The UN makes proposals to the government on demonstrations: the right to life above all

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The United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) on Sunday (November 10, 2019) submitted proposals to the government on the demonstrations, including “exercise maximum restraint” and the non-use of live ammunition, in addition to the investigation of abductions.

“Demonstrations have broken out in recent weeks in Baghdad and other provinces in Iraq,” UNAMI said in a statement. “Demonstrators’ demands cover many issues, including economic growth, employment, reliable public services, good and fair governance, an end to corruption, and free and fair elections.” And just reform of the political system including the amendment of the Constitution. ”

The statement added, “It is obviously tangible, the accumulation of frustrations about the lack of progress in the past 16 years,” noting that “with the high number of dead and wounded (demonstrators and Iraqi security forces) there is an atmosphere of anger and fear.”

“The Iraqi people cannot afford to be hampered by the past or partisan interests,” he said. Time, the risk of kidnapping (spoilers) of peaceful demonstrations is increasing and is likely to hinder attempts at real change, so time is of the essence as well as tangible results. ”

“Initially, after consultation with a wide range of Iraqi parties and authorities (including the three presidencies, the Supreme Judicial Council and a number of demonstrators as well as union representatives), the mission proposes the following principles and measures:


The following principles apply to all parties at all times:

1. Protect the right to life above all.

2. Guarantee the right of assembly, peaceful demonstration and freedom of expression as guaranteed by the Constitution.

3. Exercise maximum restraint in dealing with demonstrations, including non-use of live ammunition and prohibition of improper use of non-lethal devices (eg, tear gas canisters).

4. Achieve full accountability for the perpetrators and redress for the victims.

5. Act in accordance with the law, including in relation to public and private property.


Immediate actions (less than a week) include:

1. Release all peaceful demonstrators detained since 1 October in accordance with the law.

2. Not to pursue peaceful demonstrators.

3. To initiate a full investigation into the abduction cases (including the use of surveillance camera recordings) and to reveal the identity of those behind them.

4. Expedite the identification / bringing to justice of those responsible for targeting demonstrators.

5. Prosecute and punish those responsible for the excessive use of force and / or perpetrators of other acts of violence in accordance with the law.

6. Publicly call on all regional and international parties not to interfere in Iraq’s internal affairs and respect its sovereignty.

Short-term actions (within one to two weeks) include:

1. Electoral Reform: A unified legal framework with technical support from the United Nations is finalized and submitted shortly to the House of Representatives. Parliamentary procedures will be completed as soon as possible.

2. Security Sector Reform: Executive Order 237 is implemented in full and without delay. Any weapons outside the control of the state are prohibited.

3. Corruption: The political elite should set an example in the fight against corruption by exposing financial interests inside and outside the country, whether in their own name or under other names. In addition, political parties / blocs and political currents are abolishing their economic committees.

Medium-term actions (within one to three months) include:

1. The Constitution: The Constitutional Amendments Committee continues to review the Constitution, with technical support from the United Nations, and submit any amendment to the Constitution for referendum by the Iraqi people.

2. Corruption: The Integrity Commission refers corruption cases to the Supreme Judicial Council or the Central Anti-Corruption Court. This court investigates corruption cases at all levels in the country. All officials found to be corrupt are held to account.

3. Enactment of laws: The government sends the following bills to the House of Representatives, which in turn must complete them as soon as possible:

A) Where do you get this?

B) The Federal Court Act

C) Social Security Law

D) The Housing Crisis Resolution Act

E) Oil and Gas Law

F) Amendment of the Investment Promotion Law and Public Private Partnership.

G) The Council of Ministers and Ministries Law

H) The Law of the Reconstruction Council.


Parliamentary Integrity: Abdul Mahdi will initiate partial and comprehensive ministerial replacements and may include 10 ministers

BAGHDAD / Obelisk: Parliamentary Integrity Committee revealed on Sunday, November 10, 2019, the first interrogated ministers inside the Dome of the House of Representatives, while showing that the replacement and ministerial change will include 10 ministers in the government of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi.

