Summary of the demonstrations of Tahrir Square for the tenth day


Release date:: 2019-11-03 23:44 
(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Our agency reviews a summary of the popular demonstrations in Tahrir Square in central Baghdad on Sunday, for the tenth day.
The summary was as follows:
1 – a significant reduction in the targeting of demonstrators tear gas.
2 – provide large logistical support to the demonstrators in the “Turkish restaurant” and down the river cliff from the bridge of the Republic.
3 – the presence of medical health detachments with all medical supplies.
4 – At 8 am, the students recorded a large presence in Tahrir Square and not recorded any injury or suffocation.
5 – Rescue the riot force to the demonstrators in the river and return them to the place of protest without arrest or beaten.
6 – Set up tents and large processions in Saadoun Street and the streets near the Tahrir Square in support of the demonstrators.
7 – Conducting awareness campaigns and alerting demonstrators with large banners advising not to cross the bridge of the Republic and not to go to the bridge.
8 – Continuous operation of the national anthem and national songs only.
9 – Lighting candles along the Tahrir tunnel in honor of martyrs of demonstrators, security forces and martyrs of Iraq.


Abdel Mahdi explains to an American delegation his “reformist” project and outlines its points

Policy of the

US Democratic Party

House of Representatives US

Adel Abdul Mahdi

2019/11/03 11:54:36

Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi received on Sunday a delegation of the US House of Representatives headed by Democratic Representative in Washington and Chairman of the Armed Forces Committee Adam Smith.

They discussed relations between the two countries and ways to enhance bilateral cooperation and support the reform plans and measures taken by the Iraqi government.

The Prime Minister stressed that Iraq is keen to establish the best relations with the United States and with its Arab and regional environment, and that the government is serious about the reform process since the beginning of its formation and is continuing to implement its plans and reform procedures and presented many bills that meet the rights and demands of the Iraqi people In a decent living, along with the continuous quest to increase employment opportunities and attract investment and provide a safe and stable atmosphere that helps to accelerate the reconstruction and construction and employment of young people.

For their part, the head and members of the US delegation stressed the continuation of cooperation between the two countries in all fields, especially the fight against terrorism and coordination with the Iraqi government with regard to military cooperation. Peaceful demonstration.

Billions volume of Iraq’s oil revenues during the past month


Logo of the Ministry of Oil

Economy News – Baghdad

The Ministry of Oil, on the total exports and revenues achieved for the month of October last, according to preliminary statistics issued by the Iraqi Oil Marketing Company “SOMO “.

The ministry said in a press statement that the amount of exports of crude oil amounted to 106 million 859 thousand and 470 barrels one hundred and six million eight hundred and fifty-nine thousand four hundred and seventy barrels, with revenues amounting to more than 6 billion and 107 million and 315 thousand dollars six billion and one hundred and seven million and three hundred And fifteen dollars .

According to the spokesman of the Ministry of Oil Asim Jihad, the total exported quantities of crude oil for the month of October last oil fields in central and southern Iraq amounted to 103 million and 540 thousand and 855 barrels, either from the Kirkuk fields through the port of Ceyhan reached the quantities exported 2 million and 579 837 thousand barrels, while the quantities exported from the field of Qayyarah 431 thousand and 486 barrels, while the quantities exported to Jordan reached 307 thousand and 292 barrels .

He pointed out that the total daily rate of exports amounted to 3 million and 447 thousand barrels, where the daily rate of export from the ports of Basra 3 million and 340 thousand barrels, and from Ceyhan daily rate was 83 thousand barrels, while the daily rate from the field of Qayyara 14 thousand barrels, The daily average of exports to Jordan was 10,000 barrels .

 Jihad added that the average price per barrel was 57.153 dollars

Abdul-Mahdi warns of security and economic risks threatening Iraq because of the demonstrations

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BAGHDAD: The Prime Minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi, warned of security and economic risks threatening the country because of the demonstrations.

