Report: Daash power eroded and lost 45 thousand fighters


Friday 12-08-2016 | 3:23:45

Shafaq News / The Independent newspaper said in a report issued on Friday that the strength of the organization Daash been severely eroded in Iraq and Syria, and that the organization may be his forces are now about 15,000 fighters, and it lost about 45,000 fighters.

The newspaper quoted US military commander Gen. Sean McFarland say that military strikes against al Daash has been severely weakened, although the number of fighters now perhaps 15,000 fighters.

The paper adds, citing McFarland that the total number is difficult now confined, but is estimated at 15-20 thousand fighters.

McFarland says that the organization has about 45,000 fighters since the start of operations by US-led against him.

This number is reduced from the previous estimate of forces the organization, which ranged from 19-25 thousand fighters, according to the newspaper, and the level of the fighters also dropped, according to McFarland.

McFarland said that the troops in Iraq and Syria, and with the support of the United States, advancing “enemy retreat on all fronts. I know very well that it has become easier for us now to go somewhere, than was the case a year ago, and that the enemy is no longer fighting as it was in the past. “

The US-backed Manbej in Syria and says it controls 90 per cent of the city.

McFarland says that the Iraqi forces are poised to retake the city of Mosul in northern Iraq, which is an important stronghold of the organization since 2014, but the United States still does some business in the air Aljiarh northern Iraq as a base to do this before the attack, according to the newspaper.

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