Al-Sudani: A delegation headed by the Foreign Minister will visit Washington to discuss the repercussions of {dollar}

  • Time : 2023/01/27 23:03:28
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Al-Sudani: A delegation headed by the Foreign Minister will visit Washington to discuss the repercussions of {dollar}


(Political: Al-Furat News) Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa Al-Sudani announced the visit of an Iraqi delegation to Washington to discuss the repercussions of the decision of the US Federal Bank on Iraq and fluctuations in the dollar exchange rate.

Al-Sudani said in his most prominent speech during his television meeting with the France 24 channel group on the sidelines of his visit to Paris: “A delegation headed by the Secretary of State and a group of specialists will visit Washington, carrying several files, one of these files will be dealt with the US Federal Bank and the Treasury Department, to find out the repercussions of the implementation of the standards set by the US Treasury in a way that ensures the desired goal of all parties.”
“There is a rise in prices due to fluctuations in the dollar exchange rate, but overall our financial situation is the best since 2003, we have continuous revenues from oil, and a stock of food,” he added.
“We have important measures and decisions that contribute to achieving structural economic reform in the financial and banking system, which has witnessed distorted trade over the past years through the currency sale window,” he said.
Al-Sudani pointed out that “there are question marks that these standards are to be applied at this time or at this stage of time from a 3-month-old government, while they were absent for years in previous governments, the sale of the dollar exceeded 300 million dollars per day, in an illegal trade, money comes out with smuggling and money laundering addresses.”
He pointed out that his visit “to France represents a qualitative leap in the relationship between the two countries and took a strategic direction through the signing of the Strategic Partnership Agreement, which includes up to 50 articles covering all security, economic, social, cultural and educational sectors.”
The commander-in-chief of the armed forces reiterated that Iraq does not need “foreign combat forces, but rather cooperation with the international coalition led by the United States or with countries outside the international coalition in the field of combating terrorism and ensuring stability and security.”
He explained that “the presence of the international coalition in Iraq at the request of the previous Iraqi government, and it is subject to professional dialogue in accordance with a political agreement determined by the official security authorities in the issue of the survival of advisers, determining their numbers and locations, cooperation in the field of training and information exchange.”
“We need a new type of relationship with the international coalition, based on cooperation, exchange of information and joint action, while ensuring Iraq’s sovereignty over its territory, waters and sky, and the National Security Council is conducting a review to determine the framework of the relationship in accordance with the principles we mentioned,” the Prime Minister stressed.
Al-Sudani said: “From the first day we started our work, we have been keen to exercise the role of bringing the Islamic Republic of Iran, Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Arab brothers closer to maintain rapprochement and understanding, to reach security and reduce tensions in the region.”
“We have received assurances from these countries, and we are continuing our endeavors,” he said. There is a keenness on the part of the two countries to resume these meetings under the auspices of Iraq, and soon we will contribute to achieving a meeting in Baghdad.”
He stressed that “the attack on Iraqi territory is an unacceptable and condemned act and we have official positions, some of which were submitted at the level of communications to the Security Council and the United Nations.”
The Prime Minister pointed out that “dialogue is the best way to communicate with Turkey and Iran, and we recently adopted decisions at the level of the National Security Council, with the presence of federal forces to prevent the infiltration of armed groups that use Iraqi territory to attack Turkey and Iran.”
He added that “the budget law will contribute to solving the bulk of the issue of financial transfers in accordance with the Constitution, and then move on to the most important step of legislating the oil and gas law, which regulates the relationship between the federal government, the Kurdistan Regional Government and the oil-producing provinces.”
Al-Sudani stressed “the signing of a memorandum of understanding in the field of combating corruption,” stressing that “France cooperates in the field of recovery of Iraq’s funds before and after 2003, and efforts will be made by the parties to recover the funds and those wanted.”السوداني-وفد-برئاسة-وزير-الخارجية-سيزور-واشنطن-لبحث-تداعيات-الدولار


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