Syrian army accuses US and allies of creating safe route for ISIS to Syria

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Iraqi army soldiers. AFP photo

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The Syrian army accused “backers of international terrorism” of plotting to secure “safe routes” for ISIS militants in Mosul to flee Iraq for the war-torn neighboring country during military operations by Iraqi forces to evict the terrorist group from the northern Iraqi city.

A statement from the General Command of the Army and the Armed Force on Tuesday read that the US and its allied countries, above all Saudi Arabia, are carrying out a “malicious scheme” to provide “safe routes for the groupings of ISIS terrorists who are reeling under the Iraqi army’s strikes in Mosul – Iraq’s second largest city – to cross the border into the Syrian territory.

The army warned that any attempt to transgress Syria by the militants would be deemed as “an attack on the sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic.”

“The aim of providing such corridors, is to provide protection to the terrorists on the one hand and boost the terrorist presence inside the Syrian territory on the other hand in a bid to impose a new military reality in the eastern region in the direction of Deir Ezzor, Raqqa and Palmyra,” the statement added, as quoted by Syria’s official SANA news agency.

Tuesday marks the second day of the massive offensive to oust the radical group from Mosul and its outskirts

Many ISIS militants have reportedly fled to Syria and deserted the battlefield in the face of the furious attack launched by Kurdish and Iraqi forces early Monday.


Sources inside Mosul confirms the high morale of the population of the proximity of their liberation and the escalation of the resistance against al «state»

Mustafa al-Obeidi

Oct 19, 2016

Mosul «Quds Al-Arabi»: Mosul residents said the contacts with their relatives, said the morale of Mosul’s population increased with the start of the process of liberalization of their city, at a time when resistance cells activated to hunt members of the organization, in conjunction with the executions against her sons campaigns.
The MP for Nineveh Sheikh Mohiuddin Mezouari for «Al Quds Al Arabi» situation in the city of Mosul, a very Palmzari with the growing crowds of Iraqi forces around the city, due to increased pressure from elements of the organization «State» against the population and harassment through stringent measures, such as a campaign of mass arrests for officers in the former army, youth and executed a lot of them and prevent the use of telephony and satellite services of all kinds and to punish the offenders, the organization has also dug trenches and filled with oil in many of the city’s neighborhoods and block the streets and bridges of concrete blocks.
Mezouari He stressed that the morale of the people of the city high, especially among young people of the proximity of salvation from the nightmare of the terrorist organization and there are moves by some young people who have been encouraged by crowds of troops around Mosul, and wanting revenge of organization members who were killed by members of their families and seek to prevent them from escaping outside the city. Resistance cells also stepped up its activity in target elements of the organization.
