Parliamentary Finance Reveals Important Information on Recent Laws and New Privileges of Officials

Release date:: 2019-11-20 23:44

The head of the parliamentary Finance Committee, Haitham al-Jubouri, revealed important information concerning the laws passed on Tuesday, and the privileges of the new officials.

“The laws passed recently are not the result of one sitting, but continuous sessions, and we have made a great effort to reach political consensus on the laws that have been approved by this formula,” he said.

He added that “the religious authority, the people and the media authority demanded the adoption of these laws, and the public pressure today paid off, although it is not the object of everyone’s satisfaction. I think the parliament in this session opened the door that there are important laws coming, including the Council for Reconstruction, Investment, Social Security and Health, and I think it touches the lives of citizens. “.

Jubouri said that “most laws have a large account and some of them waive concessions and some encourage the Iraqi economy, and all this thanks to the loud voice of Iraq in the yards of sit-in, which lifted deafness from the ears of the government, if the government was interacting with the parliament would not have arrived today to this situation.”

He added that “the legislative, judicial and executive authority differed its work after 1 October, and we hoped that this acceleration without demonstrations so that the citizen trust that the political process in Iraq spirit and can be given; but the intersections of the political and the people bear part of the selection mechanism and not participate in The previous elections and the coverage of cases of fraud in the last elections. ”

Jubouri commented on the conference of deputies who withdraw from the voting session on the abolition of the privileges of officials by saying, “The formula of the law did not change one letter not before the conference or after, where the forms were to withdraw all the wheels of ministers, agents and general managers, and we reduced the number by {25% “The three presidencies have only five wheels.”

He pointed out that “a member of the House of Representatives has no privileges and his current salary {5} million and {500} thousand dinars, and bear all other costs after his salary was 12 million dinars in previous sessions, as we worked to localize the salaries of the protection of deputies and treatment was also the focus Forms abolished completely and the law to improve the living we rejected in the previous session and in the current as we asked the Pension Authority to stop the salaries of presidencies that did not deliver the wheels, and all real estate must return to the state or pay the occupant 10 million dinars per month.

“All the reforms carried out by the government and parliament did not cost the state treasury one dinar,” Jubouri said. Eighth or seventh degree with a salary of 400 thousand dinars, and the issue of building 100,000 housing units for the poor and transgressors is a loan from the banks (TBI, Rashid and Rafidain) amount of {4} trillion and {200} million dinars, and has nothing to do with the state treasury and paid from the development of regions Over 10 years. ”

He went on, “ As for the annulled their contracts have been allocated to them in the budget of 2019 {108} thousand functional degrees, ie before the demonstrations, and returned them 80 thousand and {28} thousand distributed their degrees to graduate studies and others, “noting that” the budget law approved all the current reforms since the beginning of the year But the government neglected and disrupted;

Al-Jubouri pointed out that “our problem today is the parties that provide the director of the office to the minister; but the new solution and through the document of honor held the prime minister responsible for the composition of his cabinet; but some political blocs wish to burn Iraq today before tomorrow and their interest above all.”

He stressed that “the document of honor is the rope of salvation and the people are waiting for a signal from the reference that will overturn all scales, and we must listen to the reference and the voice of reason and demonstrators who have the right to proclaim their rights; but to this moment there are no leaders to adopt demonstrations.”

Regarding the dissolution of the Council of Representatives and the government, al-Jubouri explained, “We hope that they will be resolved today before tomorrow; Some countries on Iraq. ”

“The reform paper has simulated reality and is fully applicable at the specified time and 45 days is enough to meet the demands,” he said, adding that “the law of graft and [where do you have it] is very important to combat corruption, there has been tightening in the recent legislation previously was not He is obliged to reveal the discharge, but now he is imprisoned for one year and cuts his fence and is dismissed from his job from the general manager to the highest degree in the state. The Integrity Commission has the right to call any employee even if he is a driver to question him about the funds.

As for the new Commission Law, al-Jubouri explained that “the Commission’s current law is radically different from the previous, in the past the Committee was from parties and divided seats on itself, but now its members will be composed of three judges with a service of not less than 15 years {2 of the Federal Judicial Council and one of the Kurdistan District } Wu 1 of the State Consultative Council and 2 Professor of Political Science and Professor of Software and finally a woman from the Office of Financial Supervision and will be named from the relevant authorities, and after their nomination will be sent to the Prime Minister to issue an official decree for their appointment.

