Al-Khalidi reveals: Allawi was just around the corner. They negotiated it and prevented him from being named prime minister

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Baghdad today – Baghdad

The head of the Bayraq al-Khair bloc, MP Muhammad al-Khalidi, revealed on Sunday (26-1-2020) the existence of a large parliamentary bloc, which he described as the largest to reject any “party” candidate officially presented for the position of prime minister of the transitional government.

Al-Khalidi said, during his hosting of the program (the point of view) , which is presented by Dr. Nabil Jassem on the (Degla Satellite TV), that “the political blocs are wedded to their narrow interests, gains and spoils, and this is what held the resolution of the file for naming the prime minister.”

He added, “The caretaker government headed by Adel Abdel-Mahdi exercises the powers of the government with full powers and in a manner marred by corruption.”

He pointed out that “the agreement with China and the granting of rounds of oil licenses at last by a decision of the Council of Ministers and the appointment of agents and general managers all of them are carried out by the government outside its powers, and this corruption is clear because it is done in favor of parties.”

Allawi talked about the details of the hours leading up to the president’s travel to Davos, which he said would have seen the end of the crisis in naming the designated prime minister.

He stressed that “the candidate Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi was on the verge of being appointed as prime minister before the President of the Republic Barham Salih traveled to Davos.”

He explained, “On the day of the president’s travel, we were informed in the morning that the assignment would take place on the same day, and then the matter was postponed until further notice because partisan parties wanted to negotiate with Allawi, and he refused because he does not accept the imposition of conditions restricting his work.”

He stressed that “the President of the Republic informed us that he was under pressure that caused the delay in resolving the file.”

He continued, “Mustafa Al-Kazemi is also one of the candidates for prime minister, accompanied by 3 other candidates, and the President of the Republic can send more than one name to the House of Representatives, and confidence is given to whoever gets the most votes in a consensual way.”

And he considered that “it is impossible for the President of the Republic to yield to the pressure of the blocs and nominate a party person for prime minister, because disasters will continue.”

He called for “a prime minister who has a real reform project that paves the way for early elections.”

He added that “the prime minister must not be from the political blocs, and he must be independent, but the political blocs obstruct that.”

He pointed out that “Abdul-Mahdi is weak in front of political forces, and this is his most important weak point.”

He pointed out that “there are 170 deputies in the House of Representatives, who will reject any party candidate presented by the President of the Republic, Barham Salih, to the prime minister.”

Earlier in the day, the deputy of the Al-Fateh Alliance, Siham Moussa, suggested that a candidate acceptable to all parties be chosen to assume the post of prime minister soon.

Moussa said in an interview singled out (Baghdad today), “There are agreements and meetings between political forces, but so far we do not know who is to be chosen and presented to take over as prime minister.”

She added, “It is expected that the candidate for prime minister will be chosen this week,” expressing her “hope that the Alliance of Al-Sayerun and Al-Fatah and all other powers will reach an agreement on the personality that will be put forward, in order to calm the street and provide services and be independent.”

She explained that “failure to reach an agreement will hinder the passage of the ministerial cabinet within the House of Representatives,” noting that “the country is witnessing continuous demonstrations, external interference and political conflict, so everyone must overcome the dispute and choose the acceptable character.”


The missiles cause casualties among individuals inside the US embassy in Baghdad … The helicopters evacuate the wounded … and sources expect a response from Washington

 Baghdad / Obelisk: A security source said, on Sunday, that a number of people were injured as a result of the shelling that targeted the Green Zone and the American Embassy building in Baghdad, while noting that helicopters are working to evacuate those inside the embassy.

The source said that the missile shelling that targeted the Green Zone and the American embassy in Baghdad resulted in the injury of at least three people, indicating that their nationalities have not been known yet, according to Alsumaria TV.


The source pointed out that helicopters are working to evacuate some of those who are inside the embassy, pointing to taking strict security measures as well as cutting roads leading to the embassy building. 

To that, it was reported that the US side informed Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi that the United States reserves the right to respond.


The “resigned” Prime Minister, Adel Abdul-Mahdi, issued a statement warning that the country would face serious repercussions as a result of these actions.

Parliament Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi also said that the repeated missile strikes against the embassy were unacceptable.

