Haitham al-Jubouri, who is imprisoned, offers to return the money he looted in exchange for “freedom”!!!

Haitham al-Jubouri, who is imprisoned, offers to return the money he looted in exchange for “freedom”!!!

January 3, 2023

BAGHDAD/Obelisk: The Iraqi authorities announced on Tuesday that they had recovered an additional $2.6 million of the $2.5 billion stolen from tax funds from a government official who is on trial in this case.

The case, which was revealed in mid-October, involving former senior officials and businessmen, has sparked outrage in oil-rich and corruption-ridden Iraq.

A document from the General Tax Authority states that $2.5 billion was paid between September 2021 and August 2022 through 247 checks issued by five companies. The money was then withdrawn in cash from the accounts of these companies, whose owners, who are mostly fugitives, are subject to arrest warrants.

And the head of the Integrity Commission, Judge Haidar Hanoun, announced in a press conference on Tuesday that 4 billion dinars (2.6 million dollars) had been recovered, which is part of “the amount of 17 billion, 13 million and a few thousand dinars” (more than 11 million dollars), which is supposed to be returned by one of the defendants. .

Hanoun did not disclose the name of this accused. “We cannot reveal his name now because the court has not issued a ruling yet,” he said.

Hanoun added, “The accused from whom the money was recovered is in the process of being tried before the Central Anti-Corruption Criminal Court,” explaining that he will be tried on January 12.

A source in the Integrity Commission said, according to Agence France-Presse, that the person responsible for stealing the aforementioned amount is Haitham al-Jubouri, a former deputy and one of the government advisors. According to the source, Al-Jubouri is currently under arrest.

The judge of the Investigation Court specialized in cases of integrity in Baghdad, Diaa Jaafar, had said in late November that Al-Jubouri was under investigation on the background of “the correspondences sent by him regarding the cancellation of the Audit of the Financial Supervision Bureau of the insurance amounts.”

The new Iraqi government often announces developments related to the issue of theft of tax money, which is called the “theft of the century,” while it has made combating corruption a priority.

A businessman was arrested in connection with the case before being released on bail after returning $211.6 million in embezzled funds.

Although corruption is rampant in all state institutions in Iraq, the trials that take place in these cases are few, and if they do happen, they target minor officials.

Informed sources revealed, on Tuesday, January 3, 2023, information about the accused of stealing the century and the head of the former Finance Committee, Haitham Al-Jubouri.

The sources said that Al-Jubouri is asking to be released on bail and pledge to recover the inflated amounts, like Nour Zuhair, who is accused of stealing the horn.

A security force had earlier arrested Haitham al-Jubouri, the financial advisor to the head of the former federal government, on the grounds of his inflated funds.

The arrest came based on the inflated funds of Al-Jubouri, by unknown and illegal methods.


State of Law Leader: Sudani’s Visit to Washington Normal

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State of Law Leader: Sudani's Visit to Washington Normal


{Politics: Al-Furat News} State of Law Coalition leader Wael Al-Rikabi described on Tuesday evening Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa al-Sudani’s visit to Washington as “normal.”

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“There is an intention to visit Sudani to Washington, but the date has not yet been set, and the visit, if achieved, will be a normal visit,” Al-Rikabi told Al-Furat News.
He stressed that “the visit has not been announced so far,” adding that “the visit, if achieved, it is very normal in light of his tours and visits to Jordan, Iran and conferences.”
“The Sudanese visit to Washington is expected to negotiate many issues that concern the country and common interests,” Al-Rikabi added.
A member of the Fatah Alliance, Abu Meethaq Al-Masari, revealed that preparations are underway for the visit of Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa al-Sudani to the United States of America, at the head of a high-level delegation to visit Washington and discuss many files related to Iraqi affairs.
Al-Masari pointed out that the deadline for the Sudanese visit to Washington has not been set so far, and there are channels of communication with US diplomacy to arrange for this upcoming visit.

