King Salman calls for two Gulf and Arab summits in Mecca next Thursday

Editorial date: 2019/5/18 23:41

{International: Al Furat News} King of Saudi Arabia Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud called for the convening of two Gulf and Arab summits in Mecca.

The Saudi Press Agency (SPA) quoted an official source at the Saudi Foreign Ministry as saying that the King of Saudi Arabia, Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, is keen to consult and coordinate with the brotherly countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council and the League of Arab States. .

He added that in light of the attack on commercial vessels in the territorial waters of the United Arab Emirates and the consequent serious repercussions on regional and international peace and security and the supply and stability of the world oil markets, King Salman is inviting his brothers leaders of the GCC countries and leaders of Arab countries to hold two Gulf summits And an emergency Arab in Mecca, on Thursday, 25 Ramadan 1440 H corresponding to 30 May 2019 to discuss these attacks and repercussions on the region. “End

Abdul Mahdi begins a Gulf tour Monday

Abdul Mahdi begins a Gulf tour Monday to visit two countries to discuss developments in the region

A previous snapshot of Abdul Mahdi’s visit to Saudi Arabia last April

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Baghdad today – special

A source familiar with the intention of Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, a Gulf tour of two stations this week beginning on Monday after the twentieth of May.

“The prime minister will visit Qatar on Monday and meet with Emir Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani and discuss Iraqi-Qatari relations and ways to develop them, especially after Doha raises its diplomatic representation in Baghdad to ambassador Khaled Hamad al-Sulaiti,” the source said.

He said that “Abdul-Mahdi will discuss with Al-Thani the Iraqi-Gulf relations and the file of the crisis in it as well as the developments currently taking place in the region and the need to unify positions and move to create ways to ease the conflict and to find a ground that would endanger the danger of all.”

He pointed out that “Abdul Mahdi’s first visit to Qatar since he took over the Iraqi government will continue one day, then return to Baghdad on Tuesday.”

The source said that “Abdul Mahdi will next Wednesday visit is also his first to Kuwait and meet with senior officials, including the Amir of the country Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah.”

He explained that “the Prime Minister will discuss in Kuwait the remaining issues outstanding between the two countries and the need to invest the positive relationship between them to close all the files under discussion.”

The source pointed out that “the Iraqi-Gulf relations and recent developments in the region will be present in the talks, which will confirm during Iraq that the need to find an Arab-Gulf consensus on them to defuse the crisis and remove the risks from the region.”

The source said that “coinciding with the visit of the Gulf Abdul-Mahdi with the visit of the Emir of Qatar to Kuwait, Sunday, May 19, 2019, will gain momentum on the way to find a tripartite understanding in front of developments in the region.”

Abdul Mahdi’s Gulf tour comes at a time of growing tension between Washington and Tehran after the US Defense Department announced the dispatch of the Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier and Middle East bombers to intelligence about possible preparations by Iran to carry out attacks against troops or interests. American.

Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi visited Saudi Arabia on April 17 and met with King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on a two-day visit and witnessed the signing of 13 memorandums of understanding, including agreements on political cooperation, A memo of understanding in the field of agricultural cooperation, a memorandum of understanding in the field of industry and mineral wealth, a memorandum of understanding in the field of oil and gas, a memorandum of understanding in the field of electric energy, and a memorandum of understanding in the field of scientific and educational cooperation between the Saudi Ministry of Education The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Iraq, a memorandum of understanding on a program for cultural cooperation, a memorandum of understanding between the Saudi Ministry of Education and the Iraqi Ministry of Education, a memorandum of understanding on a technical cooperation program, a memorandum of understanding to study the feasibility of electric interconnection and a memorandum of understanding for cooperation in the maritime field, On

“Iraq is not like yesterday, and Baghdad is receiving friendly and friendly delegations on a regular basis,” he said. “Iraq is serious in implementing the agreements it signed in Saudi Arabia and until Iraq takes its role in light of the will. Political and common desire to build better relations. ”

On October 7, the UAE sent an official invitation to Prime Minister Adel al-Mahdi to visit Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who discussed with the prime minister means of boosting bilateral relations in a telephone conversation.

