US ambassador to visit Arbil at the end of his mission in Iraq


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Twilight News / announced that the Department of Foreign Relations of the Kurdistan Regional Government, said on Sunday that the US ambassador to Baghdad visited Arbil Manmam at the conclusion of his work in Iraq.

A statement from the department responded to Twilight News, he said the head of the department Falah Mustafa received, on Saturday in the capital Arbil, the US ambassador to Iraq, Stuart Jones and his accompanying delegation, who visited the Department of Foreign Affairs on the occasion of completion of his mission in Iraq.

The statement noted that Mustafa expressed during the joint meeting was attended by the Consul General of the United States of America to the Kurdistan Region Ken Gross, on behalf of the Kurdistan Regional Government expressed thanks and appreciation to the American ambassador to the functions and services provided during his tenure as ambassador to the United States of America to Iraq, and in particular his efforts in promoting relations bilateral between the United States and Iraq in general and Kurdistan region in particular.

For his part, Ambassador Stuart Jones thanked for the warm reception he has endured from the presence of foreign relations official, praising highly the efforts of the Kurdistan Regional Government in the trade as the open doors policy, particularly refugees and displaced persons, where received during the last two years of the war against al “Daash” terrorist of thousands of refugees and displaced persons from the people of the region.

At the center of the last meeting, talking about the importance of continued cooperation and coordination between the United States and the Kurdistan Region and the need to develop those relationships and expanded and coordination in various fields, the two sides traded.

Kzlm The statement noted that the two sides exchanged views on the latest political and military developments and the war against terrorism, as well as relations between the Kurdistan Regional Government and Baghdad, especially in the post-liberalization city of Mosul.

In conclusion, both sides stressed the importance of developing and strengthening bilateral relations between the United States and the Kurdistan Region in all fields.



For the Baghdad conference to confront «Daash»



8/15/2016 0:00

Ibrahim al-Abadi
For the second time within eight months hosted the Baghdad international conference psychological and media operations to support Iraq in the face of «Daash», the importance of the conference make sure the size of interest in international participation, and the desire to mobilize a lot of on follow-up terrorism to display their experiences and their perceptions of how to strengthen the Iraqi effort and the international face of savage regulations especially «Daash» as the heir to all the organizations on the ground in Iraq. What we are interested in Iraq is to combine the experience of others to our expertise and our experiences and take advantage of international support in the military and the media, legal and logistics areas to employ them in the fight against terrorism, the conference was a chance the world to see through the representatives of the Iraqi experience after thirteen years of hard struggle against the terrorist organizations, how evolved intelligence expertise? ,, And how you became media Ngttiyatha and their follow-up intellectual and psychological operations anti considering that the forces of terror excelled in this aspect and captivated the methods and tactics of many young people to join them, and influenced the others to advocate political and media and succeeded in seducing the third team to facilitate her intimidated by providing political and psychological floor.
But it is right to say that Iraq is a need for the types of support, participation and internationalization of the war on terror to be the responsibility of the international community, does not deny that the deepening Iraqi thinking and starts his own in the formulation of a comprehensive strategy to counter terrorism, ideologically, organizationally and in the media and psychologically in the light of what he acquired from the experiences and what his findings from the peculiarities may be absent from the international coalition or not Aaaraa enough attention, that success in driving out the terrorists from the lands it seized and edit cities, villages and re-displaced them and keeping the border efficiently national priorities urgent remain, but success in that does not mean that the next steps will be the same success and efficiency that were not vision and profound thought and organization, so that the strategy «Daash» new terrorists will return to what they call (Jihad Spite) after being approached by the loss of the land and the fall (Jihad empowerment). Lies the difficulty is rooted in the intellectual and the general principles that they spread them in the minds of millions and the presence of ground and psychological readiness to accept this thought because of media promotion and evangelization lawsuit rapid investment of political crises and sectarian harassment multiple shapes and conflicts,
Think about the Salafist combat has succeeded in publishing a globalized thinking and the adoption of the latest deployment, guidance and recruitment methods, taking advantage of the heritage of Islamic accumulated founded his Hanbali Baghdadi in the third century and then he developed considerably at the hands of al-Faqih Hambali Ahmad ibn Taymiyyah Harrani to emerge later in the desert of Najd at the hands of Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab and then became protected by the authority of the state, and financier of oil dollars and become a religious school curricula and universities and the role of modern publishing advocates and elders speak in published in all media. From here it was danger in this simplistic religious arguments, which refuses to metaphor and hermeneutics and transcends historical time and place and live a holy one idea is the monopoly of knowledge and understanding of Islam and atone for those who do not believe in this thought and does not match with them in the methods and goals, they’re fighting a holy war on behalf of God, and for the revival of Sharia and their empowerment and dissemination of monotheism Taymi (ratio of Ibn Taymiyyah) and truncated states sword and jihad from the Koran and bury their states of kindness and acceptance of others and recognize the existence of different, this thought became Mbthotha not be met without an international effort to prevent promotion and support and criminalizing campaign and punishes its adherents because they have become a threat to human existence humanitarian? But where scientific academies and the role of the Mufti, preachers, imams and scholars to refute the rubble of theorizing thought Salafist unilateral Wild, where Azhar and Zaytuna and Kairouan, the villagers and the College of Imam Azam Iraqi university, that liberating the land and the elimination of a «Aldoaash» material and physical will not end this bloody era, enough political crisis or sectarian speech or maniacal religiosity Salafi that restores life to this violent behavior of new regulations for their re fallen caliphate, or in the form of wolves single kill in God’s name and retaliate against the people because they are not subject to the rule of law Bmenhjha Salafi, enough Amir runaway or illegal undercover for reviving these organizations in groves of Diyala or the outskirts of Mosul or the edges of the upper Euphrates or agricultural outskirts of Baghdad, we need a new effort to limit this thought and cut the road to call him and undermine floors to grow again. This Maihtaj to talk renewed.

