Barzani to visit Iran and meet with Khamenei


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البارزاني يزور إيران ويجتمع مع خامنئي
Barzani to visit Iran and meet with Khamenei

Roudao – Erbil

Due to the President of the Kurdistan region , Massoud Barzani , on an official visit to Tehran this month, and will meet with a number of officials in the Iranian government inaddition to holding meetings with senior figures in the Islamic Republic of Iran, after the Nechirvan Barzani ‘s visit to Tehran last week.

Iran has called on the head of the Kurdistan Region to visit Iran upon an official invitation, and is currently the preparations and the preparation of high-ranking delegation to participate in this visit, where he was prime minister in the Kurdistan Regional Government Nechirvan Barzani has made on Sunday made an unannounced visit to the Iranian capital Tehran.

An official relations between the Kurdistan province of Iran and the Islamic Republic Abdullah Akraa, who was present in the delegation who accompanied Nechirvan Barzani to Tehran, that he “discussed the visit of the President of the Kurdistan region to Iran, which is considered one of the important visits, after a formal invitation by Iran, had sovereignty waiting for the right time to make the trip, and I think that will be conducted during this month. “

He noted relations between Kurdistan and the Islamic Republic of Iran province official, that “Barzani will meet with Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran Ali Khamenei.”

He explained Akraa, he will discuss some of the issues relating to the parties, there is a big role for Iran, whether in Iraq or in the region, will be discussed as well as the question of the independence of the Kurdistan Region. “

On Iran’s objections to the Kurdish State, Akraa said, “Mr. President, speak about it everywhere, I’d say that Iran would not stand in the Kurdish people.”



Kurdistan Democratic obtained a new post in Baghdad

Tuesday 04-10-2016 | 8:23:30

 Iraqi Council of Representatives M. m r R-.  H d

Twilight News / official in the Iraqi parliament, revealed the existence of an agreement to give the secretary-general of the Council for the candidate of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan

He told the official Twilight News, said the secretary general of the House of Representatives will give a benefit of a democratic election, and Block Party Sirwan Zahawi nominated to the post.

Among his name he had been sent to the Presidency of the Council, which is waiting for his appointment.

Zahawi and former member of the House of Representatives from the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Bloc holds a doctorate and is chairman of the audit committee a draft constitution of Kurdistan Region.

Iraqi Council of Representatives M. m r R-. H d

Cabinet: The World Bank has agreed to implement a social fund in Iraq



Cabinet meeting chaired by Haidar al-Abbadi


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Long-Presse / Baghdad

Counting the Cabinet, on Tuesday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s comments, “interference in Iraqi affairs and an attempt to stir up sedition” and called for the unity of the political stance to confront the threat of terrorism and the completion of editing operations, and while noting the World Bank approval of the design and implementation of the program in the form of a social fund in Iraq, confirmed the approval of the adoption of the recommendations of the Committee on energy, on the themes rehabilitation and development of the US company GE plants, project Alhaidariya electricity gas station.

According to a statement, the Council of Ministers, received a (long-Presse), a copy of which, “The Council, held today its regular meeting chaired by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi,” noting that “The Council discussed the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s remarks and expressed its rejection and condemnation of its promise blatant interference affairs of Iraq and try to stir up sedition. “

He said the Council of Ministers, according to the statement, the “unity of the Iraqi people with all its components in the face of terrorism Aldaasha and to insist on the liberation of its territory and face all the threats and the defense of the sovereignty of Iraq and the Council calls for unity and political situation, especially that it regards Iraqi sovereignty.”

He said the Cabinet, he was “in support of the World Bank and directed the government to support the poorest have been approved to confirm the Iraqi government and its request formally get the World Bank to support the design and implementation of the program in the form of a social fund in Iraq, and an international bank group before the end of 2016 to assess the readiness of the community institutions to the provinces, civil society organizations, non-governmental organizations, as well as discuss the most prominent design options and implementation with the Iraqi government, as well as coverage of the upcoming national partnership strategy at the request of the Iraqi government of the activity of establishing a social fund as one of the financial year output in 2018 “.

The statement, that “the Council of Ministers agreed to approve the recommendations of the Committee on Energy, on the themes rehabilitation and development of the American GE company plants, the second phase, the project Alhaidariya power station gas (4 x125) MW,” pointing to “approve the recommendation of the Foreign Ministry on the opening of a consulate office to Japan to the Republic of Iraq, in Erbil province, according to the provisions of articles (25) and (26) of the Foreign Service Law No. (45) for the year 2008 of the Vienna Convention on consular relations of 1962, with the retention of Iraq the right to open a consular office in Japan in the future in accordance with the principle of reciprocity “.