And the role of the provincial council, during and after the battle, he stressed that efforts are focused on creating reception expected exit from the city’s refugee camps, where they were preparing 13 camp for displaced people, with the provision of basic supplies and food for the reception of displaced persons during the battle, noting that the local government has prepared a plan to deal with the situation after maintaining editorial focused on the return of displaced persons as soon as the provision of essential food items to help people, especially since there is a great shortage of food as a result of severe siege of the city and people stay in their homes for fear of shelling or detention at the hands of members of the organization.In turn, the spokesman for the power of the national crowd Zuhair al-Jubouri’s »Quds Al-Arabi» The National crowd was define its role in the battle while fighting under the command of the Iraqi army and will be at the center of his yard Alkwyr and Mosul.
And that a state of joy permeated the people of Mosul to the proximity of their liberation from the oppressive regulation, with a state of anxiety and fear that a bombardment of the city by Iraqi and international forces inaccurate and cause civilian casualties.
He said al-Jubouri said the morale of members of the organization collapsed, especially after the restoration of Qayyarah him and the escalation of violent bombardment of its positions in the city, where the organization to execute large numbers of elements who have tried to get out of the city and appointed called Qrbah Ihsanoglu ruler of Mosul after the execution of former governor who tried to flee.
And that of the National mobilizing battalions of Mosul, increased activity by catching elements Daesh dramatically despite the feet of the organization to the arrest of many officers, military and executed to intimidate the population.
He Jubouri that telecommunications companies have set up towers above a mountainous area near Mosul to strengthen communications and allocated free lines to provide an opportunity for the people who keep iPods Mobiles to communicate with their relatives outside the city, stressing that contacts were continuing with the locals in Mosul to follow Aodahm and reassuring them.
The MP for Nineveh Nora Albjara for «Al Quds Al Arabi» that the conditions of the inhabitants of Mosul tragic because of the pressure exercised by the terrorist their organization, but morale is high among the people trapped in the city, especially after the liberation of Qayyarah and Sharqat recently, where people before it lost all hope liberation of their city from the organization , noting that the people Asttbhron entry of Iraqi forces, calling on the Iraqi government to the regular army and federal police forces are to be entering the city to reassure the people and encourage them to cooperate with the security forces. Albjara confirmed that contacts from within the city even if it is weak, but refers to the upsurge in activity by Resistance Brigades against elements of the organization, as news reports that elements of the organization and morale collapsed trying to flee.
Albjara pointed to the elements of the organization campaigns inspect the houses with his number of women and they searched the house thoroughly search of telecommunications equipment and mobiles and devices satellite and weapons, where they confiscated and impose heavy fines on the houses to be found where, as the organization of the execution of 17 civilians found him Mobiles , on charges of collaborating with the government security services.
She expressed hope for the liberation of Mosul, the terrorist organization and the speed of the return of IDPs to their areas before the onset of winter.
The battle to liberate Mosul, a decisive battle between Iraqi forces and the joint between the state organization, which seized the city since June 2014, and the city will recover from his control strike blow to its presence in Iraq.



