Legal affirms: Al-Kazemi’s last constitutional opportunity!

Sunday 12 April 2020 | 07:53 pm

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Baghdad / .. Legal expert Ali al-Tamimi, Sunday, counted the candidate Mustafa al-Kazemi as the last legal opportunity candidate according to Article 76, indicating that in the event of failure he will head the republic to dissolve parliament and announce early elections.

Al-Tamimi said that “Article 76 of the constitution granted the president of the republic three times, and in case the first fails, the second is charged and then the third.”

He added that “Al-Kazemi’s candidate is considered the last legal opportunity according to the constitutional article and he has 30 days to present his government and his ministerial curriculum.”

He explained, “The President of the Republic then goes to dissolve parliament and announce early elections within 60 days.”


Al-Kazemi expresses Blashart’s satisfaction with the conduct of the government formation consultations

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The Prime Minister-designate, Mr. Mustafa Al-Kazemi, received at his office in the Government Palace this afternoon, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Mrs. Jenin Hennes-Blackshart.

The development of the government formation, efforts to confront the Corona pandemic, and the continuation of cooperation and coordination between Iraq and the United Nations were discussed.

Mr. Al-Kazemi expressed his satisfaction with the conduct of the government formation consultations and his aspiration for everyone’s cooperation and enabling the government to work to meet the needs of citizens and respond to their legitimate aspirations.

While the representative of the Secretary-General confirmed her support for the efforts to form the new government in light of the national consensus and the desire to increase joint cooperation.

OPEC + announces “historic” oil agreement


04/12/2020 13:00:18

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Shafak News / Countries of the “OPEC +” group reached an agreement described as “historic” to reduce oil production to the level of 9.7 million barrels per day, in the largest reduction ever.

Kuwaiti Minister of Point, Khaled Al-Fadil, said through his official account on the website, “Twitter”, today, Sunday, after a new virtual meeting of the oil exporting countries: To reduce production by approximately 10 million barrels of oil per day from OPEC + members starting from May 1, 2020. ”

Meanwhile, Reuters quoted informed sources that the countries participating in the talks, members of “OPEC”, Russia and other oil-exporting countries, have overcome the dispute with Mexico and approved the largest reduction in oil production amounting to about 10% of the global supply.

The agency sources indicated that the “OPEC +” group agreed to reduce production to the level of 9.7 million barrels per day in May and June.

Al-Kazemi’s office announces “positive” consultations to form the new government


04/12/2020 12:58:49

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Shafaq News / The office of the designated Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, announced on Sunday evening, that he described consultations he described as positive, leading to the formation of the new cabinet.

A statement by Al-Kazemi’s office stated, “The Prime Minister-designate, Mr. Mustafa Al-Kazemi, continues the consultations to form the new government in a positive atmosphere with the cooperation of the political blocs and social activities, and according to the directions announced in his speech, where he held during the past days a series of meetings and consultations during which he confirmed his intention to present his government program and to form The new government as soon as possible. ”

The statement did not give more details.

On April 9th, the Iraqi President, Barham Salih, commissioned the head of the National Intelligence Service, Mustafa al-Kazemi, to form the next government.

This came after Prime Minister-designate Adnan Al-Zarfi announced his apology for forming the government for “internal and external” reasons, which he did not make clear.

Al-Kazemi is considered the first consensual candidate, as he enjoys the support of most of the Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish political forces, as well as support for the popular movement and his proposal in advance for the position, which raises his chances to head the next government.

The prime minister in charge has 30 days to pass his cabinet in Parliament, and it appears that his task will be easy, given the consensus data on his name.

Al-Kazemi, an independent who is not affiliated with any political party, assumed the position of intelligence chief in June 2016, during Haider al-Abadi as prime minister (2014-2018), and still holds the position to run business.

In order for the government to obtain the confidence of the parliament, an absolute majority (50 percent +1) of the attending members (not the total number) is required.

And will succeed the new government, the government of Adel Abdul Mahdi, who resigned in early December 2019, under pressure from popular protests calling for the departure and accountability of all political class accused of corruption and waste of state funds, which have governed since the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime in 2003.

Alliance of Forces: There is almost a political and parliamentary consensus on the passage of the Al-Kazemi government


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Ayna News –

Baghdad: The Iraqi Forces Alliance bloc confirmed the existence of a near-political consensus to expedite the granting of confidence to the new taxpayer and its cabinet.

“There is a near-political and parliamentary consensus to support the passage of Mustafa Al-Kazemi’s government and the speedy granting of confidence to it before the House of Representatives,” said the deputy for the coalition, Abdul Khaleq Al-Azzawi.