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Sudani reveals features of 2023 budget doors And he promises a different summer

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Sudani reveals features of 2023 budget doors And he promises a different summer


(Politics: Euphrates News) Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa Al-Sudani revealed, on Tuesday evening, the features of the doors of the federal budget for the year 2023, while promising the Iraqis a different summer.

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Al-Sudani said during the weekly press conference, attended by the correspondent of {Euphrates News} that: “The service and engineering effort is continuing and increasing in more than one region, where it is located in 21 locations, including 17 in Baghdad and 4 in Diwaniyah, and the service effort team raised the slogan of 2023 years of services.”

He added that “the cost of rehabilitating Kadhimiya Hospital is less than 3 billion dinars and with Iraqi capabilities, and the experience of Kadhimiya Hospital will be circulated to 10 other hospitals,” pointing out that “the budget of 2023 will include funds to provide medicines 100% in hospitals and there are specialized committees in hospital management and the government pays great attention to

Al-Sudani promised, securing medicines and treatments inside hospitals is one of the priorities of the government in the budget, and there is a trend to complete the projects of lagging hospitals in Baghdad and the provinces,” noting that “the presence of 10 trillion dinars within the Food Security Law for projects in the provinces is not commensurate with the directions of the government.”

The Prime Minister also promised “summer 2023 will be different in equipping electricity for citizens, and the ration card will witness an improvement during the current month for the social protection category,” adding that “there are one million and 671,000 families receive monthly subsidies, and 10 million Iraqi citizens live below the poverty line.”

He pointed out that “there will be an expansion of the coverage of poor and deserving families in social benefits, and by the middle of this month the widest and largest social search process for protection applications will begin, and the Ministry of Oil will comprehensively rehabilitate the role of the homeless, orphans and the elderly in Baghdad.”

Al-Sudani continued, “The salary paragraph in the budget rose from 41 trillion dinars to 62 trillion, and we are keen not to harm the poor classes and we have an important opportunity for economic reform,” stressing “continuing to stop currency smuggling and there is a review of the contracts of electronic payment companies that affect citizens.”

He stressed, “We continue to recover stolen funds in cooperation with the three authorities, which represent a priority for the government and the judiciary. We are also following up with Interpol the file of importing stolen funds. We have also made important strides in dismantling the smuggling networks of oil derivatives and they have fallen clearly, and we have ratified the minutes of the Investigative Committee on

The Prime Minister announced “the readiness to inform about economic projects in various pieces, and that he did not rush to send the general budget for 2023, and that this year’s budget will include for the first time the vision of the government and the ministerial curriculum, and that it needs more accuracy and review to resolve all problems.”

He called, generally sports fans, “for the ethics of the Iraqi people in Gulf 25.”

On the housing crisis, Al-Sudani explained, “Elimination of the housing crisis needs many paths and we will prepare 500,000 plots of land, while previous projects on housing crisis will be subject to scrutiny and review, and we are also committed to ending the file of displaced people and authorized the Ministry of Immigration to process their needs,” concluding with “legal procedures that will affect officials and refer them to the judiciary.”


Dollar prices rebound in Baghdad

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Dollar prices rebound in Baghdad


{Economy: Euphrates News} Dollar exchange rates rose against the Iraqi dinar, on Tuesday, with the closure of the main stock exchange in Baghdad.

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Al-Kifah Central Stock Exchange closed in Baghdad at 154700 Iraqi dinars for 100 dollars.
Prices this morning were 153,100 Iraqi dinars for 100 dollars.
The prices of buying and selling in banking shops in the local markets in Baghdad also rose, where the selling price reached 155,000 Iraqi dinars, while the purchase prices amounted to 154250 dinars per 100 dollars.