It is noteworthy that five Katyusha rockets landed Sunday evening in the Green Zone “without losses,” according to what the security media cell announced, while a security source confirmed that one of the missiles struck the American embassy building.

Al-Halbousi comments on the “repeated bombing” of the US embassy

The policy of

Muhammad al-Halbousi,

the US embassy in Baghdad

01/26/2020 14:34:54

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Shafak News / Speaker of the House of Representatives, Muhammad al-Halbousi, denounced today, Sunday, the “repeated attacks” against the US embassy in central Baghdad, usually these incidents and their likes “offend” the Iraqi state.

Al Halbousi said in a statement received by Shafak News that “the repeated missile strikes against the American embassy in central Baghdad are unacceptable, and a behavior that offends the reputation of Iraq and weakens the state and undermines its sovereignty, in addition to that it is an act inconsistent with international norms and agreements.”

He continued, “The continuation of these attacks without deterrence harms the higher interests of Iraq and its diplomatic relations with its friends, and it carries serious repercussions that must be avoided in these circumstances,” stressing his refusal that “Iraq be a party to any conflict, or an arena for the settlement of international accounts.”

The Speaker of the House of Representatives added that “any attack on any foreign representation is an attack on the entity and prestige of the Iraqi state, and the security services must take their role by pursuing outlaws and uncovering those who carry out these attacks,” again calling on the government to abide by its legal obligations to protect the headquarters Diplomatic missions. ”

Three injured during the bombing of the American embassy

Baghdad / Al-Ikhbaria:

A security source said, on Monday, that three people were wounded during the bombing of the American embassy in Baghdad.

The source told “Al-Ikhbaria” that “three people were wounded during the bombing of the American embassy in Baghdad.”

He added that “the injured people have not been identified yet,” and

a security source said, on Monday, that American helicopters evacuated the embassy staff within the Green Zone after the missile strike.

The source told “Al-Ikhbaria” that “American helicopters started to evacuate embassy staff within the Green Zone.”

He added, “The helicopters flew low in the approaches of the American embassy in Baghdad.”

Spokesman of wisdom for the Euphrates: a breakthrough for the candidate’s crisis at the end of the week

Time: 1/26/2020 11:52 PM

{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The official spokesman for the National Wisdom Movement, Nofal Abu Ragheef, revealed the relief of the presidential candidate crisis this weekend, while stressing that the demonstration squares are indispensable.

Abu Ragheef said, for the program (very soon) broadcast on the Al-Furat satellite channel tonight, that “what Iraq has witnessed since 120 days is an ambiguous moment in media stances, auctions, misleading public opinion and changing positions, but against this confusion, retreat, and tragedy in the administrative field, schools, squares, and the decline in public life In Iraq, there is a question of awareness.

He added that “the Iraqi street today has an area of awareness and is able to diagnose, sort and review the positions and launch objective judgments and distinguish between the opportunist and the honest.”

Abu Ragheef continued, “In the whole world, those who lead the movement and move the atmosphere reap political and material gains; but the silent majority has educational, social and psychological calculations,” noting that “we do not expect the silent majority to take to the street, especially after Iraq witnessed inconsistencies and overlapping positions.”

He explained that “there are those who spoil the system and stop public life, schools, and public life, so who can bear this sin? And is this a reform for Iraq?” In return, we do not call for ever to abandon the slogans of reform, but on a clear basis determined by the supreme religious authority, “stressing, “The Compass of Wisdom is the compass of reference, its directives and how it interacts with the event.”

And Abu Ragheef added, “Wisdom pays a tax to his political leaders, and he carries political awareness and his sons carry a political culture. In the end, this issue has a tax, so there are those who can target this trend,” recalling, “We were early in declaring the opposition and we came out with a public demonstration, and some of the forces that advocated With the demonstrations today, I stood before wisdom one day. ”

He continued, “We announced from the first day our clear solidarity with the demands of the arenas. Yesterday, the head of the National Wisdom Movement announced his refusal to break up the demonstrations by force at the same time, and we were still emphasizing the respect of the security services and state institutions,” expressing “pride in wisdom as {the barrier” between family and clans. .