Al-Jubouri recalled, “Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohammed Halbousi announced in advance that all directors and directors of electoral registration centers will be replaced by others. We also asked the United Nations to have a big role in the monitoring process. The supervision of the United Nations was called for by the demonstrators. We must implement it and do not affect Iraqi sovereignty and welcome it. ”

He said that “the election law that came from the Council of Ministers was read first and the law that came from the presidency is respectable can be combined together and come up with a unified law is expected to pass the law within two weeks.” The government and parliament to meet the demands of the demonstrators. ”

On the forthcoming reshuffle, al-Jubouri revealed that “replacing {13} ministers {3} of which are sovereign and {10} normal,” stressing that “this change will include all candidates for political blocs.”


Al-Halbousi discusses with US Ambassador the continuation of joint cooperation in combating terrorism



Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohammed Halbousi, on Wednesday, with the US Ambassador to Iraq Matthew Toller continued joint cooperation in the fight against terrorism.

A statement from the office of al-Halbousi received “news”, “The Speaker of the House of Representatives, received today, the US ambassador to Iraq.”

He added that “during the meeting discussed bilateral relations between the two countries, and ways to strengthen cooperation in the field of security and economic, and to emphasize the continuation of joint cooperation in the fight against terrorism.”

Al-Halbousi discusses with British Ambassador the strengthening of economic partnership and providing job opportunities


President of the House of Representatives Mohammed Halbousi, on Wednesday, the new British ambassador in Baghdad, Mr. Stephen Hickey.

“The meeting discussed the development of bilateral relations between the two countries to serve the interests of the two friendly peoples and cooperation in all fields,” said a statement from the office of Al-Halbousi.

“He stressed the importance of strengthening the economic and investment partnership to contribute to the creation of new job opportunities, wishing the new ambassador success in his work.”

UN Mission: New Election Bill Needs Improvements

Release date:: 2019-11-20 19:22

The United Nations Mission in Iraq (UNAMI), said that the draft law on the election of the new House of Representatives needs “improvements.”

At its meeting yesterday, the parliament completed the first reading of the draft law.

“Electoral reform has become a key demand of many peaceful demonstrators, and in recent weeks, the Iraqi authorities have sought legislative solutions to meet the people’s calls for credible, free and fair elections,” said a UNAMI statement received by Euphrates News.

“This process is Iraqi-owned and Iraqi-led, as it should be. The UN election experts have provided additional technical support, including through the sharing of international best practices.”

The statement pointed out that “the draft electoral legislation – currently under review by the House of Representatives – to make improvements to meet the demands of the people.”

“It is the prerogative of the House of Representatives to consider this legislation as it deems appropriate,” said the UN Special Representative for Iraq, Jenin Hennes-Blachart. “However, I would like to urge parliamentarians to act on their legitimate voters’ demands for credible, free and fair elections. .

“I sincerely hope that their choices will reflect the people’s desire to adopt a new and different way of practicing politics and to restore the hope of many Iraqis for a brighter tomorrow,” she said, adding that “the United Nations stands ready to assist in the preparation of electoral legislation that meets the aspirations of the entire Iraqi people.”

Promises to withdraw confidence .. Searon: political blocs are unable to reform within 45 days

20-11-2019 02:45 PM

Baghdad – News

MP Amoun al-Oqabi said on Wednesday that the political blocs and the government of Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi are unable to implement the reform within the time frame set by the leaders of the political blocs during its last meeting in the house of the leader of the movement of wisdom Ammar al-Hakim, “he pointed out that some The political blocs promised to withdraw confidence if reforms were not implemented within 45 days.

Al-Oqabi told Al-Akhbaria that the 45-day period set by the political blocs during its last meeting was insufficient to implement the demands of the demonstrators, pointing out that the government is unable to implement radical reforms.

The MP pointed out that the alliance of Sairon, “some political blocs promised according to confidence from the government of Abdul-Mahdi in case the political blocs were unable to implement reforms within the time limit set by them,” stressing that “the coalition of Sairon Egypt to withdraw confidence from the government.”

It is noteworthy that the political blocs that met at the headquarters of the stream of wisdom, set a time limit for the implementation of the reforms agreed upon by the blocs combined.