Committee member Alia Nassif said in a statement followed by “obelisk”, that “the House of Representatives will begin the questioning of five ministers and will start with Minister of Industry Saleh al-Jubouri next Tuesday,” pointing out that “the process of interrogation will be the decisive in giving ministers confidence or dismissal within the House of Representatives.”

She added that “Abdul-Mahdi will initiate partial and comprehensive ministerial replacements may include 10 ministers,” noting that “the ministerial change must be given Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi freedom of choice to move away from quotas.”

The MP for the Alliance Sairon Alaa al-Rubaie, earlier, the possession of his alliance serious files against some of the ministers in the current government, while confirmed the existence of understandings with the Alliance on the questioning. 

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Al-Tamimi: Postponing the opening of the Baghdad International Fair hurts Iraq and must speed up the implementation of the demands of the demonstrators


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Al-Tamimi: Postponing the opening of the Baghdad International Fair hurts Iraq and must speed up the implementation of the demands of the demonstrators

Baghdad / Al-Ghad Press:

A member of the Parliamentary Committee for Economy and Investment Riyad al-Tamimi, said on Sunday that the postponement of the opening of the new session of the Baghdad International Fair until further notice does not serve Iraq and its economic and investment reality, calling on the government to speed up the implementation of the demands of the demonstrators.

“Trade and economic fairs are a golden opportunity for Iraq to strengthen its economy and develop its resources through the signing of agreements with different countries and companies, which are an important step to diversify sources of income and provide job opportunities,” Tamimi said in a statement.

“The government must expedite, with clear steps, the implementation of the legitimate demands of peaceful demonstrators, to be a reality felt by the citizen and not to be promises to absorb the anger of the masses,” he said.

He stressed “the need for the government and the Ministry of Commerce in particular to announce a specific date for the opening of the new session and not leave it open, which may reflect negatively internal and external inability to end the legitimate demonstrations to implement constitutional demands.”

Siron: The replacement of the Prime Minister is presented after his dismissal or resignation, and not before


Sunday 10 November 2019 12:02 PM

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Baghdad / … Alliance MP Sairoun Masoudi, said on Sunday, the Constitution did not talk about the choice of alternative to the prime minister and then go to resign, indicating that there are clear mechanisms for the dismissal or resignation of the government and then choose the new prime minister.

Al-Masoudi said in a press statement that “the political process in the previous stage was unfortunately built on narrow partisan and ethnic interests,” noting that “political forces present their views with reflections and not through a vision and practical steps can be applied according to a period of time to convince the street through which it is possible to reassure the people.” .

Masoudi added, “The Constitution did not talk about the choice of an alternative to the prime minister and then go to resign, but there are clear mechanisms for the dismissal or resignation of the government and then the new prime minister is chosen without talking about an alternative precedes those actions,” pointing out that “some political blocs what It is still thickened in the person of Prime Minister Adel Abdel Mahdi for personal or private benefits. ”

He continued, “The problem is not in Abdul Mahdi as a person, but is the Prime Minister and the problem borne by the Council of Ministers and the government as a whole, in addition to the government program and some political parties, everyone shares those problems,” saying that “the reform packages that were presented are only limited patchwork procedures do not rise to Level of real reforms. ”

It is noteworthy that Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, on Thursday (October 24, 2019), that the resignation of the government today without providing an alternative “means leaving the country to chaos.”

The President of the Republic Barham Saleh said on Thursday (31 October 2019), that Abdul-Mahdi expressed his agreement to submit his resignation, asking the political blocs to understand the “acceptable alternative.”

The capital Baghdad and nine other provinces since last Friday, October 25, large-scale demonstrations to demand the dismissal of the government and bring the killers of demonstrators to justice and the work of early elections under international supervision, and resulted in the death and injury of hundreds of demonstrators and security forces as a result of brutal repression The demonstrators were subjected to it.

Nujaifi reveals the agreement of the political blocs to reject early elections except for 3 parties

Baghdad / … The leader of the “decision” coalition, Ethel Nujaifi, on Sunday, a meeting between the political forces, excluding 3 of them, including the bloc of others.