Abu Ragheef added, “Our destiny is that we, the sons of Iraq, cannot dispense with the demonstration arenas and political forces, and the ambiguous situation in the country and the difference in attitudes reflects a clear difference in attitudes, and the statements and positions of Mr. Ammar al-Hakim are consistent with the guidelines of the reference.”

He noted, “We do not stand against any party, and we were the first to vote in the parliament on the exit of foreign forces, and among the first supporters of the demonstrations, which are not hybrid positions, but we believe that we are part of the opposing sides in the street and are looking for realistic solutions.”

On resolving a non-controversial candidate for prime minister, Abu Ragheef said, “There is no person who is not controversial in Iraq, and if we assume his presence, we will enter into an argument as to who nominated him from the blocs.” Noting that there are acceptable names for a candidate; A certain and publicly disagree on him, as the dialectic does not end and the political arena needs mutual concessions between the blocs.

He pointed out that he lied to those who say that the international dimension and factor do not exist in Iraq, and it is clear and effective not only in Iraq, as interests are the ones who govern. A recent breakthrough in the political blockage that exists to withdraw the data.

Abu Ragheef stated that “there is a clause in the constitution that allows the president of the republic to appoint someone whom he deems appropriate to head the government,” noting that “we are a state of institutions in which there is no constitutional vacuum, and unconditional dialogue is an entry point for acceptance of the other.”

“Today we pay the price of our support for the demonstrations and we believe that the destiny of Iraq is coexistence and we do not believe in carrying weapons and possess the courage and we call for the continuation of the demonstrations; The crowd as an official security institution. ”

Abu Ragheef concluded his dialogue by sending a message to some of the civilian critics and those who protested for political performance and insulting the parties, saying, “In order to come, reform and change, you will organize or like to political coordination in order to conduct political work in Parliament, and you will start organizing electoral campaigns. He must remember that there will come from The street criticizes his performance, and he must act wisely in reviewing the positions. “He finished

Wafa al-Fatlawi

Al-Issawi: Shiite and Sunni blocs have agreed to the next prime minister

Baghdad / Al-Ikhbariya:

The deputy of the Iraqi Forces Alliance Faleh Al-Issawi revealed, on Sunday, the approval of the Sunni and Shiite blocs on a candidate to head the next government, indicating that the next two days will witness the nomination of the candidate.

Al-Issawi said in a televised statement, followed by “Al-Akhbaria”, that “there are two names for the prime minister, and one person has been approved by the Shiite and Sunni forces and has been put before the Kurdish blocs.”

He added, “The candidate cannot be named, except that he is close to the general situation and holds an executive position in the current sustenance, and he may be assigned within the next two days.”

And he added, “The President of the Republic has the right to assign a personality to the Prime Minister to end the crisis without any delay.”

Katyusha rockets are getting closer to the vicinity of the US embassy … and fears they will be targeted directly with new operations

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 A security source said, on Sunday, that one of the rockets that landed Sunday on the Green Zone hit the US embassy building.

The source said in an interview with local media, that “one of the rockets hit the US embassy building,” and the obelisk could not verify the details.

On Sunday, the Security Media Cell announced that five Katyusha rockets had landed in the Green Zone in central Baghdad.

And resigned Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, on Sunday, a statement on targeting the US embassy in Baghdad, while he indicated that he directed the security forces to search and investigate to prevent the recurrence of events.

Abdul-Mahdi said in a statement received to the obelisk: “Once again, the aggression against a foreign diplomatic mission is repeated, with a number of Katyusha rockets falling inside the campus of the US embassy.”

Targeting operations around the US embassy are repeated on a regular basis, without specifying who is doing this.

Analyzes tend to confirm that the operations against the embassy will continue, to compel the American forces to withdraw from Iraq, as Iraqi parties embrace the project of its removal, as “occupied”, while it is not excluded that the embassy itself will be targeted in the next period of time, as the places of fall approach more and more than Perimeter of the fortified embassy,

But this will further complicate the security situation, and will make the conflict more intense in Iraq.

And the Baghdad Operations Command announced today, Tuesday, that the platform from which the missiles were launched towards the American embassy was found yesterday, according to Russia today.