Iraq is among its issues. NATO announces imminent meeting of defense ministers

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NATO announced on Tuesday that the meeting of its defense ministers scheduled for January 18 to discuss the defense challenges facing the alliance, especially with regard to the Ukrainian war, will also discuss the alliance’s mission in Iraq and efforts to support Baghdad to promote stability and eliminate terrorism.

NATO said in a statement published on its website, seen by Shafaq News Agency, that the military committee, which is considered NATO’s highest military authority, will meet on January 18-19 in Brussels, under the chairmanship of the Chairman of the Military Committee Admiral Rob Power, while NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg will join the military committee in the first session to present the latest political goals and discuss the security challenges facing the alliance.

The meeting of the NATO Military Committee will allow the 32 defense chiefs to meet and discuss issues of strategic importance to NATO, the statement said.

“The Military Committee will discuss NATO’s non-combat mission and capacity building in Iraq with its operational partners, Sweden, Finland and Australia,” the statement said, adding that the defense chiefs will discuss “the mission’s ongoing efforts to help Iraq promote greater stability, build its security and defense institutions, and eliminate terrorism.”

Altogether, NATO defense ministers and chiefs of staff will discuss the ongoing war in Ukraine and the alliance’s military capabilities and ability to defend against all challenges, multi-domain operations, digital transformation and interoperability.

The meetings, NATO implementation, will also discuss the concept of deterrence and defense in the Euro-Atlantic region.

In addition, the meetings will address NATO readiness, military readiness, military capability development, military stockpiles and logistics.


Gold rises to 6-month high

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Gold rises to 6-month high


Gold prices hit a six-month high on Tuesday amid weak trading, as market attention turned to minutes of the latest U.S. Federal Reserve monetary policy meeting scheduled for release this week.

Spot gold rose 0.8 percent to $1,838.69 an ounce, according to Reuters data, and U.S. gold futures rose 1 percent to $1,843.90.

The dollar index fell 0.1 percent, making gold priced in U.S. currency more attractive to overseas buyers.

Minutes from the Fed’s monetary policy meeting are due in December next Wednesday, which could provide guidance on the course of tightening the bank’s monetary policy.

Gold is seen as a hedge against inflation and economic uncertainty, but high interest rates increase the opportunity cost of acquiring gold because it does not generate interest.

Spot-on-term silver rose 1.1 percent to $24.25, platinum rose 0.8 percent to $1077.98 and palladium fell 0.1 percent to $1792.21.


Central Bank: Iraq On The Cusp Of A Development Era That Will Include Several Sectors

Central Bank: Iraq on the cusp of a development era that will include several sectors

in 2023-01-03

The Central Bank of Iraq confirmed on Tuesday the launch of several development initiatives that supported the state in the time of the financial crisis, and helped support housing, industrial and real estate projects and the reconstruction and rehabilitation of hospitals and schools, while noting that Iraq is on the cusp of a development era that will include several sectors.

“After 2014, the functions of the Central Bank turned into developmental roles due to the complex problems that the country went through, including the emergence of terrorist gangs and the devastation they caused,” Central Bank adviser Ihsan Shamran Al-Yasiri said in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency (Aware).
“Financial problems also occurred due to low oil prices in 2014, and the bank attribution of state finances to pay salaries using monetary policy tools, and lend to the government through the secondary market by deducting bonds it bought from banks,” he added.
He pointed out that “the Central Bank also launched a development initiative in 2015, and its funds so far amounted to 18 trillion dinars to support the banks of the agricultural, industrial and real estate sector and the housing fund.”
He added that “the bank also launched the initiative (Tamkeen) with the funds of banks and non-bank financial institutions, which enabled the state to rebuild Al-Mutanabbi Street, rehabilitate orphanages, the disabled, hospitals and schools damaged by terrorism, and these are recorded as achievements of the monetary institution, and now we are on the cusp of a new development era that will include several sectors.”

Source: Iraqi News Agency

البنك المركزي: العراق على أعتاب عهد تنموي سيشمل عدة قطاعات