Al-Zorfi: I discussed with the Americans the withdrawal schedule … and this is what I received from the Kurds and Sunnis regarding the pass session


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Rudaw – Erbil
Adnan Zarrafi, the person in charge of forming the Iraqi government, said today, Tuesday (7 April 2020) that he spoke with the American administration about rescheduling the withdrawal of American forces from Iraq.
Al-Zarfi said in a televised meeting that “a weak Iraq poses a threat to neighboring countries, and the matter is not complicated at all, but we are the ones who create the crisis by interfering, for example, in the Iranian-American conflict.”
He added that he had spoken with the Americans “clearly the necessity of rescheduling the withdrawal from Iraq, and I am very serious about dealing with this file,” stressing that “Iraq should have strategic and interest-based relations with neighboring countries, not temporary, intermittent relations that produce successive crises.”
And Al-Zorfi said, “This month witnessed actual steps, and what happened was not an emergency withdrawal, but in coordination with Iraq and with me personally,” stressing that “the national consensus is required with the participation of all components, and we are proceeding to achieve this.”
He explained that “our next step will be the process of reforming the system and restoring the state’s prestige, and if the quorum is completed, the Kurds and Sunnis will attend the parliament session, and this is what I received,” he said.

Al-Zrafi shocks the opposition blocs for his candidacy: they are proceeding with assignment, and we have completed the ministerial cabinet


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Rudaw – Erbil
Adnan Zarrafi, the person in charge of forming the Iraqi government, responded today, Tuesday (7 April 2020) to recent news that he intends to withdraw his candidacy for the post, by saying that he is proceeding with the assignment, and has completed the upcoming ministerial cabinet.
Al-Zrafi said in a televised meeting that “the government is temporary to complete the work until the early elections.”
He continued, “My assignment came on the basis of a campaign to collect the signatures of deputies from many political blocs.”
Al-Zrafi warned that “the political situation is embarrassing for the deputies, and they are the most affected, because citizens accuse them of negligence,” noting that “the government’s lack of achievement has led to the expansion of parliamentarians’ concern, and its transformation into a decision to produce a national government that pursues reforms.”
He stressed that “no one can bypass the constitution and the deputies are keen on that, and the desire of the President of the Republic was to find parliamentary support, as happened with Muhammad Allawi,” noting that “the President of the Republic exercised his constitutional powers with my mandate and not with the influence of the parliamentary movement.”
Al-Zorfi added: “I have great respect for the leaders of the political blocs and political forces, and I am part of the political community, and I do not want any individual vision to be imposed on the political forces, but rather I would like to participate in decision-making.”
He called for “the Iraqi decision to be internal, and for the jurisprudence to be supported by most political blocs and forces,” explaining that “our political dialogues are continuous and have not stopped, and they are positive and productive, and I do not violate any Shiite consensus, and did not come except with a large and comfortable majority of political forces and not without Okay. “
Al-Zrafi explained: “I have a vision for state administration based on a basic principle which is the economic axis, and I claim that I have the ability to move the file of the economy and make it the axis around which all the parties meet, and this is reflected on the service provided to citizens”, adding that “this vision will not be achieved once I am part From the cabinet, I must be on top. “
Al-Zorfi said that “my presence in power is not for the sake of (the Kashkha), but that Iraq needs a team of hawks, because the problems have turned into crises, and then disasters are difficult to tackle without a strong team,” stressing that “the problem lies in the executive side and not in The constitution or the formal aspect. “
He added: “If you find the strength and the clear vision in management, everything can be addressed.” He explained, “The legitimate ambition is a noble goal to think about serving the country as long as possible, and the official must establish ideas for his successor in the position.”
Al-Zorfi continued: “I am determined to work within a year, at a level of two years, that is, doubly, and I will not have a minister to sleep, and whoever wants to sleep should sit in his home,” stressing that “Iraq’s problems need a mind outside the crisis to deal with it, and I am coming from Outside the framework of conflicts, our policy is firm and strict, and I will not go into the quagmire of any conflict that does not serve Iraq. Every prime minister has his philosophy and I respect the previous government performance. “
He noted that “Iraq in the strategic depth needs good relations with neighboring countries, and the economy does not stabilize without strategies based on the economy, and not on geopolitics and militarization with neighboring countries and influencing countries.” He added: “We asked the permanent members of the Security Council to transfer relations with Iraq into an economic strategic partnership, because the solution in Iraq lies in the existence of a successful money management and economic vision. “
He continued, “Our problem is not internal security, but rather the presence of diverse military forces outside the contexts of government control, and we need to reorganize the mechanisms followed without a confrontation, so the general command of the armed forces must be hierarchical,” stressing that “competence and professionalism are two main factors in choosing Ministerial Cabinet, and informed all the blocs that the government will represent the Iraqi people in a balanced manner, and most of the ministers from within the ministries, and the government does not include any political figure, and the government must be supported by the people and political forces to ensure its success.
Al-Zrafi noted that “the selection of ministers is a foregone conclusion, and we will present them to Parliament for evaluation, and we will replace those against whom progress has been made,” stressing that “flexibility is required, so that we can get out of the crisis and not allow the boat to sink.”
And he added: “I initiated a visit to all political forces, did not resort to any mediator, and put my point of view, and the leaders of political blocs have concerns, perceptions and fears, and this is a legitimate matter that cannot be confiscated, and these concerns must be studied and actual solutions found for them,” adding that “perhaps What some parties show in the political blocs is the result of not informing them of what is actually taking place.
He explained: “We confirmed that there is a real problem in the street, after the protests have become a political project.” With the theory of breaking hands, real participation in state administration and policy-making is essential.
Al-Zorfi indicated that he is moving on two levels: “The first is our relations with the political forces, and the second is our personal relations with the deputies, and what we are working on is not bullying or a break of bridges.” He added: “I have not seen any movement in the past two days, but I care about the country’s affairs and what I can offer the people Iraqi and create a vision of the current crisis. “
Regarding news near the assignment of Mustafa Al-Kazemi, Al-Zrafi replied by saying, “I am officially charged with forming the government, and I have deep problems, and I do not have time to see this. The president of the republic commissioned me and did not ask me to apologize, and he trusts me and my ability to succeed.”
He added: “As politicians, we have shortened the right of the Iraqi people, and we have to apologize to him for our mistakes, and we must work to satisfy the people.” People are keen on the government, so they will react positively. “
Regarding the accusations of the existence of “Jokriya”, Al-Zrafi said: “I believe that the popular movement is internal, and the failure cannot be justified, because the public has tried a lot to persuade the authority to correct its course without success, so he turned his protests into a revolution.”