Washington and Berlin resume training Peshmerga forces again

Washington and Berlin resume training Peshmerga forces again

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Baghdad today – Kurdistan

The adviser of the Ministry of Peshmerga Bakhtiar Muhammad Odeh, Saturday (18 May 2019), the resumption of training of his forces by the US and German defense ministries.

“We have been informed that the exercises will resume on Sunday at the hands of the German and American military advisers,” Mohammed told Baghdad today.

On Wednesday (May 15, 2019), the US and German defense ministries informed the Kurdish authorities that the Peshmerga training programs should be stopped until further notice.

The Deputy Chief of Staff of the Peshmerga Qarman violin religion, in a statement to (Baghdad today), “The US and German defense ministries, informed us of the decision to stop training of the Peshmerga forces, including the work of advisers working in the Kurdistan region,” noting that ” Information so far “.

“The suspension has a strong relationship with the situation and tensions between America and Iran, which led to the suspension of training and we do not know whether the suspension is final or my time,” he said.

Washington offers an apology to Baghdad over the events of Kirkuk


Washington offers an apology to Baghdad over the events of Kirkuk

Washington – On Saturday, Washington apologized to the Federal Police Command over the death of an associate in Kirkuk.

“The US embassy charge d’affaires, Joy Hood, visited the headquarters to offer condolences and apology by the US government to the Federal Police Command. The incident resulted in the martyrdom of an associate and the wounding of two others from the 11th Brigade, the 3rd Division, Federal Police,” the command said in a statement. 2019/4/24 after an error by coalition aircraft. “

A fighter was killed and two others were injured in the first regiment of the 11th Brigade / Federal Police during the coalition aircraft’s operation to support the anti-terrorist forces during the operation of the landing in the village of the bear in Riyadh district in Hawija district of Kirkuk.,15700019,15700186,15700190,15700256,15700259&usg=ALkJrhiS8p6kcoZ9xvJ6gbd1I2IMPZoYZg

Parliament to host ministers and military leaders and end the discussion of the abolition of the integration of ministries of environment and health {expanded}


