Abdul Mahdi’s office: 2020 budget will be sent to parliament within a week

By Ali 18/11/2019 01:59 AM


Ahd News – Baghdad

The economic adviser to Prime Minister Abdul Hussein al-Hanin, on Sunday, to send the budget 2020 to the House of Representatives within a week, indicating that the discussions are still under way and amendments by the Committee of Experts.

Al-Hunain said in a press statement seen by “Al-Ahd News”, “The Committee of Experts is in permanent session to complete amendments to the draft budget law 2020 for the purpose of completing it as soon as possible and sent to the House of Representatives.”

He added that “it is hoped to send the draft budget law to the House of Representatives within a week to 10 days for the purpose of reading and voting on it.”

He explained that “accomplishing it as quickly as possible the goal of voting before entering the year 2020 to be launched at the beginning of the new year to avoid the mistakes of previous years.”

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Erbil and Baghdad resume their budget talks next week




Erbil and Baghdad

2019/11/17 13:45:07

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The head of the Finance Committee in the Iraqi parliament Ahmed al-Saffar, said on Sunday, that talks on the budget and the issue of oil between Erbil and Baghdad will resume next week and that there is good progress in this regard, while the Chairman of the Finance Committee in the Kurdistan Parliament that there are three options to share The region of the Iraqi general budget for 2020.

While the Council of Ministers was scheduled to send the draft Iraqi budget for the year 2020 to the Iraqi Council of Representatives in mid-last month, but the demonstrations witnessed in Baghdad and some Iraqi provinces have become impeded to send the draft, in addition to the discussions between Erbil and Baghdad on the draft budget Delayed also, and it is not clear whether the draft will be sent to the House of Representatives or not, because the Iraqi government is currently busy with the demands of the demonstrators and did not reach a solution with Arbil, also in this regard confirmed the decision of the Finance Committee of the Iraqi Council of Representatives Ahm al-Saffar in a televised statement T between Erbil and Baghdad will resume next week.

Arbil expressed its readiness to address all its problems with Baghdad, especially on the 2020 budget, and many meetings were held between the two sides during the previous period and in the absence of an agreement between the two sides, according to the Chairman of the Finance Committee in the Kurdistan Parliament, there are three options on the region’s share of the budget, from Without giving details.

The protests in Iraq, as well as the suspension of talks between Erbil and Baghdad, caused delays in the draft budget for 2020, and the two parties are seeking to take over the agreement on the budget and oil before the end of this year, especially Arbil, which expressed its readiness to resolve all problems with Baghdad within the framework of the permanent constitution.


Washington announces its position on early elections in Iraq and looms sanctions against officials

Release date:: 2019-11-17 21:42

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States will impose sanctions if Iraqi officials are found to be involved in cracking down on demonstrations, a senior White House official said on Monday.

“The situation in Iraq is very bad. There are many young people killed. We do not want to give the impression that the United States is interfering in Iraq, because some will use this and use it as evidence of Western intervention,” he said. Lebanon, where some accuse us of being behind the demonstrations. ”

He added: “We discussed the demonstration in Iraq along with the situation in Lebanon and Syria at the meeting of the strategic alliance in the Middle East (known as Mesa), which includes the GCC countries along with Egypt and Jordan in order to come up with a unified international response on Iraq.”

“We appreciate the role of the United Nations and its mission in Iraq. I think it can help support new elections and review the electoral law so that the new government is in a better position to meet the needs of the Iraqi citizen,” the US official said.

“But we want to find other ways to support the demonstrators, and I think they are in providing medical assistance to the demonstrators.”

He said: “We will not hesitate to impose sanctions on Iraqi officials, including preventing the entry of the United States and the freezing of their property, we have done this in the past with allies in NATO , ” adding that sanctions an effective weapon we have in the diplomatic tools. ”

He said the US official , ” We are We are also constrained by the law of Congress not to provide weapons to the security services in Iraq if they are found to be involved in human rights abuses. Pain The military ‘s assistance provided by the United States to Iraq, a value, and this applies to Iraq and Lebanon “.anthy


Reveal the date of the presentation of the new election law in parliament and confirm its amendment

Release date:: 2019-11-17 21:57

(Baghdad: Euphrates News) revealed the parliamentary legal committee, on Sunday, the date of presentation of the new election law in parliament, while confirmed its intention to amend some of its paragraphs.