Nujaifi said through his account in Facebook: “Paragraphs stopped me at a meeting of political blocs, which ruled out the rescue (Salvation Front) and the Sadrists (bloc), and the victory coalition.”

He added, “In paragraph 8 blocks ask each of them to prepare to sacrifice and make some losses for the benefit of citizens, and in paragraph 12 blocks agree that early elections are not possible because the parliament refuses to dissolve itself.”

He continued Nujaifi, saying: “It seems that not on the horizon a solution to the crisis, but go to the unknown.”

On Saturday, news leaked of an agreement to reshuffle the cabinet, keep Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi in office, and try to persuade protesters to return to their homes in return for part of their demands.

Also yesterday, the office of the supreme authority in Najaf, Ali al-Sistani, denied being part of an agreement to maintain the government and break up the sit-ins, after Arab media reported that a meeting was held in Tehran, one of which was from inside Sistani’s office.

Recommendations for an alleged meeting of political forces: No change to the Prime Minister .. No early elections

Baghdad / Obelisk: Obelisk publishes, Sunday, November 10, 2019 the text of a statement of the meeting of political forces to address the crisis, a statement not confirmed by official government bodies, parties or political blocs, but the media and political figures talked that it consists of 22 It was agreed, which included the futility of early elections, and the warning of a change of prime minister. According to the sources, the Sadrist movement and the coalition of victory, and the Salvation Front.

Text of the statement

Recommendations of the meeting of national political forces at the headquarters of the stream of wisdom in Baghdad

1. Supporting peaceful demonstrations as a manifestation of democracy and freedom of expression, adopting the legitimate demands of demonstrators, and enacting a law regulating and protecting peaceful demonstrations.

2. The need to invest the popular momentum of the demonstrators to carry out radical, deep and urgent reform steps to strengthen the institutions of the state and the political system and meet the demands of the people.

3. The national political forces are committed to shoulder their responsibilities by providing the necessary political cover to the state institutions to fulfill their duties towards the demands of the demonstrators and thus contribute to restoring the confidence of the street in the political class.

4. National political forces agree to cooperate among themselves within the Council of Representatives by forming a broad bloc in support of the political system and state institutions in the context of meeting the demands of the people judicially, legislative and executive, within a specific and clear road map, steps and timings.

5. The formation of the government in the absence of a clear bloc adopting its support was a major cause of what happened.

The need to deepen the national cohesion and strengthen the relationship between the political forces and avoid false accusations because of differing opinions and jurisprudence.

7. Emphasizing the neutrality of state agencies and avoiding politicization and political bias.

8 willingness to sacrifice and make some losses for the benefit of citizens and meet their demands.

9 – The importance of reconsidering the political equation on which the government was formed, and a wide ministerial reshuffle and bringing new and efficient young blood to correct the impression of the government performance.

10. The need for a constitutional amendment that addresses the bottlenecks of the political system without prejudice to the rights of the components.

11. The need to expedite the fair election law legislation and replace the Independent High Electoral Commission in order to achieve the transparency required to restore the confidence of the voters with the election results.


12. Early elections require dissolution of the House of Representatives and excludes the possibility of persuading members of the House to dissolve it.

13. Commitment to support the security services to prevent the country from sliding into chaos and stand in the face of riots and attempts to disrupt the country and state institutions and consider them steps outside the law and contrary to peaceful demonstration.

14. Concern about the negative effects of the situation on the economic side of the country and leave negative impressions difficult to attract foreign investment.

15. Call for responsible engagement with legitimate demands and ensure that there is no deepening of sag in the state institutions.

16 – Work on the development of clear media strategies that serve the political process and maintain order and support the institutions of the state and its achievements and adoption of the commitment of media institutions of national political forces.

17. Concern in Kurdistan for what is happening in other Iraqi provinces and consider them part of this movement, including the challenges and opportunities, and solidarity with legitimate demands and stand by the state institutions in meeting them.

18. Emphasize that the crisis is not limited to persons in state institutions, but extends to laws, regulations and contexts.

