Head of counter-terrorism: our troops 900 meters from the entrance to Mosul



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{Nineveh: Euphrates News} announced anti-terror apparatus, Monday, that his troops a few hundred meters from the city of Mosul, Nineveh province.
The head of the device brigade first corner student Hgati, in a press statement, said that “our forces 900 meters from the entrance of the city of Mosul Mosul.”
Mentions that the battle to liberate Mosul launched in 17 of October of this, with theparticipation of security forces in various different forms and Peshmerga popular crowd, and achieved forces involved significant progress edited dozens of villages and areas in the axes of progress.
A spokesman for the crowd the popular MP Ahmad al – Asadi, announced on 29 October this, the start of the second page of Liberation city of Mosul operations in the western axis of the city.
as the defense Ministry announced, the pieces of the northern hub, has embarked on the second phase of its goals in the battle coming, Nineveh.
for its part declared war to the media cell of the joint Special operations command, provides counter – terrorism forces and the army, three axes toward theleft coast of the city of Mosul, to free him from the gangs Daash.anthy

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