“The new election law arrived today formally to the commission and we briefed it quickly,” said Mohammed al-Ghazi, deputy chairman of the commission. “The committee held a session to discuss the bill on Monday and then send it to the House of Representatives to present it on its agenda.” Next Tuesday. ”

The MP from the Saron coalition “As for the position of others on the law and its objection was only on the paragraph of the electoral system, because we hoped that the Council of Ministers take into account the demands of the demonstrators and make the system individually where the winners get the highest votes; therefore we demanded that the electoral systems are individual away from lists The parties. ”

“Whether the version that came from my presidency or the ministers will be amended in any case within the House of Representatives, and the final version of the election law will be in the hands of parliament,” Ghazzi said. There are more than 30 legal experts who oversaw the drafting.

Regarding the postponement of the local elections, Al-Ghazzi explained, “We have reached the parliamentary elections law and we have not reached the moment the local elections law.” He pointed out that “the provincial elections were postponed by a decision of the prime minister and will be presented to parliament for approval.” Towards the abolition of the provincial councils.

Regarding the suspension of the membership of other deputies to parliamentary sessions, al-Ghazzi said, “The membership of other deputies is suspended by attending the sessions in case there are laws that affect the demands of the demonstrators.

“We have not waived the process of questioning Prime Minister Adel Abdel Mahdi and there are legal procedures to follow,” he said. Dedicated to the interest of the state and not to the Sadrists. ”


Al-Hadithi reveals important information about the new election law and the government’s stance on the strike

Release date:: 2019-11-17 21:11

Government spokesman Saad al-Hadithi revealed important information about the new election law and the government’s stance on the strike.

“There are many paragraphs in the new election law that constitute a radical change,” Hadithi said. “The nomination will be adopted according to the single list and the open list, thus giving a very wide opportunity for independents, young people and new emerging powers to run.”

He added, “The law also prohibits senior officials from the top of the pyramid (presidency) to the level of director-general to nominate in the elections in addition to the prevention of the prosecution and security services and the current High Commission and its members from the nomination.”

“It will also reduce the age of nomination to 25 years, which will give a great opportunity for young people to participate. And {1} for the elephant Kurds and {1} for the Sabians. ”

He added, “The new election law adopts the system of higher votes by re-sequencing all candidates regardless of their electoral lists according to the number of votes each received.”

The government spokesman said that “the government received the proposal of the election law from the presidency and there was work being carried out by the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the Legal Department and the Shura Council on the enactment of a draft law at the level of the Council of Ministers,” noting “A paradigm shift in the course of reforming political action.”

“A serious reform effort by the government has made it very difficult to bid, and we believe the chances of passing the bill in parliament very soon,” he said.

“For the first time, a high commission will be formed after the enactment of the election law and will be formed free of interference from the parliament and cabinet,” he said, adding that 7 members will be chosen, three of whom will be nominated by the Supreme Judicial Council and two university candidates nominated by deans of universities and an expert. Counselor nominated by the State Council and a legal accountant nominated by the integrity of life.

He pointed out that “these names will not go to the Parliament or the Council of Ministers to vote on them, but will go directly to the Presidency of the Republic for ratification and become a valid commission,” revealing “a tendency to Abdul-Mahdi to break the mechanism of nomination for senior positions (ministries) through the gates of parties, and that I am going to put the names of the ministerial change very soon to the parliament. ”

Hadithi said, “I can not be sure that Abdul Mahdi will go to the list of the House of Representatives or send the result there are legal mechanisms will send the list of names soon to parliament,” hoping that “there will be cooperation by the parliamentary blocs to pass the names that the circumstances do not help political positions disrupt the reform process “.

