Alliance of Powers: The negotiations with Al-Kazemi are crystallizing in a positive direction

24-04-2020 05:41 PM


Baghdad / news

Member of the Alliance of Forces, Abdullah Al-Kharbit, confirmed today, Friday, that consultations are still taking place between the alliance and the Prime Minister-designate Mustafa Al-Kazemi on forming a government.

Al-Kharbit predicted in a press statement that “the understandings seek to reach quick solutions, as the vision is now developing in a positive direction, and Al-Kazemi now realizes that there is a huge gap between the reality on the ground and the statements made by those who want to divorce them without having a strong ground.”

He stressed that “the reality is governed by the qualitative and numerical political weight, which is settled within the component that we represent, which is the Sunni component; there is a difference between the real size and the claim of size without a solid base or ground.”




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