The crowd is preparing to open a battle west of Mosul with 10 thousand fighters, including Turkmen and Sunni



Iraqi tanks have taken position in the hand Bartila (15 km east of Mosul) Imaging (Mahmoud Raouf)


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Long-Presse / Baghdad

Prepares about 30 thousand fighters, one-third of the popular crowd to participate, soon, opening the western axis of the liberation of Mosul operations, which includes the Shiite areas of the Turkmen, and another Sunni.

The government has resorted to the formation of a faction “mixed” Sunni and Shia in the popular crowd to enter those areas in order to avoid the expected criticism. Attribute the decision to the involvement of the crowd factions in the battle to recent Western reports that the flow of militants Daesh from Syria into Iraq.

It was scheduled, according to well-informed views, the survival of the western axis hang to turn into a “trap” to avoid the streets to fight a war inside the city.

It will take the popular crowd, according to some leaders in the field, to the armored division in support of the breadth of the region. It is estimated that an area of the axis of more than eight thousand square kilometers.

Approaching Mosul

In the meantime, stop progress toward Mosul, the joint forces during the past 48 hours. Attribute Mohammed al-Bayati, head of the security committee in the Nineveh, that to “the approaching forces of the center conductor and fear on civilians.”

He says al-Bayati, in connection with the (range) yesterday, said that “the military leadership’s recommendations confirm that the safety of civilians is more important than liberating the land,” he said. “Most of the themes has been discontinued and is preoccupied with the process of cleansing.”

And become the joint forces and the Peshmerga, after more than ten days at the start of Mosul operations, within the administrative borders of the city of Mosul.

And entered the Iraqi forces, on Tuesday, the parties to the village (Alqoissat), the first village within the boundaries of the city of Mosul from the northern axis, which was launched recently.

And freed troops, during the past few days, dozens of villages north of the hand Qayyarah, cordoned off the hand] advice to near the edge of Hamam al-Alil area, the two most prominent organization Daesh strongholds in the south of the province of Nineveh.

The joint forces retook most of Hamdaniya district in the center of Khazar. 16 Division of the Iraqi army and surrounded the Elimination of Tall Afar, north of Mosul, as the Peshmerga forces continue to tighten the ring of the four directions on hand Ba’shiqah, northeast of Mosul.

The crowd is ready to intervene

In the context of his words, Mohammed al-Bayati stressed near the start of the western axis which connects the province of Nineveh Syrian border, stressing the participation of “crowd Turkmens of the popular crowd, which includes seven thousand fighters.” Revealing that “the participation of forces from Ashura Brigades, the Islamic Jihad Brigades, construction, and Badr forces.”

According to the local administrator, the pieces of the federal police and the Iraqi army would participate in the mission to break into the western side, and expected to reach the size of forces involved in this axis about 30 thousand fighters.

And announced Hadi al-Ameri, the leader of the Badr Organization and leader of the popular crowd, the crowd that the popular forces would enter Mosul if requested by our Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.

Amery said, in a press statement last week, said that “the battle of Mosul will be long and not walk as perceived by others.”

The promise of “Commander in Chief”

Operations and did not start on the west side, which includes the district of Tall Afar, a Turkmen majority, since the start of operations in October now 17.

He guessed the number of deputies from Nineveh and its officials that the military leadership to transfer western Mosul to “trap”. MP says Abdulrahman Alloizi “was likely to withdraw Daesh to the desert instead of fighting inside the city.”

He Alloizi, told the (range) yesterday, that “modern Western countries about the presence of the flow of militants into Iraq from Syria and refusing to get out any gunmen in Mosul was behind the operation speed up there.”

She spoke of the Iraqi government, recently, from the reverse transition of the organization from Mosul to the Syrian tenderness.

The Nineveh provincial council votes, ahead of the liberalization process of Mosul, to refuse entry to the popular crowd to Mosul.

Explains MP from Mosul that “the choice of western Mosul was the remoteness of the area from the center of the province, where the prime minister will retain his word not to enter the crowd.”

