Soleimani warned Abdul Mahdi against attending a public session in parliament in return for protecting him from legal accountability


Baghdad – d. Hamid Abdullah:

Saturday 02 November 2019 – 03:00

Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi was in the house of Saleh the moment he was asked by the House of Representatives to come to the council to explain the government’s measures to calm the Iraqi street, and to answer questions from Iraqi MPs about the violence that affected protesters, sources in the presidential square that includes the residence of Iraqi President Barham Saleh said.

She pointed out that Abdul-Mahdi was afraid of parliamentary interrogation because of warnings received from the commander of the Iranian Qods Force Qasem Soleimani prevented him from disclosing corruption deals by political forces linked to Iran, as well as transfer large amounts of Iraq to Iran with the knowledge of Abdul-Mahdi himself.

The sources also said that Mahdi had intended to reveal the identities of the snipers who killed dozens of demonstrators in Tahrir Square, but he received a warning from Qasem Soleimani that his life would be in danger if he uncovered the scenes of Iranian plans to suppress the demonstrators.

 He called the head of the Human Rights Committee in the Iraqi parliament Arshad al-Salihi to attend the Commission on Human Rights to the House of Representatives to reveal the true numbers of martyrs and wounded of the uprising, provided that the Prime Minister is present to respond to the Commission’s information

Salhi said that the figures available to the Commission on Human Rights, according to the killing of 250 demonstrators and wounding 11 thousand others, but he added that there is more serious information regarding the horrific killings carried out by security forces against demonstrators in Baghdad and a number of provinces, including the city of Karbala, which witnessed a horrific massacre .

Despite the intensive contacts made by the speaker of the Iraqi parliament, Mohammed al-Halbousi, Abdul-Mahdi to attend a public questioning session, the latter refused to come to the parliament on the grounds that there are important developments in the political situation requires wait and wait.

Soleimani reassured Abdul Mahdi that he would be free of judicial accountability if he agreed to a deal that would include a quiet constitutional dismissal without exposing the killings by secret chambers run by Suleimani in cooperation with Iranian-backed militia leaders. 


Security forces arrest 120 demonstrators in southern Iraq after clashes between the two sides


 2019/11/01 14:46:35

Human Rights Commission member Fadhil al-Gharawi said on Friday renewed clashes in Al-Nasr district of Dhi Qar province in southern Iraq between riot forces and demonstrators

Al-Gharawi said in a statement today that the road between Al-Nasr and Shatrah was cut off and tires were burned, adding that security forces arrested 120 demonstrators in connection with the demonstrations that took place in Shatrah district.

Masked men withdraw from the vicinity of the home of former Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi

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Masked men withdraw from the vicinity of the home of former Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi

Baghdad / Al-Ghad Press:

Masked gunmen have withdrawn from the vicinity of the home of former prime minister Haider al-Abadi, a security source said Saturday.

The source told “Tomorrow Press,” that “masked gunmen withdrew from the perimeter of the home of former Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in the Green Zone.”

It is noteworthy that a security source said on Friday that gunmen surrounded the house of Haider al-Abadi, against the backdrop of his opposition to the killing and repression of demonstrators.

Halbousi: Parliament will be in permanent session to accelerate the implementation of the map set by the reference

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The Speaker of the Council of Representatives, Mohammed Halbousi, on Sunday, the commitment to the map set by the religious authority, while announced the convening of parliament permanently to speed up the implementation of this map.

“In these fateful days, the accelerating events in our dear country and the cries of reform flowing from the throats of the demonstrators in our provinces in the fields of brotherhood and altruism,” Halbousi said in a statement. Aman for Iraq, and the title of his unit, and the defender of the rights of all its components, the wise reference that is guided by the guidance of guidance in adversity and Almalmat after the use of God Almighty.

He added, “So will your Council (Council of Representatives) Dear people in permanent session, continue to night Bnharh; in order to accelerate the implementation of this map , which was organized and completed the march requirement a free Iraq and the master blessed sons , all in which the good and well – being, security and safety.

We will work very hard on Conducting all constitutional amendments in partnership with representatives of the demonstrators, elites, experts and respected academics living in the details of the Iraqi reality;

He continued, “We are working as a House of Representatives all intensively and continuously tonight for the people and their demands, without external pressure regionally or internationally, and without imposing personal or partisan wills; With his unity, his word and his own will. ”

Washington announces its position on the demonstrations in Iraq and criticizes the government investigation

Date: Edit: 2019/11/1 21:47

The United States announced its position on popular demonstrations in Iraq since last month against corruption and the political system.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a statement: “The United States welcomes any serious efforts by the Iraqi government to address the continuing problems in Iraqi society. the situation closely , we have called since the beginning of all parties to renounce violence. ”

he added , ” lacked the investigation conducted by the Iraqi government in the violence in early October / October to sufficient credibility and deserves the Iraqi people accountability and justice real. ”

he Pompeu that” with The commencement of efforts announced by President Barham Salih, must ease the severe restrictions recently imposed on the press and freedom of expression. Freedom of the press is an integral part of democratic reform. ”

“The US government continues to support the Iraqi institutions and people and the security, stability and sovereignty of Iraq,” he said

Legal experts send a letter to the United Nations on the suppression of demonstrations

Baghdad / Al-Akhbar:

Experts in the field of Al-Qawun sent a letter to the representative of the UN Secretary General Hines Blachart on the demonstrations and the responsibility of the international organization in human rights and defending freedom of expression.