Headed by Halbousi .. the coalition of powers meets to discuss the next government

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{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The Alliance of Iraqi Forces is meeting under the chairmanship of Parliament Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi to discuss the next government.

The Al Furat News correspondent stated that “the alliance of forces is meeting now to resolve the options related to the formation of the next government.” is over

Mohammed Al-Marsoumi

State of Law: Al-Zarfi may pass unanimously, and we are the weakest link in the Shiite negotiations


Baghdad / news

The State of Law coalition confirmed today, Tuesday, that the consensus on Prime Minister-designate Adnan Al-Zarfi is missing, but it may pass by a majority, while indicating that his coalition is the weakest in the Shiite house negotiations.

The leader of the State of Law coalition, Saad Al-Muttalabi, said in statements followed by “Al-Akhbariya”, “We are waiting for a session of granting confidence to determine our position on the support or rejection of the taxpayer Adnan Al-Zorfi, and the street may not know that the rule of law is the weakest link in the alternative selection dialogues.”

He added that “the consensus on Zarfi is missing, especially in the Shiite house, but it may pass by the majority.”

Al-Muttalabi considered that “the coalition of the rule of law does not bear the responsibility for choosing the prime minister,” noting that “there are names that are not proposed, so Al-Zrafi failed to act correctly, such as Mustafa Al-Kazemi and Abdul-Hussein Abtan, who is luckier as he is from the Supreme Council, and may return to Adi Abdul Mahdi. ”

Al-Zorfi: The Americans are friends of Iraq and they sacrificed a lot for him

04/20/2020 22:00

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Baghdad / Obelisk:  

Adnan Al-Zarfi: The Americans are friends of Iraq and they sacrificed a lot for him

Adnan Al-Zarfi: If I head the next government, I will work 14 hours a day

Al-Zorfi: We will not allow anyone to cause a civil war and a military coup

Al-Zorfi: Sunnis and Kurds will attend and vote for my government if the quorum is complete

Zarfi: I have not seen the details of the political movement related to my replacement

Al-Zorfi: I will be neutral to absorb the American-Iranian conflict and use it to benefit Iraq


Other leaders attack Al-Fateh and reveal the truth of reaching a “final agreement” on Al-Kazimi


04/20/2020 12:35:24

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Shafaq News / The Saeron Alliance, backed by Sadr movement leader Moqtada al-Sadr, attacked his rival al-Fatah coalition on Tuesday over the prime minister’s candidate.