It is expected Alloizi, citing officials in the crowd, “the formation of a mixed Sunni and Shia, especially the Turkmen crowd, to prevent the criticism faced by the factions within the popular crowd.”

Tal Afar knot

He threatened Turkish Foreign Minister Davutoglu born Jawish that his country will take measures to respond to any attack aimed at the “Turkmen component” in the city of Tal Afar.

Ihsanoglu said, last Thursday, “We are determined to protect the rights of Turkmen in Tal Afar, and we are able to, in the case of exposure to the attacks will not stand indifferent.”

He added that “the popular crowd wants to enter the city of Mosul, with the support of some countries and groups, as well as attacks on other Sunni areas.”

Tal Afar is located about 70 km north-west of Mosul, the largest spend in Nineveh province, and most of the population of Turkmens and speak their own language.

Eliminating an area exceeding 400 thousand square kilometers, and are related to the three areas are the piper, and Alaaadih, and Rabia, and includes more than 100 villages, famous for its inhabitants planted wheat and barley.

On the logistical level it requires editing the vast region to “armored” forces, and this is what had been demanded by the leaders of the popular crowd from the government.

A nostalgic Qaddo, deputy leader of Mosul in the crowd, “We have asked the government to get support because of the breadth of the region,” revealing “band or armored brigade will take part in the battles.”

He did not rule out Qaddo, who spoke for (range) yesterday, the participation of “Sunni Turkmen” in the liberation of the assault, in addition to the Arab Sunni tribes.

Conversely likely Mohammed al – Bayati, a member of the security committee of Nineveh, that starts west of Mosul process after the end of the south axis, which cuts the participation of the popular crowd.

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Baghdad stopped attacks on Mosul to secure the liberated areas


The decision comes to redeployment and assess victories and to ensure that the return of jihadists to attack areas lost control as it previously happened in wet and Kirkuk.

Middle East Online

Break breathtaking

Qayyarah (Iraq) – the international coalition announced Friday that the Iraqi forces to “stop” for two days from launching attacks to install its control over areas that grabbed organize the Islamic state since the beginning of the restoration of Mosul process, while the United Nations announced that the jihadist organization committed massacres against civilians during the past few days.

He said US Colonel John Dorian in a video conference from Baghdad, “We believe that it will take approximately two days before resuming progress toward Mosul,” explaining that this stop of the scheme within the coalition.

Dorian and added that this comprehensive and stop being “on several fronts” for the progress of the Iraqi forces, “re-positioning, processing and clearing” areas controlled by.

He said, “We expected that the time when the troops need to stop and re-positioning comes.”

The spokesman said the alliance launched since the start of the battle of Mosul, about 2,500 “bombs, rockets and shells and missiles are controlled.”

The fighters of the Islamic state have launched sporadic attacks Sunday to disperse the efforts of the Iraqi forces and the slow progress towards Mosul.

The extremists attacked last Sunday morning wet city in Anbar province in western Iraq, and two days after the attack on the city of Kirkuk at a time when the Iraqi forces close to the main stronghold in Mosul.

Lt. Col. Mohammed al-Dulaimi in Anbar edit the time that “Daesh today attacked wet spend Center 3-axis, using all kinds of weapons.”

That was the second of the organization since the start of the process of liberalization of Mosul in October 17 / October, where the militants are gaining attacked government buildings in Kirkuk last Friday.

Iraqi forces have managed to free most of the areas in Anbar province during the current year and remained the cities of Qaim, Rawa pubic and west of the province under the control of the organization, which is likely to be the organization had launched the attack from them.

Before the announcement of the alliance to stop operations, military media cell of the Iraqi Ministry of Defense said Friday that the Iraqi aircraft destroyed weapons sites for the organization of the Islamic State in Mosul.

It said the cell in a statement that “the F-16, according to the Iraqi Intelligence Agency and the Federal Investigation Information carried out several air strikes resulted in the destruction of the store and a platform for missiles manufactured wings of terrorist elements in Daesh Taan area from the left side of the conductor.”

