Erdogan threatens the popular crowd

Saturday 29-10-2016 | 10:33:24

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan .. t n h-d

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan .. t n h-d

Twilight News Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan / said his country plans to boost its troops deployed in the border town of Silopi with Iraq and that he will have “a different response,” If the armed factions have caused fear in the Iraqi city of Tal Afar.

Says armed Shiite factions in Iraq and backed by Iran that it had begun an attack on an al-Islamic state west of Mosul sites which will target Tal Afar.

Erdogan said in a speech to journalists at a ceremony marking the anniversary of the founding of the Republic in Ankara that the information received did not confirm such a move. No details on numbers or on the reinforcements did not say how the response would be different.

Ankara has repeatedly warned it would take action if an attack on the city -alta a large number of Turkomans in the framework of broader support from the United States attack to restore the city of Mosul from the hands of the organization of the Islamic state.

اردوغان يهدد الحشد الشعبي


Urgent .. wounded in a suicide bombing near a cafe in Baghdad


Saturday 29-10-2016 | 11:58:08

Ren-h d

Ren-h d

Twilight News / Baghdad Operations Command, according to the occurrence of the wounded in a suicide bombing near a cafe in the capital.

The leadership responded in a statement to the Twilight News, that a terrorist attack by a suicide bomber wearing an explosive belt went off near a cafe-Beiruti Djlh- overlooking the river, wounding a number of citizens were injured after being tackled him one of the security forces personnel.

Freedoms Observatory strongly condemns the expulsion of Allawi’s Iraqi reporter and calls for international intervention

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[Oan- Baghdad] 

abhorrent Iraqi Observatory press freedoms and strongly act done by the President of the National Coalition, Iyad Allawi, the right of the Iraqi satellite channel reporter, Sajjad al – Musawi, who was assigned to cover the press conference held at its headquarters in Olive Street in Baghdad on Saturday afternoon and had his face calls for journalists to cover the conference.

According to a statement of the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate Observatory received by all of Iraq [Aini copy of it, “journalists attending the conference, said the Iraqi Observatory of press freedoms, the correspondent of the Iraqi satellite channel, Sajjad al – Moussawi, directed a question to Allawi, who held a press conference today in his office, but Allawi refused to answer and accused the Iraqi channel Mounhazh. ” 

he said the journalists, said that” al – Moussawi , Allawi replied, he was working in the institution of the state was not biased to one, but he was asked to leave the conference in a manner expulsion and humiliation. ” 

for his part , deplore the chairman of the board of Trustees of the Iraqi media network Mujahid Abu Hail ,, do Allawi to “expel” Iraqiya reporter from the press conference, with Allawi demanded “apologies” to the correspondents of Al- Iraqiya who are on the battlefield, he expressed his opposition to the manner of recruitment of political differences and impacts on media affairs. ” 

He called Abu Al Hail, the Committee on culture and Information Parliament put an end to the excesses and interventions carried out by politicians against the media and prevent it from exercising its role as an authority of a fourth. ” 

The head of the Iraqi Observatory press freedoms Hadi JLo Mari,: We regret that all of outrage have been consumed to condemn the actions of government officials toward the Iraqi journalists during the 13 – year – old, without putting an end to their actions, and respect for the journalist ‘s dignity , who works for the home , not for his foundation, or a political leader. ” 

said Mari,” while we do not want to put pressure on government officials to stop these abuses, they do not hear us, but we demand international organizations specialized defending the rights and protection of journalists, to go to Iraq and see the avalanche of abuses that took place on the Iraqi journalists have no sin except that they are transported news and facts, but the politicians of the country , it seems they do not understand the work of the media and freedom of the press. ” 

He called on the Iraqi Observatory press freedoms,” journalists who are exposed to the excesses and assaults to sue anyone who attacks them in accordance with the protection of journalists and No. 38 for the year 2011 rights law. ”

