Halbousi: Parliament will be in permanent session to accelerate the implementation of the map set by the reference

 Politics    2019/11/02 01:06  65          


The Speaker of the Council of Representatives, Mohammed Halbousi, on Sunday, the commitment to the map set by the religious authority, while announced the convening of parliament permanently to speed up the implementation of this map.

“In these fateful days, the accelerating events in our dear country and the cries of reform flowing from the throats of the demonstrators in our provinces in the fields of brotherhood and altruism,” Halbousi said in a statement. Aman for Iraq, and the title of his unit, and the defender of the rights of all its components, the wise reference that is guided by the guidance of guidance in adversity and Almalmat after the use of God Almighty.

He added, “So will your Council (Council of Representatives) Dear people in permanent session, continue to night Bnharh; in order to accelerate the implementation of this map , which was organized and completed the march requirement a free Iraq and the master blessed sons , all in which the good and well – being, security and safety.

We will work very hard on Conducting all constitutional amendments in partnership with representatives of the demonstrators, elites, experts and respected academics living in the details of the Iraqi reality;

He continued, “We are working as a House of Representatives all intensively and continuously tonight for the people and their demands, without external pressure regionally or internationally, and without imposing personal or partisan wills; With his unity, his word and his own will. ”



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