to confront the crisis.”

And on the other candidate’s candidate, Ali Al-Shukri, Al-Issawi said, “He is a distinguished and patriotic figure who has succeeded in the experiment and has acceptability and fortunes with the political parties. We hope that the political blocs find a consensus to name him and he is able to bear responsibility.”

Al-Issawi concluded by saying, “Iraqi foreign policy retreated in the time of Abdul-Mahdi very clearly and failed to find any sympathy or clear positions by the countries after the bombing of sites in Iraq and the martyrdom of a senior official as deputy head of the Popular Mobilization Authority Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis.”

Urgent: An officer and 3 members of the Air Force were wounded in the bombing of Balad

Time: 1/12/2020 7:20 PM

(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The Security Media Cell announced the losses of the missile bombing of Balad Air Force Base, south of Salah Al-Din Governorate, on Sunday evening.

A statement of the cell, which was received by the “Al Furat News” agency, said that “Balad Air Base in Salah al-Din Governorate was hit by Katyusha rockets, wounding an officer and three members of the Iraqi Air Force.”

The base – which includes American forces – was hit this evening by 4 Katyusha rockets. It ended

Expert: The China agreement cannot be implemented amid political corruption in Iraq … Washington’s approval is necessary

Baghdad – news

The expert and professor of international economics at Baghdad University, Mezher Obaid, said today, Sunday, that it is difficult to implement the agreement with China amid political corruption in Iraq, stressing the need for approval from Washington to implement it on the ground.

Obaid said, in an interview with “Al-Akhbaria”: It is difficult to implement these agreements smoothly inside Iraq amid political corruption and strong dominant rampant influence of influential people in the joints of the state, with a deadly and chronic routine that does not allow the flow of work and its transparency, “noting that the internal economic, social and political environment does not allow Passing those agreements or allowing the presence of international companies inside Iraqi cities. ”

He added: “The implementation of economic agreements only passes through the American portal. Without their approval, this matter will never happen, and the politicians of Iraq or the economic legislator should be aware of this issue and not cross it.” He asked: “Can Abdul Mahdi secure the safety of Chinese or other companies inside cities?” ? ”

The economist stressed: “The political and economic issue in Iraq is subject to the hands of the United States, and the latter needs firm guarantees to work with it alone only, and it is concerned about the division of the state between Tehran and Washington.”

It is noteworthy that China confirmed through its ambassador to Baghdad its full readiness and readiness to implement the agreement with Iraq, as this came after the call of the first deputy speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, Hassan Al-Kaabi, to expedite the implementation of the agreement between Iraq and China because of its many positives reflected on the economic reality.

And the head of the caretaker government, Adel Abdul-Mahdi, in an official letter published by “Al-Akhbaria” earlier, called on the ministries to send all proposed and necessary projects that must be included in the plan to implement the agreement in the coming period.

It is noteworthy that the head of the Parliamentary Economy and Investment Committee, Ahmed Salim Al-Kinani, said in a press statement that he followed “Al-Akhbariya”: “The Iraq agreement with China entered into implementation, which is a tremendous agreement unparalleled over time in the economic and political history of Iraq that did not get such a thing.” The (oil-for-construction) agreement, and everyone knows the role of China in the global economy and has the largest presence in all economic sectors, and is considered the second largest global economy with a total output estimated at 8.8 trillion dollars according to the purchasing power scale and is the fastest growing large economy in 30 years ago.

He added, “This agreement included many provisions in addressing all sectors, especially infrastructure and service in projects of large water drainage networks, roads and bridges, as well as in the field of health in establishing large and modern hospitals and educational hospitals and in the field of education by establishing schools, universities and educational institutes in the field of communications and technology for the judiciary On corruption and bureaucracy, and in the field of developing agriculture and activating the industrial sector, this giant agreement included all strategic projects, including the implementation of the Grand Faw port and other projects presented by the Government of Iraq as part of a feasibility study that serves Public good. ”

According to local economic statistics, China is the largest importer of Iraqi oil, at about 800,000 barrels per day, and the volume of trade exchange between the two countries amounts to thirty billion dollars annually, so reaching the oil-for-construction formula will not be difficult, especially if it is certified Expectations to increase Iraqi oil production during the current year.

The provincial government sets two conditions that must be met by the next prime minister

Editing Date: 12/1/2020 13:54


The official spokesman for the regional government, Gottiar Adel, confirmed on Sunday that the visit of the resigned prime minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi, to the region was appropriate at a very appropriate time for both parties, indicating that the next prime minister should be accepted by everyone, And to abide by the constitution so as not to repeat the same mistakes.

