Document: parliament session details for Saturday, October 22, 2016


20-10-2016 08:08 PM

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Orbit News –

The Governing Council of Representatives, on Saturday for its regular reading of the vote and a number of draft laws.
The agenda of the meeting includes ‘vote on the proposed amendment of Article [49 / I] of the Constitution of the Republic of Iraq in 2005 [submitted by MP Hamid vegetation]’.
Article 49 / I of the Constitution: the House of Representatives of the number of members is composed by one seat per hundred thousand inhabitants of thepopulation of Iraq , representing the entire Iraqi people, who are elected by way ofdirect , secret ballot, and take care to represent all groups of people. ‘
The parliament postponed a vote on the proposal but vegetative said, that ‘ thePresidency of the Council of Representatives has vowed to include the proposal that reducing the number of council members in the Saturday session agenda’.
It also includes the agenda ‘vote on the draft imports Municipalities Act, voting in principle to a proposal of the Fourth Amendment to the law Journalists Syndicate No. 178 of 1969, and vote on the wording of a decision on taking the necessary measures from the government to release the abducted Alaesideat and reconstruction of Sinjar and position of the genocide of Yazidis them ‘.
It will ‘vote on the formation of a committee Mstrkhbouksos the subject of media reports accusing some senior Oil Ministry officials of corruption and vote on thedraft abandon acquired citizenship law’ on the agenda.
This includes the parliament session agenda next Saturday ‘ an oral question to the Minister of Construction and Housing and municipalities [MP Huda Sajjad,the first reading of the draft amendment law of the first to the Amnesty Law No. 27 of 20.10.2016 the first reading of the proposed cancellation of theRevolutionary Command Council Resolution Act [dissolved] No. 180 of 1977,and the first reading of the proposed law of the Federation of Iraqi parliamentarians’.
Also scheduled to parliament reads ‘enterprise Agency Regulatory Act first asreading, with the introduction of a general topic for discussion regarding thefollow – up to water and electricity file’.

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