On the kidnapping of a brigade in the Interior in Baghdad, Al-Hadithi said that “the kidnapping of the brigade constitutes a breach in the security system must be acknowledged and this is the work of the government, and the Interior confirmed access to preliminary leads on the follow-up of the kidnappers and follow-up their identities,” The people are working to follow this file seriously. ”

On the strike of government departments and schools, Al-Hadithi said, “We always stress the need to give the right to peaceful demonstration, but we have a responsibility towards the normal functioning of life and not to disrupt oil resources and stop working in schools and schools; therefore welcome any position against the government (peaceful protests) and all options are available He must go to the parliament and rally from there


Parliamentary Finance: Amendment of the pension law is ready to vote .. and reveal thousands of jobs


Release date:: 2019-11-17 19:26 
BAGHDAD: The Parliamentary Finance Committee, said the law amending the law on the retirement of Mosul is ready to vote.
Last week, the House of Representatives concluded the report and discussion of the draft amendment to the unified retirement law No. 9 of 2014, and is likely to pass this week.
Committee member Sherwan Mirza said in a press statement that the law is ready for the final vote and will be presented on the agenda of the next sessions in agreement with the Presidency of the House of Representatives.
“The first amendment to the unified retirement law No. 9 of 2014 included reducing the retirement age from 63 to 60 years, as well as Reducing the retirement age for employees wishing to retire at the age of (45) years instead of 50 years for those who have a job service not less than 15 years, “
Mirza pointed out that” reducing the retirement age three years will provide thousands of vacant jobs for young people and graduates in ministries and departments of various state. “
A parliamentary source, revealed that the amendment of the retirement law th Unified, including ministers in the current government.
The source told (Euphrates News) that the new amendment to the law “will topple five ministers.”
The amendments also include “increasing the minimum pension for a retired employee by 100,000 dinars per month, reducing the service required to pay end of service benefits from 30 years to 25 years, and allocating a pension to those who have been dismissed, resigned or canceled his contract if he has actual service more than 15 45 years old. “
The amendments also include “voluntary retirement of 15-year-olds and 45-year-olds for self-financing institutions, revocation of the power of the prime minister and ministers to extend the retirement age, equality of all retirees before and after the adoption of the Unified Retirement Law No. 9 of 2014, and disallow the hiring of retirees to allow for appointments. New. “

Baghdad protesters expand the Tahrir protest to two bridges amid bullets and smoke


 2019/11/17 09:21:4

Dozens of demonstrators gathered in the capital Baghdad on the Liberation Bridge linking Karkh, Rusafa and the center on the Tigris River, after the withdrawal of Iraqi forces present there.
More than 100 people have signed up to protest against the Liberation Bridge to maintain it with the Tahrir Square protest center across the Senk and Khalkani.
He added that some protesters headed towards the Martyrs’ Bridge, but security forces there responded with tear gas, sound bombs and live bullets intermittently.


Abdul Mahdi Office: The new election law prevents senior government officials from running


 2019/11/17 05:36:35

The new election law prevents senior government officials from running, Prime Minister Asefa Moussa’s press office said on Sunday.

“The new election law prevents top government officials, even a general director, from running for parliament, until after leaving office for at least two years,” the official news agency quoted Moussa as saying.

She added that “the new election law prevents the winner from switching from the House of Representatives to fill the post of minister or minister,” noting that “the new election law reduces the number of deputies and requires the Commission to announce the results quickly.”


US Under Secretary of State: The United States will take action against the corrupt who stole the money of the Iraqi people



The United States threatened on Sunday to take legal action against personalities involved in corruption and theft of funds of the Iraqi people, while stressing that changing the constitution is a private Iraqi matter.
US Undersecretary of State Joy Hood said in an interview with the official channel “Iraq” that “the coming months will see the United States take action against corrupt people who stole the money of the Iraqi people,” noting that “those measures will be long because they are legal.”

“The Iraqis want an end to rampant corruption,” Hood said. “The United States will deal with any Iraqi national figure.”
On the political and parliamentary efforts to change the Iraqi constitution, Hood stressed that “changing the constitution is an Iraqi matter that does not concern the United States or any other country.”
The United States has in recent months imposed sanctions on people in the PMU under allegations of human rights violations.

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