Parliament to resume its meeting tomorrow

Parliament to resume its meetings tomorrow .. This agenda

Editor’s note:

(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The House of Representatives will resume on Saturday, regular sessions.

And includes the agenda of the meeting put forward for the discussion about US attacks on security forces, and to discuss the abolition of the integration of the Ministry of Environment , Ministry of Health. ” It

also includes asking for the discussion regarding the ration card items and environmental situation in the province of Basra. It

also includes the report of the investigative committee for the incident of Dar female homeless In Adhamiya and a report on the reality of the electrical system.

The parliament session is due to start at 1 pm


After the ratification of Congress.. US Ambassador to Iraq makes his first statement , what he said

After the ratification of Congress .. US ambassador to Iraq makes his first statement, what he said?

2019/05/17 07:09:07

The new US ambassador to Iraq, Matthew Toler, on Friday called for the need to protect Iraq from foreign interference and from Iran’s threats to the country.

“We have to continue our work to protect Iraq from foreign interference and from Iran’s threats,” Toller told reporters after the US Senate confirmed his post.

He added that Iraq is close to becoming the firewood of the war between America and Iran.

The Senate approved President Donald Trump’s nomination of Matthew Toller as US ambassador to Baghdad.

Toller was the US ambassador to Yemen for five years, before leaving office a few days ago to prepare for his new post, at a time of increasing tension between the United States and Iran.

The US State Department asked its “non-essential” staff at its embassy in Baghdad to leave Iraq, asserting that the US government has limited capacity to provide emergency services for US citizens in Iraq.

Iran call for dialogue with America in Iraq or Qatar

Iran calls for dialogue with America in Iraq or Qatar

2019/05/17 07:30:21

The head of the national security committee in the Iranian parliament, Hishmatullah, called on Bishah on Friday to hold a dialogue between his country and the United States in Iraq or Qatar.

“A third party is rushing to wage a war between Iran and America,” wrote Bisha, in a tweet on Twitter.

“I call for an Iranian-American dialogue in Iraq or Qatar aimed at managing the escalating tension,” he said.