19. The dismissal or resignation of the government during the crisis may push things into the unknown, especially since the demonstrators may question the credibility of any candidate submitted by political forces in this circumstance.

20 – not to allow the abduction of the resolution of the House of Representatives and work hard to activate the legislative institution to perform its tasks and implement the demands of the demonstrators.

21- Launching the initiative of the comprehensive national dialogue between the different parties (coordination and leaders of the demonstrators, unions and unions, state institutions, political forces, community leaders,…) in cooperation with the UN mission.

22. Prepare the initiative by working to collect the demands of the demonstrators on the diversity and tabulation and diagnosis of its compatibility with the contexts and constitutional determinants and determine the point of implementation and the ceiling required time to do so.

The Obelisk

Human rights: 300 martyrs and 15,000 injured victims of protests in Iraq

The Independent High Commission for Human Rights in Iraq announced on Sunday, 10 November 2019, a new toll of victims of protests that broke out in the country since mid-October last, noting that it has exceeded 300 martyrs.

UNHCR spokesman Ali Akram al-Bayati said in a press statement followed by the obelisk, that the death toll reached 300 martyrs, in addition to 15 thousand injured, since the start of the protests.

Over the past few days, a series of prosecutions and arrests of activists have taken place, while protests continue in most of the central and southern parts of the country, for the 17th day in a row, calling for the “overthrow of the government”, the fight against unemployment and poverty, the accountability of the killers of protesters, and the theft of public money.

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The Supreme Judicial Council announces its position on a road map reference

Release date:: 2019-11-10 13:56

BAGHDAD: The Supreme Judicial Council announced its position on the road map for the Supreme Religious Authority on demonstrations and the current crisis in the country.

The Supreme Judicial Council held its 14th ordinary session on Sunday morning and discussed the demonstrations taking place in the country and called on the political forces, the government and peaceful demonstrators to work on the road map drawn up by the rational authority in its speech dated 8/11/2019 and to emphasize the security forces. The necessity of doing their duty to maintain security and order and the safety of the demonstrators and not to use violence in dealing with them and to call on the demonstrators to adhere to the peaceful demonstrations, which confirmed the peacefulness of Article (38) of the Constitution and not to allow some to exploit the demonstrations and abuse of property He urged the judicial investigative committees formed in the governorates regarding the incidents of assault on demonstrators to quickly complete the investigation with the arrested suspects and those who were issued arrest warrants in this regard and bring the guilty of them to trial and hold accountable those who attacked the public property. And special

Urgent Meeting of the four presidencies and the issuance of a joint statement on the current situation

Date: Edit: 2019/11/10 14:29

(BAGHDAD: Al-Furat News) President of the Republic Barham Saleh hosted a meeting held in the Peace Palace in Baghdad, on Sunday, and attended by Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohammed Halbousi and President of the Supreme Judicial Council, Fayeq Zidan.

According to a presidential statement received by the Euphrates News, a copy of it, “was discussed at the meeting various political and security developments in the country in the midst of large demonstrations witnessed in Baghdad and other provinces, where the meeting stressed that these peaceful popular protests is a legitimate reform movement is a must and that “In response to national public opinion and to the demands of political and service life, which spare Iraqis deserve after decades of tyranny, war, violence and corruption.”

He pointed out that “the popular protest by the youth of Iraq aspiring to a free and dignified life with a peaceful national will that respects the legal and constitutional contexts and appreciates and safeguards the interests of the country is a great protest in the course of rebuilding the state and purifying its institutions and upgrading its construction to what Iraq deserves.”

The meeting affirmed “the firm position to abstain and reject any security solution to the peaceful demonstration, and to severely hold accountable any confrontation that adopts excessive violence, pointing in this regard to the orders and directives of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces to prevent the use of live bullets and all forms of violence that depend on cruelty and exaggeration.”

The statement added that “the meeting dealt with great interest cases of abductions against activists by uncontrolled and outlaw groups, as well as crimes of assault on demonstrators, which are directed to investigate and identify the perpetrators and punish them, stressing that no one detainee will remain Of the demonstrators. ”

The parties have confirmed ”

In addition, the meeting stressed “the necessity of adhering to the peaceful and democratic nature of the demonstrations in a manner that preserves public security and property and prevents the diversion of the demonstrations from their peaceful nature.”

