Abdul Mahdi ends his visit to Qatar and returns to Baghdad

Editorial date: 2019/5/29 21:37

(Baghdad: Al Furat News) Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi closed his visit to the Qatari capital Doha and returns to Baghdad.

Abdul Mahdi and his delegation visited Doha today and met Qatar’s Prince Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani.

The talks focused on strengthening the relations between the two countries in various fields, especially in the economy, trade and investment


Cabinet: Eid holiday begins next Tuesday

29-05-2019 08:19 PM

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Agency of the orbit –


The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers announced on Wednesday the holiday of Eid al-Fitr.

A statement of trust received by the ‘orbit’, that ‘the Council of Ministers decided to set the holiday of Eid al-Fitr as of Tuesday, 2019/6/4, God returned to Iraq and its people good and blessing.’


Abdul-Mahdi and Emir of Qatar emphasize the importance of cooperation in various fields, especially investment

Editorial date: • 2019/5/29 20:06

(BNA) Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi and Qatari Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani held a meeting at the Emiri Diwan in Doha, during which they discussed the development of relations between the two countries, economic and investment cooperation, regional developments and the role of the two countries in enhancing security and stability in the region. Fickle crises.

“We seek to restore Iraq’s historical role and its place in its Arab and regional environment and to make Baghdad a home for peace. We are keen to establish the best relations with our Arab and Islamic surroundings and neighboring countries,” he said.

He pointed out that “the Iraqi people have long suffered from the foreign wars that the former regime has been embroiled in. We continue to bear the consequences and pay the debts of the State of Kuwait, in addition to the terrorist attack it has been subjected to. And exchange of interests with Arab and regional countries, which we have many participants with. ”

“We are keen to build cooperative relations with Qatar in various fields, especially in the economic, construction, investment and services sectors that our people look forward to after the great improvement in the security situation,” he said.

For his part, the Emir of the State of Qatar said: “I welcome you and the members of the delegation. This visit, which we have the honor of, is important for Qatar. Iraq has a special place in the Arab and Muslim worlds. We are aware of the magnitude of the damage, the long wars and the difficult circumstances that have passed through Iraq. And stability The

Emir of the State of Qatar, addressing the Prime Minister that ”

“Relations between the two countries are historic and extended to the two peoples and the common tribes and we hope for broader cooperation to serve the interests of our two countries and the security and stability of the region,” he said.

The Emir of the State of Qatar expressed his full readiness to cooperate with Iraq in all areas that serve the interests of both peoples and brotherly countries.

The Iraqi-Qatari committee held an extensive meeting in the presence of members of both delegations, during which they discussed ways of economic, investment, cultural, scientific, educational and sports cooperation, construction, reconstruction, oil, electricity development and facilitating the granting of reciprocal visas.

At the end of the meeting, memorandums of understanding were signed in the cultural, scientific and educational fields


US report: Iraq has turned from a battlefield to a bridge of peace in the region

BAGHDAD (Reuters) –  
The US war-on-rox network on Wednesday described Iraq’s current political situation and strategic stature as a rare success story in the Middle East that the EU and the United Nations can count on.

“Iraq has been transformed from a multi-stage multilateral battlefield into a bridge of peace between the parties, especially the Gulf and the United States on the one hand, and Iran and its allies on the other, where Iraq enjoys not only Iraq,” the network said in its political analysis. The strategic position of mediating between the two parties, but positive relations with them as well. ” 

“The country enjoys a very active political life and a peaceful exchange of power, and the healthy rise and rise of political parties and movements, which are witnessing the decline of the parties that accompanied the arrival of Americans to Iraq, the emergence of new secular and religious multi-sectarian youth movements as well as youth leaders, The current bureaucracy to fight corruption or provide services appropriately. “
“Iraq’s strategic position, which made it a former battlefield, is the source of its strength in its mediation between the parties. Everyone knows that a war will make Iraq a ground for it, which gave the country a great diplomatic force and authority to mediate between the conflicting parties, Iraq while preserving the integrity of its sovereignty and territory, at a time when the EU found itself closer to Iraq than ever before, because of its current position calling for peace and working on it. 
The report described Iraq as the “new peace force in the region.”


Abdul Mahdi heads to Qatar


Editorial date:: 05/29/2019 
(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi left the capital Baghdad for the State of Qatar.
The Qatari news agency reported yesterday that Abdul Mahdi, will be an official visit to the capital Doha, on Wednesday. 
According to the official agency that the Emir of Qatar Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani will receive Abdul Mahdi in the Amiri Diwan. 
The two sides are scheduled to discuss bilateral relations and the prospects for their development, in addition to a number of issues of common concern, according to the agency. 
This visit comes within the framework of a series of meetings to be conducted by Abdul-Mahdi in the countries of the region to discuss relations and means of developing cooperation in various fields as well as discuss the repercussions of tension and conflict in the region and ways to calm the situation.

The cost of producing a barrel of oil in Iraq

Oil factor

Economy News Baghdad

Al-Iktissad News received special documents relating to the oil sector in Iraq.

The documents confirm that the cost of producing a barrel of oil in Iraq for 2019 estimated at 9.5 dollars, the lowest in the world after Kuwait.

The cost of production was estimated at $ 10.7 in 2017.

With regard to «service contracts for licensing rounds», the documents indicate that the profitability wages of companies engaged for each additional barrel product ranging from $ 1.15 to $ 7.5.


Siemens is developing Iraq’s electricity and setting its goal

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The German energy company Siemens said on Wednesday that work on the implementation of contracts for the first phase of the development of electricity in Iraq has begun. The aim is to provide affordable power supplies without interruption.

The company said in a statement today that it “has already begun to work in the implementation of contracts of the first phase of the contract with the Ministry of Electricity to add new capabilities to generate energy efficiently, and the rehabilitation of existing power plants, and expansion of networks of transmission and distribution of electricity.

The statement added that “the company provided the Iraqi government for more than a year the road map to provide electricity to be able to sign the first contracts with them,” asserting that “the main goal of Siemens is to provide energy supplies at reasonable prices without interruption to every Iraqi home and everywhere within Iraq”.

The company said, “It has succeeded in setting up the largest projects in the world such as the projects that have been completed in Egypt, and they know very well how to deliver projects according to the schedule and the budget set.”

While stressing that Germany is committed to support Iraq as well as “Siemens”, and therefore will cooperate with the German government in providing a number of training and educational programs for Iraqi youth.alforatnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=199338

Minister of Finance reveals the numbers of employees and retirees before and after 2003

10:50 – 29/05/2019



The Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs and Minister of Finance Fouad Hussein, on Wednesday, the existence of 6.5 million employees and retirees in the country, noting that the number of employees before 2003 did not exceed 850 thousand employees.

“The number of employees before 2003 was only 850,000,” Hussain said in a televised interview. “The number has now risen to 6.5 million and retired.”

He added that “the lack of support of the private sector contributed to the inflation of the public sector and the state apparatus,” noting that “supporting the private sector is a substitute for inflation of the state apparatus.”

Hussein pointed out that “the settlement of salaries is an important step,” stressing that it “will contribute to the detection of space and withdraw money from the market to banks.” Ending / 25