Adel said, in a press statement today, Sunday, that “the two sides discussed various aspects of the bilateral relationship between Baghdad and Erbil, including the budget, in addition to that the visit was on the other hand to complement previous discussions that were completed, in addition to the recent developments in the region, in particular The current regional crisis. ”

He added that “the discussions on the budget have been taken good steps on it, as it was stressed the importance of the commitment of the government, whether current or future, to the budget agreement, because of its great importance, from our point of view,” noting that “the importance of the independence of the Iraqi decision regarding All the issues raised, and there was a convergence of views on them, as it was emphasized that the relationship between the center and the region be a relationship of mutual trust for the benefit of both parties.

In response to a question about the decision to withdraw the US from Iraq, Adel stressed, “The Iraqi parliament issued a decision in this regard, and we had – and still are – a opinion on this issue, as we see that the decision was taken under the weight of emotions and haste, and we have demonstrated this clearly, But in the end it became a decision, as long as it was passed by the majority. “He pointed out that the Kurdistan Region’s vision is based on the fact that decisions of this kind need time, and we also believe that the international alliance still represents a need we have because the ISIS threat remains.

With regard to the file of choosing the next government, the spokesman for the regional government stressed that “the current prime minister does not bear responsibility for what happened, as an accumulation of legacies, and the reasons are clear, most notably the lack of adherence to the constitution, and therefore, our view is based on the fact that the next prime minister is acceptable By everyone, and to abide by the constitution so that the same mistakes are not repeated. ”

For his part, an informed Iraqi government source said, “The atmosphere of the talks held by Abdul-Mahdi in Erbil was comfortable, and the government delegation was surprised by the region’s position, which appeared to be identical with the government’s point of view on many important issues, or was understood by them, even with notes.” .

The government source, who preferred not to be named, continued, “The Kurdish leadership has shown understanding about basic matters, such as the American withdrawal, or other points that appear controversial, but there is a feeling among all of the importance of looking at the future of Iraq.”

Regarding the main objective of the visit, the source stressed that “after internal and regional events, it was necessary to consult with the Kurdish leaders on common sensitive files, including security and the internal situation, the regional crisis and its repercussions, and the US withdrawal decision taken by the Iraqi parliament.”

The Kurdistan Regional Government announced yesterday, Saturday, the details of the meeting of the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Masrour Barzani, with Abdel Mahdi, as he stated in a statement to the Kurdistan Regional Government, that “during the meeting between the two sides, a light was shown on the latest developments in Iraq and the region, relations between the two sides, and the two sides confirmed, The importance of distancing Iraq from external conflicts, and it was stressed that the country must have balanced relations with everyone.

A source reveals that the prime minister’s position will be decided this week, and with these specifications

Editing Date: 12/21/12 12:41


An informed source revealed, today, Sunday, that a new prime minister will be decided this week, revealing the agreed specifications.

The source said in a press statement that “an agreement was made between the political leaders at the level of the leaders of the blocs to resolve the position of Prime Minister this week.”

He added that “a meeting that included all the leaders of the Shiite blocs was agreed upon to resolve the position of Prime Minister this week and to the fullest extent next week,” noting that “it is within the agreement that the candidate is not a military and not a judge.”

Iraq has been living in a constitutional vacuum for nearly two weeks, after the end of the constitutional period to assign a new prime minister to succeed the resigned, against the backdrop of demonstrations, Adel Abdul Mahdi.

Mr. Ammar Al-Hakim calls for speeding up the formation of the government away from the controversy

Time: 12/1/204 4:44 PM

(Baghdad: Al Furat News) Today, Sunday leader of the National Wisdom Movement, Mr. Ammar Al-Hakim, called for speeding up the formation of the government away from the controversy, stressing the importance of dialogue and sparing the region the risks of escalation.

Mr. Hakim said in a statement that he received {Al Furat News} a copy of it: “During our reception the German ambassador in Baghdad Cyril Nan discussed bilateral relations between Iraq and Germany and ways to develop them to serve the interests of the two countries, as we indicated that Iraq is open to everyone in terms of common interests and respect for sovereignty.”

He added: “We stressed the importance of relying on dialogue and avoiding the region’s risks of escalation, as it does not serve anyone’s interest, and that the region’s priorities are understanding so that peoples can enjoy their good.”

“As far as the government file is concerned, we called for the speedy formation of it away from the dialectic, and we stressed the necessity of adopting the road map drawn by the religious authority to get out of the current crisis,” he said. is over