Abadi: Battle of Mosul , a continuous and never stopped in the axes


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Denied Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Saturday, traded on stop editing Mosul operations news, pointing out that the ongoing operations until the liberation of Nineveh province completely from the control of the organization “Daesh”, as he emphasized the inability of what he described as “infiltrators” to disrupt the Iraqi armed forces efforts.
Ebadi said in an interview with Iraqi state television I followed Alsumaria News, “Today and yesterday was edited and clearing several villages and cities will continue to fight until the liberation of all of Nineveh,” pointing out that “the ongoing battle axes do not stop at all.”
Abadi said, “will not be able biased people and Almendson of obstructing the efforts and sacrifices of our heroes of the liberation of the country, which Weldensae enemies and their tails.”
The media, local and international news media, on Friday, told officials in the international coalition, according to “freeze” the liberation of Mosul operations to “consolidate their gains.”
He stressed Lt. Gen. device anti-terrorist Abdul Wahab al-Saadi, said on Saturday that the battle to liberate Mosul going on and what is happening now is “clean” of the liberated areas.
It also announced the popular crowd, today announced the launch of a “major” military operation to liberate western Mosul areas, while pledged to achieve a “historic victory” in those areas.


International coalition waging one raid in Mosul, with the start of the popular crowd operations


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international coalition forces led by the United States launched four raids only on the sites and theso – called militants Daesh in Iraq, the continuing liberalization No. city of Mosul operations in day 12.
She said the central leadership of the operations of coalition forces in a brief statement Saturday that ” the planes launched four raids in Iraq near the Bashir Kisak, Mosul and Rawah.”
And began freeing the city of Mosul operations in 17 of October of this joint forces backed by theinternational coalition aircraft and has made significant progress in several axes .
popular mobilization forces troops began operations Saturday liberalization of Nineveh from thesouth – west axis of the connector toward the district of Tal Afar, and edited several areas there.

Fallujah residents preventedthe familiesof elements (Daesh) to return to their homes and refuseto”mediations”


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Long-Presse / Anbar  

A source in the Anbar Operations Command, on Saturday, that the people of Fallujah city prevented thefamilies of the elements of the organization (Daesh), from returning to their homes, as they wrote antiphrases for the return of these families to their homes, said refusal to parents any mediated by tribal or religious in this regard.

The source said in an interview with (longPresse), “ The people of Fallujah reject the return of the families of the elements of the organization (Daesh) to return again to the courts and wrote antiphrases for organizing the homes of those elements of the organization.”

The source , who asked not to be named, said : The people of Fallujah , also rejected any brokered by tribal or religious to allow families that belonged one of its members with the organization (Daesh) in Fallujah and demanded deported and barred even from housing elsewhere inthe city because they were kegs of terrorism and spread the idea criminal. “

The security forces managed to free the majority of Anbar cities and major regions, the most important center of the province, Ramadi, Fallujah and largest Oqditha leaving only three districts which are still under the control of the organization (Daesh) which is based spend and seen, and his western Anbar.


October to 29 head of Iran’s judiciary, Ayatollah Sadeq Amoli Larijani, said that the Islamic Republic of Iran to consider Iraq as a friendly and sister countries and always calls to an independent and unified Iraq.



Tehran / October

He said Ayatollah Sadeq Amoli Larijani on Saturday before leaving for Iraq to the ominous phenomenon of terrorism and the ugly and the need to handle and intellectual convergence between countries with common interests as a way to effectively combat this phenomenon.
He added that his visit to Iraq comes in response to an official invitation from the President of the Supreme Judicial Council in Iraq.
He said he will follow four memorandums of understanding important details about human rights and judicial Almaaddh and the transfer of prisoners and recovery of the governed.
He said he would meet during the visit by senior Iraqi officials to exchange views on bilateral relations and strengthen cooperation in the judicial and legal field.
And hold a meeting with the President and the Prime Minister and President of the House of Representatives in Iraq, apart from the head of Iran’s judiciary programs during this visit, will also visit the holy shrines in the holy cities of Karbala and Najaf, where scientists and religious references will meet in this city.
And accompanied by head of the judiciary during the visit a number of Iranian officials in the judicial field and Assistant Foreign Minister for Arab and African Alhwoon Gabri Hussain Ansari.
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