US general says IS leaders abandoning Mosul


October 19, 2016
An Iraqi forces M109 self-propelled howitzer fires towards the village of Tall al-Tibah, some 30 kilometres south of Mosul

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An Iraqi forces M109 self-propelled howitzer fires towards the village of Tall al-Tibah, some 30 kilometres south of Mosul (AFP Photo/Ahmad al-Rubaye)

Washington (AFP) – Islamic State group leaders have been fleeing Mosul as US-backed local forces close in on the jihadists’ last Iraqi stronghold, a US general said Wednesday.

US Army Major General Gary Volesky, who heads the land component command of the US-led coalition to defeat IS, predicted that foreign fighters will end up forming a large contingent of jihadists remaining in the city, as they have nowhere else to go.

An estimated 3,500 to 5,000 IS fighters are dug into Mosul, while tens of thousands of Iraqi forces have massed to recapture Iraqi’s second city in an offensive that began on the outskirts Monday.

“We are telling Daesh that their leaders are abandoning them. We’ve seen a movement out of Mosul,” he told reporters in a video briefing from Baghdad, using an Arabic acronym for IS.

He declined to say how many leaders had left, when they did, or where they were headed, but said they were being attacked in air strikes as they fled.

“Where they are going, I will leave that to our (missile) targeteers to take care of,” Volesky said.

He noted that the Iraqis would screen anyone leaving Mosul, and attempts by foreign fighters to blend in to an expected exodus of displaced people would be thwarted.

“It’s difficult for them to blend into the local population based on the number of different types of foreign fighters that there are,” Volesky said.

“We expect that they will be the ones (who stay and fight), because they really don’t have any other place to go.”

Launched on Monday, the long-awaited advance on Mosul was making quick progress, but US President Barack Obama joined a chorus of warnings that the battle ahead would be tough.

Officials have also warned that the hundreds of thousands of civilians still in the city could be used as human shields.

Separately, General Joseph Votel, who heads the US military’s Central Command, warned that the battle would last for weeks to months.

“This is going to be a complex fight,” Votel told a Washington think tank.

“The Islamic State has had two years to prepare this area. We should expect there will be some setbacks. We expect that there will be some very heavy fighting.”

Military planners are also expecting IS to attempt to deploy rudimentary chemical weapons, he added.

“We don’t respect their ideology, but we respect them as an adversary. They are working diligently to try to come up with new ways that they can have an impact on us.”


The arrival of large reinforcements to PDF crowd in the western axis of the Battle of Mosul


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News reached significant enhancements to PDF crowd in the western axis of the Battle of Mosul.
According to media folk crowd in a statement the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today that “significant enhancements to PDF crowd and reached the western axis in preparation for the start of ground operations for mobilized under the Edit Mosul operations.”
Security forces are locked and the crowd People in cooperation with the Peshmerga battles going on within the military operation wide fired by the Iraqi government for the Liberation of Nineveh Daesh terrorist gangs and have made the process in thefirst clocks had good results and freed several areas and villages of Conception those gangs. is over

Iran is waiting for Iraq to open the necessary accreditation to begin equipping gas


Iranian gas reaches Baghdad next September
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Long-Presse / Baghdad

It announced the National Iranian Gas Company NIGC, on Wednesday, ready to start gas export to Iraq as soon as you open the project’s credit Baghdad, indicating that Baghdad is currently negotiating with international banks to be able to open the required accreditation.

The Managing Director of the company, Hamid Reza Iraqi, told media followed up (range Press), said that “Iran is fully ready to start exporting gas to Iraq as soon as the opening credit Baghdad wrote for the project pipeline.”

He said Iraqis, that “Iraqis currently negotiating with international banks that could enable them to open a Letter of Credit for the project,” adding that “Iran will be ready to supply Iraq with gas soon be able to open the credit.”

According to Managing Director of National Iranian Gas Company, said: “Iran has extended a hundred km long pipeline in a project to transport gas between the two countries,” noting that “the project will be transferred five million cubic meters of gas per day to Iraq as a first stage.”

The National Gas Company of Iran, announced (15 August 2016), Astaadadaha power station in Baghdad processing seven million cubic meters per day through September 2016, indicating that the second line will start pumping gas to Basra during the next 2017, including raising exported to Iraq amounts to seventy million cubic meters per day, while an economist stressed that the Iranians are looking for “the growing market for the disposal of their production” of gas.

