Al-Sudani admits that there is a rise in prices and says the window of selling the currency has ‘disting’ the financial and banking systems

PoliticiansMohammed Shiaa Al-Sudani

2023-01-27 14:15Font

Twilight News / Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa Al-Sudani acknowledged, on Friday, the existence of a rise in prices, noting that the window for selling the currency “disfied” the financial and banking systems in Iraq.

“There is a rise in prices as a result of fluctuations in the dollar exchange rate, but overall our financial situation is the best since 2003, we have continuous revenues from oil and a stock of food,” Al-Sudani said in an interview with France 24 channel.

He added, “We have important measures and decisions that contribute to achieving structural economic reform in the financial and banking system, which has witnessed distorted trade over the past years through the currency sale window.”

Al-Sudani continued, “There are question marks that these standards are intended to be applied at this time or at this point in a three-month-old government, while they were absent for years in previous governments, the sale of the dollar exceeded 300 million dollars per day, in an illegal trade, money comes out with smuggling and money laundering addresses.”

Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa Al-Sudani said that “a delegation headed by the Secretary of Foreign Affairs and a group of specialists will visit Washington, carrying with him several files, one of these files will be dealt with the US Federal Bank and the Treasury Department, to find out the repercussions of applying the standards set by the US Treasury in a way that ensures the desired goal of all parties.”سیاسة/السوداني-يقر-بوجود-ارتفاع-في-ال-سعار-ويقول-ن-نافذة-بيع-العملة-شو-هت-النظامين-المالي-والمصرفي

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