Oil prices climb to the highest level in 4 months

Khandan – Oil rose more than one percent to its highest level in four months on Thursday, with the support of a new informal meeting of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) on reducing production and the drop in US crude stocks at a time when some say the market has achieved a gain of about 15 percent in seven sessions.

Sources in the OPEC energy ministers from Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq will be amongst senior representatives of the organization who will meet with Russia is not an OPEC member to hold informal talks next week on the sidelines of an energy conference in Istanbul.

Rose ore International benchmark Brent 65 cents , or about 1.3 percent to reach a settlement at US $ 52.51 a barrel. The crude rose earlier to $ 52.65 a barrel , its highest level since the ninth of June, according to “Reuters”.

Closed WTI US mediator , up 61 cents , or about 1.2 percent to $ 50.44 a barrel in the first settlement at a level exceeding fifty dollars since June 24.

oil rose more than six dollars a barrel since OPEC announced during informal talks in Algeria on 28 September that it hoped to reduce production to between 32.5 million and 33 million barrels per day ,which will be saved heaving about supply from about 700 thousand global market barrels a day, and analysts estimate the surplus in supply about one million to 1.5 million barrels per day.

in addition , OPEC pledged to cut production prices received support from an unexpected drop in US crude inventories for the fifth consecutive week reached a total withdrawn from stocks since the beginning of September to 26 million barrels according to government data showed on Wednesday.





Kurdistan send money petrodollars to Kirkuk

Thursday 06-10-2016 | 9:22:26

 M m r

Twilight News / announced the governor of Kirkuk, Najm al-Din Karim, on Thursday, for the Kurdistan Regional Government is sending a sum of money as part of the petro-dollar program to Kirkuk province.

Karim said at a news conference on Thursday, said the health departments in the province decided at its last meeting not to hold surgeries could be postponed for the time being.

He explained that the reason for this cream the decision is up to the shortage of medicines and medical supplies in hospitals in the province, especially anesthetics needed to conduct surgical operations.

Karim pointed to the Iraqi Ministry of Health does not send Kirkuk’s share of drugs and a large number of displaced Arabs who went to the province and who add significant burdens on hospitals.

Karim said during the press conference held after the opening of the health center in the Rahimawa neighborhood, the Kurdistan Regional Government is sending a sum of money to the province within the petro-dollar program, pointing out that all the completed projects to be funded from this amount.

Under the petro-dollar program is allocated a sum of money for each barrel of oil extracted in order to provide services to the region, which produces oil.

Officials in the Kurdistan Regional Government and declares that because of sectarian warfare and attacks organizing “Daesh” terrorist, more than 1.5 million citizens from central and southern areas of Iraq went to the province of Kurdistan and the areas controlled by Alپeshmrگh force

M m r


Baghdad and Erbil agree not to insist Mosul doctoring to one side and get away from the political Aelchenj



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[Oan- Baghdad]
agreed by the Federal Ministry of Defense, and the Ministry of Peshmerga in Kurdistan Regional Government aswell as the international coalition not to doctoring the victory in the battle to liberate the city of Mosul to a specific destination.
According to a defense ministry statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that “the Ministry of Defense was held with a representative from the Ministry of Peshmerga in the ministry ‘s headquarters, on Thursday morning, the second conference of the unification of the media discourse in the liberation of Mosul process, attended by Army Chief of Staff Gen. corner Osman Ghanimi military adviser to the Ministry Lt. Gen. Mohammed al – Askari and director of the military media cell and a delegation of the Kurdistan region of the Director ofInformation and the Ministry of Peshmerga and the delegation of the international coalition, the conference also included the media and the defense and interior ministries and the joint Special operations command and a counter – terrorism and ground forces managers. ”
The statement pointed out that” the conference came out with several recommendations, the most important unifying media discourse and not doctoring victory for a certain point and stay away from convulsive while editing the joint forces operation political speeches, as well as Fatah radio station in the dam Nineveh broadcast reassurance to the people there are messages, working under the guidance of the joint Special operations command , as well as countless media data leadership also well the establishment of a media center in Qayyarah base works in coordination between the armed forces and the Ministry of Peshmerga. ”
the statement noted that” this conference came a complement to the decisions of the first conference held in Erbil province late last month. ”
the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional government has declared 19 of last September in separate statements from their agreement to liberate the city of Mosul , a plan and the distribution of roles with theparticipation of the international coalition led by the United States.
and was held in the city of Arbil, in the last month politically military meeting chaired by President of theKurdistan region , Massoud Barzani, attended by a number of senior security and military of Arbil and Baghdad and Washington leaders , where it was agreed on joint cooperation between the Peshmerga and Iraqi forces and the coalition forces to defeat Daesh in the battle of Mosul.
the joint Special operations command, it entered into an agreement described as “historic” with the province about editing Mosul.
, said a spokesman for the command Brigadier General Yahya Messenger in an audio message to him ” themeeting was a great and historic where it was agreed on the important things was coordination between the joint Special operations command and the Kurdistan Regional Government.”
he Barzani, expressed the hope that contributes to joint action and cooperation between the Peshmerga and Iraqi forces during the battle of Mosul creating good ground for the deepening of the spirit of brotherhood and affection, and foster a spirit of trust Ben sides, as well as to contribute to this cooperation to end the suffering of the people of Nineveh province. “