Abadi Office sends a letter to the speaker of parliament to approve the five ministers


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[Oan- Baghdad]
According to a book issued by the Office of the Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi nominate five ministers of the ministries of current vacant after the resignation of Minister of National Alliance blocks.
According to the book Abadi Office addressed to House Speaker Salim al – Jubouri , “based on thepowers vested in us a wave of Article 78 of the Constitution, but the absence of ministries listed below who run of ministers, and to preserve the functioning of public utility and based on therequirements of the general interest we have decided the following: Naming Abdul Razak Abdul Jalil Al – Essa the minister of Higher Education and scientific research, and the designation of Hassan ,Hani al – Janabi , a minister of water resources, and named Jabbar Ali Hussein Allaibi minister of transport, and naming Anne wholesome Laos Balbol minister of reconstruction and Housing, and named Yusuf Ali Asadi and trade minister. ”
He called Abadi , head of the parliament office to” view the topic on the board Representatives for approval based on the powers vested in him under the Constitution. ”

Agreement between the Kurdistan Region and Iran to stop military actions and the bombing of border areas


By Roudao 59 minutes ago
وفد حكومة إقليم كوردستان يجتمع مع رئيس مجلس الأمن القومي الإيراني
The delegation of the Kurdistan Regional Government will meet with the head of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council

Roudao – Erbil

Kurdistan Region delegation who had visited in the past two days returned, the Islamic Republic of Iran, to Erbil, revealingthe representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government in Tehran, it was stressed that the implementation of theagreement on stop military actions, as well as stop directed the bombing border villages.

He met a high level delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government, headed by the interior minister, Karim Sinjari, on 14 August now, with the head of the Iranian Supreme Council for National Security and a representative of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

The representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government in Tehran, Nazim Omar, network Roudao media, “The meeting emphasized the implementation of the agreement signed in advance, which provides secure the border by the two parties, and the lack of any clashes in the border areas,” adding that “it was stressed to stop military actions against Iran, and that Iran will stand in the shelling of border areas. “

The representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government in Tehran that “the Kurdistan Region delegation after meeting with Ali Shamkhani, head of the Iranian Supreme Council for National Security and a representative of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.”

And bombed Iran, in recent times, the border areas in the Kurdistan Region, under the pretext of the presence of the headquarters of fighters belonging to the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran – Hdka.


Urgent: judiciary issued an arrest warrant on the security and defense ministry officer and secretary general of military intelligence and the son of Khaled al-Obeidi and why !!


14-08-2016 07:38 PM

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Orbit News –

Revealed a judicial source, said on Sunday that the judiciary issued arrest warrants against memorandums of people at the Ministry of Defense based on the confessions of the accused directed by the Minister for Information.

The source said in a statement to’madar News’, the judiciary issued arrest warrants against today ‘s diary each of Brigadier General Mohammed Abdul – Hussein Jerry security and defense ministry officer and Mohanad Tut and the secretary of the Military Intelligence and Fener Khalid al – Obeidi , son of the minister.