It is noteworthy that Iraq and Iran have signed, in August 2013, the standing six-year agreement provides for the import of Iraq’s seven million cubic meters of Iranian gas per day, this figure rises gradually until it reaches 25 million cubic meters two years later, so take advantage of it to feed two power plants in Baghdad and a third in Diyala, with a line length of 270 km, extending from fields (Pars) Iranian South all the way to Iraq.



Abadi: edit Mosul plan is going well {expanded}


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News said Prime Minister General Commander of the Armed Forces, Haider al-Abadi said edit city of Mosul plan is going well, and that the security forces will raise the Iraqi flag in it.
A statement by the prime minister and the agency {Euphrates News} received acopy of the “al – Abadi lose today ‘s military units for your fight against terrorism and the rapid reaction forces.
Ebadi said , according to the statement that” the morale of our troops heroine is high and there is a unity of the national position of the Iraqi we have not seen before, adding that ” the plan edit Mosul are going well and according to planned. ”
He added that the anti – terror apparatus is the strongest squad in the region have fought important battles and victories outstanding , which represents Iraq with all its components.
as Abadi held a meeting of military leadership and said that the battle of Mosul , akey battle with terrorism, It is to be vigilant because terrorism is also expected toresort to other methods. ” He
also met Abadi , according to the statement fighters heroes and inspecting praised Bbtoulathm, confirming them by saying that the whole world looks to you and Aracbkm commends you and Bbtoulatkm.”
He said Abadi , that ” the battle to liberate Mosul , an Iraqi battle and we will achieve the victory and raise the Iraqi flag in Mosul “.anthy

US security expert: the end of the Caliphate will be the fall of Mosul


Wednesday 19-10-2016 | 4:34:05

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Twilight News / said retired US Army Col. Peter Mansoor, an analyst of national security affairs and terrorism at CNN. The fall of the city of Mosul, however, the Iraqi army and forces loyal to him would mean the end of the allegations actually organize Daesh on the formation of the “state of the succession,” stressing that the confrontation is a “crucial moment” on the path to destroy the organization.

Mansour described the operation in Mosul as “complicated”, explaining his point of view by saying: “There are thousands of soldiers of the Iraqi army and Kurdish Peshmerga, and there is a political coordination of operations as well. America does not want to engage Shiite militias in the region, and the same time we have Turkish troops, so we are facing a battle involving multiple races and their respective fields is the second largest city in Iraq, so there will be chaos and difficulties in coordination with the progress of time. “

On the reasons for wanting to believe that the city of Mosul will be the task of the Iraqi government, Mansour said: “For whom is there of the major residential communities, however Daesh only Mosul and tenderness, and in no loss of Mosul will be the organization has already lost its claims to create a caliphate, a claim used by the organization in his instrument of propaganda to push volunteers around the world to join him. “

He concluded Mansour said: “control of the city also will confirm that the Iraqi army hasregained his strength after they suffered from the 2014 loss and days Daesh numbered and therefore we are facing a critical moment in the battle to destroy Daesh and ending its existence as an organization is able to move , ” as he put it .

.. Urgent confirmation of the Twilight News .. Pentagon announces escape Daesh leaders from Mosul


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Twilight News / announced the Department of Defense US – Abanntagon- escape regulation Daesh leaders from the city of Mosul, where Chen Iraqi forces backed by the Peshmerga and the flight of the international coalition extensive process to restore them.
He told the former Twilight News time, sources familiar with the start of the organization Daesh, as the “biggest” an evacuation of the leaders and their families from the city of Mosul tenderness towards the city on the Syrian side.
in this context , the Pentagon announced, “we have indications to leave the leaders Daesh Mosul and expect that foreign militants regulation stays in the city for the fight.”

International Coalition: Battle of Mosul , a difficult subject and support the Iraqi army forces only


Wednesday October 201 619 17:24


He acknowledged the international coalition led by the United States, on Wednesday, there was a “difficult” in the ongoing liberalization city of Mosul from the control of the organization “Daesh” military operations, pointing out that the Iraqi government wants to finish the fight as soon as possible, as he emphasized that provides support and support for the forces under the control of army Iraq’s “only”.

Carter to visit Turkey Friday to discuss the battle of Mosul


The new US Secretary of Defense Carter Ston


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Long-Presse / Baghdad

It announced that the US Defense Department (Pentagon), on Wednesday, for the determination of the Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter pay an official visit to Turkey later on Friday, while confirming that Carter would discuss with Ankara officials developments in Iraq and Syria, in particular the Battle of Mosul, which was launched, the first on Monday. To liberate the city from the control of the organization (Daesh).