Editorial Date: 18/5/2019 18:38 
(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The House of Representatives discussed at its 18th meeting held under the chairmanship of Mohammed al-Halbusi, President of the Council on Saturday, in the presence of 183 deputies US attacks on the security forces in Kirkuk and cancel the merger of the Ministry of Environment Ministry of Health as well as ending the discussion of the ration card items.
At the beginning of the meeting, Halabousi directed the formation of a parliamentary committee headed by the first deputy speaker of the House of Representatives and the membership of three deputies to prepare criteria for evaluating the performance of ministries are distributed to the permanent parliamentary committees for the purpose of submitting an integrated report at the end of the legislative term.
MP Majid al-Waeli read out a statement to a coalition that denounced the peaceful demonstrators in Najaf province demanding the prevention of corruption and the detection of the spoilers of attacks that led to the death of 4 demonstrators and wounding 20 others, calling for the exercise of parliamentary responsibility to maintain the professionalism of official investigations and to prevent future attempts to silence the voices claimed The rights of the people and the prevention of corruption and the issuance of a decision to consider the victims of Najaf of the martyrs and compensation of the wounded and the application of the law and the imposition of the death penalty against the killers of demonstrators, and commended the role of the Human Rights Committee in the House of Representatives to visit them to Najaf And the visit to the families of the victims and security officials in the province. 
Then the deputies recited al-Fatihah to the souls of the martyrs of Iraq, including the martyrs of Najaf. 
He welcomed the President of the House of Representatives Hassan al-Sunaid representative of the Presidency of the Republic in the House of Representatives.
On the other hand, the council discussed the US attacks on the security forces in Kirkuk. 
The MP Adnan Vihan, the applicant for the debate that what happened in the city of Kirkuk from targeting security forces and the fire in the vicinity of Spyker base demonstrates the presence of US combat forces using the Iraqi airspace and territory without any coordination with the competent authorities, stressing the importance of a parliamentary resolution guaranteeing sovereignty Iraq and oblige the government to inform the Council of the number of US forces and bases, such a presence needs the approval of the House of Representatives.
The deputies’ interventions focused on the strong condemnation of the American attacks on the security forces in the province of Kirkuk as a proof of disregard for the lives of Iraqis, as well as the emphasis on the intention of the Security and Defense Committee to discuss the US presence at a meeting tomorrow, especially with the government’s approach to the number of US troops and advisers and their tasks. Approved legislation to repeal the security agreement with the United States with an invitation not to grant immunity to US soldiers. 
The talks stressed the importance of the presence of the Prime Minister to the House of Representatives to discuss the issue of the presence of US and foreign forces in Iraq and to define its functions as well as the call of the Security and Defense Committee to follow up investigations into the attack with the competent authorities in Kirkuk and the need to involve the people of the region and give them a real chance to hold the security file. The legitimacy of the presence of Turkish troops in Iraq.
For his part, MP Zafer al-Ani, a member of the Foreign Relations Committee and Chairman of the Iraqi-Turkish Friendship Committee, said that the issue of the presence of Turkish troops was discussed recently during talks between Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. In the next two months a meeting in Baghdad, headed by the Iraqi prime minister and the Turkish president, and the issue of Turkish forces will be a top priority. 
In turn, Halaboussi read a letter from the Council of Ministers containing the answer of the Prime Minister to a parliamentary question submitted by MP Faleh Al-Khazali on the number of international coalition forces. He pointed out that the number of coalition forces until December 2018 reached 8,956, including 6, 132 American personnel as advisers. Trainers and air support.
For his part, Turhan Mufti, representative of the government in the House of Representatives, the absence of US bases or the international coalition alone, pointing out that the US or allied forces of the International Alliance are present in Iraqi camps, pointing to the gradual decline in the number of US troops in the past six months. 
The Speaker of the House of Representatives instructed the Security and Defense Committee to host the head of the anti-terrorism apparatus, the Federal Police Commander and a representative of the Office of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and Joint Operations on the existence of the approval of joint operations to carry out the duty and the extent of coordination between the executing authority and the force occupying the land. 
On another issue, the council discussed canceling the integration of the Ministry of Environment in the Ministry of Health at the request of MP Qutaiba al-Jubouri.
MP Jubouri said in an address to the need to address the legal imbalance caused by the merger of the two ministries during the previous government. He pointed out that the Ministry of Environment has two laws that were previously legislated. When the ministry was merged with the Ministry of Health, the parliament did not vote on a law to merge the two ministries. 
The deputies’ interventions focused on the importance of canceling the integration of the Ministry of Environment in the Ministry of Health as it is contrary to the law, besides the environmental challenges and high levels of pollution in water, radiation, telephone towers and the use of weapons in wars and others, and the impact of this merger on monitoring performance, as well as calling for annual reports by the government on the volume of waste To reduce the pollution and the need to work on the abolition of the integration of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Education, calling for hosting senior officials in the Ministry of Health and Environment to know their opinion on the issue of canceling the merger.
For his part, the Speaker of the House of Representatives to the committees of health, legal and human rights to present proposals on the abolition of the integration of the Ministry of Health and Environment after consultation with government officials in a future session. 
The Council ended discussion of the ration card items file at the request submitted by MP Razak mheibes. 
Stressed the interventions of the House of Representatives on the importance of the adoption of the total financial income of the family about giving them the ration card items or not in order to achieve justice and to identify commercial centers through which covered citizens processing materials ration with The importance of increasing financial allocations and re-work in the processing and direct selling of traders and owners of shops and increase the number of workers in the ration centers as well as impose harsh penalties for those who try to tamper with the people and the cost of tampatin 4 essential food items and that the payment of money B No other vocabulary.
The interventions during the session, which included some of the first deputy speaker of the House of Representatives proposals, including work to improve the ration card items or cancellation and compensation of those covered by financial amounts and the provision of financial allocations sufficient within the financial budget to buy the ration card items as well as the allocation of its vocabulary to the eligible exclusively and the adoption of the electronic ration card to ensure Eliminate cases of corruption and obtain the citizen a sum of money to buy food items subsidized by the state. 
For his part, called the First Vice-President of the Council, Mr. Hassan al-Kaabi to host the ministers of trade and finance to discuss the improvement of the ration card items and emphasize the need to oblige the government to improve vocabulary by increasing financial allocations of financial abundance and emergency budget. 
It was then decided to adjourn the meeting until next Monday 20/5/2019