Security Council nominates Antonio Guterres to replace Ki-moon, the UN secretary



Ias former Portuguese Minister Antonio Guterres


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Long-Presse / Baghdad

Nominated Security Council (GCC), on Thursday, former Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations to succeed Ban Ki-moon officially.

The Portuguese Guterres nomination yet to approve the fifteen members of the Security Council, on Wednesday, on his choice as Secretary-General of the United Nations to succeed Ban Ki-moon.

Systems and the fifteen members of the Security Council, Wednesday, vote primarily for the selection of the Secretary General of the United Nations to succeed Ban Ki-moon, obtained under which the former Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Guterres on 13 votes without the vote of any of the five permanent members to get him out of the race.

And this nomination van Guterres will become Secretary-General of the Organization of the ninth United Nations, the successor to moon, who expressed his satisfaction with this choice.

Guterres and character are widely respected around the world, and has previously served as the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) at the United Nations.

The Russian ambassador to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin announced that the former Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Guterres, is the favorite to succeed Ban Ki-moon as Secretary-General of the International Organization, after an informal vote on Wednesday in the UN Security Council.



Parliament voted to support the law, doctors and finish reading the seven laws of the host Jaafari [Extended]


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[Oan- Baghdad]
House of Representatives voted in its regular Thursday under the chairmanship of Salim al – President of theCouncil and in the presence of 176 deputies to support the doctors and an end to read the seven projects and proposals of the laws of the law as well as hosting foreign minister Ibrahim al – Jaafari to answer oral questions.
At the outset of the meeting, President al – Jubouri , gave the name of the House of Representatives heartfelt sympathies to the deputy Abbas al – Khuzai of the death of the late and his mother, as he read the Council Al -Fatihah memory of the spirit of the deceased and the martyrs of Iraq.
The head of the Council ‘s Committee of Experts for the selection of the Independent Electoral Commission members for the elections for the meeting next Saturday for the purpose of research on the selection Electoral Commission members and determine on Wednesday June 19 as the date for a meeting of the Committee onconstitutional amendments as well as a meeting of the relevant committee to amend the rules of procedure on Sunday 23 of this month. this
was followed by Higher Education Commission statement on Almrguenp chains students indicated it to its approached the Ministry of Higher Education to restore students Almrguenp chains to study seats and expand theseats and allow the performance of the examinations for the third round, noting that the Minister of Higher Education Commission promised to look over students Almrguenp chains next week.
and authorized the Board of Higher Education Commission of understanding with the Ministry of Higher Education and providing a formula acceptable for submission to the council ‘s decision about the reported request from a number of ladies and gentlemen of Representatives included re all students Almrguenp chains to primary and high academic seats unconditionally and cancel previous resolutions on punctuation students restrictions and allow for students who failed in the second round for the performance of the third round ofexaminations.
the Council voted on a draft law doctors and submitted by the committees of health, environment and legal support for the purpose of encouraging doctors to work in health departments outside Baghdad province, especially the provinces repellant each of Maysan , Dhi Qar, Muthanna and work in the branches of scarce medicine and attract Iraqi medical expertise migratory and bridging the shortfall in health circles.
the completed voting board in principle to proceed to the draft second amendment to the law legal provisions prohibiting courts from hearing lawsuits No. 17 for the year 2005 and presented by the legal Committee. on
the other hand , it reviewed the MP Hamdiya Husseini her visit to the dialysis department at Yarmouk hospital, warning into force on laundering , medical materials kidney because of the company processed failure to provide those materials to the lack of financial allocations have, putting more than 4000 patients in the Karkh district against the risk of death. in
turn, MP Qutaiba al – Jubouri , head of the Health and environment Committee that the issue relates to the lack of debt repayment that they deserve the company ‘s financial allocations which led to its failure to provide for washing kidney medical materials adding that the Ministry of Health and with the agreement of the health of theKarkh Department has pledged to repay the amounts Bzmtha of the company in stages.
the head of the House of Representatives of the Health and environment Committee to hold an emergency meeting in order to follow up the issue of providing medical materials for dialysis.