It also led to the bombing destroyed two vehicles loaded with weapons belonging to the organization in the left side of the spend of Mosul.

Allawi will hold a press conference tomorrow about the decision to return the Vice President of the Republic




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[Oan- Baghdad]
President of the National Coalition , Iyad Allawi , on Saturday held a press conference about the decision to eliminate the return of the vice president.
He called a statement his office received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, and the media to “attend to cover the conference in the Iraqi National Accord party headquarters in the Zeitoun Street in Baghdad.”
The Federal Supreme Court issued on 10 October of this, a decision invalidating the decision of Prime Minister Haider Abadi , the abolition of the posts of vice President of the Republic, which means the return of the three vice – president ‘s office who are president of a coalition of state law , Nuri al – Maliki, the head of Muttahidoon Osama Najafi, the head of the National Accord Party , Iyad Allawi.
She explained in a statement that ” the decision to cancel the posts of vice – President of the Republic provided for in articles 69 and 75 of the Constitution is an amendment to the Constitution without the path charted by the Constitution to amend provided for in Article 142 of it which requires a decision by the House of Representatives amendment and a referendum of the Iraqi people to it. ”
the show,” the decision was based on a petition filed by Osama Najafi not constitutional did not mention the decision not constitutional to restore or not to restore the vice President Iyad Allawi and Nouri al – Maliki and Osama al. ”
and criticized the cleric Moqtada al – Sadr sharply questioned the decision of the judiciary and called for popular demonstrations” massive “next Tuesday to protest.
In the government ‘s response to the Federal Court decision a spokesman for the prime minister ‘s office, Saad al – Hadithi told [where], “we seek to deal with this subject , including no major damage in the Iraqi government ‘s
efforts to reduce the budget deficit and public spending , which is part of the current government ‘s policy in the period ahead to facing the financial burden in other aspects. ”
the paper reforms espoused by Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, in August 2015 included the abolition of the posts of vice President and Prime Minister immediately, and reduce the comprehensive and immediate in the number of protections for all state officials , including the three presidencies, ministers, MPs and special grades and general managers, governors and members of provincial councils and their grades.

Urgent Joint Operations denies Declaration of the International Alliance of Mosul halt operations


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[Oan- Baghdad]
denied the Joint Special Operations Command, the announcement by the international coalition, on Friday, stopping editing operations in the operations of the city of Mosul axes.
A spokesman for operations Brigadier General Yahya Messenger “There is no stop military operations in theliberation of Mosul process, but rather, a reorganization and deployment of military cuts after the liberation ofdozens of villages and sub – districts in addition to the inspection with operations and maintenance of the land of the liberated areas and then set off the battle.”
He pointed out that the “anti – system forces terrorism in the eastern axis of the connector has become very close to the outskirts of the city, in addition to having provided the northern axis in Bashiqa, Tilkaif, as well as thesouthern axis of the hand Qayyarah. ”
a spokesman for the international coalition Col. Steve Dorian announced Friday stopped editing city of Mosul operations in the next two days.

Iraq is preparing to hold a big arms deal with China include the “HQ9” missiles, armored vehicles


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Since 10/28/2016 13:21 pm (Baghdad time)

Baghdad balances News

Informed sources revealed on Friday from near Iraq, the end of the shaping big deal weapon financial facilities from the Chinese government include air defense systems, long-range type “hq9” cloned for system S-300 China after Russia’s refusal to provide financial facilities to be sold for Iraq, which is going through economic status critical.

The sources told / balances News /, that “defense system can provide an air umbrella against air attacks dense and high altitudes where the ranges cover about 200 km long and rising 27 km, and that the deal may include tanks type99 latest in a weapon Chinese armor and other equipment for the benefit of the Iraqi army / Federal police / crowd folk / device anti-terrorism. ”

The sources said, “The deal is worth two billion and 500 million dollars and pay on credit and the price will be paid in installments trust placed in 2017 worth $ 833 million paid by the Federal Ministry of Finance and its minister after authorization by the Council of Ministers.”

And showed that “companies are contracted Norinco and Poly” .anthy 29 / D 24