Ghadhban: The Kurdish delegation came to Baghdad in order to increase the financial resources of Iraq


Thamer Ghadhban, Minister of Oil

Economy News – Baghdad

Deputy Prime Minister and Oil Minister Thamer Ghadhban revealed on Sunday the results of talks between Baghdad and Erbil .

Al-Ghadhban told the Iraqi News Agency (INA) and was briefed by “Al-Iqtisadiah News” that “the central government talks with the delegation of the region, which visited Baghdad on Saturday focused on two main points, the first is a paper of principles governing the oil relationship between the region and the center with regard to the delivery of oil to the region ( “The second point concerns the financial side, including the salaries of employees and other financial benefits .”

He stressed that “another delegation will visit Baghdad on Monday to conclude the main issues,” noting that “the atmosphere of the talks was good and positive with the delegation of the region, which in turn told the central government that they are fully authorized and have come to increase the financial resources of the country through the contribution of the region in oil Source”.


Baghdad and Erbil towards a “final agreement” to solve the mystery of the outstanding issues in the oil and budget

BAGHDAD / Obelisk: A high Kurdish delegation intends to go to Baghdad on Monday, within the framework of the completion of negotiations with the federal government, on the most prominent outstanding issues.

The delegation of the region will discuss with Baghdad, the budget for 2020, amid the likely signing of an agreement on the two sides at the end of the talks.

According to Oil Minister Thamer Ghadhban, the government of Erbil pledged on Saturday, to send revenues of 250 thousand barrels of Kurdish oil to Baghdad, while oil experts say that the region’s exports up to 560 thousand barrels per day, as well as quantities smuggled from the fields of Kirkuk and Qayyarah The star, which reaches 65 thousand barrels per day.

The representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government in Baghdad, Sunday, November 24, 2019, that the delegation of the region will go on Monday to Baghdad, for a final dialogue on the draft federal budget for 2020.

Fares Issa, in a press statement, that “it is scheduled at the end of the talks, to be signed an agreement on the federal budget for 2020.”

The delegation of the Kurdistan region, yesterday, meetings in Baghdad with Iraqi officials, and then returned to Arbil, and held a meeting with the Prime Minister of the region Masroor Barzani and his deputy Qubad Talabani.

As for the meeting Saturday, Issa said “will be discussed tomorrow draft budget 2020, and likely to include the demands of the demonstrators and Kurds in the draft budget, and then will be sent to the parliament,” and reiterated optimism “to reach an agreement with the Prime Minister today.”

Demonstrators in the streets of the sit-in in the center of Baghdad and a number of provinces, with slogans demanding the Iraqi authorities, to hold the Kurds accountable for the theft of oil money and displaced people and reconstruction.

Activists in protest squares, in a report published by the “obelisk”, recently, that the region exports 600 thousand barrels per day, not as claimed by 250 thousand, explaining that the average annual revenue of oil sold, estimated at 13 billion dollars.

In its latest report, Variety magazine revealed the value of the palaces bought by Mansour Barzani, son of Massoud Barzani, the former president of Iraqi Kurdistan in Los Angeles.

The magazine said, “Mansour son of Massoud Barzani, former president of the Kurdistan region of Iraq (Barzanistan) bought two palaces in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, one worth $ 20 million and the other $ 27 million.”

Earlier this year, Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi said that “the region has not delivered us one dollar of the revenues of 250 thousand barrels per day,” overlooking that the real amount exported.

Ali Abdul Mahdi, who has an “old friendship” with the Kurds, is known to have made all the decisions he made even when he was oil minister reinforced the region’s big gains.

Hamza al-Jawahiri, an engineer and an oil expert, said that “most of the energy agencies in the world indicate that the export from Kurdistan is about 560 thousand barrels per day, as well as the quantities smuggled from the fields of Kirkuk, which is estimated at 35 thousand barrels per day, in addition to other quantities of the fields of Qayyarah And the star, up to 30 thousand barrels per day. ”

Jawahiri asserts that these oils are “smuggled with the knowledge of everyone without indifference or fear of anyone.”

According to al-Jawahiri, according to the constitution, “all the production of the territory must go to the federal government, and this is the reality that everyone is trying to overlook.”

Sherwan Mirza, a member of the Finance and Economic Committee in Parliament, said on Sunday, “The delegation of the region will discuss with federal government officials on issues of common interest between Erbil and Baghdad, including the oil and gas file, and the Iraqi public budget law for 2020 and the share of Kurds” .

He pointed out that “it is hoped this time that the dialogues of the delegations of Erbil and Baghdad will produce positive results, because there is a remarkable rapprochement and understanding between the two sides.”