The US Defense Department said in a statement I followed (the long-Presse) that “the US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter plans to pay an official visit to Turkey on Friday, to discuss the latest developments in Iraq and Syria, especially the battle of Mosul within the foreign tour in the region, including Turkey and the UAE in addition to France and Belgium for the period from the 20th to the 26th of the month of October now. “

The ministry added that “Carter’s tour of the region coincides with the start of military operations to liberate the city of Mosul, when up to Turkey to meet Turkish officials to discuss the latest developments of the situation in both Iraq and Syria,” pointing out that “Carter also will discuss the Turkish government’s position and statements over its role in the battle of Mosul in Iraq and the presence of its troops in the camp Ba’shiqah rejected by the Iraqi government. “

She ministry, that “Carter will visit the United Arab Emirates after Turkey before heading to Paris at the 24 of October now to participate in the ministerial conference of the Coalition against al (Daesh) and then travel to Brussels for a summit of the NATO alliance in the 26th of the month of October now.”

The Turkish Prime Minister Ben Ali Yildirim student, on Tuesday, the (18 October 2016), the accession of Turkey to the International Alliance US-led against al (Daesh) in Syria and Iraq, as part of missions the alliance denied the participation of the Turkish Air Force strongholds regulation in Mosul editing process.

The Turkish Prime Minister Ben Ali Yildirim, confirmed on Tuesday (18 October 2016), that the Turkish planes took part in the international coalition campaign in the battle of the restoration of Mosul of al (Daesh), and as he pointed to the lack of the need to obtain the approval of others, between Turkey ready to respond if developments in Mosul led to negative consequences against it.

Confirmed the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, on Tuesday (18 October 2016), that the Turkish delegation that visited Baghdad on Monday, the ideas on the withdrawal of their forces from Camp Ba’shiqah, while noting that it did not live up to respond to Iraq’s request to withdraw troops level, pointed out that Iraq will not allow the presence of foreign combat troops on its territory.

The head of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani called on Monday (17 October 2016), the governments in Baghdad and Ankara to understanding on the participation of Turkish troops or not in the battle to liberate the city of Mosul from the control of the organization (Daesh), as he emphasized that the participation of any foreign forces battle of liberation of Mosul linked to the approval of the General command of the Iraqi armed forces.

The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, announced Monday (17 October 2016), the start of liberalization city of Mosul process (405 km north of Baghdad) from the control of the organization (Daesh) terrorist, and stressed that the process is led by the army and federal police, he pointed to the failure of all attempts to prevent the process starting.

The organization (Daesh) took over the city of Mosul, Nineveh province, (405 km north of Baghdad), in (the tenth of June 2014), before extending his terrorist activities for many other areas of Iraq and is committed where “many violations” promised local and global points of “crimes against humanity and genocide.

Parliament undertakes to insert a paragraph on reducing the number of members of the House of Representatives next Saturday


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} for the House of Representatives on Wednesday paragraph on reducing the number of members of the House of Representatives for inclusion as pledged at a meeting Saturday.
The president of the citizen Bloc Hamid vegetation in a press statement received bythe agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it, he was “on Wednesday and the special session was postponed discussion of the eighth paragraph in the agenda theproposal of law to amend Article 49 / I of the Constitution, which include reducing the number of members of the House of Representatives . ” .
he stressed that the presidency has pledged to include it in a session on Saturday in the first paragraphs of the agenda of the session , “noting that” We have prepared answers to all the questions and Alastvhamat accordance with the constitutional and legal frameworks .anthy

EU contributes € 14 million euros to restore stability in Iraq


Baghdad …

The European Union decided Wednesday to grant an amount of 14 million euros to finance the immediate stability in Iraq facilities, adding that he is making efforts to raise the explosive remnants remnants of national reconciliation and the strengthening of the security sector.
The federation said in a statement: “Economy News” received a copy of it “decided to give Iraq an amount of 14 million euros to finance the immediate stability in Iraq facilities,” noting that “the grant comes within a fraction of the total EU contribution (European Union and its member states) and that the amount of 87.6 million euros. “
Union that “The aim of the funding comes for the processing of quick help to respond to the immediate needs of the subsidy and stability and enable displaced persons to return and reclaim their lives again in the newly liberated areas in Iraq.”
He noted that “working with the member states in the field of humanitarian assistance and raising the explosive remnants remnants of national reconciliation and the strengthening of the security sector, explaining that” these efforts are aimed at helping the Iraqis to get rid of the influence of the war against Daesh and pave the way to restore peace and stability in the country. “