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The full text of the Iraqi Prime Minister’s statement commenting on the targeting of the American embassy with missile strikes

 Politics    01/26/2020 22:10  795          

Baghdad today – Baghdad

Sunday, 26 January 2020, the head of the caretaker government, Adel Abdul-Mahdi, ordered the security forces to search and investigate to prevent the recurrence of the attack on the American embassy in Baghdad.

Abdul-Mahdi said in a statement received (Baghdad today), “Again, the aggression against a foreign diplomatic mission is repeated, with the fall of a number of Katyusha rockets inside the campus of the American embassy … We deplore the continuation of these condemned and outlaw acts that weaken the state and undermine its sovereignty and the sanctity of existing diplomatic missions On its soil. ”

He added: “We have ordered our forces to deploy, search and investigate to prevent the recurrence of such attacks, and arrest those who fired these rockets so that they can be punished before the judiciary.”

He pointed out that “the continuation of this irresponsible and unilateral act, which bears the entire country its consequences and serious repercussions and leads to harming the country’s higher interests and its relations with its friends, which may drag Iraq to be a battlefield, especially at a time when the government started the procedures of implementing the House of Representatives decision to withdraw foreign forces from the country.” .

He continued: “Therefore, the government confirms that it is committed to protecting all diplomatic missions and taking all necessary measures to achieve this in accordance with the law,” calling on “all benevolent and responsible forces to stand with the government to implement the obligations of Iraq and assume the role of each of them to stop such actions and expose their perpetrators and hold them accountable to walk the country to The consequences are unbelievable.

On Sunday (January 26, 2020), the Security Media Cell announced that 5 Katyusha rockets landed in the Green Zone without causing any losses.

The cell said, in a statement, that “five Katyusha rockets landed in the Green Zone without losses.”

Prior to that, a security source reported, today, that several shells landed in the vicinity of the Green Zone in the center of the capital, Baghdad.

The source said, “Several mortar shells landed in the vicinity of the heavily fortified Green Zone, in the middle of Baghdad.”

He added that “sirens sounded inside the corridors of the US embassy, after the rockets fell,” without revealing more details.

On Tuesday, the Security Media cell confirmed that rockets had landed in the green zone in central Baghdad.

The cell said in a brief statement, “3 Katyusha rockets landed in the vicinity of the Green Zone without causing casualties.”

Barham Salih Gives The Parliamentary Blocs Until Thursday To Present A Candidate For Prime Minister

On January 26, 2020

(Independent) .. An informed source revealed that the President of the Republic, Barham Saleh, gave the parliamentary blocs until next Thursday to submit a candidate to head the new government.

The source said that Saleh called on the political blocs to submit the name of an agreed candidate, for the position of Prime Minister, for the purpose of forming the new government in place of Adel Abdel Mahdi’s resigned government, before next Thursday.

He pointed out that the Prime Minister informed the political blocs that otherwise he would be dissolved from his commitment with the political blocs, and announce the name of a candidate before him to form the government.

The political blocs failed to present a consensual candidate, after the protesters in the squares announced their rejection of the candidates submitted by the Al-Fateh bloc being the largest bloc in Parliament, demanding to nominate an independent candidate and did not hold a ministerial position in previous governments.

Iraq has been in a volatile situation since the resignation of the government of Abdul-Mahdi, following the protests that plagued Baghdad and a number of governorates in central and southern Iraq and led to the fall of nearly 600 martyrs and hundreds of wounded, prompting the religious authority in Najaf to announce its support for the protesters ’demands to resign the government and nominate a person. Indisputable ”to head a transitional government preparing for early elections.

Iraqi source: A missile hit the American embassy in Baghdad

16 minutes ago Wrote: Agencies |

Protesters of the popular crowd set fire to the walls of the American embassy in Baghdad – Archive photo

A source told the Russian “RT”, on Sunday, that one of five missiles fell in the Green Zone in central Baghdad, and that one of them hit the American embassy.

In turn, the Iraqi government security media cell indicated that one of the rockets landed near the American embassy in Baghdad, adding that the accident did not result in any losses.

Earlier on Sunday, a RT source said that “the rockets landed in the vicinity of the Green Zone, and as a result, the US embassy issued sirens.”

The source noted that “there are institutions and diplomatic missions that asked their employees to take cover in places designated for such times.”