It is worth mentioning that, after many exchanges of visits between the delegations of the Iraqi government and the regional government to Erbil and Baghdad, many issues remain pending, including the issue of budget and oil, and the return of the Peshmerga to the so-called ‘disputed’.

The Obelisk

Darkness in Tahrir Square after cutting electricity

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total of darkened tents were present in Tahrir Square in central Baghdad, after power was cut off on Sunday evening.

Eyewitnesses said in press statements seen by [where] that “darkness now hangs over Tahrir Square after cutting off electricity without knowing the reasons for the interruption.”

Since October 25, Tahrir Square has witnessed renewed demonstrations and large numbers of demonstrators and security forces have fallen due to the use of excessive violence and the firing of tear gas and stones.

America supports dialogue between Baghdad and Erbil and considers the region an “important” ally in the region


pleased with Barzani , the

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of the Senate

2019/11/24 09:08:42

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A US delegation led by Robert Kareem, an adviser to the Republican senator, said on Sunday that he supports the process of dialogue between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the federal government, stressing that America sees the Kurdistan Region as an “important” ally in the region.

In a statement to the presidency of the Kurdistan Regional Government received Twilight News, Prime Minister Masroor Barzani on Sunday, in the presence of his deputy Qubad Talabani, a US delegation headed by Robert Karim, an adviser to the President of the Republicans in the Senate.

He pointed out that the meeting, which was attended by the US ambassador to Baghdad, Matthew Toller, witnessed the discussion on developments in Iraq and the region, and to emphasize the continued assistance of the Kurdistan Regional Government, especially the Peshmerga forces and coordination with Iraqi forces to confront the terrorists “IS.”

The statement added that the guest delegation expressed support for the process of dialogue between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the federal government, stressing that America sees in the Kurdistan region an important ally in the region.

Kurdistan government announces visit to Baghdad tomorrow to complete the talks

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(Erbil: Euphrates News) The Kurdistan Regional Government, the visit of a high-level Kurdish delegation to the capital Baghdad to complete talks on the region’s share in the 2020 budget.

This came during a meeting of the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government Masroor Barzani and in the presence of his deputy Qubad Talabani, on Sunday, with the delegation of the Kurdistan Regional Government, who visited Baghdad and held talks with the federal government in the oil and budget 2020.

A government statement received a copy of the Euphrates The delegation of the regional government presented at the meeting, the latest developments regarding the talks with the federal government, pointing out that “talks between the two sides are making progress after it has passed important stages in a positive atmosphere and a common understanding.”

He added, “where the delegation highlighted the principles reached in his talks with the federal government, which represents a cornerstone of any final agreement to ensure the financial dues of the Kurdistan region in the draft federal budget for 2020 in return for the implementation of the obligations of the region for the mutual benefit of both sides.”

The Kurdish delegation pointed out that “the talks he is holding with the federal government are under the direct guidance and patronage of the head of the regional government, while affirming a good understanding,” and declared “return to Baghdad again on Monday to continue the talks.”

Kurdistan signs positive talks with Baghdad and sends its delegation again



Jottiar Adel

Kurdistan Regional Government

2019/11/24 08:43:05

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The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) announced that a Kurdish delegation will head to Baghdad on Monday, a day after a similar visit to the Iraqi capital.

The presidency of the Kurdistan Regional Government, on Sunday, met with the government delegation that visited the capital Baghdad, on Saturday, and held dialogues with officials in the federal government.

The meetings of Baghdad on the oil files and the share of the Kurdistan region of the federal budget for the year 2020


After the meeting, Gutiar Adel, a spokesman for the regional government, held a press conference in which he stressed that the ongoing talks between Baghdad and Kurdistan have reached an important and advanced stage and are proceeding in a positive atmosphere.

He added that “the delegation explained the principles that resulted from the visit and become the basis of the final agreement on the issue of the draft budget year 2020 in a way that takes into account the common interest of both sides and guarantees the financial rights and entitlements of the Kurdistan region contained in the Constitution in return for the obligations of the region.”

He explained, “The delegation stressed that the two sides reached a good understanding, and will visit the delegation on Monday again to Baghdad in order to discuss more on the topics of salaries and the share of the region in the budget and oil and a number of other issues and observations of the regional government to agree with officials in Baghdad.”

Secretary of Defense discusses with US delegation a joint cooperation


Date: 2019/11/24 17:18 
BAGHDAD: Defense Minister Najah al-Shammari received in his office on Saturday a delegation of security advisers in the US Congress.
“Al-Shammari discussed with the US delegation the joint cooperation between the two countries,” his office said in a brief statement.