The experts said in the letter received by the “news”

Ms. Hennes Blachart representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations respected. ..

Greetings and respect. The human values of the civilized world and the defense of human rights are fundamental to the preservation of human dignity. This

principle has been affirmed through international conventions, including the 1945 Charter of the United Nations. The preamble of the Charter is stated. … and Article I, paragraph III. ..And articles 55..56 … and other legal texts. ..

3. The Charter states that human rights are not an absolute competence of Governments and cannot act at will. .

4. Yes, human rights have been violated in Iraq. Yes, it mimics the world that this great people, by its originality and the immortal legacy and sacrifices, will not and will not accept humiliation and will not accept a reckless system of values that is irrelevant to the great principles of the Fratine people. .

5 … The lawyers of Iraq with a great history and campaign of the right message to the courts of justice. On the basis of international and constitutional foundations for the protection of human rights. On the premise that humanity is a civilization and justice, justice and fairness and peace can only be achieved by achieving justice and preserving human dignity. From this standpoint, in the name of humanity, in the name of the Iraqi people, in the name of the youth and all the people who are protesting. And fulfill their legitimate demands, which are the demands of all the Iraqi people, and take decisions to hold accountable those responsible for the bloodshed of our people. In accordance with international criminal law. Respect the will of the people and their choices in defining a democratic system of government. … We also ask the United Nations to take legal action in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations to prevent any international or regional body from interfering in the affairs of our country. ..

…. We conclude this opportunity to send a greeting and respect from the people of the Euphrates and the lawyers of the Tigris and Euphrates. You and all the benevolent in the world with deep respect and appreciation of the

lawyers of Iraq. . About them. .

US report signals Iranian “fear” and sending Soleimani to Iraq on a mission

2019/11/01 07:56:22

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Iranian interests in the region face risks that have worried the Iranian leadership. According to the New York Times, Iranian concerns are centered in Lebanon and Iraq, which are witnessing a mass movement against corruption and government deficits.

The report’s author, Farnaz Fasaihi, says the Iranian establishment often expresses its discontent with the United States, Saudi Arabia and Israel as the greatest threat, but Iranian leaders have turned their attention to two new concerns, Lebanon and Iraq. Massive demonstrations in these two countries were characterized by some form of hostility to the Islamic Republic, endangering their interests and increasing the likelihood of similar demonstrations in Iran itself.

Iran’s concern was evident from a visit to Iraq by the Quds Force’s Quds Force commander, Qasem Soleimani, to help counter the new uprising.

The success of the protesters by changing the government of the two countries and toppling the political systems linked to Iran, Tehran will be the loser for decades of political, financial and military investment that made it the dominant forces in the Middle East.

On Wednesday, Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who is respected by some in Iraq and Lebanon, denounced the demonstrators, revealing his fears of the dangers posed by the demonstrations. Iran also announced the closure of a number of border crossings with Iraq for passengers and goods. Khamenei accused the United States and Western intelligence agencies and the money provided by some regional states to create chaos in the region.

“I advise Lebanon and Iraq to have the priority to stand up to these security threats,” he said.

Iranian media have portrayed events in both countries in a negative way. Commentators in the official and conservative press have described events in the two countries as “fitna,” the same term used to describe anti-government demonstrations in 2009 and 2017. Some commentators have suggested that US, Israeli and Saudi agitators have stirred up the turmoil to weaken Iran and create divisions within the region’s two allies.

However, Iranian officials are aware of the infectious power of the demonstrations in the Iranian neighborhood and the possibility of their movement inside, especially as there is a participation in the grievances between Iraqis, Lebanese and Iranians against the ruling institutions in their country. The recent wave of protests in Iran has been rooted, like the current demonstrations in the Arab world, with the economy, unemployment and frustration with government corruption.

Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi has shown a tendency to resign if a mechanism is in place to keep the government stable. Two days earlier, Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri announced his resignation. There are no signs of a decline in demonstrations in the coming days.

“The Iranian leadership views the protests as an existential threat,” says Joseph Bahod, a Middle East expert at the Carnegie Endowment for World Peace. “But they have a lot of cards to play before resorting to violence to crush them.”

