Alhbabi: Abadi organize a visit to the American States to discuss the Turkish military incursion


Alhbabi: Abadi organize a visit to the American States to discuss the Turkish military incursion

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It is anticipated that the Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi begins an official visit to the United States in the coming days to discuss the political and diplomatic escalation between Baghdad and Ankara crisis.

The MP for the coalition of state law , Nahla Alhbabi told Republic News that al – Abadi told during a meeting with leaders and members of the Islamic Dawa Party , he would beorganizing an official visit to the United States to discuss the Turkish military incursion in Iraq on the basis of the Strategic Framework Agreement, noting that the visit Abadi fall within the framework of actions taken by the Iraqi government and the invitation of the Security Council to convene to discuss this incursion.

She Alhbabi that Iraq would have a clear position if Washington did not intervene forcefully to end the Turkish presence in Iraq and the failure of the UN Security Council to pass aresolution imposing sanctions on Turkey after the threat of a violation of Iraqi sovereignty.

And escalated the differences between Iraq and Turkey over the past few days because of the Turkish military presence, and moved to the presidential level between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, the latest statement , Erdogan today, which confirmed the that his country is determined to take part in the international coalition operations in Iraq, attributing so to “preserve the unity of Iraq , pointing out that in case of rejection of the coalition will do the plan and (b) if this does not work well we will move on to plan c , ” stressing that “Turkey is not a tribal state and everyone knows that . ” ..



Urgent Reuters coup in Mosul Daesh and killed an aide to Baghdadi


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talked to Iraqi sources and witnesses of Mosul from the fact that Daesh terrorist gangs to kill dozens of people were planning to “revolt” on them, amid continued preparations of the security forces to battle to regain control of the city.
Reuters published a report on “crush” Daesh rebellion scheme in Mosul with the army approached, if Daesh already killed about 60 people “who led a rebellion or coup.”
And was based on a Reuters report on certificates of residents from some of the few places in Mosul , which is still working its services communications, said that they told her that Daesh killed “58 people suspected ofhaving participated in the scheme.”
coincides publication of the report with the preparations for the Iraqi army and police forces and the Peshmerga popular crowd, with the support of the international coalition, to begin the liberation of the city , which is thestronghold of Daesh process, since it was seized 2014 after a surprise attack.
the report said, according to the certificates of the population, if Daesh oldest, having revealed the plan last week, to kill those involved, and some of them killed , “drowned”, and buried their bodies in a mass grave in the land on the outskirts of the city.
among the group that planned for the insurgency from within the city , a Nineveh province, a local assistant to theleader of Daesh named Abu Bakr al – Baghdadi, who led the participants, according to Reuters , said she novels identical five residents.
the agency also said that this novel was confirmed by Hisham al – Hashemi, an expert on Daesh Affairs provides advice government in Baghdad, Colonel Ahmed al – Taie of the leadership of the province of Nineveh operations.
said it would not disclose the planned commander of the name, no – Baghdadi assistant, to avoid increasing thesecurity risk to his family, as well as the identities of witnesses who talked about the planned from within the city.
she noted that the group ‘s goal was to undermine defenses Daesh in Mosul in the coming battle, to be prepared in case the success of its objectives blow to Daesh who had lost several important areas, most notably Fallujah and Ramadi in Anbar.
Valmousel considered the main stronghold of the last to Daesh in Iraq, and was inhabited before the war , about two million people and is the largest of five times of the area of any other city dominated by the currently Daesh.
returning to the scheme, Hashemi said that what he described as dissidents Daesh arrested after holding one ofthem, along with a message on the phone talking about the transfer of weapons.
he admitted the man, during interrogation that the weapons were hidden in three sites for use in the rebellion insupport of the Iraqi army when approaching Mosul, according to al – Hashemi , who pointed out that Daesh raided three houses used to hide weapons in the fourth of this month.
in Baghdad, said a spokesman for the anti – terrorism unit, morning Nomani, “these were members of the Daesh , turned against him in Mosul, and this is a clear indication that the terrorist organization began to lose support ,not only by the population but even by its members. ”
He added Nomani the fight against terrorism has succeeded over the past two months to open channels ofcommunication with the ” collaborators “, they began to offer information that helped in the air strikes to command centers Daesh and their positions in Mosul.
It is noteworthy that several reports had talked about signs of a split within the Daesh after the recent defeats in Iraq and Syria, high voices from inside Mosul , the same calls for resistance Daesh urges citizens to address their series.
the social networking sites have seen, earlier this month, the spread of pictures showing the letter “m” on thewalls of the city in reference to the popular resistance, and other monitors typing the word “required” on the homes of Daesh.

