Abdul Mahdi’s spokesman threatens to arrest those who cut off roads



Thursday 7 November 2019 01:05 PM

BAGHDAD / .. Spokesman for Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, announced on Thursday, the issuance of orders to arrest the saboteurs who block the roads.

“Security forces have been ordered to enforce the law immediately,” Abdel Karim Khalaf was quoted as saying by state television.

“Vandals who are blocking roads will be arrested for prosecution,” he said.

The spokesman for the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Major General Abdul Karim Khalaf, announced on Wednesday, the losses of the demonstrations reached six billion dollars, while stressing that what is happening in the port of Umm Qasr caused severe damage to the citizen.

The capital Baghdad and nine other provinces since last Friday (October 25), large-scale protests to demand the dismissal of the government and bring the killers of demonstrators to justice and work for early elections under international supervision, and resulted in the killing and wounding of hundreds of demonstrators and security forces as a result of brutal repression The demonstrators were subjected to it.  




Abdul-Mahdi: We are working to find a budget capable of managing the economy correctly and increase the non-oil resources


Abdul-Mahdi: We are working to find a budget capable of managing the economy correctly and increase the non-oil resources

Baghdad / Al-Ghad Press:

Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi said on Thursday the importance of the public budget in the lives of citizens, the country and the economy.


“The budget is not just figures and any imbalance in it leads to an imbalance in economic, health, educational and other progress,” Abdul-Mahdi’s media office said in a press release.

He chaired the expanded meeting of the 2020 Budget Committee, “ We are working to find a budget capable of managing the economy properly and increasing non-oil resources, and to initiate serious reforms and adjustments for all outstanding and thorny financial problems in a national and equitable spirit. ”

The bureau noted that “the meeting reviewed the lagging projects that led to the loss of huge funds and jobs and produced extensive unemployment, and stalled projects returned to work, and discussed many economic, financial and investment related issues.”

He pointed out that the Prime Minister directed “the need for monitoring and accounting for performance and implementation, and the continued holding of the meetings of the Budget Committee to accelerate the completion and submission to the House of Representatives at the earliest.”

Plasskart responds to its accusation of bias and stresses: The United Nations is a partner for every Iraqi trying to change

Release date:: 2019/11/7 19:51

The representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Jenin Hennes-Blachart, on Thursday, to accusations against her bias in relation to the demonstrations.

“In response to the accusations of bias, we say that the United Nations is the partner of every Iraqi trying to change,” she said in a tweet on her Twitter account.

“With their unity, Iraqis can transform their country into a better place and we are here to provide the necessary support.” is over


Demonstrations .. The reopening of Umm Qasr port again after an agreement between the demonstrators and the governor

Baghdad / Obelisk: Protested October 25 .. The obelisk keeps pace with the event at the moment …

Thursday, November 7, 2019

 The port of Umm Qasr is reopened after an agreement between the demonstrators and the governor

Hundreds of people flocked to the square of Nasiriyah and a symbolic funeral for the martyrs of the demonstrations

Baghdad operations: arrest warrants for the force that opened fire on demonstrators in Al-Rashid Street

Reuters: Four protesters killed in Baghdad 

Teachers Syndicate: canceled the general strike in schools and start official work next Sunday

Demonstrations take place in Al-Rasheed Street in central Baghdad and security forces try to disperse them

Dhi Qar declares the strike and civil disobedience and shut down more than a dozen service institutions

spokesman for the military: We have arrested many people who have cut off roads and bridges in Baghdad  ,

version 1500 is an administrative work as lecturers in the education of Muthanna to the various specializations

 school students saluting ceremony of the elevation of science center of Tahrir Square in

Baghdad operations confirm the existence of coordination Between security forces and demonstrators and efforts to clean Tahrir Square

Baghdad operations: There is no cut across the capital

Human Rights calls on the security forces to stop the bloodshed and preserve the lives of protesters

Source: smooth flow of high traffic trucks port or as well short of the start of wheel work companies ,

Director General of Ports: shut down the port of Umm Qasr has continued for more than 9 days and it is important now return the situation to normal ,

Director General of Ports: The reopening of the port took place at 2:30 am and all the staff joined the

ports. We have a meeting with the governor with representatives of the demonstrators on the job opportunities.

Protesters shut down a number of government departments and prevent staff from permanently supporting the protests.

The return of Internet service in some areas of Iraq.

