No agreement with the region… Expectations of settling the draft budget for 2023


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No agreement with the region... Expectations of settling the draft budget for 2023

{Politics: Al Furat News} Parliamentary circles are leaking conflicting information regarding the fate of the draft budget for the year 2023, at a time when the negotiations of the delegations of the Kurdistan region are in place regarding the region’s share of it.

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“The government has completed the draft budget law, and it will be sent to parliament in conjunction with the start of the second legislative term, which will start its work on the ninth of this month, for the purpose of discussing and approving it,” Ali Turki, a representative of the Fatah parliamentary bloc, said in a press statement.
Turki added, “Confirmed information we obtained indicates that the Sudanese government has fully completed the draft budget law for the current year,” noting that “the government, in turn, will send the draft law to the House of Representatives for the purpose of discussion and approval.”
And he stated, “Parliament will open its first session for the second legislative term and will set a number of laws in its agenda,” suggesting that “the budget bill will arrive this week.” 
For his part, the representative of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Sharif Suleiman, confirmed that the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government did not reach an agreement on Kurdistan’s share of the budget.
Suleiman said, in a press statement, “The budget for the current year will provide all the needs of the citizen, and it is in the preparation stage by the government.”
He explained, “The 2023 budget will translate the government program in the files of health, electricity, investment and infrastructure,” pointing out that “it is not ready to be referred to parliament.”
Suleiman attributed the reasons for its lack of readiness “for discussion and approval, summed up in the fact that it needs to prepare paragraphs, including the region’s share, the exchange rate, and infrastructure allocations.”


Plan to dismantle the Green Zone: Opening spider tunnels and lifting controls in Baghdad

Green Zone Security Baghdad Breaking Traffic Traffic Zones

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Twilight News / A security source reported early on Saturday that higher decisions were taken to dismantle the Green Zone and end traffic jams in the capital Baghdad.

The source told Shafaq News Agency that “there are plans to decipher traffic jams in Baghdad (within the government program),” noting that “the controls that have been lifted so far (as a first stage), are the controls of Jadriya, the two floors and the butterfly (New Baghdad), the apartments of Zayouna and Toubji (traff

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“Seven controls will be lifted on the side of Karkh,” the source said. He explained that “there are measures to dismantle the Green Zone, including the opening of four tunnels close to the House of Representatives, and opening the door of Olive Street, the road leading from the Baghdad International Fair towards the Green Zone.”

The source pointed out that “the door of the Baghdad Operations Command will be opened, as well as the road leading from the celebration square towards Olive Street, in addition to opening the tunnel parallel to Olive Street, and opening five tunnels inside the Green Zone.”

He pointed out that “the road parallel to the Adnan Palace, which extends from Ali Paris restaurant to the Green Zone, in addition to the opening of the streets will be as a first stage from 5 am to 7 pm (times of momentum).”

The source confirmed that “Saedin Street parallel to the fast of Muhammad Al-Qasim was opened, starting from the Kilani gas station, and ending with the University of Technology.”أمـن/خطة-لتفكيك-المنطقة-الخضرا-فتح-انفاق-عنكبوتية-ورفع-السيطرات-في-العاصمة-بغداد

Janabi: Central Bank able to restore confidence to Iraqi dinar soon


2023-01-07 | 15:20

Janabi: Central Bank able to restore confidence to Iraqi dinar soon

the source:

Alsumaria News


MP Ziad Al-Janabi confirmed on Saturday that the Central Bank of Iraq is able to restore confidence to the value of the dinar soon, while noting that the bank pleted the government and saved it from going to the unknown.

Al-Janabi said in an interview withAlsumaria News“We value the positionthe Central Bank of IraqWho supported the Iraqi government with a cash loan of more than $30 billion and saved it from going into the unknown at the time.”

The Committee pointed out that “the ability ofthe Central Bank of IraqTo overcome the current crisis facing the dollar in the local market,” stressing that “the Central Bank has taken successful strategic steps to end the current crisis.”

Al-Janabi said that “this problem will soon be solved, which confused the situation of the Iraqi market and the central bank is able to restore confidence in the value of the Iraqi dinar and modify technical matters in the near future,” stressing that “the Central Bank has been able to raise the value of the reserves of the dollar and gold to a strategic amount, which secured a goodسياسة/443616/الجنابي-المركزي-قادر-على-إعادة-الثقة-لقيمة-الدينار

Sudan directs to open Green Zone starting tomorrow

political| -08-08-24 – 07/01/2023


Baghdad – Mawazine News
Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa al-Sudani on Saturday directed the reopen of roads and tunnels in the Green Zone in the center of the capital Baghdad starting on Sunday.

A follow-up member in the Prime Minister’s office, Major General Jassim Al-Zubaidi, told the official channel and was followed by Mawazine News that “the engineering effort was directed to open several roads in the Green Zone and four spider tunnels based on the directives of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Mohammed Shiaa Al-S

“The plan will start from 5 a.m. on Sunday and only small cars will be allowed to pass until 7 p.m. daily,” he added. Finished29/m99

The General Secretariat announces the completion of the electronic link for the issuance of documents with Kurdistan

political| -08-12:11 – 07/01/2023


Baghdad – Mawazine News
The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers announced on Saturday the completion of the electronic link for the issuance of documents with the Kurdistan region, stressing the existence of high coordination between Baghdad and Erbil to automate government transactions.

A spokesman for the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers Haider Majid said in an interview with the official news agency and his follow-in-running News that “the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers continues its direct coordination and communication with all government institutions in general and the provinces in particular in order to work on the automation of all government transactions.”

He added that “the first phase of these works ended represented by the electronic document management program of the General Secretariat of Ministers Association in all ministries,” noting that “the program now allows the circulation of all official documents between the General Secretariat and the ministries.”

He pointed out that “the General Secretariat is in the process of going towards the second phase, in which entities not associated with the ministry and the provinces will be linked to this system, which allows the process of officially circulating documents, ending paperwork, overcoming bureaucracy and routine, as well as accelerating the completion of private transactions for citizens, as well as procedures related to between official institutions and eliminating

On the electronic link between Baghdad and the Kurdistan government, Majid stressed that “the National Data Center Department is a process that has completed the electronic link between the central government and the Kurdistan government, and there is high-level coordination and deliberative meetings between the management of the National Data Center and the representative of the Kurdistan Region.”

He added that “the electronic link has been completed in the issue of the validity of the issuances and the cancellation of paper dealing with many transactions related to between citizens in the central government and the provinces and between the Kurdistan region.”

He noted that “the transactions were sent and issued on paper and were marred by a delay in the issuance of transactions and difficulty for citizens to follow them, but the program granted that these correspondence should now be electronic, and facilitated many procedures for citizens. The National Data Center Department also developed a guidance service for citizens, allowing them to call the toll-free line (559) from eight in the

He continued that “the service allows citizens to inquire about the services provided by the Ur electronic portal,” explaining that “the portal provides more than 200 services between electronic and paper, and also work is underway between the National Data Center Department and the representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government in Baghdad to automate the rest of all procedures and transactions.” Finished 29/n33