Is Abadi’s visit to Kirkuk, the first fruits of Erbil and Baghdad agreement?



Date of publication: 14.10.2016 | 18:11 GMT | Arab World News

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While intensifying conflict between Ankara and Baghdad around Mosul, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi arrived for the first time to Kirkuk, and met with leaders of the popular crowd and the Peshmerga there.

Thursday morning Abadi has arrived in Kirkuk on his first visit since he assumed the post of prime minister. According to a government statement that al-Abadi lose military units and the holding of a meeting of the security and military leadership, and another with the leaders of the Peshmerga forces and the popular crowd in Kirkuk province.

The statement added that al-Abbadi stressed the importance of attention to the local police for the role to be played during the coming period. The statement quoted Ebadi as saying: “We will liberate the people of Hawija and Riyadh and Rashad terrorist gangs and We’ll go soon.”

After the closing of the meeting with the leaders of the Peshmerga forces and the popular crowd went to the village of Bashir al-Abadi Turkmen southern province of Kirkuk, and briefed on the situation and the problems of the citizens.

Come and visit Abadi Friday to Kirkuk, having arrived before him, the leader of the popular crowd and an official of the Badr Organization, Hadi al-Amiri, to discuss the liberalization process of Hawija coordinate with the administration of the province, according to the source of the Badr Organization.

The governor of Kirkuk, Najm al-Din Karim, announced Wednesday, for a joint meeting between the Peshmerga forces and the crowd People’s Liberation spend Hawija, southwest of the province.

Karim said in a statement, “The province of Kirkuk has witnessed a building holding a joint security meeting chaired by the President of the Security Committee Kirkuk governor and the leaders of the popular crowd and the Peshmerga. He added cream that” it is important to edit southwest of Kirkuk speed zones. “

The meeting brought together according to the governor of Kirkuk, both the Secretary General of the Badr Organization, Hadi al-Amiri and Aso Mamend Patriotic Union of Kurdistan organizations official Sheikh Jaafar Sheikh Mustafa commander of forces 70 and the leaders of the Peshmerga hubs in the south of Kirkuk and Daquq, molasses, drunk and the team Shirvan commander of 80 forces and the leaders of the popular crowd north axis. “

Apart from the implications and the importance of reflections visit Abadi of Kirkuk, the Battle of Mosul, which today displays where, according to a military source to bomb targeted a site visited by the southern province of Kirkuk, the Kirkuk is gaining importance of local, regional and international strategy in Iraq, 2003. They are from the disputed areas in the Iraqi constitution and under Article 140 him and that implementation has been delayed since the end of 2007 until today.

It is true that the visit of al-Abadi to Kirkuk prepare for battle Hawija and areas south of Kirkuk, most of them for the battle of Mosul, but that the visit of al-Abadi first to Kirkuk, and the first meeting with the crowd’s leaders and the Peshmerga, may be considered one of the fruits of the agreement held Arbil with Baghdad during the visit of the President of the Kurdistan region to Baghdad a few days ago.

The battle to liberate Hawija and sisters south of Kirkuk may be, which may precede or be a battle of Mosul Bmoisadtha, a dress rehearsal for the first direct coordination of Erbil and Baghdad after the agreement, between the popular crowd and the Peshmerga and the ground between Baghdad and Irbil politically.

With the dispute escalating between Ankara and Baghdad about the battle of Mosul and the parties involved the agenda, and Washington sought to contain the escalation between the parties and not to impede the Battle of Mosul, the question is about the negatives or positives impact of this visit and Altenseeaqbin crowd and the Peshmerga, the role of the PKK, in Hawija, or battles battle of Mosul.

Does this visit will lead the repercussions of direct and coordination to get out the PKK from the generator without Homs? Is Stnchgl factions of the popular crowd battle south of Kirkuk, Mosul battle in light of the dispute over its role in the Battle of Mosul? Does this mean that the battles south of Kirkuk would be parallel to the Battle of Mosul? Especially The Arab Group called on the Council of Kirkuk, Hawija to launch edit operations, Mosul and one in advance.

These fundamental questions is that Washington, which is keen to contain the escalation between Ankara and Erbil, was sponsored by him Erbil and Baghdad agreement, it has said that the odds of Baghdad and Ankara will not hinder the date of the Battle of Mosul, this first. Second, the State Department official yesterday announced that in Ba’shiqah Turkish troops have entered to train volunteers at the invitation of the Iraqi government.