In a statement received by Shafak News, the head of the coalition, Badr Al-Ziyadi, said that yesterday, Al-Fateh put a veto on the head of the Intelligence Agency, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, and today he is nominating him as a means of pressure for the withdrawal of Prime Minister-designate Adnan Al-Zorfi.

Al-Ziyadi stressed by saying, “There is no final agreement for Al-Kazemi’s candidacy.”

The prominent Shiite forces, most notably Nuri al-Maliki, Fateh Hadi al-Amiri and the stream of wisdom, Ammar al-Hakim, have reached an agreement to nominate al-Kazemi to replace an al-Zarfi formation of the next government.

According to Iraqi law, these powers cannot present Al-Kazemi’s name as a candidate unless Zarfi fails to pass his government in Parliament within the constitutional deadline or withdraws from the mission.

They refuse to assign Zarrafi and consider him too close to America, while armed Shiite factions close to Iran describe him as an intelligence agent.

The agreement between the Shiite forces comes after a recent secret visit by the leader of the Iranian “Quds Force”, Ismail Qani, to Iraq, in an effort to rapprochement between the Shiite forces on forming the forthcoming government, according to observers.

On Sunday, Al-Zorfi asked Parliament to decide whether to grant confidence to his government, a day after submitting his government program.

By name .. Al-Zarfi keeps 4 ministers from the Abdul Mahdi government

Political | 05:34 – 07/04/2020

Baghdad – Mawazine News

, political sources said, on Tuesday, that the Prime Minister-designate, Adnan Al-Zarfi, has re-nominated 4 ministers in the government of resigned Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi to the portfolios.

The sources said in an interview with “Mawazine News” that “Al-Zrafi decided to keep the Interior Minister Yassin Al-Yasiri.”

She added, “He also decided to keep the three Kurdish ministers, who are the Minister of Finance Fuad Hussein, the Minister of Construction and Housing, two bankers, and the Minister of Justice Farooq Amin Shwani.”

The Prime Minister-designate, Adnan Al-Zorfi, requested the Presidency of the House of Representatives to fix a session to grant confidence to his cabinet. Ended 29 / h

Legal expert: Al-Zarfi needs 165 deputies to gain confidence and pass his government

Baghdad – news

The legal expert, Tariq Harb, confirmed today, Tuesday, that the Prime Minister-designate, Adnan Al-Zorfi, needs 165 deputies to win confidence and pass his government.

Harb said in a statement to “Al-Ikhbaria”, that “165 MPs are sufficient to form a complete quorum, and give confidence to the government of Prime Minister-designate Adnan Al-Zarfi.”

He added, “The number of deputies above represents half of the adult members of the 329 deputies.”

America comments on Hezbollah’s obstruction to form the Iraqi government: the people are concerned




the Iraqi government

04/20/2020 09:42:46

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Shafaq News / US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Tuesday that the Iraqi people are the ones who are in charge of forming the government and not the Hezbollah Brigades militia.

Pompeo said in a press conference held today that “the Iraqi people are concerned with this issue and Hezbollah cannot impose the next prime minister,” stressing, “We must go on building an independent Iraq without including it in sectarian matters.”

He pointed out that “the situations of threat and fear in Iraq should be addressed,” noting that “the next prime minister must be a translator of the will of the people and a sub-branch of it and proceed with the peace process and demands for reform and avoid religious and sectarian conflicts and serve all the people of his country and cut off the hands that mess with the fate and capabilities of Iraq.”

Deputy for Al-Nasr: Al-Zarfi is ready to withdraw from the mandate if the Shiite blocs are unanimous in changing him

Baghdad – news

The deputy for Al-Nasr coalition, Falah Al-Khafaji, confirmed today, Tuesday, that the Prime Minister-designate, Adnan Al-Zarfi, is ready to withdraw from the mandate if the Shiite blocs unanimously agree to change it.

Al-Khafaji said in a statement, followed by “Al-Akhbaria”, that “the victory coalition and the Prime Minister-designate Adnan Al-Zarfi asked the personal signatures of the heads of the blocs regarding the replacement of the designated Prime Minister.”

He added, “Al-Zarfi is ready to withdraw from the mandate if there is unanimity from the Shiite blocs to change him,” stressing, “There is no consensus to replace the Prime Minister-designate with a new candidate.”

In the same context, former Deputy Prime Minister, Bahaa Al-Araji, revealed today that some political parties announce their approval of Mustafa Al-Kazemi’s candidacy for prime minister in order to cut off the path for Prime Minister-designate Adnan Al-Zorfi.

For his part, political analyst, Anas Mahmoud, confirmed that the victory of the Prime Minister-designate, Adnan Al-Zorfi, would represent a decline in the Iranian influence in Iraq.