Khamenei said he had ordered Iranian forces to be on alert, perhaps suggesting that he wanted proxies from Tehran in Iraq and Lebanon to confront the demonstrators. Lebanese Hezbollah and several Shiite militias operate under the supervision of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards.

Analysts say Iran may use a number of tactics. In Lebanon, it will divide the demonstrators and remove the two Shiite movements, Hezbollah and Amal, from protests demanding a change in the entire political structure of the country. Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah has called on his supporters to stay away from the demonstrations, but like Khamenei, he accused foreign parties of being behind them.

Hezbollah will rely on provocation. On Thursday, civilian uniforms described as Hezbollah supporters attacked the tents of the protesters and tried to disperse them by force, as the number of demonstrators has since fallen. With Hariri’s resignation, there is an opportunity for a political vacuum if a successor government is not formed.

Iraq is a more complicated case for Iran than Lebanon. Hence the importance of Soleimani’s visit to Baghdad a while ago to help the government confront the uprising. Soleimani is known for his frequent visits to Iraq and his strong ties with militia and party leaders.

Shiite cities where militias have bases, such as Karbala, have seen bloody clashes. Unlike Lebanon, criticism of Iran was apparent in Iraq, the Iranian flag was burned at the demonstrations, while demonstrators distorted pictures of Ayatollah Khamenei and attacked the headquarters of militias backed by the Revolutionary Guards.

Shi’ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr joined demonstrators in Najaf, where the Iraqi flag was covered and demanded the resignation of the government. Iranian officials and hardline commentators have openly criticized the demonstrators as puppets in the hands of the West, attacking Sadr as “volatile, uncontrolled and parasitic.”

Hussein Shariat Madari, editor of the conservative Kayhan newspaper and a senior adviser to Khamenei, wrote, calling on demonstrators to march toward the Saudi and US embassies. While commentator Hamid Reza Zandi to burn the US and Saudi flags in response to the uprising.

Analysts say Iran is known to support selective uprisings in the Arab world if it supports its ideology. During the Arab Spring, Iran supported demonstrators against the governments of Egypt, Yemen, and Bahrain, but stood with Syria and played a role in protecting the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

“Khamenei, who has invested in the region financially and militarily, will not allow demonstrators to weaken Iranian hegemony at all costs,” said Nader Hashemi, director of the Center for Middle East Studies at the University of Denver.

Legal expert: Abdul Mahdi can be questioned in absentia according to the constitution

01-11-2019 01:55 PM


Orbit Agency –


: Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi could be questioned in absentia according to the constitution and by-laws of parliament, legal expert Ali al-Tamimi said on Friday.

Al-Tamimi said in a press statement singled out by the ‘orbit’ that ‘if notified to be questioned and did not attend yet did not provide excuse his draft can be held accountable and questioned in absentia’, pointing out that ‘the reason is considered to have waived his right stipulated in the Constitution and the rules of procedure of Parliament’ .

He added, ‘Parliament’s control of the executive authority was absolute without restriction in Article 16 of the Constitution and the rules of procedure of the parliament, as the difficult circumstance experienced by the country requires the presence of the Prime Minister run to the parliament, but the lack of attendance indicates indifference and waive the constitutional right’, explaining The ‘interrogation is a parliamentary political investigation .. applicable to the general criminal rules in the absence of the text’.

He pointed out that the ‘legal rules say’ ward off evil first of bringing benefits and if conflicting interests took into account the greatest harm to the lighter, and know the most severe harm lighter ‘, stressing that’ the public interest requires in absentia interrogation ‘.

He pointed out that “even if Abdul-Mahdi did not attend and remain in the government, the prosecution of international prosecution even if after a while because the killings of demonstrators do not fall statute of limitations … as happened to the Chilean president, who was tried internationally in a wheelchair after retirement.”

Demonstrations at the moment .. Thousands of demonstrators flock to the square Haboubi central Nasiriyah

Baghdad / Obelisk: Protested October 25 .. The obelisk keeps pace with the event at the moment …

Friday, November 1, 2019

 Thousands of protesters flock to Habboubi Square in central Nasiriyah

Hundreds of people from different parts of Baghdad began arriving in Tahrir Square

Demonstrations continue in the center of Qurna to demand the dismissal of the government and the abolition of parliament

The beginning of renewed protests in central Diyala

Visual protesters close the port of Umm Qasr and stand before it until the demands are met

Basra Trade Union Federation organizes a stand in solidarity with the protests

Spokesman for the Commander in Chief: We will not allow the disruption of the work of the departments and the emergence of demonstrations from employees during working hours

Hundreds of people from Diwaniya participate in a sit-in to support the protests

Dozens of demonstrators flocked to the sit-in tent in Majnoon oil field

Demonstrators block Al-Bazerkan oil field in Maysan.