Third, after the news about the integration of PKK fighters in units of the popular crowd, and Washington has made clear that it will not support the involvement of elements of the PKK in the battle of the restoration of Mosul. This may be an indication of the positions of Washington that the battle for Hawija kicks Bmoish battle of Mosul, and not before, and that the popular crowd may incommunicable in the battle of Mosul, and that the role of the PKK could fall. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said today: If the coalition refused our participation in the liberation of Mosul process will do the plan “B” and if you do not succeed we will move to plan “C”.

Thus, Kirkuk, Mosul may mean in the local, regional and international agenda. If equation Baghdad-Kirkuk connector, you may draw a new course for Iraq after the incident Daesh 2014. Although Erbil will be the balance of pomegranate and egg weighbridges this equation, and especially as it has become today from the balance of local, regional and international relations at Baghdad possesses.

Baghdad-Kirkuk-connector equation gathered under the auspices of Washington, between Baghdad and Ankara on the one hand, and between Baghdad and Riyadh on the other hand, and perhaps also between Ankara and Riyadh and Tehran from a third party.

Kirkuk-connector-Baghdad collected Erbil and Baghdad a few days ago equation may be, and Ankara, Tehran and Riyadh gathered around the future of Iraq under the auspices of the Washington agreement in the next stage, resembling Lausanne equation collected the 5 +1 with Iran and fell nuclear agreement in July 2015, a tomorrow will bring together between Washington and Moscow, Ankara, Riyadh, Tehran and Doha agreement on Syria’s future.

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Abadi declares not to enter the popular crowd and the Peshmerga in Mosul center


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announced the general commander of the armed forces , Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, do not enter thepopular crowd and the Peshmerga forces to the center of the city of Mosul in the editing process.
He visited Abadi today Kirkuk to discuss the liberalization spend Hawiye and Riyadh plan and Rashad and theconditions of security and services to maintain.
Ebadi said at a news conference with the governor of Kirkuk , Najm al- Din Karim and head of the provincial council and the agency Rebwar Talabani, on Friday evening, that ” the forces that go to the center conductor is the federal police and local military and counter – terrorism and does not allow any bypass the citizens and prosecute only Aldoaash criminals and bring them to the Iraqi judiciary. ”
He emphasized , ” not afraid of the battle of Mosul a complete understanding between the KRG and the federal government not to the city geographical change and enter into Mosul , Iraqi security forces and maintain security with the restoration of the local police , as we did in Ramadi and Fallujah , and I am optimistic about the results. ”
he pointed out that” the information from within the city stating the existence of failures to Daesh. ”
Ebadi said that” fierce campaign faced by Iraq from some countries with the approach of the battle of Mosul are the same campaign that preceded the battle of Fallujah , but we ‘re going to achieve victory and the salvation ofour people from terrorism with our deep concern to the security and safety of the people of Mosul. ”
He called on ” all countries in the region not to interfere with Iraq and we want peace and good relations between neighbors without interference. ”


The United States hosts the Chiefs of Staff of the armies of the Alliance Conference against Daesh


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host the United States, the Conference of Chiefs of Staff of the armies participating in the US – led coalition to combat Daesh countries.
The conference is held on Friday, and continues to next Tuesday.
The conference comes with the end of preparations for the Liberation of the city of Mosul.

Oil deal between Iraq, Egypt and mediated by Russian-Iranian



By Roudao 5 hours ago
اتفاق نفطي بين العراق ومصر وبوساطة روسية إيرانية
Oil deal between Iraq, Egypt and mediated by Russian-Iranian

Roudao – Erbil

It revealed a senior Egyptian government source said in apress statement, that Cairo has reached, after Russian and Iranian mediation, “to deal with the Iraqi government, to cover Egypt ‘s oil needs and make up the shortfall in Msltzmatthe Egyptian market,” in the wake of the Saudi decision to halt supplies. The Saudi Aramco has informed the Egyptian side not to send Egypt ‘s share for the month of October / October now, in the wake of tension in relations between the two sides.

According to the same source, Egypt was “you get 200 thousand barrels of oil from Iraq per month, across MEDOR contributed by the Egyptian intelligence service,” but that “the new agreement, which was mediated by Russian-Iranian, to lift the amount obtained by Cairo from Baghdad a month to million barrels “.

He pointed out that “the agreement will be ready for implementation starting next month in the case of the Saudi position continued not to Egypt to supply the oil inputs, under the contract signed in Cairo during the recent visit of Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz to Cairo in April / April the past.” Meanwhile, political sources pointed out that “the agreement includes Egypt currently strong stance against the Turkish intervention in Iraqi affairs.”