In the last, parliament completed the first reading of the proposed protection of biological Act and the Prevention of discrimination and submitted by the committees of human rights and religious affairs of Iraq universe ofmultiple nationalities, religions, creeds and cultures and to preserve the heritage and relics and promote theprinciples of equal citizenship and mutual understanding and social cohesion and peace – building Ahli countries.
and on the question of oral directed from MP Hanan al Foreign Minister Ibrahim al – Jaafari welcomed al – Jubouri , the president in the presence of the Minister of the Council.
It asked the MP Hanan al Jaafari for a number of ambassadors who hold dual nationality and place of work and the amount of time to fill their positions, citing the need to address past mistakes to take the ambassadors of citizenship for office holders and give a chance to national competencies a guarantee of national loyalty.
in response to the question revealed Foreign about the presence of 79 ambassadors since 2014 and minister after the assignment of a number of them to retire their number is now 66 ambassadors, including 32 with dual nationalities, adding that the duration of the work of Ambassador be two years and increases in some cases to five years after bring them back to work again, noting that the ministry will stick to any legislation that comes from the House of Representatives on dual nationality.
and raised MP Fatlawi a question about the time period in which they were appointed ambassadors there.
Jaafari replied that the appointment of ambassadors was in 2004 and 2009 after voting for them in the House ofRepresentatives .
and wondered MP Fatlawi Foreign Ministry measures to the immigration problem and the steps taken by the number of migrants who have died and imprisoned in the Diaspora.
He said al – Jaafari that the responsibilities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is limited in terms of legislation that the crisis requires a great international and local effort to accommodate their effects, adding that the ministry initiated tasks Other to alleviate the suffering of refugees taking care to be voluntary return of refugees and not coercive.
the Foreign Minister and the obstacles out of control, especially Maitalq the existence of the laws of some States do not allow interference refugee issues or provide data on their numbers.
among al – Jaafari, said the ministry ‘s measures , including investment diplomatic presence has taken Iraqi in in the New York to hold meetings with a number of international officials and stakeholders and to send letters to theowners of the international influence on refugees as well as the existence of a proposal from the ministry submitted to the prime minister to form a crisis cell includes several ministries , to make their own crisis asylum with the release of the State Department for more than 22,000 procedures a special passport for asylum – seekers voluntary return indicating the death of 72 Iraqi refugees have been provide for return of their bodies to Iraq as well as the move to release some jailed on various charges.
offers House Speaker thanked the deputy Hanan al Foreign Minister for taking part in the special question oral practice of democracy.
in another matter the request of President Jubouri of the Foreign Minister to provide clarification on the ministry ‘s position on Turkey ‘s military intervention. In
turn said al – Jaafari , a ministry chain contacts with the Turkish side for the withdrawal of Turkish troops from Ba’shiqah noting that some Turkish officials, particularly recent statements on the insistence of Ankara on thesurvival of Turkish troops was ordered position surprisingly for Iraq, stressing the unwillingness of Iraq to overcook any relationship with any country , including Turkey.
the foreign minister said that the ministry has taken and communication procedures with the permanent members of the five UN security Council members about the Turkish position and we get their support, but asked to wait to take any action in addition to that the ministry has succeeded issue a decision by the Arab League unanimously includes a condemnation of the Turkish intervention and calling for the withdrawal of Turkish troops from Iraqi territory.
He noted that the recent crisis revealed the presence of Turkish troops repercussions status link after the battle ofMosul , where we asked the security Council to convene an emergency session will be held that day to take theCouncil ‘s role in keeping international peace and security in conjunction with the release of a statement from theArab League to condemn the latest Turkish escalation, stressing not to allow any override the sovereignty of Iraq.
and he finished the House of Representatives read the report and discuss the draft government banks and provided financial and legal committees law.
In the interventions of Representatives, urged the MP Abbas al – Bayati to take advantage of international experience in the development of the work of Iraqi banks.
MP Joseph Saliwa Finance Committee to issue a recommendation to open alternative to Rafidain Bank Hamdania a bank branch in another area in order to secure the withdrawal of the citizens for their money.
He MP Riad Ghraib that Iraqi banks are not able to keep pace with developments in the banking sector in theworld, especially in the field of money to invest.
the MP Abdul Aziz Hassan presence directives oblige the security forces secured the funds to reach some of theareas where the situation volatile.
