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received four new F16s this weekend bringing total to ten, all playing integral role in fight against .

Defense Ministry: No injuries procession Obeidi and damage all-wheel-drive

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[Oan- Baghdad]
announced that the Department of Defense, there were no casualties among the members of the convoy ofprotection and defense minister Khaled al – Obeidi during exposure to an armed attack of the terrorist gangs Daash in Sector Nineveh.
According to a ministry statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that “During the tour , and Defense Minister Khaled al – Obeidi inspection tour of military cuts in Sector Nineveh operations ,accompanied by a number of senior officers of the ministry presented the minister ‘s convoy to directly fire followed by shelling with mortars near the village of Imam west between base Qayyarah area Ajehlh. ”
he added,” the protection of the convoy had returned fire and clashed with them and did not result in theincident for any casualties ranks of members of the procession only different damaged wheel. ”
the procession defense Minister Khaled al – Obeidi had been, this evening, to throw directly and shelling mortars by Daash gangs terrorist near Aljehlh area within boycotted the Nineveh operations.
Obeidi said in his page on the social networking site [Facebook], that “his convoy was to throw the direct bombing Daasha mortars near Aljehlh area within boycotted the Nineveh operations, and that the protection of the minister ‘s convoy clashed with the sources of fire. ”
the day – Obeidi arrived in Nineveh operations command edit, accompanied by army Chief of Staff and theleaders of the land and air forces, and a number of leaders and commanders in the Iraqi army to Nineveh operations command headquarters.

The formation of a team of lawyers to pursue the stolen money and invested outside Iraq


Iraqi currency in a bank


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Long-Presse / Baghdad

Said Assistant Secretary General of the Union of Arab Lawyers, on Monday, a team of lawyers to file a complaint against the manipulators of public money and recover the usurped rights in Iraq, while Noting there follow the money invested file out of Iraq in cooperation with those linked with the country’s “international charters.”

The Assistant Secretary General of the Arab Lawyers Union Dhia al-Saadi said in an interview (range Press) “We are trying to form a core mission team filed a complaint against the manipulators of public money and the recovery of money leaked was deposited in banks and later became investment projects outside of Iraq,” referring to “cooperate with all entities with which it has with Iraq and international charters. “

Saadi said, “We will cooperate with the Union of Arab Lawyers and international organizations to develop a mechanism for the recovery of the stolen money and to bring the perpetrators of corruption to a fair judiciary.”

For his part, lawyer Kazim Turki said in an interview with (long-Presse) that “the deteriorating economic situation reached by Iraq are due to corruption and to encroach upon the public money.”

Turkish He continued, “We are a group of lawyers, we have decided to respond by forming a body to be headquartered in Baghdad and will have branches in all the Iraqi provinces and will have active relations with international organizations and will exercise all the means that make us a reason to retrieve the stolen money from the country.”


In the presence of 50 countries .. Baghdad is hosting a conference on terrorism next Wednesday




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Baghdad balances News

Information Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, announced Monday that Baghdad will host a major international conference to support Iraq against al Daash.

He said the Information Office of the Prime Minister in a statement received / balances News /, a copy of it, that “more than fifty countries will participate in the conference to be held over two days, with the participation of the United Nations, NATO and the European Union in addition to the more than seventy international experts,” referring to “the conference was held in Baghdad underlines the confidence of the world in Iraq, which has become a very large what is a turning point in support of Iraq after the elimination of Daash.”

The media spokesman of the Office of the Prime Minister Saad al-Sabri explained in a summarized weekly that he and confirmation of the government to move towards the use of the support of the international community in the global confrontation against terrorism and to coordinate efforts with the international coalition against the common enemy will be held in Baghdad under the auspices of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and under the slogan (the world with Iraq to defeat Daash), will participate in the international Conference on the psychological and media operations to counter Daash, experts representing fifty countries as well as representatives from international and regional organizations.

Sabri added that “the conference aims to promote international cooperation and to reaffirm support for the world to Iraq and standing with him and he fought in the front lines against terrorism and solidarity of the countries of the world in the face of publicity worldwide Daash and address intellectual to its sources and research on ways to address them intellectually and in the media and to coordinate efforts to combat religious and sectarian extremism through speech religious and media and school curricula and awareness of moderate Islam. “

Iraq seeks to strengthen relations with the countries of the world and specifically the regional surroundings, particularly locked in a fierce battle against the “Daash”, as Abadi stressed on more than one occasion, Iraq is keen to build good neighborly relations with the countries Mahath.anthy 29 / tc n

Legal expert: Parliament can not vote on the withdrawal of confidence from al-Obeidi tomorrow


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Special – balances News

He confirmed the legal expert Tareq Harb, on Monday, the inability of the parliament to vote to withdraw confidence from Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, a session tomorrow to the absence of a request to withdraw confidence.

He said the war’s / balances News /, that “according to the law after all the questioning is going on in Parliament is a vote to withdraw confidence from the official, who was questioned after the submission of a request signed by more than 50 MPs are demanding the withdrawal of confidence and be a voting session a week after the submission of the application.”

He added, “So far does not have any request for the presidency on the withdrawal of confidence from the al-Obeidi, which means the inability of the parliament to vote to withdraw confidence from Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi.”

The House of Representatives questioning last week, Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi by the Deputy High Nassif on charges of corruption and administrative irregularities.

He is scheduled to hold its sessions in the House of Representatives tomorrow, headed by a Vice-President after al-Jubouri, a pledge not to ascend to the presidency until proven acquitted him of the charges backed by Defense Minister Khaled Alobeida.anthy 29/33 h

Zubai: Integrity Committee will host the speaker of parliament again after the receipt of a new and serious information


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Observer news / Baghdad

The president of the Integrity Committee Talal Zobaie, Monday, that the Integrity Committee will host today’s parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri, adding that “This came after receiving information” new and dangerous “.

Zobaie said, “The Integrity Committee decided today to host the parliament speaker Salim al-again.”

Zubai, adding that “This came after the receipt of the new and dangerous information.”

Finance Minister meets with Kuwait’s Zain settle taxes owed


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Search Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari with a delegation from Kuwait ‘s Zain Telecom settle taxes owed by the company.
A statement by the Ministry of Finance Agency has received all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today, that Zebari “met on Monday, a delegation from Kuwait ‘s Zain Telecom , headed by Bader Nasser Al -Kharafi , Vice Chairman of the Board and in the presence of CEO of Zain Iraq Mohammed Jerjfja and his accompanying delegation.”
He continued the statement said ” the meeting discussed the issue of taxes owed by the company and the need for constructive cooperation between the two sides to be settled by legal means for thecontinuation of the company continues to provide its services in Iraq.”