Under the Egyptian Saudi Aramco agreed to supply 700 thousand tons of petroleum products per month to Egypt, a 5-year, US $ 23 billion. The quantity supplied to Egypt from Saudi Arabia, 86.5 percent of the Egyptian market needs gasoline, and 67% of diesel needs.

The importance of the Saudi Egyptian agreement on petroleum derivatives in the fact that Cairo get them at discounted prices as part of the agreement, in addition to the payment not be immediate.

Religious authority criticizes the Federal Court’s decision to return the Vice President of the Republic


Criticized the religious authority, Sheikh Qasim al-Tai, on Friday, the Federal Court judge’s decision to re-vice president of the office, saying that this decision I want him to confuse the political situation and the occupancy of the security forces for the Turkish moves in Mosul.

He said al-Taie, said the “internal mobility and the Federal Court decision to cancel conducting government which abolished the posts of Vice-President of the Republic These two external and internal factors that I want them political situation first and occupancy of our security forces and disrupt its occupancy if the Turkish Forces for the Liberation of Mosul moved justification for its work as defending the borders of Daesh, as well as confuse the situation with the government if the Sadrist movement of large demonstrations against the court’s action. “

The Federal Supreme Court issued on Monday (10 October 2016), a decision on a lawsuit to challenge the decision made to cancel the posts of Vice President of the Republic, noting that the decision to abolish the posts of Vice-President of the Republic violates the provisions of Article 142 of the Iraqi Constitution.

In another significant respect to the Turkish presence in Bashiqa, Tai said, “The Turkish insistence to stay in Iraq despite popular and the government of this presence rejection of government and move shameful in the UN Security Council or waving it and all that does not discourage the Turks to leave the areas of their presence in Iraq.”

He said al-Taie, said: “This shows that their presence was the knowledge of America and even with their consent and not reading this because Turkey insists on this stay Neither the Obama government is obliged by virtue of the security agreement with Iraq, tackling and prevention of this presence.”

He predicted that “the domain is open to American and alliance to bring the terrorists to tenderness and confusion Syrian internal front in the face of terrorism, after increasing their number there,” stressing that “this would be a concern of the government is always the possibility of the return of the terrorist organization to Mosul again.”

He pointed reference Taie, that “this is what America is planning when you find that the Iraqi government is serious in the completion of the work confirms their ability and willingness to edit Mosul and impeding it’s in what the Americans planned and be the master of the situation in the liberation of Mosul.”

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry announced, on Thursday, the arrival of the Turkish ambassador in Baghdad to the embassy to deliver a protest note and described as “strongly worded” Based on the previous call, noting that the memorandum concerning the remarks “provocative” Recent launched by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, as well as the presence of Turkish troops in Iraq.

Abadi from Kirkuk: We will liberate the people of Hawija terrorist gangs soon


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{Kirkuk: Euphrates News} stressed the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi that the security forces will liberate the people of Hawija terrorist gangs soon.
A statement by the prime minister and the agency {Euphrates News} received acopy of ” The Prime Minister and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Haider al – Abadi lose today military units and the holding of a meeting of the security and military leaderships in Kirkuk.”
He said Abadi , according to the statement on the “unity of the Iraqi people, that this unit The strength for us and we are currently witnessing the best and theclosest things to unite us.
and “fight for human liberation and actively heroes we will liberate the people ofHawija and Riyadh and Rashad terrorist gangs and We’ll go soon.”
He expressed Abadi surprise at the “rising voices that are trying to disrupt edit therest of our cities, especially as we approach the achievement the final victory, “asking , ” Where were you when these gangs occupied cities? “.
He reiterated that the ” Iraqi fighters the only ones who fight and liberate the land, in advance thanks to these heroes in various Alsnov for their sacrifices for their country , “he said , adding” the importance of attention to police local role to be played during the coming period , “.anthy

Brent crude rises to $ 52.18 a barrel


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{International: Euphrates News} Oil prices rose Friday, supported by shrinking the gap between supply and demand in the fuel market in the United States at a time when technical indicators traders encouraged in the financial markets on the purchase, but doubts surrounding the feasibility of a planned reduction in production continues to put pressure on the markets.
It was futures trading global crude measurement Brent crude on the international market at a price of $ 52.18 a barrel , up 15 cents from the previous close , or the equivalent of 0.29 percent after it fell in early trade.
After falling WTI US mediator below $ 50 a barrel on Thursday traded Priced at $ 50.78 a barrel , up 34 cents , or about 0.67 percent compared to the closing price of Alsabak.anthy