in response to the interventions of the Committee on stressed keenness on developing the work of banks by seeking to enact a law is consideration by the Council of State to form a body to ensure the deposit guarantee theprovision of funds to depositors in the event of a delay job banks, adding that the Iraqi lagging banks compared with banks overseas.
and completed the House of Representatives read the report and discuss the draft of the Iraqi national Paralympic Committee Act and submitted by the Committee of youth and Sports.
in interventions MP Kawa Mohamed change the term people with a disability to people with special needs ,calling for the allocation of a sports expert representing the Kurdistan region in the Commission.
in its reply to the interventions of the Committee on confirmed that the Charter does not allow the existence of arepresentation of nationalities in the Commission noting the presence of the Vice President of the Paralympic Committee of the component Kurdish.
and ended the board ‘s report and discuss the first draft amendment to the law take care of minors No. 78 Act of 1980 and sponsored by the committees of women, Family, Children and finance.
in the interventions MP Ibtisam al- Hilali stressed compensation minors preceding their money worth of gold relative to the decline in value at the moment and exempt from duty.
I suggest MP Raad Faris has added educational care for minors within the law as well as material and moral compensation.
the MP Riad Ghraib to the development and Astosmaar funds minors and not leave limited.
In response to the input, the Committee on emphasized taken into account all the views and proposals submitted to serve the maturing of the law.
the completed Council read the report and discussion of the proposed Act to amend the companies Act No. 21 of 1997 as amended and submitted by the committees of Tourism and Antiquities and the economy and investment.
In the interventions of the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives, Rep . Risan Dler called to change the bill tomake it Cancel instead of amendment name.
In response to the interventions of the Committee on confirmed amend the draft law formula after the agreement and consultation with stakeholders.
and he finished the Council read the report and discuss the proposal of the first amendment to the law of the Iraqi media network , No. 26 of 2015 and submitted by the Committees for culture, media and legal.
in the interventions of Representatives MP Riad Ghraib , the Board of Trustees redundant ring network structure flags of Iraq and called for its repeal.
He urged the MP Hassan Turan to abide by the private Federal Court ‘s decision to amend some articles of theIraqi media network Act.
MP Joseph Saliwa to allocate part of the Iraqi media network in the Syriac language broadcast and set up private radio station speaking in this language.
He MP Fadel Kanani that amendment submitted does not comply with the Federal Court decision of private Maitalq the presence of the board of Trustees of the network and the consequent financial burden , especially that the media network of the board of Directors oversees the network it ‘s work that calls Cancel board of Trustees.
In response to the interventions of the Committee on stressed the importance of the media network Council link Representatives, noting that the decision of the Federal Court supported network link the House ofRepresentatives and the reduction of the board of Trustees of the nine members to six members are drawing thenetwork policy to ensure Nozj media democracy away from the style of totalitarian regimes, pointing out that thenames nomination for the board of trustees of the powers of the government and the House of Representatives approves them, as he stressed the importance of the presence of the Syriac language within the network programs. on
the other hand, did the Council read the report and discuss the proposal ownership Act low – income residential land and provided financial services, reconstruction and legal committees.
In the interventions of Representatives, MP Abbas al – Bayati called for radical treatment with regard to the issue of Housing according to a clear strategy and well thought out.
He noted the MP Awad al – Awadi , that the proposed law will contribute in solving the housing crisis for more than two million and a half Iraqi citizen must resolve the issue of squatters on public lands who do not own any real estate.
He urged the MP Zana happy to build housing complexes and distribution of housing units where the citizens according to the controls.
She called MP flowers Turaihi to activate the resolution No. 254 , which helps to solve the housing crisis in Iraq and end the problem of squatters on public lands.
in response to the interventions, the Committee on expressed interest in further study the proposals submitted on the proposed law to find a suitable formula, banner that abusers not necessarily be low – income, proposed theformation of a joint committee take it upon themselves to take the necessary measures for the housing crisis solutions, pointing to the existence of 9 million people were living below the poverty line , according to thestatistics of the Ministry of planning.
turn the face of the President of the House of Representatives introduction of necessary amendments to the proposal the law in line with the Constitution and the requirements of the poor citizens.
In another matter, al – Jubouri instructed to allocate on Saturday for a meeting of parliamentary committees as well as a meeting of the presidium with the heads of the committees and parliamentary blocs.