“One month has passed since popular demonstrations broke out in the provinces of Iraq, especially Baghdad and the south,” Abdul Mahdi said in a statement, one month after the largest public demonstrations in Iraq after 2003 against corruption, quotas, poor services, unemployment and other problems. Its political and electoral system and in the performance of the government and the required reforms, whether political, human rights or service. “
He added, “The demonstrations were accompanied by joyful and joyful images of the sophistication and comfort of the Iraqis. The demonstrations turned into popular festivals where the security forces and the demonstrators joined in a wonderful unity and cooperation that preserved the popularity and peaceful nature of the demonstrations.” But every drop of blood is expensive and painful and must be stopped. “
“The other is the continued exposure of numbers of outlaws to the security forces seeking to protect the demonstrators and the public and private interests in the country. These groups have nothing to do with the demonstrations but cover them up and use them as human shields to carry out banditry, burning, looting and clashing with security forces using Molotov cocktails, catapults and even Grenades, firearms, knives and others. “
“We have commissioned an investigative committee headed by the minister of health and government and non-governmental bodies to investigate the types of equipment used by the security forces when defending their positions, especially tear bombs. There are still strict instructions not to use live bullets or any lethal weapons,” he said. “It is an act of attack or attack, but it stands in defense against attacks by outlaws, whether to break through the security forces’ checkpoints in the bridges of the republic, Al-Senk and others, or in attacking the governmental and civil headquarters and interests in Baghdad and the provinces.”
The prime minister noted that “the security forces have invited many demonstrators, activists and organizations to come to the ranks of the security repulsion to see the size of the attacks and methods and acts of violence by outlaws.”
He stressed that “the demonstrations have achieved many of its purposes and prompted the three authorities to review their positions, and there was a wide political movement, and also issued several resolutions to meet many of the demands made by the demonstrators.”
“The demonstrations got great popular, civil and trade union support, and the political system was shaken to be one of the most important events that demonstrate that freedoms are responsibilities, which is the basic tool for the people to evaluate their rulers and express their opinion and achieve their just demands,” she said. Therefore, we must continue to protect and support peaceful demonstrations and distinguish between them and the outlaws. “
“I met with a large number of demonstrators and thanked them for their pressure and the importance of renouncing violence for the success of the reform demands and the continued peaceful popular pressure on the government and political forces to be able to succeed against the system of quotas and special privileges and corruption and to overcome the obstructionist approach that delays the achievement you are demanding.”
“Dear people, it has been a month when interests, schools, universities and a major part of public life have been disrupted. It is time for life to return to normal. All markets, interests, laboratories, schools and universities should open. Demonstrations and other legal practices to express opinions without affecting life,” he said. Public and private interests are up to you. This is your right. Your presence in the fields and your expression of opinion support us in presenting and implementing reforms, which is one of the most important factors of reform and pressure, if they take place peacefully and legally. “
The Prime Minister stressed “the most important here is to isolate the saboteurs from your peaceful movement, we postponed the Baghdad International Fair for a period of time because of the situation, and delayed in the completion of the submission of the budget 2020, and many countries are concerned about the situation of the country, as well as the owners of development projects nationally and abroad, not to mention the interests “The internal interrupted by the events, which suffered and suffered great losses, which requires a quick return to normal functioning.”
He added that “threatening oil interests and blocking some roads from Iraqi ports causes huge losses exceeding billions, and delays the arrival of goods, and this and others raise the prices paid by all citizens and the poor in particular and disrupt the provision of jobs and the growth of the economy and put patients at risk because of the closure of medical clinics and obstruct the movement of ambulances The students lose important study days with the need to complete the curriculum and prepare for examinations, especially the ministerial ones, and delay the completion of citizens’ transactions by disrupting the work of service departments, and cut off the livelihoods of people, especially shop owners and workers on a daily basis, and puts P endeavors to achieve decent living and social justice for this decent people. “
“We have reduced the curfew hours,” he said.

Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi holds protesters responsible for postponing the Baghdad International Fair and completing the 2020 budget


Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi
 money and business

Economy News – Baghdad

Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi held protesters in Baghdad and other provinces responsible for postponing the Baghdad International Fair and delaying the completion of the 2020 budget.

” We postponed the Baghdad International Fair for a period of time because of the situation, and delayed the completion of the submission of the 2020 budget, ” Abdul-Mahdi said in a press statement issued a month after the October demonstrations, and was seen by the economy news .

He added, “Many countries are concerned about the situation of the country, as well as the owners of development projects nationally and externally, not to mention the internal interests that have been stalled by the events, which have been subjected to significant losses, which requires a speedy return to normal functioning.”

He stressed that “the threat of oil interests and cut off some roads to Iraq’s ports cause huge losses exceeding billions, and delays the arrival of goods, and this and other raises the prices paid by all citizens and the poor, especially disrupting the provision of jobs and the growth of the economy and put patients at risk because of the closure of medical clinics and obstruct the movement of ambulances “.