The Teachers Union in Muthanna organizes a silent march as a form of protest.

The Teachers’ Union and hundreds of educational cadres kick off with a demonstration from the union’s building to the Clock Square in Diwaniya in support of the protests.


The Cabinet approves the opening of a consulate in Texas

Date: 2019/11/7 15:46

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, approved the Council of Ministers to open a consulate general in Texas, America.

A statement issued by the Foreign Ministry, which received (Al Furat News), that the Council of Ministers authorized Foreign Minister Mohammed al-Hakim to sign memorandums of mutual exemption for the diplomatic passport, service and private with Oman, Qatar, and Indonesia.

The Cabinet unanimously endorsed the State Department’s recommendation to open a consulate-general in Texas to provide consular services to more than 100,000 Iraqis, the statement said.


Electricity declares stop importing from Iran

Minister of Electricity Louay Al Khatib


Economy News – Baghdad:

Iraqi Minister of Electricity Louay al-Khatib has announced that Iraq has stopped importing electricity from Iran since this month.

“The rate of Iraq’s import of Iranian electricity at the height of the summer is around 1.1 gigawatts, while this month’s rate is zero,” Khatib said.

He added that Iraq is completing the electrical link with all neighboring countries to create a promising market stretching from the Gulf to Europe


The UN envoy is controversial tweet, how the Iraqis responded?


Genin Hennes Blaschart


protests Iraq

2019/11/07 04:13:57

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The United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Iraq, Jenin Hennes-Blachart, has outraged Iraqis for talking about material losses in Iraq without mentioning the violence that has claimed dozens of victims in anti-corruption demonstrations.

“The disruption of critical infrastructure is also a serious concern. Protecting public utilities is everyone’s responsibility,” she said on Twitter.

“Threats or road closures to oil installations are causing billions of losses,” she added. “This damages the economy of Iraq and undermines the legitimate demands of the demonstrators.”

Jeanine Hennis


Disruption of critical infrastructure also of grave concern. Responsibility of all to protect public facilities. Threats/closures of roads to oil installations, ports causing billions in losses. Detrimental to #Iraq’s economy, undermines fulfilling protesters’ legitimate demands.

Blachart’s tweet was met with thousands of angry responses, ranging from the publication of videos about the oppression of Iraqis, to denouncing what she said, and some tweeting to the point of demanding her dismissal.

In a previous tweet, the UN official noted the grave abuses suffered by Iraqi protesters by retweeting the report of the UNAMI Human Rights Office.

But her recent tweet, which made no mention of the dead and wounded in the demonstrations, focusing only on oil losses, infuriated her Twitter followers.

“Mako is the homeland of Mako Oil,” one tweet said.

“That’s right. Oil is more important than blood.”

“How much does Iraqi blood cost?” Asked Lubna Janabi.

The number of angry responses to the UN envoy’s tweet reached more than 4,000 within hours.


Urgent Teachers Syndicate: canceled the general strike in schools and start the official work next Sunday

Release date:: 2019-11-07 13:21

(Baghdad: Euphrates News) The teachers’ union decided to cancel the general strike in schools and start official work next Sunday.

The union said in a statement, received (Euphrates News) a copy of it, “it was decided to cancel the general strike in all schools, and to start official work from next Sunday.”

The Iraqi Teachers’ Union, last Saturday, decided to extend the strike for another week, in solidarity with the demonstrations in Baghdad and a number of provinces.


The government is negotiating with protesters in Bam Palace to resume work

Economy of

Umm Qasr


2019/11/07 02:37:08

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Iraqi government source said the opening of the port of Umm Qasr in Basra and the lifting of “concrete pouring” in front of its gate on Thursday, but commercial movement has not resumed yet.

The source said that negotiations are still going on with the demonstrators to end the sit-in in front of the port gate. According to free.

Protesters have been protesting in front of the port since last Wednesday, which caused the suspension of operations and losses estimated by the government by about six billion dollars.

The government has sent military reinforcements from the army accompanied by armored vehicles and Humvees to Umm Qasr on Monday evening, while the Basra Operations Command announced the implementation of aerial surveys at the gate.

The port receives imports of cereals, vegetable oils and sugar shipments that feed the country, which is largely dependent on imported food.

Since the beginning of October, Iraq has been witnessing an unprecedented wave of protests against the government, including clashes and bloody repression by the security forces, killing at least 260 people and injuring hundreds.