Start of the second phase of the liberalization of Mosul, with great success to Iraqi forces

Oct 19, 2016

Mosul «Quds Al-Arabi»: Joint Iraqi forces, announced the start of the second phase of operations (coming, Nineveh) to liberate Mosul of al «State» amid the success of the forces in restoring towns and villages in many areas.
Iraqi military sources announced that the band 15 forces of the Iraqi army had been launched, on Tuesday, in the liberation of the city of Mosul process towards the villages (Alahud, Zake, hid it, listed) that fall within the axis of Qayyarah south of Mosul, to launch them in the coming days about hand Shore bathroom Alil.
According to military media cell, the 15 pieces of the band managed to free Alahud village in the southern hub of the city of Mosul, adding that those cuts raised the Iraqi flag over the village after the enemy to inflict great losses in lives and equipment, while the clashes are still taking place in other villages.
Pieces ninth Armored Division had reached the outskirts of Hamdania spend southeast of Mosul, while the fighters withdrew from the villages of the organization in the region.
According to the military sources, the first phase of the restoration of Mosul, which is supposed to reach during the Peshmerga forces at the center of Khazar east of Mosul to spend Hamdania, achieved positive results within the targets set for it.Within the second phase of the plan of attack, the 15 Division troops in the Iraqi army managed to free three villages in the hand] advice, (60 km south of Mosul), while managed joint forces of the ninth division of the Iraqi army and the fight against terrorism to impose siege on Hamdaniya district, north of Mosul , four axes, and began shelling the city center shelling with artillery and mortars to break down defenses and locations of the organization and preparation for the storm.
The second phase will be related to storm Hamdania springboard for Iraqi forces to restore Hamdania spend, which represents the closest geographic points to the city of Mosul (10 kilometers).
It also announced military media cell, the liberation of the village «Alzakh» south of Mosul and raising the Iraqi flag over it.
The statement said the cell, said that «pieces of the band 15 in the liberation of Nineveh operations Alzakh liberated the village and raise the Iraqi flag after the enemy to inflict loss of life and equipment».
She said the cell, that «the people of the villages and Alahud Alzakh Antqdon against Aldoaash and kill terrorist elements and supporting Iraqi Army».
According to another statement of the cell on Tuesday, he said the Iraqi army also managed to restore the village Alsart north of Qayyarah.
The Army Chief of Staff Gen. corner Othman al-Ghanemi, said in an interview with the (long-Presse), during his stay with the Ninth Division troops in the south-eastern axis of the city of Mosul, said that «our forces moving here from three axes according to what we have planned, but has been accelerating implementation of the plan as a result of the collapse of the enemy and Anhzamh », indicating that« the part of these forces collar Hamdania and another section continuous progress of the other axis », adding that« coalition forces provided air attribution us and everyone is satisfied with the performance ».
Peshmerga commander declared that the battle is ongoing and may take a long time depending on the degree of resistance «organization« attacked the joint forces it.
He said Jabbar Yawar, Secretary General of the Ministry of Peshmerga in a televised interview «Quds Al-Arabi» I followed that the Kurdish forces were able on the first day of the battle of liberation eight villages and an area of land of up to 200 square kilometers, pointing out that the elements of the organization morale suffered a major collapse, and their resistance is weak only planting explosive devices and the use of car bombs and suicide bombers, some, describing this technique not feasible to halt the progress of the joint forces as it became known.
He stressed that the liberalization of Mosul, a plan for each identified target strength and Mahmor role and to work within it, and that the Peshmerga (four thousand fighters) have a specific focus of the Nineveh Plain, stressing that the troops would enter Mosul is the army and the federal police and local police.
A statement of the Peshmerga that liberated villages are Baschrh and Destructive Sultan and Kprli and Bazkurdan and vertical small camel and camel large and Sheikh Amir, was also edit Kashi plant west Hassan Cham. Also, the operations also resulted in the destruction of four wheels bomb belonging to the terrorist organization.
Within the context, the security sources, reported that a large convoy of regulation was destroyed aerial bombing at the Iraqi-Syrian border, indicating that the convoy was comprised Anaasra Arabs and foreigners who were trying to escape towards the Syrian tenderness.
The sources, that the convoy consisting of about 30 vehicle was carrying Arab elements and foreign organization, which resulted in the destruction of a convoy of aircraft and killing most of it. »
Within the context, security sources reported that the anti-terrorism forces carried out a landing air, through which control the sulfur plant Mishraq south of the city of Mosul. It occupies edit mentioned the lab of organization of strategic importance because of the many fears of the possibility of using stocks of chemicals by the organization in the preparation of chemical weapons to bomb the joint forces during the battle.
And participate in the process (coming, Nineveh) to liberate Mosul of al «State» about 30 thousand element of the Iraqi government troops from the army, police and anti-terrorist forces and Peshmerga fighters and tribes, and the support of the international airline alliance.
While intelligence information indicates that the number of militant organization in Mosul and its environs, ranging between 3-5 thousand armed.
Observers hope that the organization resorted to flee from Mosul, in the battle to shorten the time and reduce the human and material losses in the city, which is still about a million of the trapped civilians.