US State Department: Turkish role entrusted in Mosul, Iraq’s decision


Thursday 06-10-2016 | 4:27:03


Twilight News / said US State Department spokesman Mark Toner said the Iraqi government is determine the role of Turkey in the battle of Mosul and that any Turkish role entrusted in coordination with the Iraqis.

Toner said at a news conference that the decision is up to the Iraqi government in determining the role of Turkey battle of liberation of Mosul and all countries neighboring Iraq to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Toner said that the priority is the war waged by the world to organize Daesh in Iraq are required to put all our allies to organize the war Daesh in the list of priorities.

The Iraqi parliament voted earlier in the decision to reject the presence of Turkish forces or any other forces inside Iraqi territory, and considered that it represents “an occupation” while Foreign Ministry condemned the Turkish parliament’s decision, noting that he does not represent all Iraqis Ray.


Abadi: edit city of Mosul on doors


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News confirmed Prime Minister General Commander of the Armed Forces, Haider al-Abadi that the “liberation of the city of Mosul Conception Daesh terrorist gangs on the doors.”
A statement by the prime minister and the agency {Euphrates News} received acopy of it, that “Abadi chaired the thirteenth meeting – the second session of theSupreme Commission for coordination between the provinces, which was held in the capital Baghdad.”
He called on the Prime Minister and conservative members of the provincial councils “to cooperation and integration in the transfer of powers properly and thoughtful for the success of this experiment, which emphasize continue in order toserve the citizens. ”
He said Abadi , that” the goal of the government service of the citizen and that local governments have an important role in this matter , pointing to the importance ofmoving the self – potentials in the ministries and provinces to overcome thedifficulties and to provide services. ”
He said “the international community viewed Iraq as the rest of the right way and stronger than before , indicating that some had wanted a three – year bring out thearmy from some provinces before and now everyone is sheltered by a safety valve.”
he added that “liberalization city of Mosul on doors and we have edit rights of terrorism Aldaasha He is the highest aim, noting that terrorism wanted to achieve win – win situation in the media through the bombings in Baghdad and we have measures in this regard. ”
and” the fiscal challenge continuously due to lower oil prices and our planning for the coming years and not for one year , or the period of an election, but work for thebenefit of the country and its citizens , noting we are to reduced government spending by 50 percent , which is good in spite of the war we are fighting. ”
He called investment authorities in the provinces to cooperate with investors and give assurances to provide safe environment for them in order to provide employment opportunities and development of the country and reduce dependence on oil.
He stressed Abadi on the importance of the extension the rule of law with organized crime gangs and others are dedicated to security in the provinces that are exposed to the threat to its security battalions and there are requests from some provinces and we have responded to them.
He said Prime Minister and the lack of foreign fighters are fighting with our heroine and the coalition forces tasks are training and counseling and reinforcement and logistical support and air cover .
He renewed his assertion Abadi to reject the presence of Turkish troops , indicating that there are contradictory statements of the Turkish side and does not have any request from the government to advance their incomes thanks to the House ofRepresentatives to support the government position on the Iraqi situation is uniform is very important .anthy