The statement continued, “It was approved by the Iron and Steel Company under the Ministry of Industry and Minerals to negotiate with the company (UB Holding) Turkey for the purpose of termination of the contract consensual Otherwise, the Iron and Steel Company to set up a lawsuit against the Turkish company above to terminate the contract, and the Inspector General at the Ministry of Industry and Minerals to conduct investigation into the reasons for the delay in implementation and the reasons for the assignment of the contract to the company is specialized and the safety standards that have been adopted in the assignment of a contract to a Turkish company. “

He pointed out the Council of Ministers, to “agree to cancel the Council of Ministers Resolution No. (75) for the year 2014 on the subject of the exemption from the wage floor in Iraqi ports as a result of damage caused to the General Company for Ports of Iraq due to be applied so as to defeat the purpose of the resolution.”

Masum ratifies border crossings Commission Law


Tuesday October 20 164 19:08

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It announced the Office of the Presidency of the Republic, on Tuesday, that the President Fuad Masum, the board approved the Law of border crossings, noting that the law would show the border crossings in the proper manner as interface Iraq.

The office said in a statement Alsumaria News received a copy of it, “the president Fuad Masum, honest, today, the law of the board of border crossings No. (30) for the year 2016,” explaining that “this law aims to unify border crossings management and to ensure the proper application of laws and instructions governing the work of government departments. “

He added that “The law ensures the smooth flow of work and the achievement of the entry of people and goods and to raise the level of service and border crossing points show the proper manner as interface Iraq,” stressing that “the law sent for publication in the Official Gazette.”

The House of Representatives voted on Monday (29 August 2016), on the border crossings into law.


Abadi: We do not want to enter a war with Turkey, and we have reduced the 2017 budget to 15 Trliuna expanded {}


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News said Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi that “Iraq does not want to enter a war with neighboring Turkey on its forces to enter Iraqi territory between the axis that has been reduced 2017 budget to {15} Trliuna.
Ebadi said in a press conference held at his office in Baghdad today, attended byAgency correspondent {Euphrates News} Tuesday, that ” the entry of foreign troops into Iraq to determine the situation which is not permitted at all and we reject any presence of foreign troops on Iraqi territory and I’m afraid to turn the Turkish adventure into a regional confrontation. ”

he added that” the presence of Turkish troops on Iraqi territory assault on sovereignty , “noting that” the international coalition in favor of Iraq and rejects the presence of Turkish troops on its territory , “pointing out that” the insistence of theTurks and their presence inside Iraqi territory have no explanation . ” .

he emphasized, ” the gangs Daesh terrorist closer to the Turkish border from Mosul , ” noting that “we signed up plans to ensure that the exploitation of Turkish forces the space and do not want to get into with Turkey in military confrontation, and the disposal of the Turkish military leadership is unacceptable by any standard.”

regarding the crisis between Baghdad and Erbil between Abadi , saying that ” theproblems between Baghdad and Erbil will not solve a session or two and can be solved within a unified Iraq.”

he pointed out that “we have reduced the budget deficit of 32 trillion to 15 Trliuna, between the axis that” candidates for the vacant ministries will present this week. ”

and fears of a collapse of the Mosul Dam drew Abadi to, that” Mosul Dam believer completely from any potential danger. ”
he went on to say that” we are giving wider powers to the provinces and with theparticipation of the regions in the liberation of their areas of Conception Daesh gangs terrorist “.anthy m


Iraq begins negotiations with the IMF for a five billion and 300 million dollars


 Iraq IMF


Information / Baghdad ..

It announced the appearance of Mohammed Saleh economic advisor to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Tuesday, for the start of talks between the government and the International Monetary Fund in Washington DC next week for a five billion and 300 million dollars.

Saleh said in a statement to the Agency / information /, “The next week will see the start of talks between the government and the International Monetary Fund in Washington to implement prepare the credit agreement under which Iraq will receive five billion and $ 300 million loan to support the budget during the period from 2016 to 2019”.

“The loan will allow Iraq’s international financial umbrella of the dolly and support form of soft loans to bridge the funding gap distracted mostly for reconstruction and economic development,” noting that “the existence of 13 round of talks, or what is known as a review concerning the implementation of the standby credit between Iraq and the International Monetary Fund agreement.”

Saleh explained that “the first rounds in the capital Amman last September and will be completed during the annual conference of a group of international spending, the International Monetary Fund,” likely “possibility of taking the second and third installments of the Fund’s loan Albalgtin about two billion dollars the end of this year or early 2017”. Finished / 25

العراق يبدأ مفاوضاته مع النقد الدولي للحصول على خمسة مليارات و300 مليون دولار

Abadi for the people of Mosul: Be prepared has approached promise and we command that Taataaonowa with the Iraqi army


Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi
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Long-Presse / Baghdad

, Called on Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said Tuesday the people of Mosul to “prepare and Alastbashar” liberation of the province from the control of the organization (Daesh), and while urging them to cooperate with the Iraqi army in all Asnavh and formations like the other liberated areas, he stressed that the celebration of the Iraqi victory over regulation will be completed in Mosul.