Smart card to open branches to issue new covered by social protectio


Economy News …

 Director General of the Department of Social Protection Zidane Khalaf Obaid announced the opening of new branches for issuing smart card for new covered by social protection in Baghdad and the provinces. He called the servants of all new applicants covered by subsidies to non-audit departments circle and wait for the message to finish off the Mobile to determine the day and place of the audit for the issuance of the smart card and received for the purpose of facilitating the process of assuming subsidy and by issuing smart card centers:
Issuing smart / card outlets Rusafa
 Release Center Address
1 tributaries Paradise Paradise / Karrada Square
Two tributaries Arboretum Arboretum / branch near Baquba Garage
3 tributaries Huzaifa ibn al-Yaman saffron / near the Diyala Bridge Branch
4 saffron / port mercy against the Rasheed Bank
5 nursery / district teachers versus teachers wash station
6 Rashad Rashad vocational training center
7 municipal council Mahmudiyah Mahmudiyah
Issuing smart card / Karkh outlets
T. names of the municipal council name and address of the place of work
 My Kadhimiya Kadhimiya Council / Ocean Street
 Bank of Zahra Kadhimiya / Zahra Square / Alhosh
 My Council liberty freedom / entrance to the role of vice officers
 Cilspldiaharih freedom / Mdkhaldornwabalillat
 Torch / near the pool
 Torch / near the pool
 Tarmiya TARMIYA / district center
 Coronary coronary versus health center
 My coronary coronary Council against the health center
 Rashid District session near Rapid Bridge
 Rashid District of the session / near Rapid Bridge
 My Salehia Council near the Iranian embassy
 Mansour Mansour Bank / VS Acialki
 My Council Mansour Mansour / VS Arif Restaurant
 Office princesses Mansour vs. Acialki
 Rehab Abu Ghraib Office
 My Council Amil Amil district / near 84 market
 Rafii Bank / Amiriyah Amiriyah
Mnavmasaddaralbtaqhalzkih / chest
T. port location
1 Waziriya, near Piazza saga
2 Rafidain Bank, Palestine Street / club near the Turkmen
3 branch Andalus m. Chest / Alekiarp
4 Door holy branch of the holy door / near Medical City Hospital
5 Adhamiya Rivers / near the Imam Abu Hanifa
6 passports Cairo near Cairo
7 Ahmed Asia Bureau of Husseiniya / near humidifiers Virgin
8 Riad Nouri M.alsdr / Alekiarp / Office sector 63 / near Two Rivers / Andalus bank branch
9 people
10-Faraj M.alsdr / home / office sector 19 / versus granular Bank
11-Faraj M.alsdr / home / office sector 19 / versus the Bank of Sevilla

Federal police announced clearing 352 square km south of Mosul


Tuesday October 201 618 21:57

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
It announced that the federal police headquarters, on Tuesday, they cleared 352 square km south of the city of Mosul.

He said the federal police captain Raed Shakir Jawdat in a statement received Alsumaria News, a copy of “federal police cuts cleared 352 square kilometers south of Mosul.”

Jawdat added that “it was since the beginning of military operations in Nineveh.”

The commander of the federal police forces team Raed Shakir Jawdat, announced Tuesday the completion of the second page of big victories, stressing edit large areas south of Mosul.



Obama: Iraqi forces will succeed in Mosul


Tuesday 18-10-2016 | 9:14:11


Twilight News US President / said, Barack Obama, said that state regulation Daesh defeat in Mosul, pointing out that the battle will be tough.
This came in a press conference Obama held with the Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, where “Iraqi forces will succeed in Mosul, and said , that would be a further step on the path todefeat and destroy the organization altogether. ”

It is noteworthy that this news comes at a time when Gen. Stephen Tawasand confirmed, the commander of US forces in Iraq and Syria, that his country would provide support to Iraqi forces in their battle to regain Mosul in several ways.

اوباما: القوات العراقية ستنجح في الموصل

Cabinet decides to subject imported goods for customs fees


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مجلس الوزراء يقرر اخضاع البضائع المستوردة للرسوم الكمركية
Cabinet decides to subject imported goods for customs fees

Roudao – Erbil

Iraqi cabinet decided to subdue imported from all countries of the customs duties of goods, while approved the draft diversify preparatory education for scientific branch and allocated funds for the FA.

A statement by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, seen by Roudao Media Network, on Tuesday, that “the Council of Ministers held its regular Tuesday headed by Haider al-Abadi,” he said Abadi stressed the great cooperation between army troops and peshmerga, “pointing to” the existence of a humanitarian preparations to the military side “.

