Head of the Victory Bloc, following the parliament’s decision: We lost a useful ally and won an enemy that everyone feared

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Baghdad today – Baghdad

The head of the Al-Nasr bloc, Adnan Al-Zorfi, Sunday (January 05, 2020), considered that Iraq would lose a useful ally, after the parliament voted on a decision obliging the government to remove foreign forces from Iraq.

Al-Zrafi said in a tweet on his platform on Twitter, that “the removal of (all) foreign forces is a necessity imposed by (the peoples) themselves if the pillars of the state are integrated.”

He added: “An angry people, an independent government and a penetrated political system that does not mean integration, we have not only lost a beneficial ally, but have won an enemy that everyone fears.”

Earlier, the House of Representatives, on Sunday (January 05, 2020), lifted its special session on canceling the security agreement with Washington until next Saturday .

Al-Halbousi said during the session, “The session will be adjourned to next Saturday .”

The House of Representatives voted on the exit of all foreign and American forces from Iraq, the cancellation of the role of the international coalition in Iraq, in addition to canceling the security agreement with America by the Iraqi government

Parliament also voted on the necessity to confine arms to the state .

For his part, the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, stressed in a message addressed to the parliament on Sunday (January 5, 2020) to cancel the security agreement and immediately close the Washington embassy and bases .

Al-Sadr’s message, which was read by one of the deputies of the Alliance Alliance from within the extraordinary session held in Parliament: And his declaration of hostility to religion and doctrine . ”

He continued: So I announce that the following is not done :

First: Immediately cancel the security agreement and not abide by its prejudicial and humiliating terms

Second: The US embassy of evil is closed immediately

Third: To shut down and expel US bases in a humiliating manner

Fourth: Criminalizing and punishing communication with the US government

Fifth: Supporting the Iraqi army and security forces with a disciplined national resistance to protect the sovereignty, borders, and reputation of Iraq .

What replied to me about the parliament’s decisions was against the American presence .

Sixth: To protect other embassies in Iraq .

Seventh: boycotting American products in Iraq, even more comprehensive than that .

Finally: I invite the Iraqi resistance factions in particular and the factions outside Iraq to an immediate meeting to announce the formation of (international resistance regiments)

Al-Sadr concluded by saying, “If Parliament does not do this, then we have greater behavior .


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