He added that «there is political and parliamentary optimism about Al-Kazemi’s success in forming the new government within a limited period of time in order to proceed to follow up on the important files», indicating that «our demands and we are part of the Sunni political forces are the reconstruction of the liberated areas and the return of the displaced and the response to the demands of the demonstrators and create a partnership in the government decision and combat Financial and administrative corruption.

Deputy: Parliament will pass Al-Kazemi’s government within ten days



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On Sunday, the deputy of the Al-Fateh Alliance Fadel Al-Fatlawi confirmed that the parliament will hold a session of granting confidence to the government of Prime Minister-designate Mustafa Al-Kazemi within ten days.

Al-Fatlawi said in a statement to “Information”, that “Al-Kazemi began political consultations three days ago to choose his cabinet,” noting that he “will present his ministerial cabinet within a short time and the Council of Representatives will set a session of granting confidence within ten days.”

He added that “the Shiite political blocs fully supported Al-Kazemi and will continue to support it inside the House of Representatives,” noting that “the Sunni and Kurdish forces officially announced their support for Al-Kazemi.”

And that “Al-Kazemi will pass in parliament and will not face the fate of Al-Zarfi and Allawi.”

Today, Sunday, the independent deputy, Basem Al-Khashan, confirmed that Parliament Speaker Mohamed Al-Halbousi will lose two ministries in the government of Prime Minister-designate Mustafa Al-Kazemi, while indicating that the loss of the two ministries will push Al-Halbousi to hinder the passage of Al-Kazemi’s government in Parliament. It ended 25 T.

نائب: البرلمان سيمرر حكومة الكاظمي خلال عشرة ايام

A spokesman for the International Alliance responds to the news of the visit of the US Secretary of Defense to Iraq

Political | 01:33 – 12/04/2020

BAGHDAD – Mawazine News, a

spokesman for the International Alliance, Miles Cagiz, on Sunday, denied the reports that a US Defense Secretary, Mark Esber, had made a visit to Iraq.

 Cagiz said the reports regarding Esber’s visit to Iraq are “baseless”.

He added that “many false news was published recently on the activities of the international coalition in Iraq, and the news of the Minister of Defense’s visit falls within this framework.” Ended 29 / A 43

Deputy: The coming days will determine the positions of the heads of the blocs from the Al-Kazemi government

Political | 02:12 – 12/04/2020

Baghdad – Mawazine News,

The Alliance of Saireon confirmed, on Sunday, that the official positions of the blocs from the government of Prime Minister-designate Mustafa Al-Kazemi will be determined by the coming days.

“The positions of the political blocs until now are still in support of the government of Prime Minister-designate Mustafa al-Kazimi, and this sends a message of reassurance,” said Badr al-Ziyadi, a member of the coalition.

He added that “the official positions of the heads of the blocs have not been definitively determined, and they will emerge in the coming days, whether or not the Al-Kazemi government passes.” Ended 29 / A 43

Deputy: Al-Kazemi will present his cabinet in the month before Ramadan .. No excuses for parliamentarians due to Corona

04/12/2020 10:19

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Baghdad / Obelisk: The head of the Rafidain bloc in the House of Representatives, Yonadam Kanna, suggested, on Sunday, that the cabinet introduce the new government headed by Prime Minister-designate Mustafa Al-Kazemi to Parliament before the holy month of Ramadan, that is, less than two weeks ago.

Kanna said in a press statement pursued by the “obelisk”, that he spoke with Al-Kazemi soon after he was assigned the prime minister’s job by the President of the Republic last Thursday, and he wished him success and success in his mission, and that most politicians will be supportive and helpful to him during the next stage.

He added that Al-Kazemi will launch his government program within the next few days. 

Kanna stressed that Al-Kazemi will present his government form before the blessed month of Ramadan, warning that members of the House of Representatives will hold their session in the Great Hall and sit in it far away from each other to vote for the benefit of the people and the nation, and it is not possible to excuse or excuse because of Corona or others.

And, it is not reasonable that the Christian component seeks to guarantee his hard-earned right. Rather, our rights must be guaranteed in every government formation, and this is a natural right, indicating that it is a mistake to fight for a ministerial seat every time.


The central bank announces measures to boost liquidity by more than one trillion dinars in Iraq

04/12/2020 07:05:25

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Shafaq News / The Central Bank of Iraq announced that it has taken measures that contribute to enhancing cash liquidity by an amount of one trillion dinars in banks.

The bank said in a statement today that the recent measures taken by this bank related to reducing the proportion of the mandatory reserve for bank deposits will contribute to enhancing the bank’s liquidity by an amount of (one trillion Iraqi dinars) to reduce the impact of the contraction resulting from the Corona pandemic.

Reports indicate that Iraq is facing difficult economic conditions due to the outbreak of the Corona epidemic and the low demand for crude oil in global markets, which may not enable it to pay those who receive monthly salaries from the government.