Council Park “starting edit Mosul operations (coming, Nineveh) and victories achieved with the beginning of the battle, noting that” the Council renewed its rejection of the presence of Turkish troops on Iraqi soil. “

The Council approved according to the statement, the “allocation of a sum of money to the Football Association in appreciation for the achievements realized by national teams in all categories,” adding that he “has the approval of the grant money for the families of the martyrs of Spyker.”

The statement noted “the cabinet’s approval to form a committee headed by the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers of the Legal Department and the membership of representatives from the National Pension Commission and the State Consultative Council and the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs shall prepare a draft incorporating the pension fund and social security for workers retired state employees fund and provide project law within a period not exceeding one month”.

Abadi confirms the course of Mosul editing process accurately and calls for Saudi Arabia to send an ambassador to Iraq {expanded}


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Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi said military units moving carefully to liberate Mosul, as called for Saudi Arabia to send an ambassador to Baghdad to improve ties between the two countries.
Ebadi said at a news conference in Baghdad today I followed the agency {Euphrates News} ” The military units moving accurately complete and coordinated among all ranks , ” noting that ” the security forces had created safe corridors for theexit of civilians with the approach of our troops to enter Mosul , and there was no shelling We have directed to stay away from a goal that can be damaging to thecivilian population. ”

said Abadi , that” our troops are enjoying very high and ready morale to edit all areas of Nineveh and strive to support citizens in the usurped territories to counter criminality Daesh terrorist , “noting that” the more we approach the liberalization areas louder sounds , as happened in Fallujah , but to Aaoagafna. ”

he stressed that” interference in Iraqi affairs is dangerous and our strength isfighting within the borders of Iraq, “adding that” from the stands with Aldoaash at thelast minute will pay for it. ”

he said he” will be circulated media operating room experience and open headquarters in all regions liberated , “noting that he” will be all the dues of farmers Exchange for 2016 “.
the prime minister stressed that” the Turkish delegation made proposals did not live up to the level of Iraq ‘s request and tried to gain legitimacy in the presence of his country ‘s troops in the land of Mosul , but we turned it down , and we want thedeparture of the Turkish troops from country , “adding that” the international coalition takes banditry between Daesh in Iraq and Syria. ”

he stressed , ” it was to send the budget bill to the House of Representatives after an amendment by the budget include taxes on material non – essential “, stressing that he” made an amendment to the Act general amnesty in coordination with thepolitical blocs in the House of Representatives. ”

He called Abadi Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al – Jubeir not to assess the situation from outside Iraq,” adding that “Saudi Arabia acknowledged previously that the 5000 terrorist Saudi blew himself up in Iraq.”
He expressed “surprise at the Riyadh sticking sectarian dialect against Iraq ,”hoping to” the Saudi government to send an ambassador to Iraq to improve relations between the two countries “.anthy


Daesh ordering the elements to burn their headquarters after the withdrawal in Mosul


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Since 10/18/2016 18:37 pm (Baghdad time)

Special – balances News

Local sources revealed from inside Mosul, on Tuesday, all issued orders regulating Daesh terrorist elements to burn their headquarters and their positions after the withdrawal and prevent families from out of their homes.

The sources said, the reporter / balances News /, that “the terrorist organization Daesh issued a series of instructions to the elements after frequent attacks received by the losses at the hands of the security forces and the Army Aviation.”

The sources added, that “the organization recommended to burn all the elements of his military headquarters and the points after the withdrawal.”

The sources pointed out, that “the organization has issued orders to prevent families from going out of the house and stay there for the purpose of their shelter from aerial bombing.”

Said Prime Minister General Commander of the Armed Forces, Haider al-Abadi, on Monday, the start of the process of liberalization of Mosul, while vowing retribution from terrorist gangs after liberation, calling on the people of the city to cooperate in order to resolve the battle Srie.anthy 29/33 h

Security forces raise the Iraqi flag over the Hamdaniya district north-east of Mosul



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Since 10/18/2016 18:42 pm (Baghdad time)

Security forces raise the Iraqi flag over the Hamdaniya district north-east of Mosul followed …