Former governor of Kirkuk responds to news of his arrest in Beirut .. “I am free and free”


Editorial date: 2019/5/22 17:40 
The former governor of Kirkuk, Necmettin Karim, said Wednesday that he is free and has traveled to the Lebanese capital of Beirut for tourism.
The former governor of Kirkuk said in a press statement that he was “free and free, and went to the Lebanese capital Beirut for tourism.” 
Kurdish and Arab media published a news story last night about the arrest of Necmettin Karim at Beirut airport in Lebanon. 
For his part, denied the Office of the Governor of Kirkuk, the former, the news published about his arrest at Beirut airport. 
His office issued a clarification denying the rumors about his arrest, saying that “once again, media channels, as usual and away from the bases and customs of the press work, published a misleading story claiming that Necmettin Karim was arrested at Beirut airport during his visit to Lebanon.” 
“From here we would like to announce to all citizens of Kurdistan, especially the sons of Kirkuk, that the news is completely false, and that Necmettin Karim traveled abroad for normal and diplomatic work and will return to Kurdistan next week.”
He pointed out that “the aim of fabricating such news is to mislead citizens and distract public opinion about the problems and crises that are going through the province of Kirkuk now.”

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