WASHINGTON check bombed the international coalition for the crowd clan in Mosul



The bombing of Air Alliance International


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Long-Presse / Baghdad

Announced that the US State Department on Thursday to open an investigation on the bombing of the international coalition, yesterday, the crowd of tribal, south of the city of Mosul, as pledged to “ensure the transparency of the investigation,” it confirmed that the air strikes conducted in coordination with the Iraqi side.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Marc Tonnerre during his briefing to the press and I followed (range Press), “The investigation is happening now to look into the circumstances of the raid, which caused the deaths of a number of elements of the forces of the crowd clan in Qayyarah,” noting that “the raids are often conducted intelligence to coordinate between the side US and Iraqi information is verified before launching the raid to avoid an error in hitting the target. “

He Tonnerre, that “the raid if it caused injury wrong target we do a thorough investigation and we will be at the highest level of transparency in the conduct such dialogue,” stressing that “the majority of air strikes the coalition was a high degree of accuracy and caused the deaths of many of the leaders of the organization (Daesh) in Iraq and Syria. “

He Tonnerre, that “mistakes get in all the battles,” adding that “the rate of errors they are the least of the other parties.”

The Joint Special Operations Command revealed on Thursday (October 6, 2016), that the bombing of the international coalition for the crowd of tribal, south of Mosul, yesterday, was based on information from the crowd fighters, while confirming that an investigation “immediate knowledge of negligence.”

A security source in Nineveh province, reported on Wednesday (5 October 2016), that the 18 component from the crowd clan killed aerial bombing “wrong” international coalition, coinciding with the attack by the organization (Daesh) on a village south of Mosul, the Nineveh province.

The organization (Daesh) took over the city of Mosul, Nineveh province, (405 km north of Baghdad), in (the tenth of June 2014), before extending his terrorist activities for many other areas of Iraq and is committed where “many violations” promised local and global points of “crimes against humanity and genocide.”


Obeidi sues MP Alia Nassif


Since 10/06/2016 14:02 pm (Baghdad time)

Baghdad balances News

Information Office of the Secretary of Defense article Khalid al-Obeidi, on Thursday, announced the lifting of the last lawsuit against the high Nassif MP, on its claims paying the mediator to influence the decision to eliminate the issue of his dismissal from office.

The office said in a statement received / balances News / copy of it, “Some Iraqi media picked up on Wednesday (5 October 2016), a statement attributed to one of the deputies which claims to do Obeidi, paying the broker in order to influence the decision of the judiciary on his dismissal from office.” .

He said the office, “Although we know that the Iraqi people to know the lies promoted by the MP and specifically against Khalid al-Obeidi, the purpose fired because he refused to pass a suspicious demands on the Iraqi army and its military capabilities account.”

He continued, “we affirm firm rejection of untruths and attempts to blackmail contained in the statement of MP and its quest lining of the appeal (a hint or a permit) the integrity of the just our judiciary, which was and will remain Our salvation and refuge for all Iraqis to defend the interests of the people and the homeland against corrupt and Almtlonen.”

He noted the office, that he “has been assigned a lawyer filed a lawsuit in Iraqi courts to open an investigation into reported MP, and claim to disclose the name of” mediator “in front of public opinion stating all the facts relied on in its claims and false Tlviqatha false” .anthy 29 / A 43


Financial agrees to launch 3% of the deductions of employees ‘ salaries to thedisplaced


Financial agrees to launch 3% of the deductions of employees' salaries to the displaced

# Algmehorah_uz

MP in the House of Representatives Mohammed Halbusi, said that the Ministry of Finance to release allocated to Nazhieddin of 3% withheld from employees’ salaries amounts.

Halbusi said in a press statement that “will be the amount of 250,000 dinars for each family and the distribution of the number 590,000 families will be distributed through the ironing Card.”

He added that “the Parliamentary Committee for the Displaced continuous coordination with the relevant ministries to provide all displaced kits and restore stability to the liberated cities.”