The source , who asked not to be named, said that based on the confessions of the accused directed by Defense Minister Khaled al – Obeidi to the media , and claims he has no certificate against Saleem al – Jubouri and during the interrogation he won the eradication of vital information through the phone the accused ‘calls and text messages. “

The source confirmed that he has been accused of confiscating phone and emptied of all calls and text messages that he communicates with Almzkoan officers and the son of the defense minister.

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Parliamentary Legal discussing with the US delegation to support legislation in Parliament


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Legal Committee headed by MP Mohsen al – Sadoun and the presence of its members examined, with the deputy political advisor to the US embassy to support laws that prescribed by Parliament.
A statement by the Media Department of the House of Representatives received by all of Iraq [where] acopy of the “Committee Devt deputy political adviser to the US embassy , and her accompanying delegation , ” noting that he ” had been discussed during the meeting on the role of the US embassy in support of laws and regulations that prescribed by the Iraqi Council of Representatives and benefit US experience in the job to legislate into law the Federation Council and other laws the House of Representatives seeks to legislation. ”
for her part , deputy political adviser to the US embassy , its thanks and appreciation to the invitation of its legal Committee in the House of Representatives, stressing the keenness of the United States continued on the legislative process support in Iraq and the success of the democratic experiment init.

The Oil Ministry announced the allocation of petrol stations operate around the clock


Sunday 14-08-2016 | 4:16:53

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Twilight News / Oil Ministry announced on Sunday for the allocation of stations to fill fuel in Baghdad working around the clock starting on Monday.

He said ministry spokesman Assem Jihad said in a statement responded to the Twilight News, that the distribution of petroleum products earmarked Mansour station in the Karkh district and station Al-Kilani in Rusafa to work 24 hours a day and comes ministry’s decision to meet the needs of citizens and to provide them better service.

The Oil Ministry had announced earlier that the filling stations in Baghdad is equipping citizens with gasoline from six in the morning pm to 0:00, and that the vehicle is equipped kerosene stations are providing the citizens to the product of the time politicians am until six in the evening, a working system Sgt. e.


Keywords: Iraq’s oil revenues are not able to cover the salaries of state employees


Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords


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Long – Presse / Baghdad ,

said Governor of the Central Bank on theKeywords, said on Sunday that Iraq ‘s oil revenues are not able to state employees ‘ salaries to cover, and while noting grant loans for certain projects six trillion dinars for “stimulating economic reality,” United Bank for Investment and called on the government to ” cut government spending “and the imposition of taxes and fees.

he said on the Keywords in a speech during his participation economic symposium tender was held at thecentral bank, central Baghdad, and attended (range Press), that” Iraq front revenues of 95% derived from the export ofoil and 5% of internal resources . ” stressing that ” the ideal situation is to equal domestic and foreign revenues.”He added Keywords, that ” the sale of oil revenues , revenue is not stable and is able to salaries of state employees to cover , ” noting that ” the proportion of state revenues go to the expenses of oil companies, note that the Ministry of revenues Finance did not exceed a billion and a quarter a month, while the salaries of state employees amounting to four Trillions dinars a month. ” He called Keywords to” estimate the size of the problem to face the state of the economic difficulties, which requires consideration of the State combination on the basis of objectively true , “pointing out that” the bank Central has to deduct 13 trillion dinars treasury transfers and fired four trillion of reserves deposited with banks has to buy treasury transfers. ” he said the central bank governor that” the bank lent some projects amounting to six trillion dinars to stimulate economic situation. ”


Parliament discussed the financial facilities and loans granted to Iraq to support the federal budget



It hosted the parliamentary finance committee, headed by Mohammed al-Halbusi adviser to Prime Minister appearance of Mohammed Saleh, representative of the Iraqi Central Bank and a representative of the Office of Financial Supervision and general manager of religion and public, such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund and the countries of the seven adult donor to discuss facilities and loans granted to Iraq to support the federal budget

During the meeting, they discussed a number of issues, including strengthening the Iraqi imports and thus contributing to the support of the Iraqi individual’s calling to take some steps that serve the interests of the citizen.
Everyone stressed the need to review all actions taken in the past and that would enhance public money and what is pushing the development of resources and reduce expenses in order that Iraq is not accustomed to expose to the crises affecting the economy and therefore will affect the social situation of the Iraqi citizen.

Attendees stressed the need for there to be a priority in supporting important sectors such as health, education and displaced persons and the provision of job opportunities for low-income and improve living conditions for them

He called on participants to the need for there to be a reformist revolution, including the trend towards the fight against corruption and the elimination of networks that wasted public money and therefore Iraq would be able to cross the economic crisis and saving the Iraqi citizen requirements.