Parliamentary dispute on one article in the election law .. The Commission is waiting for a solution to form an independent

BAGHDAD / Obelisk: The House of Representatives completed its session on Tuesday evening, October 19, 2019, the first reading of the bills of the electoral and parliamentary elections.

MP Hassan al-Khalati, a member of the opposition parliamentary bloc, said in a press statement that “demands for political reforms and amendment of laws, including elections to the House of Representatives, a public demand and the supreme authority,” noting that The number of deputies was reduced, the age of the candidate was announced, the election results were announced within 24 hours, and other new materials and issues were read.

He explained that the difference was “on the article in the draft law, which requires a constitutional mandate related to reducing the members of parliament from 329 to 251 and will take the opinion of the Legal Committee, and the Constitution Amendment Committee, and there is a proposal to be submitted to the popular referendum on the same day of elections.”

He pointed out, “The draft law of the Electoral Commission provides that the Commission is neutral and independent and not linked to the House of Representatives, and its members are nominated from the judiciary and the State Shura Council and universities and issued a presidential decree appointing them.”

He continued the draft law to “dissolve the current Board of Commissioners and Directors-General of the Commission and oblige the new Commission impartiality and complete independence and clarity in the entry of data and obliged to announce the results within 24 hours.”

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