Ebadi said in a speech broadcast addressed to the people of Mosul, seen by the (long-Presse), “Dear in Mosul humpback has liberated all the cities of Iraq from the gang Daesh .. and the provinces of Salaheddin, Anbar, and that great victory will be completed soon and we will celebrate with you here in Mosul, indicating that we “We will raise the banner of central Iraq city of Mosul as we raised in Qayyarah and Sharqat and kissed her on top of Baiji and Tikrit, Ramadi, Fallujah and much of cities and villages that have returned to the bosom of Iraq and its people.”

He added Abadi, that “Nineveh will return to the people of all sects and nationalities, religions and sects,” noting that “the Iraqi co-existed on the land of Mosul before they steal a ring (Daesh) this city and deformation of life and religious, intellectual and cultural diversity was known by this city while Christian and Muslim inhabited by the Yezidi and Assyrian and networking and all Iraqis, and before he committed the most heinous crimes of murder, genocide and mass abductions of women and innocent children, and experiencing districts and the areas and villages of the Nineveh plains and mountains and valleys of the ugliness of these brutal crimes that did not deliver one of them. “

He said al-Abadi in his speech, “and if they (Daesh) broke effects, mosques and churches Nineveh to blur the civilization, the man who came to free him to able to be built Nineveh again and baptized Majrepetth this criminal gang that underestimated the blood and sanctities and tarnished Islam is a religion of love, peace and tolerance.”

Addressing Abadi, the people of Mosul, saying, “Get ready and cheered my esteemed our people in Mosul have approached promise came Truth and falsehood, we have decided and determined to purge all the land of Iraq from Daesh and check this decision victory .. and you are today closer than ever to get rid of oppression and injustice and the oppression of the ( Daesh). “

Among Abadi “The world looks to the victories of the Iraqi forces and the sacrifices and selfless bravery respect and appreciation and admiration .. and with the same vigor and determination, enthusiasm and confidence in victory advanced youth today’s Iraq toward liberalization of Mosul and sacrifice their lives in defense of the rights and the land supply and sanctities”, calling on the people of Mosul to “cooperate with your troops and the sons of your army Iraqi hero in all its types and formations brethren also collaborated with them in the liberated cities. “

He said al-Abadi in his speech, “O sons of Mosul valued customers, today’s move forward and tomorrow, we win together, and then we work together to restore life, services and stability to every town and village .. We will be working to spread peace, love and tolerance among everyone and will not be for criminals everywhere with you,” noting that “The Nineveh to win and Anne for all Iraqis to celebrate an Iraq clean of (Daesh), and with all obscurantist thought sows evil and destruction in the land of Mesopotamia beloved. “

Kurdish lawmaker reveals ” a US care” of the oil agreement between Baghdad and Erbil

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Tuesday October 42 016 12:16

MP for the Movement Kurdish change Masood Haider, Tuesday, about the presence of “American auspices,” the oil to the agreement recently concluded between the federal government in Baghdad and the Kurdistan region, while noting that the agreement will include a budget in 2017.

Haider said in an interview with Alsumaria’s News, “The US attempts were made during the past three months, especially from the US president special presidential envoy between the federal government and the Kurdistan region on the agreement regards the oil file, and the share of the region,” adding that “the oil agreement, which was held recently between the government and the county was US-sponsored “.

Haidar said that “the economic situation in the province and the late receipt of the Kurdistan staff of salaries was also the motivation to reach the two sides to agree on the export of oil,” noting that “the agreement will be included in the draft budget bill for fiscal year 2017”.

Diplomats, officials and experts in the oil sector, on Monday, said shuttle diplomacy by the US envoy to the alliance of the anti-regulation “Daesh” led to conclude an oil agreement between Iraq and the Kurdistan region has importance in the decisive battle waiting with regulation.

Barzani visited Baghdad last week for the first time in more than three years in a sign of improving relations.

Under the agreement, it is exported up to 150 thousand barrels per day of crude oil through the Turkish port of Ceyhan that share the Kurdistan Regional Government and Baghdad revenue equally.


Financial inspector Office announces re more than 31 billion dinars for the benefit of the state treasury


Tuesday 04-10-2016 | 1:27:48

J p

J p

Twilight News / inspector of the Ministry of Finance office announced on Tuesday for the return of more than 31 billion Iraqi dinars for the benefit of the Iraqi state treasury.

The office said in a statement responded to the Twilight News, said he “was able to restore the amount (31,062,369,294) the public treasury of the state for the benefit of the impact of investigations and periodic inspection and audit established by the Bureau during the first half of the current year (2016).”

مكتب مفتش المالية يعلن إعادة اكثر من 31 مليار دينار لصالح خزينة الدولة

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