This evening … a government meeting in the presence of the representative of the United Nations to consider the demands of the demonstrators in accordance with the recommendations of the reference


Political | 06:01 – 03/11/2019

Special – balance News ,
according to informed sources, Sunday, held a cabinet meeting in the presence of the United Nations represented Genin Hennes Blaschart to discuss the implementation of the demands of the demonstrators, according to ask the religious authority in a speech last Friday.
The sources said in an interview with “Mawazine News” that “will be at ten o’clock this evening, a government meeting between the Prime Minister and the political forces in the presence of Blachart and experts, to discuss the demands of the demonstrators, including constitutional amendments and the adoption of a new election law.”
“The experts and the United Nations will issue recommendations on the implementation of the demands and the government is working to implement them, within the framework of the reform packages launched and launched.”
Iraq has been witnessing since 10 days of popular demonstrations, in Baghdad and a number of provinces to demand regime change and combat corrupt and end the rule of quota party and amend the Constitution and the adoption of a new election law.

Member of Victory Coalition: The government has several options to resolve the crisis, including resignation


Release date:: 2019/11/19 19:34
BAGHDAD: A member of the victory coalition headed by Haider al-Abadi, the government has several options to resolve the current crisis in Iraq.
“There are several options for the Iraqi government to either go to Article (64) of the Constitution, which includes the Prime Minister’s resignation to the President of the Republic and voted by an absolute majority, or that the parliament request a third of its members and vote on Solving himself. ”
He added, “Based on what I went to, which does not want to cancel the entire political process, but the amendment of the constitution and reform can be in accordance with the change of persons.”
“Going to abolish all the political process is not true and the constitution is a social contract between all its sects and nationalities and came to meet the whole spectrum after voting in 2005,” he said.
“We support the resignation of the government and go to early elections, provided there is a legal period during which the constitution will be amended by a committee that represents a constitutional amendment and not a legal amendment,” he said.

Ghadhban comments on Abdel Mahdi’s resignation and warns of “loss of all”

Release date:: 2019/11/19 19:10

Deputy Prime Minister for Energy and Oil Minister Thamer Ghadhban commented on the resignation of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi and the demands of the demonstrators.

Ghadhban said in a press statement, “Abdul Mahdi is known to submit his resignations from his previous positions, and the resignation of the government is normal for all countries, including Iraq, and what concerns the people and the homeland.”

He stressed, “serious to meet the demands of the demonstrators and the application of reform packages and it is time to implement the reforms announced previously, including services and the rejection of quotas.”

The current government does not bear the accumulations of 16 years, but we are open to the demands of the demonstrators.

He stressed “the government apparatus to access the culture of serving the people because the official is a salary.”

Ghadhban appealed to the demonstrators that “the oil fields and facilities belong to you do not stop it is related to your life, and that everyone will lose if the situation of Iraq is troubled,” calling for “everyone to raise the slogan of protecting Iraq and avoid civil strife and dismemberment of the state.”

Baghdad operations confirm the lifting of the curfew


Release date:: 2019/11/16 16:18 
Baghdad: The curfew will be lifted completely within days.
Al-Mohammadawi said in a speech with a crowd of demonstrators, “Your voice has reached the whole world, and that the security forces are to protect you,” stressing “the importance of maintaining peaceful demonstration, and not to approach the security barriers, and that the demonstration in the place and cooperation with the forces Security through news about the engineers and saboteurs who seek to distort the demonstrations about its peaceful march. “
He explained that “curfew has been eased so that citizens can return to their homes,” noting that “the curfew will be lifted in the coming days.” is over

President Saleh meets with union leaders and confirms completion of the new electoral law this week

by Ali Ejam

Iraq News

3 Hours ago


The President of the Republic Barham Saleh, at the Peace Palace in Baghdad on Sunday, 3-11-2019, heads and representatives of trade unions and organizations.

He listened, through a frank and open dialogue, to the views of the audience regarding the protest movement and its demands and how to work to make this situation in Baghdad and a number of provinces a key to a real and radical reform work for the political process and the system of government in the country.

In this context, the President of the Republic that “the ongoing work in the presidency to prepare a new election law will be completed and submitted to the House of Representatives this week, and allows the new bill to ensure respect for the views of voters and achieve justice in the competition for access to the House of Representatives , As well as changing the Electoral Commission to another commission on purely professional grounds and away from politicization and party loyalties.

The President of the Republic, in the discussion and dialogue with the audience, that “the peaceful nature of the demonstrations, which were enshrined in the values of true patriotism and the determination of Iraqis to evaluate the course of the political process, which helps to work more hard, which can make Iraq and the system of governance in a sound democratic framework Appropriate ground for the elimination of corruption and the initiation, progress and upgrading of the State. ”