The meeting also stressed “what is most important; respect and sacrifice of the sacrifices, of the martyrs and the wounded of the protagonists of peaceful demonstrations and of our security forces, whose blood shed the road and opened the horizon towards the future. The meeting stressed that no pure drop of blood can be wasted. It is the responsibility of the governmental and legal authorities, our responsibility, collectively and governed, not to stop the tireless efforts to arrest the killers, the killers and the bloodshed, our responsibility to secure the rights of the families of the martyrs, and to secure Treatment of the wounded b Strayed capabilities available. ”

He noted that “with pride and affirmation of the meeting and say to the Iraqi youth: you can not only win, and your country and your people win you, we win you as we embark on a vigorous action in order for your protests to be a vital occasion to initiate a radical reform work must be successful and practical results that will combat Corruption is the scourge of the greatest devastation after terrorism and violence. It has also been necessary to evaluate the tracks of the political process at various legislative and executive levels so as to provide authorities and institutions that are truly capable of serving the people, advancing and advancing the country. It is a state where the people aspire and dream, and the responsibility of the elected rulers to serve the people and to ensure the fulfillment of their aspirations.

The meeting emphasized the following:

1. The executive and judicial authorities have already begun the legal work in initiating the opening of the investigative files on corruption and prosecuting the accused in order to achieve justice and restore looted rights. These files will continue to open. No one, whatever his position, position and position, can escape justice. There is no politicization or favoritism in the opening of files and in investigations and trials, the interest of the country and the rights of the people and the application of the law is the decisive in everything, as was the legal action was taken by the judiciary against those who caused the death and injury of a number of demonstrators and security forces and those who attacked public property where Arrest of some of them and arrest warrants have been issued against another section and the investigation is ongoing.

2. Work has also been initiated to legislate a new electoral law to ensure that this law guarantees justice in electoral competition, helps the arrival of qualified candidates under the voters’ vision and convictions, and reduces the chances of partisan monopoly that keep political stagnation between a limited number. The new law also helps to enhance young people’s chances of reaching parliament and contributing to their country’s policymaking. The new law will result in the achievement of a truly independent, professional and efficient High Electoral Commission in all its joints and cadres.

3. The demonstrations helped and assist in the legitimate pressure on the political forces and parties, the government, the legislative, executive and judicial authorities to accept the correction of tracks and accept the positive changes, especially in the areas of ministerial reshuffle on the basis of efficiency and reduce the harmful effects of quotas in all its forms, and correct the paths of the state work Naturally as a servant and a state sponsor of the people and protects its interests and not the interests of parties and governing persons and powers holding power. In their view, the demonstrations in their pure and peaceful form are among the most important means of monitoring and pressure to achieve this and to secure the required reforms and achieve the desired goals.

4. We have already started the preparation for the national dialogue to review the system of government and the constitution in accordance with the constitutional and legal contexts.

The meeting affirms its appreciation and respect for the determination of young people, most of whom were at the height of their aspirations for life and their pride in the movement they have shaken the country from end to end and presented the great image of this jealous people, the most important movement between what was achieved after 2003, which led to a comprehensive review not only of the structures of institutions, but Also, policies and plans for building and development and changing laws to put the country and the people at the heart of the contemporary life of the finest countries. It is a movement that has renewed the will to change for greater reforms that can be achieved with such determination and leap.

Free peaceful protesters have managed to keep their movement peaceful. Their national will was greater than the intentions of malice who sought to distort the peaceful nature of the national protest movement, and who wanted this evil and evil country to slip into what God has preserved.

Also it honored the meeting certainly on the High role played by the supreme reference which upheld the right to object and protest, and advises reform and confirm it, and alert the need to take into account the security and peace of Iraq in these severe regional circumstances sensitivity ..

to make life together ..

for enhanced victories Iraqis; fields The war against terrorism, from protest yards, to work and construction sites