Economist: Iraq has become a very large banking office



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Dia Hassoun

The US Ambassador to Baghdad, Douglas Seelman, addressed a message to the Iraqis as he completed his term as US ambassador to Iraq, asserting that Iraq is ahead of a sovereign and prosperous future. “As my mission ends, I want all Iraqis to know that I see great potential, A truly democratic Iraq, sovereign, independent and prosperous. “

Douglas said that our unprecedented security cooperation with the Iraqi security forces led to the unification of Iraq and contributed to its stability.

Is what the US ambassador said came from diplomatic courtesy, or is there really a major economic revival waiting for Iraq?

Guest of the program “Iraqi worries” on the radio ” Sputnik ” economic expert Saleh al-Hamashi, says about the statements of the US ambassador in Baghdad:

“The statement of the US ambassador in Baghdad came as a courtesy to the diplomatic and hope for the Iraqis, but the reality of Iraq in fact, is a tragic reality, the United States claimed that it will make Iraq a democratic country, but the situation today in Iraq is different, where It is worsening day after day, and is deteriorating, there is a large increase in the population, leading to great pressure on services, not to mention the problems of unemployment and housing, and Iraq’s debt is increasing year after year, and I do not think there is a bright future awaits Iraq, Under this situation, with a regional and international conflict to gain market share Iraq , the problem of the Iraqi economy is that it is linked to oil, and the latter is linked to the global economy, which suffers from many problems too, there is a slow growth, and there is a very large international conflict between the United States and China in control of international trade, Is suffering from economic problems, all these problems reflected on oil prices, and then reflected on the situation in Iraq, and on this basis, I do not think that the future of Iraq bodes well economically.

And whether the international race towards Iraq is a positive indicator of Iraq’s economic future, says Al-Humashi:

“States are racing towards Iraq is to get the greatest benefits to their interests, and remains the role of the Iraqi government to benefit from these economic relations, but it is noted, there are many agreements concluded by the Iraqi government adversely affect the Iraqi market, the exemption of Jordanian goods from the tax, For example, negatively affect the Iraqi industry, as well as increase the volume of trade exchange with Iran and try to reach 20 billion dollars a year, all for the benefit of countries and not for the benefit of Iraq, in addition to the Iraqi government has not yet shown important investments related to the residential aspect or Structural aspects The government lacks data and statistics, while there are no private sector projects. There is no real description of the economic problem, In a country that does not have an economy, but has money, where Iraq has become a very large banking office, and countries are trying to get their share of the emerging Iraqi market. “

As for private sector investments in Iraq, al-Humashi says:

Private sector investment is very limited, limited only to entertainment, because there is no protection of capital, under the socialist system inherited by the Iraqi government from the former regime, the private sector is linked to the factories of the government is suspended from work, and the economy is still in the hands of the state and government banks are in control of Money in Iraq, and notes that the government does not want to liberalize the economy properly, which begins to reform the banking system. “

Prepared by: Diaa Ibrahim Hassoun

Parliament decides to host senior military leaders and ask them these questions

Parliament decides to host senior military leaders and ask them these questions

Editorial date: 18/18/2019 15:45

(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The House of Representatives concluded a debate on the US attacks on the security forces in the province of Kirkuk.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohamed Halbousi, the parliamentary security and defense committee, hosted the head of counter-terrorism, joint operations, the commander of the federal police and the commander-in-chief of the armed forces and the representative of the popular crowd, on:

1. The existence of approval from the joint operations in relation to the security action before the incident?

2. Who is the local participation in the security duty ?.

3. Was the coordination between the Operations Command, the Implementing Party and the Entity on the ground?